Exclusive Global Premiere of Madonna’s New Concert Documentary Will Begin Streaming on Friday, October 8

Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, and MTV Entertainment Studios today announced that Madonna’s highly-anticipated documentary film, MADAME X, will exclusively debut on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia, the Nordics and Canada beginning on Friday, October 8. Fans outside of these markets can watch the documentary on MTV.

Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, the film captures the pop icon’s rare and rapturous tour performance, hailed by sold out theatrical audiences worldwide. The unprecedented intimate streaming experience will take viewers on a journey as compelling and audacious as Madonna’s fearless persona, Madame X, a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom and bringing light to dark places.

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Madonna teases ‘Madame X’ concert film on Paramount+

Audiences have another chance to meet Madonna’s latest alter ego, Madame X.

A teaser for the Material Girl’s upcoming “Madame X” concert film was released Thursday, promoting its October 8 premiere on Paramount+.

The flick, directed by Ricardo Gomes, was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal. The documentary follows the singer and 48 onstage performers including her children, musicians and dancers from around the globe, as well as the all-female Orquestra Batukadeiras.

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Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ Concert Documentary to Debut on Paramount Plus This October

Madonna‘s highly-anticipated new concert documentary officially has a release date. Madame X will exclusively debut on Paramount+ Oct. 8.

Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, the film captures the pop icon’s rare concert performance there and will “take viewers on a journey as compelling and audacious as Madonna’s fearless persona, Madame X, a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, and bringing light to dark places,” the documentary’s log line reads.

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‘60 Songs That Explain the ’90s’: Madonna Strikes a Pose

Madonna’d already done enough shocking people for several lifetimes by 1990.

What a strange experience, to be a little kid—to be a young, impressionable, but presexual human—in the mid-to-late ’80s, as Madonna ascended to MTV dominance and global megastardom, and to understand that this person was controversial and confrontational and quote-unquote sexy and possibly outright dangerous without quite understanding why. Boy, this lady sure makes my parents uncomfortable. Boy, this lady sure smooches a lot of dudes. Boy, this lady sure likes rolling around on the ground. Boy, this lady sure loves her belly button. The belly button thing is not conjecture, on my part. Her second-best quote of the ’80s—taken, like the naked guy on the crucifix bit, from a 1985 cover story in Spin magazine—reads as follows:

My favorite button is my belly button. I have the most perfect belly button: an inny, and there’s no lint in it. I never wore a jewel in my belly, but if I did it would be a ruby or an emerald, but not a diamond. When I stick my finger in my belly button, I feel a nerve in the center of my body shoot up my spine. If 100 belly buttons were lined up against a wall, I could definitely pick out which one is mine.

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Madonna Talks Masturbation as She Teases Racy Excerpt from Her Biopic

adonna treated her Instagram followers to a racy excerpt from the screenplay for her long-awaited biopic on Tuesday.

The pop icon, 62, took to Instagram to share a video of herself reading out a snippet of the script that included a passage about a moment of sexual enlightenment when she was younger.

“I discovered masturbation when I was 19,” the star read. “This dancer girl brought it up to me. She said, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ I looked at her like she was speaking Arabic. ‘I don’t blame you. Masturbation is so much more enjoyable,’ she said. The concept of masturbation had not even occurred to me.”

Full article at Newsweek

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Vision Quest/Crazy For You memorabilia updated (13 items)

Continuing where we left off before we went on a holiday…..

We have updated and restyled the memorabilia section of Madonna’s first cameo in a commercial movie “Vision Quest / Crazy For You”. A total of 13 items have been added, including posters, promo flats and sheet music.

If you wonder where the VHS and DVD releases are, they will be added to the ‘releases’ section asap!

Stay tuned

Promo flat (USA)

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Madonna’s Latest Collaborator Opens Up About Their Next Project

Creative director Ricardo Gomes talks about the video that electrified New York during Pride, and the ambitious project premiering soon on Paramount+.
honey dijon, ricardo gomes and madonna

Madonna has a long history with film. It’s not her acting career that distinguishes the pop star, but her uncanny ability to spot up-and-coming directors before they’ve hit it big. Before he was an Academy Award-nominated auteur, David Fincher directed Madonna in four iconic music videos, including “Express Yourself” and “Vogue.” Mark Romanek, the filmmaker whose take on “Bedtime Story” got Madonna into the Museum of Modern Art, went on to direct Never Let Me Go and the Robin Williams thriller One Hour Photo. And of course there’s her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, who has become synonymous with action-packed blockbusters, but probably the less said about that the better.

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Interview with the new owners of Lucky Records in Paris

Lucky Records in Paris continues its journey in 2021, MadonnaUnderground speaks exclusively to Nicholas who is one of the new owners. 


Are you aware of how iconic and loved ‘Lucky Records’ is among Madonna fans?

Of course, I know the store very well. In 1996 when I started working at Warner Christophe (one of the founders of the place) called me to introduce himself. We were preparing the launch of the single “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”. We took advantage of the exposure that such a specialized store (and also a magazine like “Spotlight”) could bring to the promo within the fan community, to start a real partnership with them.

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Exclusive interview with Lucky Records coming tomorrow!

The iconic and famous Lucky Records has found new owners! 

We recently sat down with the new people behind the store to ask them everything we were dying to know.

Will the store continue to have Madonna as the main featured artist in the store? What kind of changes will there be? Will there still be Madonna related events?

But most of all who are the new owners exactly?

All we can tell you now is that you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Stay tuned for the exclusive interview (and pictures) coming tomorrow!

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Drowned World Tour live in London July 4, 2001 live report by Hans – 20 years ago


It took eight long years before Madonna announced that she finally goes on tour again with her ‘Drowned World Tour’. Europe will have the world premiere in Germany! I wasn’t really happy with her touring schedule because it was in June and July. Since I have my own shop I absolutely couldn’t take any days off in June due to my employees having holidays as well. And on July 13th Peter and I were going to get married, so the dates weren’t the best for me.

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Madonna was a superstar after the success of her second album, Like a Virgin (1984). With third studio effort, True Blue, she became a mega-star, elevating to become one of the biggest and most popular artists in the world.

With the new album came a new Madonna, sporting a fresh, revitalized image: “After a while, I got sick of wearing tons of jewelry,” the singer told New York Times that year. “I wanted to clean myself off. I see my new look as very innocent and feminine and unadorned. It makes me feel good. Growing up, I admired the kind of beautiful glamorous woman – from Bridget Bardot to Grace Kelly – who doesn’t seem to be around much anymore. I think it’s time for that kind of glamour to come back.”

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Madonna‘s evolution as a pop star and performer has always been defined by her unended quest to grow and develop as an artist. Because she was initially dismissed as a grasping, untalented pop tart, she has doggedly chased artistic credibility throughout most of her career. What this means practically is that with each album, each music video, each concert, she mines her seemingly depthless reserve of creativity and knowledge of pop culture and pop subculture to create art that’s simultaneously radio-ready pop music as well as a ‘statement’. From her self-titled debut in 1983, Madonna used pop music to forge her one-woman sexual revolution.

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