Despite reports of Madonna’s upcoming “Rebel Heart” tour underselling, it is actually making her very rich even by multi-millionaire Rockstar standards. Read on to find out how.

She might be having troubles of the heart in her wooing of her destructive relationship with Sean Penn, but at least she has piles of money to comfort her. According to this NY Post article, Madonna’s 10th worldwide tour is underselling but the truth is far from it.

Turns out, with this tour Madonna has become the artist with the most expensive tour, surpassing Fleetwood Mac in 2015. Her show in Las Vegas is the most expensive show ever sold, for a whopping $945.

Her show in Paris actually sold out in 5 minutes. Aside from Edmonton and Turin, she is doing more shows in all three cities.

She has even surpassed Taylor Swift’s “1989” World Tour by a margin $150 per ticket. Swift’s album, by the way, is this year’s third best-selling album.

Don’t forget that this tour comes with bundled with sales from her album, also entitled “Rebel Heart.” The album topped charts in Canada, UK and Australia, debuting number 2 on Billboard top 200. The British are loving it so much it sold its competitors there by a ratio of 3:1 within a day of release. In fact, it has sold 650,000 copies worldwide.

Madonna is already one of the best-selling artists in the world, in the elite league of $250 million above sales. In fact, she is only bettered by the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis.

There you have it for the latest news on Madonna and Sean Penn. Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates on your favorite celebrities, TVshows and movies.

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Madonna in Hong Kong: Will the Queen of Pop finally get into the HK groove and, if so, where will she play?


Pop legend Madonna is being strongly tipped to make her Hong Kong debut in February – despite the city’s lack of big venues to accommodate top international stars.

Industry sources say the “Queen of Pop” is likely to fit Hong Kong into the Asia-Pacific leg of her Rebel Heart Tour next year.

Madonna will play two shows in Manila on February 24 and 25, followed by March dates including her debut in Auckland, New Zealand, and her first Australian gigs in 23 years, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Tour organiser Live Nation declined to comment, but it has been reported that the Grammy-winning star would perform not just in Hong Kong but also in Taiwan and Macau.

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Book Madonna: On Screen by Chris Wade review by MadonnaUnderground with pictures!

Madonna the artist, Madonna the warrior, Madonna the teacher, Madonna the freedom fighter, Madonna the author, Madonna the human being or as most people refer to her as The Queen of Pop. Madonna is lots of things, but the audience looks at her as the artist, singer, performer that she is. Many tend to forget that Madonna has starred in many great films, and even directed, yes there is also Madonna the actress!

Who could forget the lovely 80’s ‘we all wanna be like Susan’ Desperately Seeking Susan, the incredibly funny Who’s That Girl, the cinematic Dick Tracy, the overwhelming Evita, the impressive acting in Dangerous Game and the fantastic Truth Or Dare.

Madonna is not a bad actress at all, not all the movies she starred in were bad. There is one thing we keep on seeing when we read past reviews on her films, they do not discuss her character, they focus simply on Madonna, the image, the looks, the artist. They never seem to NOT look at Madonna, they just cannot seem to think of Madonna playing a different character, is it because of her huge persona? Her huge charisma? Did you know she was even nominated for a Razzie for Worst Actress in Truth Or Dare? Explain to me how being yourself in a doc-u-men-tary make you a bad actress?

Finally (and long overdue) there’s a new book on the market focusing on Madonna: On Screen. Written by Chris Wade, this lovely book is such an entertaining read. Chris Wade admits he has a soft spot for Madonna’s films, he is also a fan of her music. He doesn’t understand why authors take the time to write a book on something they don’t like, that is why he writes this book on her films with an open mind and reviews every movie she’s starred in and directed. There’s also a Q&A with Leora Barish, the writer of Desperately Seeking Susan. Quotes from past reviews on the films are also discussed.

This book provides insight in Madonna the actress/director and takes you on a trip from A Certain Sacrifice up until her SecretProjectRevolution. As a fan I have seen all the movies as well and found myself agreeing on many things Chris had to say about her films and how unfair Madonna has been treated by the media regarding her acting.

If there is one thing this book makes you want to do is open your closet, dig out those DVD’s and review all Madonna’s films yourself again as it makes for one very entertaining ride. It’s a cute little book that you’d want to use as a reference, your own private Madonna movie guide. It’s easy to store and to take with you. I do recommend after you read the book and you haven’t seen the actual movies discussed, to pay Amazon a visit.

I’d like to end my review with a quote by Chris Wade while he discusses Madonna’s tour documentary Truth Or Dare, you cannot convince me that you don’t absolutely agree with this:

‘Only when her predecessors put it on the screen, it often felt forced and contrived, with them just playing the role of the big iconic star. With Madonna, it was the real deal. She lived it. In 1990, work was life and life was work and this is a compelling document of that era.’

