MTV Awards keep blurring lines – Madonna and Miley have added madness to show

FILE - In this Sept. 14, 1984 file photo, Madonna poses in September 1984 at the MTV Video Music Awards where she was nominated Best New Artist in video, at Radio City Music Hall, in New York. Before there was Miley, there was Madonna. “She'd like to say she put the 'M' in MTV,” VanToffler, executive producer of the MTV Video Music Awards noted, with a sly smile, adding that in her first telecast in 1984 - hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler - Madonna set the show's standard. (AP Photo, File)

FILE – In this Sept. 14, 1984 file photo, Madonna poses in September 1984 at the MTV Video Music Awards where she was nominated Best New Artist in video, at Radio City Music Hall, in New York. Before there was Miley, there was Madonna. “She’d like to say she put the ‘M’ in MTV,” VanToffler, executive producer of the MTV Video Music Awards noted, with a sly smile, adding that in her first telecast in 1984 – hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler – Madonna set the show’s standard. (AP Photo, File)


Before there was Miley, there was Madonna.

“She’d like to say she put the M in MTV,” Toffler said with a sly smile.

He said she set the standard for wild behaviour in the inaugural awards in 1984, hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler: “Her rolling around in the wedding dress was quite memorable.”

Madonna and producers agreed she would perform a new song, Like a Virgin, as she emerged from a wedding cake, wearing a wedding dress, bustier and a belt buckle sporting the words “BOY TOY.”

One of Madonna’s white stilettos slipped off as she descended from the cake, and thinking quickly, she dove to the floor and rolled around. While reaching for the shoe, the dress went up, putting her undies on full display, and the VMAs were on the map.



Some 20 years later, there was Madonna again — this time making out with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

“It wasn’t necessarily Madonna, Britney and Christina,” Toffler recalled. “J. Lo was in the mix for a little while, but then dropped out, and I thought the whole thing was going to disappear.”

Toffler was on vacation when he got a call from the show’s director.

“And she said, ‘Van, you’re not going to believe this. They’re rehearsing now. They’re all together. And Madonna actually kissed Britney on the lips.’ And I said, ‘Please do me a favour. Don’t tell any other human on the planet that this is happening.’ ”

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Beware the Dutch Living For Love official 1 track promo DVD has been bootlegged

The limited edition Living For Love DVD was pressed especially for the release party in FAME in March this year. The product was discussed with Universal Music and they had it printed, the artwork was created by MadonnaUnderground. Only 200 copies were pressed, purely to give away as a free goodie to those making the effort to come to the release party.

Now a fake copy has been spotted on a Dutch online market site, also it has been bootlegged in the UK (colors are much darker) and keep in mind that when one seller sells multiple copies, it is highly likely it’s been bootlegged (there were only 200)

The first picture is the real genuine one photographed on the day of the release party, the second photo is the bootlegged one spotted on Dutch market site




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madonna_rebel_v1 (1)
* 2 x tickets to MADONNA’s London show at the o2
*HD screening of the CONFESSIONS Tour
*HUNG UP reception with Bubbly, Canapés and cocktail @ 7.30pm
*Mirror ball CONFESSIONS dance floor
*VOGUE ‘runway’ show
*REBEL HEART photowall
*‘SECRET GARDEN’ + Queen Of Pop ‘ART’ installation



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Bluetones Frontman Mark Morriss Covers Madonna’s “Angel” & Pet Shop Boys’ “Love Comes Quickly” Beautifully: Listen

First up, most Americans will have no idea who The Bluetones were, unless you happened to pick up that beyond essential Brit Box: UK Indie Shoegaze & Brit Pop Gems box set Rhino offered up in 2007. For the record, the Mark Morriss-led UK indie-pop quartet were around for the better part of the ’90s and ’00s, then split in 2011, only to announce a reunion tour this past spring.

Anyway, the point in all this is that Morriss quietly released a solo album full of hand-picked covers on July 31, and his synthy rendition of Madonna’s 1984 Like A Virgin hit “Angel” and bluesy overhaul of Pet Shop Boys“Love Comes Quickly,”originally released as the second single off the duo’s 1986 debut LP Please, are beautifully done.

