Madonna kicks off Rebel Heart tour in Montreal

Pole dancers dressed like nuns, Mike Tyson and nonstop theatrics. Welcome to the church of Madonna.

The pop star kicked off her Rebel Heart tour in Montreal on Wednesday night, belting out a mix of her iconic hits and new music from her recently released album, also titled, Rebel Heart.

She even performed Material Girl for the first time since 1990’s Blond Ambition tour.

DJ and producer Diplo warmed up the crowd with an hour-long set. The show opened with a video featuring Mike Tyson, Chance the Rapper and Madonna, where she addressed topics ranging from censorship to dictatorship. She then descended to the stage in a cage.

Madonna wasted no time getting to fan favourites including Burning Up and a mash-up of Holy Water with Vogue. She then pulled a classic move and ripped off her skirt to reveal a barely there nun’s outfit and started to pole dance.

Madonna delighted fans with a mix of new songs and past hits. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

She then used one of her dancers, also dressed as a nun, to ride like a surfboard. Dancers then lined the stage to recreate the Last Supper, with Madonna as the main course.

Madonna, 57, then moved to the nostalgic, singing Body ShopTrue BlueDeeper and Deeper and her first No. 1 hit, Like a Virgin.


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Wat je kan verwachten als Madonna naar het Sportpaleis komt – Belgian review

Madonna heeft woensdagavond in Montreal de aftrap gegeven van haar ‘Rebel Heart’-tournee, waarmee ze in november ook naar het Antwerpse Sportpaleis komt. Wie wil gaan, kan zich verwachten aan een vrolijke Queen of Pop, die niet meer in string op het podium staat en het publiek trakteert op een mix van nieuwe nummers en haar grootste klassiekers.

‘Dit is de eerste tour in een aantal jaren die ook de niet-superfans van Madonna geweldig zullen vinden’, zegt kapper Jochen Vanhoudt van kapsalon Clientology, die naar Montréal reisde om de eerste show te zien. ‘Bij de vorige shows waren mensen soms ontgoocheld dat ze vooral nieuwe nummers bracht. Daar heeft ze rekening mee gehouden, ze zingt opnieuw haar grootste hits zoals Material Girl, Holiday, Vogue, La Isla Bonita, ….’
Hoewel de podiumoutfits van Madonna nog altijd spectaculair zijn, krijgt het publiek haar billen niet meer te zien zoals tijdens de ‘MDNA’-tour. ‘Haar outfits zijn nog heel vrouwelijk, maar niet meer zo seksueel getint’, zegt Jochen. ‘Ze voert wel een hele show op, zo kwam ze op als krijger en beeldde ze met 12 dansers het laatste avondmaal uit, waarbij zij op het podium lag. Ze was ook heel vrolijk, dit is de eerste tour dat ik haar zoveel heb zien lachen’.

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In pictures: Madonna’s Rebel Heart world tour starts beating to the delight of her legion of fans

MADONNA kicked off her Rebel Heart world tour in Montreal last night to the delight of the tens of thousands of fans crammed inside the Bell Centre in Canada.

Madge’s stage was swarming with soldiers and swordplay for much of the evening, threated together with her contemporary choreography.

Images flashed around the arena of Madonna and Mike Tyson being held captive in steel cages with the singer wanting to come across as a leader and an outsider.


The 57-year-old pop chameleon took the time to stand in front of the audience and sing a song while playing guitar, giving the crowd a flasback to “where it all began” with a latino-laced rendition of Who’s That Girl.

Madonna hits the UK this December, with two dates at the London O2 on the 1st and 2nd of December, Manchester on the 14th, Birmingham on the 16th and finally playing Glasgow‘s Hydro on the 20th December.

For now, cast your eye through the gallery above to check out some of the gig’s high points.

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Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour Features Pole-Dancing Nuns, An Edith Piaf Cover And A Recreation Of THAT Brit Awards Performance (PICS)

Madonna kicked off her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour in style on Wednesday (9 September) night, sporting an array of typically lavish outfits over the course of the evening.

During her two-hour show in Montreal, Madonna wore outfits inspired by samurais, matadors and at one point even became a rock chick (though the less said about that the better, if we’re being honest).

Her show was as elaborate as you might expect from the Queen of Pop, boasting pole-dancing nuns as backing dancers, a cabaret-inspired dance routine and a seriously impressive cage, which descends from the ceiling at the opening of the show.