Written by Kimberly van Pinxteren for


Order Madonna: On Screen by Chris Wade now HERE

A big thank you to Chris Wade for the book!




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Interview Unveils Selfie Issue With Madonna, Kardashian; Discusses Ingrid Sischy

madonna-interviewInterview is taking inspiration from the “selfie” and fashion’s obsession with social media for its September issue. The magazine, which was founded by Andy Warhol, has melded its heritage of the portrait with technology, to create an Instagram-themed issue featuring eight alternative covers that are essentially self portraits of some of today’s most popular social media celebs. The magazine asked Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik and Mert Alas to take their own cover shots. In addition, Interview tapped 150 social media stars from fashion, entertainment and music to do the same thing for a portfolio inside the magazine.

“We just asked people to imagine their ultimate self portraits — whether it was highly produced or a simple selfie,” explained Interview editor in chief Keith Pollock. “We wanted to see how they see themselves and how they want to be seen. We allowed each subject to imagine their own shoots.”

The magazine will go on sale this week, and images from the portfolio — including covers — will be posted on Instagram starting today. Using the hashtag #InterviewGang, Interview will roll out images over the course of the month on its Instagram account. Meanwhile, the subjects involved in the portfolio will post their own photos on their personal Instagram accounts today using the same tag.

The social media strategy around the issue is part of the overall project, which is both promotional and an exercise in showcasing the power of social media.

“The intention of the portfolio was not to boost our Instagram followers or generate Web traffic — it will be a result of what we’ve done but it wasn’t the origin,” said Pollock, who explained that he and editorial director Fabien Baron derived inspiration from Warhol, himself.

“We are conscious of our heritage. Andy did selfies 50 years ago. He’d be doing selfies if he were alive today.”

The team tapped Instagram chief executive officer Kevin Systrom to write a piece that includes an interview with journalist Chris Wallace, as well as thoughts on social media and Warhol’s legacy. (Pollock noted that there’s no sponsorship between Instagram and Interview but expect a partnership down the line.)

Baron told WWD that the idea of branding oneself through social media, coupled with the fashion industry’s fascination with Instagram, was at the heart of his decision to focus on this theme for the issue.

“You really understand what people are about,” Baron said, referring to the kinds of pictures that came back; some were highly produced, while others were “raw.”

“It’s interesting for Madonna because she didn’t give a sh-t,” he said, noting that she snapped a few quick selfies between rehearsal breaks while she was on tour.

This contrasted with Jennifer Lopez, which took a more glam selfie of her posed seductively looking in the mirror.

For Cyrus and Kardashian, two extremely active Instagrammers, Interview did Facetime photos, instead, in order to add a more surprising element.

Baron returned to the question of the issue, and addressed why Interview decided against dedicating the issue to longtime editor in chief Ingrid Sischy, who passed away in July.

“We didn’t have time to do a tribute to her. We really couldn’t organize it [quick enough]. Myself, I would have dedicated a full issue,” Baron said, noting that he did mention her legacy in his editor’s letter. He added that the idea of doing half an issue dedicated to Instagram and half to Sischy seemed in poor taste.

Although Interview’s history with Sischy had been tumultuous — in 2008 the editor in chief resigned with her partner Sandra Brant, who served as ceo, president and publisher. Brant sold her 50 percent interest in the company to her co-owner ex-husband Peter Brant. Baron described a “tense” meeting between Sischy, Brant and then editorial director Glenn O’Brien amid the masthead shakeup.

Looking back now, Baron said Sischy handled the transition with “class” and that he felt compassion for her, even though his direction for the magazine differed from hers.

“She really, truly made an impact as an editor in the world of fashion and to the industry. She connected some dots between the entertainment, fashion and art industries,” he said, adding that his relationship with Sischy had improved, becoming friendly in recent years. “I thought one day Ingrid and I would have sat down and ticked at the boxes, that we could…but now I can’t. There are things that are closed, and I regret that.”

Baron said before he penned the editor’s letter found in the September issue, he wrote a letter dedicated to Sischy.

“I may post it on Instagram,” Baron mused. “I’d like to do something more for her. I hope to in the future. We just couldn’t turn it around in time.”


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MadonnaUnderground presents brand new section: WORLD TOURS!

While it is almost time for Madonna’s brand new Rebel Heart Tour, we can finally present our extensive new section WORLD TOURS to you!

It has taken us weeks of hard work but we have completely restyled it, brand new pictures, memorabilia and press images have been added to all of Madonna’s tours. But to make things even more complete we tried to find the most fun, most exclusive videos on the net. The MDNA Tour has the most added videos, from the making of the tour to backdrop videos to various news reports and live videos.