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My Who’s That Girl Tour in Rotterdam 1987 experience (28 years ago today) by Caroline Walta

Madonna WTG 1987

Who’s that girl tour 26 Aug 1987 – The Netherlands, Rotterdam De Kuip stadium (by Caroline Walta)

The lights go off, the spotlight is switched on… the first notes of Open Your Heart. When I think about it, it still gives me goose bumps. This is my very first concert. I’m in the seated area and the stage is far away, but what an amazing experience. My idol Madonna in real life. Without a radio or tv-screen in between. There she IS!

She starts in the famous black corset, basic costume for the first part of the show. For True blue it is covered with a sweet light-blue dress and for Papa don’t preach – one of my favorites in the show- a tough black leather jacket. White heat is pure theatre in a golden jacket with black detective hat. Causing a commotion has a choreography with the three backing vocals singers and fades into the ballad Look of Love. Dress you up and Material girl is mainly humor. Both as outfit, with pink toy dress, as show. This sessions ends with Like a virgin. Then there’s a bridge with the Four Tips song I can’t help myself, which shows how all round Madonna is. After celebrating with Where’s the party, the stadium is filled with lights for Live to tell. I am impressed by her voice. After a short break, the party is on with Into the groove. The letters on the outfits of Madonna and dancers form the word ‘dance’. The concert finishes with a Spanish part, that to my joy would return in many future tours. La isla bonita in a beautiful red dress, followed by Who’s that girl and a mind-blowing final with Holiday.

Despite the distance and 30.000 + crowd in the sold out stadium, it feels like the performance was just for me. My mother was with me, because she wouldn’t let me go to the concert alone. After that, I visited many shows by myself. That is how I met many wonderful fans, who I all hope to meet at the Rebel heart tour 2015. And my mum? We will be at the final show in Amsterdam together!

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What It’s Like to Choreograph for Madonna (on upcoming Rebel Heart tour)

Few gigs compare to creating the moves for Madonna. Choreographer Megan Lawson is living that dream.

Lawson, whom you might know from Fanny Pak, began working on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour a few months ago. But it’s not her first rodeo with the Queen of Pop. The Canadian-born choreographer was also responsible for the moves in Madonna’s “Living for Love” and “Ghosttown” videos, along with Madonna’s 2015 Grammy Awardsperformance, and was a contributing choreographer to Madge’s MDMA tour.

Dance Spirit spoke with Lawson about her work on the upcoming tour.

Dance Spirit: What’s the process of choreographing for a tour of this scale?
Megan Lawson: Jamie King is the show’s director. The process starts with a discussion between Jamie, Madonna and I about ideas and concepts. Then, my dancers, Jamie and I get into the studio and experiment for a while before presenting to M. She always has a hand in the choreography. She loves to be part of the process and collaborate with everyone, from the lighting designer to the makeup artist. I’d say every number in the tour has at least one part Madonna choreographed herself. It’s a really fun process.

DS: Are there other choreographers working with you?
ML: Since I’m the lead choreographer on this tour, I got to recommend other choreographers to collaborate with. I was so fortunate to bring in other artists, including Jillian Meyers, Matt Cady and Kevin Maher, who are all friends of mine. The great thing about involving other choreographers is that the show becomes really diverse. Every song is different stylistically, and each has a unique choreographic vibe.

DS: Does anything about the tour scare you?
ML: Getting it all done in time! It’s been a challenge to coordinate everything. Madonna doesn’t settle for anything but the best—she’s a perfectionist. It takes time. This is certainly the biggest-scale production I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to see it all come together. I know it will. But right now it’s crunch time, and that’s a little scary.

DS: What are your top three favorite Madonna songs?
ML: “Human Nature,” “Messiah” and “Falling Free.”

DS: What’s your advice for Dance Spirit readers?
ML: Explore as many avenues as you can. I never really had goals or plans that were set in stone. I just knew I wanted to dance and create for living. I tried lots of different things—from taking a wide variety of classes to assisting choreographers to picking up small gigs here and there. What really paid off the most, though, was grabbing some friends and making a few little videos of my own. Those experiences were more satisfying than working as a backup dancer—and Madonna ended up hiring me after seeing some of the clips! It’s OK if your goals change over time. Be open to your desires and follow your heart.

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour begins September 9. Visit for more info.

