Madonna Teases ‘Many Surprise Guests’ For ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ Video


Madonna performs with Drake during day 3 of the 2015 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (Weekend 1) at the Empire Polo Club on April 12, 2015 in Indio, California.  

Rebel hearts, get ready. Madonna is ready to give you her “Bitch I’m Madonna” video.

Madge headed to Twitter on Thursday (May 4) to tease the forthcoming visual, the latest from her Rebel Heart album release. “Cool Fan Art!! #bitchimmadonna video coming soooooooon !!” she wrote on Twitter, adding “With many surprise guests! Stay tuned………”

Well considering that Diplo had a hand in the song’s production and Nicki Minajappears on the track– we can count on at least two A-listers who are likely to appear in the video.



You can give the track another listen below if you can’t wait for the video to premiere.


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Speed Sisters: The Film About Girl Racers In The Middle East That Madonna Loves

The Speed Sisters are the first ever all-woman racing team in the Middle East – and now a documentary charting their success (backed by Madonna) is hitting the big screen


When Marah Zahalka was 10, she taught herself to drive. Growing up in the West Bank city of Jenin, she sat in the back of her mum’s car, watching her technique and committing it to memory. Before taking the next natural step, and, well, taking the car for herself.

“I have been crazy about cars since I was a kid,” the now 21 year old explains. “I love how they look, how they sound and the freedom I feel when I drive fast. I stole my parents’ car when I was 11, with the help of the kids from my neighbourhood. I couldn’t wait until I was 17 and could get my driver’s license.”Fast forward ten years, and Marah is now the youngest member of the Middle East’s all-female race car driving team. Dubbed the ‘Speed Sisters’, and consisting of five women, Noor Daoud, Marah Zahalka, Betty Saadeh, Maysoon Jayyusi and Mona Enab, they’ve sped their way into unprecedented territory: beating male drivers from around the world, collecting trophies and overtaking the gender stereotypes that pervade traditional Middle Eastern society.

“A car doesn’t know if you are a woman or a man!” Betty says. “I don’t think we need to be tomboys just because we like cars. We need to be ourselves.”

And their rise to supercar stardom is such a big deal that it’s become the subject of a new, eponymous documentary, which hits UK cinema screens for the first time next week.

Directed by Amber Fares, the documentary has been in the works for over five years – but suffered huge delays due to a lack of funding and mobility – not to mention being shot at by Israeli soldiers. But after Madonna spotted the trailer online in 2013, and donated $10,000 to help finance its release, production finally kicked off.

“I heard about the races and saw that there were some women racing,” recalls Amber. “I think, for me, like anyone else, the idea of there being speed tests in the West Bank was kind of a cool thing anyway and then there was the fact that there were women competing against men – and that sort of blew me away. It’s one of those stories that is so shocking because it is so unusual.”

Watch Speed Sisters make its European Premiere at Sheffield Documentary Festival on June 8th / 9th


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More on Bitch I’m Madonna release

Drownedmadonna reports that the video should be released in two weeks time, as well as a Remixes EP. The first remixes are expected next week.

If this will be the third single in Holland is currently unknown. It is a question whether there will be a third single at all.

We’ll keep you updated

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Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women In America: Oprah, Beyonce, Madonna In List

…’Madonna: The Queen of Pop has been featured on the America’s Self-Made Women’s list. She has grossed an estimated $1.2 billion on the road in her career, including $305 million on her recent MDMA tour. That helped her earn an estimated $125 million two years ago, more than any other musician. She is expected to add more and more with her Rebel Heart tour in August’.

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Madonna Threatened With Arrest In Toronto Over ‘Like A Virgin’ Faux Masturbation: 25 Years On, Was This Her Most Controversial Moment?

Long before Miley Cyrus made the headlines with her foam finger, or Rihanna’s provocative stage routines had us all talking, there was only one reigning Queen of Controversy, and that was Madonna.

Over her long career, she’s pushed the envelope as far as it will go, mixing sexual and religious imagery in her music videos and stage shows long before anyone was doing it.

Whether she was rolling around the stage at the VMAs, having her controversial ‘Justify My Love’ video banned from MTV or just snogging Jesus on an altar in ‘Like A Prayer’, Madonna was the undisputed champion of raising eyebrows – but there was one notable occasion she might have taken things a bit too far.


Madonna performs ‘Like A Virgin’
In fact, 25 years ago today, Madonna’s raunchy on-stage behaviour almost landed her in trouble with the law, due to a particularly provocative performance of her hit ‘Like A Virgin’.

For her Blonde Ambition tour, Madonna revamped the song with an Eastern vibe, performing it on a bed, alongside two male dancers – who were wearing conic bras, of course – while simulating masturbation on stage.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was impressed with her not-exactly-family-friendly display, and she was even threatened by the police, before taking to the stage in Toronto, that they were prepared to arrest her if she included the faux masturbation sequence in her routine.

Of course, being Madonna, she went out and did it anyway… and the police, perhaps wisely, decided not to arrest her.

Check out the performance for yourself below…

Huffington Post

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New Rebel Heart show added for SanDiego on Oct 29th!



Have you been wishing on a ‘lucky star’? Well, like a prayer, you’ve been heard and answered!

The Queen of Pop herself — Madonna — is coming to San Diego! We know, we know — to paraphrase Madge herself from “Borderline”: It feels like we’re going to lose our minds!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, on Oct. 29, 2015, the Material Girl is returning to America’s Finest City on her worldwide Rebel Heart tour with a show at Valley View Casino Center. The last time the pop megastar performed in San Diego, it was nearly eight years ago at our downtown stadium, Petco Park. And even though we love our ballpark, being able to see Madonna at a slightly more intimate venue is definitely a plus.