The pop icon’s setlist was compiled of a mix of her old hits and newer offerings, with ‘Vogue’ and ‘Material Girl’ sitting comfortably alongside ‘Living For Love’ and ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ (oh, and a curious cover of ‘La Vie En Rose’, originally performed by Edith Piaf, one of M’s idols).
The show opened with a performance of ‘Iconic’, preceded by a lavish opening video featuring a cameo appearance from Mike Tyson, who performs a monologue at the beginning of the track.


And like a true #UnapologeticBitch, one portion of the show even saw Madonna throwing on another cape to recreate her infamous Brit Awards performance, which saw her accidentally pulled to the ground by one of her backing dancers, in one of the year’s most toe-curling live TV moments.
Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tour will arrive at London’s O2 Arena on 1 & 2 December, with performances in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow scheduled for later in the month.

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Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour is no costume drama


Madonna has finally kicked off her Rebel Heart Tour and shown she’s not afraid to wear elaborate costumes, despite her infamous cape-tripping incident at the 2015 Brit Awards.

The queen of pop had delayed the start of her North American dates because she wanted the show to be “perfect” for fans.

So she was determined to put on a spectacle when she stepped out in Montreal, Canada, for the first of 64 dates around the world, with a stream of costume changes and dance routines.

The 57-year-old Material Girl took to the stage in a dramatic red and black cloak, “imprisoned” in a cage made of spears.

She was joined by dancers dressed as warriors, who carried her hanging upside down on a pole, despite the elaborate nature of her costume.

The star later stripped down to a more streamlined Chinese-style coat, performing with dancers holding striking red fans. She later showed off her “axe” skills, picking up her guitar and kneeling before her adoring fans in true rock goddess pose.

Madonna’s bullfighter cape made the headlines earlier this year when she performed on the Brits stage. As she struggled to unfasten it, she toppled backwards in a nasty fall.

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Stripper nuns, a wedding and oral sex: Is Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour her filthiest yet?

MADONNA has kicked off her Rebel Heart tour with a bang and as you would expect it’s X-Rated from the get go.
Descending from the heavens in a giant cage, the Queen of Pop kicked off her 24 song set wrapped in a red kimono – but it wasn’t long before the clothes were coming off.

At one point the 57-year-old was joined on stage by strippers dressed as nuns and promptly began to thrust back and forth on a giant cross, opting to use the religious symbol for a spot of late night pole dancing – as you do.


 But if that offends you then you better stop reading now as what Madonna did next left us speechless.
Ever the Queen of shock tactics Madonna made her way to an alter to simulate an oral sex act with a man dressed as Jesus.


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Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour WOWS Canadian fans on first night

POP superstar Madonna had Canadian fans getting into the groove last night (Wedesday) as she kicked off her world Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal.

The 57-year-old belied her years as she charged through the 22-track setlist with her usual brand of slick choreography and energetic dance moves. She even braved a cape complete with train in a nod to her now infamous Brit Awards performance which saw her dragged off the stage by two dancers earlier this year. The show was not without controversy with the singer dressing as a scantily-clad nun gyrating on a pole to perform Holy Water.
She also delivered a splattering of old hits including True Blue, La Isla Bonita and Vogue to the delight of the 20,000-plus audience. Fans had started queuing from early afternoon to see Madonna take to the stage for her 10th world tour which hits the UK in December. Many arrived kitted out in Madonna incantations from years past with Montreal’s Bell Centre filled with wedding dresses, conical bustiers and cowboy outfits.

Fans did not contain their excitement with many claiming Madonna had delivered her best performance in years.
The star herself seemed pleased with the show tweeting afterwards “Montreal you had me down on my knee’s! [sic] Thank you a memorable night!  #rebelhearttour”.
Madonna arrived on stage descending from the ceiling in a cage made out of spears to perform ‘Iconic to backdrop featuring video clips of boxer Mike Tyson.
Donning a Japanese-style geisha outfit she went on to sing B**** I’m Madonna, Burning Up and Holy Water.
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Concert review: Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour starts beating at the Bell Centre

In an uncharacteristically unadorned segment around two-thirds into the kickoff of her Rebel Heart Tour, Wednesday at the Bell Centre, Madonna announced she was “going to sing a little song here on my guitar — back to where it all began.”