Not only can you view tons of press and memorabilia scans, you can also read our personal experiences while following the tours on the road and enjoy the thousands of photographs from our own private collections. All of our team members have contributed in photographing and sharing their own collections.

What are you waiting for? Check out WORLD TOURS now!


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Tony Villanueva: ‘We are coming to the end of the rehearsal period’

We are coming to the end of the rehearsal period. Soon it will be time to take off the training wheels and turn the reins over to you the audience. Everyday a new element of the show is locked in. Rehearsal costumes are replaced with the real thing,video content is added, the dancers and choreographers are “cleaning” for hours. I have been in rehearsal since May – 3 months. To put it into perspective the average rehearsal period is 1 month max. Does that say how much she cares? We have laughed,worked insane hours, fought, made up and repeated the cycle. Artistic people are very passionate. We are at the point now where some of our co workers and contributors have done all they can and it is time for them to move on to the next project. It’s part of the process. I will miss the rehearsal period but I am so grateful we have the tour to look forward to. I can’t wait to see the expressions and reactions from the audience. As I look over the photographs from the last few months I can only remember the good things. And it reminds me that even on the roughest of days there will come a time that I will wish I could do it all over again! I am so proud of this show. Sept 9th – Montreal we are coming for you Rebel Hearts.

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MTV Awards keep blurring lines – Madonna and Miley have added madness to show

FILE - In this Sept. 14, 1984 file photo, Madonna poses in September 1984 at the MTV Video Music Awards where she was nominated Best New Artist in video, at Radio City Music Hall, in New York. Before there was Miley, there was Madonna. “She'd like to say she put the 'M' in MTV,” VanToffler, executive producer of the MTV Video Music Awards noted, with a sly smile, adding that in her first telecast in 1984 - hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler - Madonna set the show's standard. (AP Photo, File)

FILE – In this Sept. 14, 1984 file photo, Madonna poses in September 1984 at the MTV Video Music Awards where she was nominated Best New Artist in video, at Radio City Music Hall, in New York. Before there was Miley, there was Madonna. “She’d like to say she put the ‘M’ in MTV,” VanToffler, executive producer of the MTV Video Music Awards noted, with a sly smile, adding that in her first telecast in 1984 – hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler – Madonna set the show’s standard. (AP Photo, File)


Before there was Miley, there was Madonna.

“She’d like to say she put the M in MTV,” Toffler said with a sly smile.

He said she set the standard for wild behaviour in the inaugural awards in 1984, hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler: “Her rolling around in the wedding dress was quite memorable.”

Madonna and producers agreed she would perform a new song, Like a Virgin, as she emerged from a wedding cake, wearing a wedding dress, bustier and a belt buckle sporting the words “BOY TOY.”

One of Madonna’s white stilettos slipped off as she descended from the cake, and thinking quickly, she dove to the floor and rolled around. While reaching for the shoe, the dress went up, putting her undies on full display, and the VMAs were on the map.



Some 20 years later, there was Madonna again — this time making out with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

“It wasn’t necessarily Madonna, Britney and Christina,” Toffler recalled. “J. Lo was in the mix for a little while, but then dropped out, and I thought the whole thing was going to disappear.”

Toffler was on vacation when he got a call from the show’s director.

“And she said, ‘Van, you’re not going to believe this. They’re rehearsing now. They’re all together. And Madonna actually kissed Britney on the lips.’ And I said, ‘Please do me a favour. Don’t tell any other human on the planet that this is happening.’ ”

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Beware the Dutch Living For Love official 1 track promo DVD has been bootlegged

The limited edition Living For Love DVD was pressed especially for the release party in FAME in March this year. The product was discussed with Universal Music and they had it printed, the artwork was created by MadonnaUnderground. Only 200 copies were pressed, purely to give away as a free goodie to those making the effort to come to the release party.

Now a fake copy has been spotted on a Dutch online market site, also it has been bootlegged in the UK (colors are much darker) and keep in mind that when one seller sells multiple copies, it is highly likely it’s been bootlegged (there were only 200)

The first picture is the real genuine one photographed on the day of the release party, the second photo is the bootlegged one spotted on Dutch market site




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madonna_rebel_v1 (1)
* 2 x tickets to MADONNA’s London show at the o2
*HD screening of the CONFESSIONS Tour
*HUNG UP reception with Bubbly, Canapés and cocktail @ 7.30pm
*Mirror ball CONFESSIONS dance floor
*VOGUE ‘runway’ show
*REBEL HEART photowall
*‘SECRET GARDEN’ + Queen Of Pop ‘ART’ installation



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