As The Rebel Heart Tour Kicks Off, A Former Madonna Collaborator Looks Back At The Early Days

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">Madonna performs in Seattle on July 15, 1987, during the Who's That Girl World Tour.</span>
Madonna performs in Seattle on July 15, 1987, during the Who’s That Girl World Tour.

Patrick Leonard: “I’m proud of her for giving them hell all the time.”

Patrick Leonard can say he knew Madonna way back when — at least as “back when” as her first two tours, on which he served as the musical director. Approached to work with Madonna after directing The Jacksons’ 1984 Victory Tour, Leonard became one of her most trusted collaborators both in and out of the studio, co-writing and producing such hits as “Like a Prayer,” “Cherish” and “La Isla Bonita.” Two decades after 1985’s inaugural Virgin Tour and several self-reinventions later, Madonna is launching the Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal on Wednesday. The Huffington Post called up Leonard to reflect on the early days with pop’s biggest star.

Coming off a huge tour with established artists like The Jacksons, how did you view Madonna’s persona at the very start of her career?

She did not get in the way at all where she did not know what was going on. Where she didn’t know what was going on, she allowed it to be, and yet kept her own vision very much intact. And that’s tough for people to do. Most people need to control everything, and she did not need to control everything. That was one of the first things I noticed. She was a total pro. Like our relationship remained, it was always real open and real simple — you do what you do and I do what I do, and it’s good. She knew how to allow space for things that she didn’t understand.

Madonna is someone who experienced instant fame, but there’s no doubt that her stature escalated by the time the Who’s That Girl Tour launched in 1987. What had changed about her by then?

You know, “change” is a dangerous word. I never saw change. She remained the same. The work ethic remained the same. Where there were things she knew that she wanted, she demanded them at the highest level, as we all do. And from there to working on her documentary film about Malawi some years ago — and I think we did some things after that with a musical that was a potential — nothing changed. I’m not in touch with her very much, but my communication with her is not through the press. I don’t care what people say. I’ve seen her be exactly the same human being and consistent as can be. She’s present and generous about what’s real. Even as it got bigger and bigger, she remained consistent. She really did.

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ICON Exclusive Competition: “Bitch I Want Front Row!”

Iconers! Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour will open this Wednesday in Montreal before traveling the world. As always, our girl wants to make it a little special for her beloved Iconers and we are excited to announce that we have 2 pairs of front row tickets to give away to each of the North America based shows, starting with the Sept 16th one in New York City!

For a chance at an unforgettable night, just take a picture of you posing with your Rebel Heart Tour tickets and post it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, along with the date of the show you’d like to attend front row (see this week’s available shows below), your Icon Display Name, as well as the #BitchIWantFrontRow and #RebelHeartTour hashtags before 11:30am EST on September 15th, 2015. We’ll pick winners on a random basis and will e-mail them to confirm their prize.

This week, you are good to enter for the following shows: Sept 16 (NYC), Sept 17 (NYC), Sept 19 (Brooklyn), Sept 21 (Quebec), Sept 24 (Philadelphia).

– You must be a Lifetime Legacy ICON member.
– You must be at least 13-years-old to enter.
– Entrants must take a photo of themselves, posing with their Rebel Heart Tour tickets.
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– Finalists will be selected on a random basis.
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– Qualified winners will be provided details to collect their tickets on the evening of their show date.
– This is a tickets-only promotion. Travel, parking and accommodations are not included and are the responsibility of each winner.

Good luck to you all and check out next week for “Bitch I want front row!” #2!
The Icon team

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First Look: Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour Designer Costume Sketches

madonna-tour-designers03A sketch from Gucci
The costume designer Arianne Phillips was in London in late February when she heard through the grapevine about a designer who was just beginning to get people’s attention: Alessandro Michele.

The 42-year-old Roman had just shown two collections in quick succession after his appointment as Gucci creative director and suddenly found himself the toast of the fashion world.

Meanwhile, Phillips, an in-demand costume designer for the movies, a veteran of Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” and an Academy Award nominee for “Walk the Line,” had just started preparing for her biggest project of the year: the months-long, all-consuming head trip known as a Madonna world tour.

In a nice bit of kismet, or a psychic connection, Michele himself was somewhere in Florence working, unprompted, on a gift for Madonna when Phillips reached out to Gucci to contribute costumes to the tour.

“The energy was just out there,” Phillips says.

When Madonna opens her “Rebel Heart” tour on Sept. 9 in Montreal, she will do so in Michele’s Gucci. And Prada and Jeremy Scott’s Moschino and Alexander Wang and Fausto Puglisi. Pop stars “collaborate,” to borrow an overused phrase, with designers all the time, mainly on red-carpet appearances.

Full article and plenty sketchs HERE

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MDNA Skin to be the sole sponsor of Madonna and dancers’ skin care treatments on tour

Only 1 day left to opening night of Madonna’s Rebel Heart World Tour!

MDNA Skin is excited to be the sole sponsor of Madonna and her Dancer’s skin care treatments backstage!
Madonna’s exclusive esthetician and MDNA Skin Brand Ambassador Michelle Peck will be keeping all the performers skin flawless!

Come expericence the MDNA SKIN treatment at FORMA VITA location near you.
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Madonna’s next record deal rides on upcoming tour’s success

Her Madgesty’s reign over concertgoers could go a long way toward landing her next big recording deal.
The curtain goes up on Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” tour on Wednesday, and those who have seen rehearsals at the Nassau Coliseum call it brilliant. That should come as no surprise considering what the Material Girl has riding on the 64-show global arena trek.
Her 10-year partnership with concert-promoter Live Nation expires in 2017, just nine months after she wraps up her third and final tour under the deal. And no one expects the soup-to-nuts 360 deal that guaranteed Madonna an unprecedented $120 million in 2007 to be renewed in its current incarnation.


But consuming patterns have changed drastically in the past decade. Music lovers often stream or pirate their favorite tunes as US album sales have cratered to 257 million units last year from 501 million units in 2007.
“Only a half-dozen artists make more than $10 million from any one album anymore — not nearly enough to justify the upfront expenses of a 360 deal,” Tullo said.
That places unprecedented emphasis on an artist’s concerts, at which Madonna has historically excelled. Her “Sticky & Sweet” tour in 2008 raked in $408 million, the biggest box office ever for a solo artist, while her “MDNA” tour in 2012 netted $305 million.
Arthur Fogel, Live Nation’s chairman of global music and president of worldwide touring, believes the “Rebel Heart” tour will reinforce Madonna’s place in the performing-artist pantheon.
“We have a great and successful touring partnership with one of the greatest artists in music history and have no doubt it will continue,” he told The Post.

Full article HERE

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New! Rebel Heart Tour 2015 page online now

After just launching the extensive World Tours online gallery, we have now updated it with the brand new Rebel Heart Tour!

Obviously it is just a small page at this time as the tour hasn’t started yet. However we have updated the page with the full schedule, some press and memorabilia scans and the behind the scenes videos.

Keep an eye on this page as it will most likely be updated daily throughout the tour. We will try and collect every clipping and memorabilia item that we can lay our hands on and ad it to this page. Every newspaper/magazine clipping will be scanned and will be there for you to view, as well as other features such as live videos.

Want to check it out? Click HERE, to view the other extensive world tour archives please click HERE


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