Before she could spark a flamenco-tinged Who’s That Girl, a fan’s interjection caught her ear. “Yes, I know I played drums first. But who can see you behind the drums? I’m a Leo. We like to be the centre of attention.”

So she’s still self-aware. And in a spare-no-expense theatrical spectacle that artfully flowed from showstopper to showstopper, she proved once again that she doesn’t just crave the spotlight — she owns it.

Montreal accidentally got the first look at the Rebel Heart Tour after five shows were postponed for extra prep time, and the kinks were ironed out before Wednesday night. (OK, 99 per cent of them were: “This costume is treacherous,” the singer exclaimed when she got snagged by some bejewelled fringe.) Consisting of four loosely thematic sections broken up by costume changes, with almost every song benefiting from its own tailor-made staging and with a small army of dancers gracefully executing intense choreography, the show hit all the marks.

Those included the expected provocation. Anyone hoping Madonna would smash new taboos would have left disappointed; but then, she’s already shattered most of them. Still, the first segment’s slightly confused rebellion was built on a load-bearing mash-up of familiar themes: sex, salvation, religion, oppression.

The introductory film positioned the star as both outsider and leader, with images of Madonna — and, why not, Mike Tyson — in captivity, and talk of “too much creativity being crushed beneath the wheel of corporate branding. … It’s time to wake up.” Ignoring the fact that Madonna long ago became a corporate brand unto herself, it was thrilling to see her descend from the rafters and break out of her cage. With a battalion of armoured warriors falling under her command, Iconic was insanely theatrical, Broadway-worthy, and just the beginning.

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Madonna seemed to be happy at last during upbeat ‘Rebel Heart’ tour opener: review


The most shocking thing about Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” tour, which opened at Montreal’s Bell Centre Wednesday, had nothing to do with sex. (How could it at this late date?)

And it had nothing to do with religion (though she did offer such token Madonna-esque stunts as nuns on stripper poles and dancers gyrating on holy crosses).

Instead the surprise of the show came in smiles.

Throughout nearly the entire two hour event, Madonna could barely stop grinning. For anyone who has followed Madonna tours from the start, the sight of it couldn’t help but startle. Never a warm live performer, Madonna tends to grimace through her concerts, stressing athleticism and discipline over all. This time, she seemed to having a blast. It made for an infectious night that brought the Canadian crowd to a series of spontaneous, and escalating, standing ovations. It didn’t hurt that she sang “La Vie En Rose,” both in French and in bold voice.

Madonna performs onstage during her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour Sept. 9.

The bright tone of the show made for a striking contrast to the star’s last tour, “MDNA,” a dark and violent affair that often ended up puzzling to boot. “Rebel Heart” had no such pretense. In fact, it may be Madonna’s lightest roadshow to date.

That’s not at all to say it’s unsubstantial. On the contrary, the triumph of the “Rebel Heart” tour is how it finds Madonna taking ownership of her legacy with an unprecedented maturity

Madonna performs onstage during her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour Sept. 9.

She began that approach on her like-named album, which found her in a newly self-referential mode.

Madonna mirrored that here by featuring no fewer than nine of its tracks, including the show’s opener, “Iconic.” For this initial section of the show, Madonna drew on her time-honored mingle of the erotic and the reverent. Her twenty dancers, dolled up as medieval warriors, bore cross-topped weapons. In a more slow and graceful take on “Vogue” Renaissance images of religious figures replaced movie stars while Madonna and her dancers posed at The Last Supper table.

While the star used to position such displays as pointed social commentary, here they seemed to have more to do with simply reasserting her own long history with them.

Madonna delved deeper into her personal story in the second act, which found her on the hood of a ’60s Chevy in an auto repair shop, a clear reference to her Detroit roots. She emphasized a rare sincerity here by singing the unashamedly romantic “True Blue,” while accompanying herself on, of all things, a ukulele.

Madonna came the closest she’s ever going to get to a “greatest hits” display in the third act, where she offered touchstones from “Lucky Star” to “Everybody.” The latter she hasn’t performed live since the early ’90s.

Even so, none of the older songs sounded anything like they had on album. To suit the matador-theme’d theatrical accompanyment, Madonna reimagined them as Spanish-tinged ballads.