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To Pit or not to Pit

Tony Villanueava has responded to a question by a fan on his Instagram whether or not there would be another pit/golden triangle during the show. He responded by saying:

‘Pit. It could be a Pit OR it might be something better !’

Every fan that was able to experience the show from the Golden Triangle during the MDNA Tour knows how amazing the experience is, no wonder we are all hoping to relive that experience again.

We will know for sure in just a short while

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Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Will Be Massively Successful And Fun

Madonna is going to kick off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal on September 9, and it is already set to be another massively successful tour. According to Forbes, tickets are going for very high secondary market prices and may be another record-breaking tour.

“The Queen of Pop is set to hit the road, and may be on track to break tour records yet again as well… the average Madonna ticket is $331 on the secondary market for her US dates.”

Forbes notes that the average price for tickets on the secondary market is much higher than it was on Madonna’s previous tour. However, it’s important to note that judging a tour’s success on sales from secondary sellers can be misleading.

Primary ticket sales for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour are strong, even if pre-sales aren’t as massive as previous tours. Madonna has added secondary dates in several cities.
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Madonna in talks to be featured in reality TV show

Musical icon and legend Madonna has entered into talks to star in her own reality television program.

Madonna has entered into negotiations with Bunim Murray. Murray is the company that is behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians and most recently I Am Cait, which follows the story of Caitlyn Jenner.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Madonna has opened up her life to fans. She released two documentaries Bed With Madonna back in 1991 and I’m Going To Tell You A Secret in 2005. An inside source close to the project explained that no one ever thought someone as big as Madonna would want to start in her own reality TV project but now times are changing.

Madonna has recently has been spending time with Kim Kardashian and Kayne West and appears to be influences by how Kim has used reality as a platform, The Mirror added.

The “Material Girl” singer hasn’t committed to any project yet but has been very open about how she wants to give fans an insight into her life especially while she is out on tour.

(By Chelsea Lewis /

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ICON on the Live Pass gift and the updated customer service issue at Live Nation

We reported on this issue a few days ago, there’s a new team behind Madonna’s merchandise customer service. Now has also sent out an email to all its registered members:


Thanks once again for participating in our Icon ticket pre-sales for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, which opens very soon on September 9 in Montreal!

Your Live Pass purchase included a gift, and you could select from a Rebel Heart logo keyring, 24″x36″ exclusive Madonna tour poster or a $5 discount at the Madonna Online Store. We are happy to report that the Rebel Heart keyring is now in production and the exclusive poster is almost ready for the printing presses. We expect that shipping will begin in September.

If you have any questions regarding your Live Pass gift order, please use our Contact Us form found on the HELP page of “fanclubsupport” is no longer a valid email address. Please use the Contact Us form for Icon- and website-related inquiries. To speak with a Fan Support representative, please call us: 855 244-7699 U.S. / +1-949-333-4820 International.

We appreciate your patience while we worked on creating these special items for you.

The Icon Team


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Brand new extensive Madonna World Tours section coming soon!

We are currently working our butts off to wrap up the new and improved ‘World Tours’ section for MadonnaUnderground. This section will be similar to our Album Promo section (focuses on Madonna’s album releases and the promo tours that came with it).

Imagine having hundreds (if not thousands) of original magazine and newspaper articles as well as tons of accompanying memorabilia, we need to scan and photograph. Then you have all the tour dates, tour facts, video (rare and interesting) from the tour, personal live reports, private photo galleries and last but not least the enormous amount of scanned and photographed articles and memorabilia.

We just wrapped up The Confessions Tour and stumbled upon this front row ticket we purchased right before the London August 15 show, a truly epic show. Stay tuned, the full, complete and extensive World Tours will be online soon


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Madonna: On Screen brand new book by Chris Wade focuses on her film career (see cover)

Tired of reading the same old (non-accurate) biographies on Madonna? Want something new and original? Finally there’s a brand new book for you to collect, this one is all about her film career in 122 pages: Madonna On Screen.

Madonna: On Screen is written by Chris Wade, he discusses all the movies she’s starred in and/or directed. The book contains pictures, info and an interview with Desperately Seeking Susan writer Leora Barish.

Stay tuned for an exclusive closer look at the book soon, there’s also a Q&A coming up with the author!

If you do not wish to wait for the book preview (and review) and are ready to order please click HERE

For more information, this is the full press release:

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