For those who can cease expressing themselves long enough to get on the Internet, tickets go on sale to the general public on June 1 at 10 a.m. Prepare to “open your heart” and open your wallets: Tickets will range between $35 and $350. Be early, be patient and be steadfast — they’re guaranteed to sell quickly.

Complete article HERE
Purchase your tickets HERE

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‘Vogue’ Producer Shep Pettibone’s First Interview in 20 Years: On Making a Madonna Classic & Why He Left Music Behind



To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Madonna’s “Vogue” reaching N)1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, we reached out to the song’s co-producer and co-writer, dance legend Shep Pettibone, for — amazingly — his first interview in 20 years.

We talked to Pettibone, of course, about the genesis and making of “Vogue,” but also his later work with the diva on The Immaculate Collection and Erotica, the sampling lawsuit against him and Madonna over “Vogue,” and why he stepped away from the music business nearly 20 years ago.

“I think at that point they were going to [make it a] b-side” for “Keep It Together,” but once executives heard the track, “The attitude was like, ‘This isn’t gonna be a b-side. How can we get this out there?’” It found a home on Madonna’s Dick Tracy-inspired I’m Breathless album, and became the set’s lead single — and her eighth Hot 100 No. 1.


You know I am amazed that it’s been 25 years since “Vogue” hit No. 1 [on the Billboard Hot 100]. I don’t know if you sort of contemplate that sort of stuff very often. Does it even register that it’s been that long since the song has been out?
It doesn’t, really. First of all, it seems like the song that never ends. I mean, you’re forever hearing it. It’s always on a radio somewhere, or being played somewhere, you know, in a club. It’s still a dance floor filler after all these years too, which is amazing.

It continues to live on, through covers and interpolations, and so forth. Certainly that must be very nice to know that something you’ve made continues to have a long life. 
Yeah, exactly. But no, it doesn’t feel like 25 years. It’s wild.

Full interview on HERE



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Back to the 80’s»Hoofdprijs Madonna in Antwerpen


Van maandag 22 tot en met zondag 28 juni gaat Radio Oost weer ‘back to the 80’s’. Luister naar de leukste platen uit de 80’s en maak kans op een lang weekend Antwerpen met een concert van Madonna!

Naast veel muziek blikken we terug op de belangrijkste nieuws- en sportgebeurtenissen uit die tijd. Verder wordt elke dag de ‘hitflitsquiz’ gespeeld, met als hoofdprijs een lang weekend Antwerpen met als hoogtepunt een concert van Madonna!

Wat is jouw top 3?
Wat zijn jouw favoriete 80’s platen? Geef je top 3 aan ons door en wellicht hoor je deze terug op Radio Oost. Een lijst met platen vind je hier.

Win een weekend Antwerpen met Madonna-concert!

Elke dag spelen we de ‘hitflitsquiz’. Het juiste antwoord belonen we met een heerlijk ‘Overijssels Delicatessenpakket’ van Heileuver met een 80’s tintje*. Uit alle deelnemers die het juiste antwoord gaven loten we 2 deelnemers die in het Radio Oost programma Zie Zo Zondag met elkaar strijden om de hoofdprijs: een fantastisch lang weekend Antwerpen met als hoogtepunt een concert van Madonna op 28 november 2015!

* Doe je mee met de quiz en geef je het goede antwoord? Dan geven wij ook graag anderen een kans om deze week iets te winnen, je mag dus niet nog een keer meedoen! Een uitzondering hierop is de finale op zondag, hiervoor loten we uit alle winnaars 2 deelnemers die met elkaar strijden om de hoofdprijs.

Uit alle dagwinnaars worden 2 kandidaten geloot die in het programma Zie Zo Zondag de finale spelen en strijden om een fantastische hoofdprijs: een lang weekend voor 2 personen naar Antwerpen met een concert van Madonna!



Antwerpen is zeker de moeite waard. Het historische centrum bruist dag en nacht van de activiteiten. De stad heeft prachtige winkelboulevards zoals de Meier. Maar juist in de kleine en prachtige opgeknapte straatjes vind je een verscheidenheid aan winkels die je niet snel elders in België of Nederland zult aantreffen.? De stad kent een scala aan musea, festiviteiten, tentoonstellingen en culturele evenementen. Jullie vertrekken op vrijdag 27 november naar Antwerpen. Je krijgt van ons een openbaar vervoerkaart waarmee je vrij door de stad kunt reizen. Op maandag 30 november reis je weer terug naar huis.

Jullie verblijven 3 nachten op basis van logies en ontbijt in een heerlijk centraal gelegen 3-sterrenhotel.

Op zaterdag 28 november is Madonna met haar Rebel Heart Tour in het Sportpaleis in Antwerpen en jullie zijn erbij! De ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ volgt op de release van Madonna’s nieuwste album ‘Rebel Heart’. Haar dertiende studioplaat wordt wereldwijd met lovende kritieken ontvangen. Madonna wordt wereldwijd gelauwerd als zangeres, songwriter en producer, maar heeft ook de reputatie van één van ‘s werelds meest succesvolle live-artiesten aller tijden.

Maandag 30 november gaan jullie in de loop van de dag weer naar huis en hopen we dat je zult terugkijken op een onvergetelijk weekend.


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