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Rebel Heart Tour setlist runthrough

Short writeup of the show:


-ICONIC – big opening with video and M in a cage, warrior style (similar to DWT SFH)
-Bitch I’m Madonna – warrior
-Burning Up – on guitar
-Holy Water / Vogue – pole dancing nuns – last supper theme (on altar)
-Messiah – interlude with dancer
-Bodyshop – on a car
-True Blue – slowed down on guitar
-Deeper and Deeper – party, original version!!
-Heartbreak City – stairs come down
-Love don’t Live here anymore – on stairs too

She seems to be wearing quite a few clothes for a while now, she looks really good with her roots showing

-Like a Virgin – just M on stage alone having fun, shaking fans’ hands
-S.E.X. – interlude
-Living For Love – as TV promo
-La Isla Bonita – similar to original
-Dress You Up – gypsy, similar to original – medley
-Into The Groove – gypsy medley
-Everybody – gypsy medley
-Lucky Star – gypsy medley
-Who’s That Girl – acoustic on guitar (slow)
-Rebel Heart – on guitar
-Illuminati – interlude a la Cirque du Soleil
-Music – in cabaret with heavy beat
-Candy Shop – cabaret, original version
-Material Girl – in wedding dress
-la vie en rose – guitar (crowd goes nuts)
-Unapologetic Bitch – album version, gets Diplo on stage
-holiday – original version

Thanks to Jochen Vanhoudt for the updates!

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Madonna Kicks Off Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal

It seems like a long time coming, but Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour finally gets underway tonight in Montreal.

The start date was originally Aug. 29 in Miami, but it was moved forward to allow more time for Madonna, a notorious perfectionist, to get everything just right.

Diplo, a top DJ and one of the producers who worked on Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” album, will also open for her tonight and Thursday night in Montreal.

“I’m not sure anybody’s going to know who or what I am but, hopefully, I can surprise them and give them something new. You know, just warm them up, let them know that Madonna’s about to shut down the whole arena,” he told ABC News. “She’s been working on the live versions of the songs for, like, three to four months, so it’s just going to be crazy.”

Madonna has already revealed her set list will include classics like “Dress You Up,” “Who’s That Girl,” “Vogue” and “Holiday,” plus a big helping of songs from “Rebel Heart” because, in general, as she told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m not a ‘greatest hits’ kind of girl.”

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Liz Smith ‘Those who have seen the show in rehearsal say it is her greatest yet, simply magnificent. But don’t tell her that

….’Speaking of the one-time couple, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Ritchie’s 2002 movie “Swept Away,” starring Madonna, as ” a joke.” This re-make of Lina Wertmuller’s 1974 movie about a privileged woman shipwrecked with her now-empowered deckhand, was a terrible flop. (I don’t know that Lina’s original was screaming for a remake, actually.) I saw the Ritchie/Madonna version when it opened. I thought it wasn’t nearly as bad as critics said, although it wasn’t good. It seemed to me like a Lifetime Movie for TV, with Madonna, as usual, stiff one moment, charming the next. (She is best in supporting roles. For some reason, the burden of carrying a film seems to overwhelm her. Maybe if her music career hadn’t been so successful, she would have devoted more time to acting — most of her best performances are in her classic music videos, using her expressive face.)

Ritchie photographed her horribly in “Swept Away,” and I had to wonder, what he was really trying to say with this tale of a wealthy and famous woman brought low? He had previously directed her in a short, about a spoiled star being abused, and also one of her music videos, “What It Feels Like for a Girl,” in which she — again — plays an abused woman.

It reminded me — rather sadly — of Richard Burton directing Elizabeth in “Dr. Faustus.” Elizabeth never realized what Burton was conveying in the final scene, as Taylor drags him — as Faustus — down to hell. By then, he was tired of that roller-coaster Life With Liz, but it was too late, and too profitable, to jump off.

Madonna and Guy were a good match for a while, and I know she was deeply in love with him. In any case, “Swept Away” is a fascinating, if not a brilliant, peek into public people working out personal issues through their work. That’s how I see it, at least.

P.S. Today, in Montreal, Madonna kicks off her “Rebel Heart” tour. Those who have seen the show in rehearsal say it is her greatest yet, simply magnificent. But don’t tell her that. She is never satisfied. Once she is done with an album, a movie, a concert tour, a man she’s done. But while she’s working on something, she is constantly tinkering, re-doing, re-playing, re-thinking. And when it’s over, it’s over. No complaining or explaining. The present and the future exist for Madonna. The past holds no interest. Nostalgia is just a nine-letter word.

Good luck, tonight, honey!

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