Special Q&A Featuring Special Guests Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, David Letterman, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lil Nas X, Naomi Campbell, Snoop Dogg and More


Nov. 9, 2021 – Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, today announced MADAME X PRESENTS: MADAME XTRA Q&A, a follow-up special to Madonna’s recently released and critically acclaimed concert documentary film MADAME X. The special premieres Thursday, Nov. 18 exclusively on the service.

Hosted by “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winners Symone and Aquaria, MADAME X PRESENTS: MADAME XTRA Q&A features questions from very special guests Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Drew Barrymore, David Letterman, FKA Twigs, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lil Nas X, Naomi Campbell, Snoop Dogg, Sarah Paulson and more.

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Meeting Madonna at Selfridges in 2004 – check out the photo gallery

On November 11, 2004 Madonna made a very rare personal appearance at Selfridges in London to present her new children’s book “The Adventures of Abdi”. For the first time ever (in Europe) Madonna agreed to meet the first 250 customers in person and hand them a pre-signed copy of the book.

It was such a rare and unique opportunity to meet Mrs. Ritchie in person that many fans dropped everything and made their way to London as soon as they could.

Check out our photo gallery of the event HERE

G7FJ31 Pop star Madonna during a special appearance at Selfridges in Oxford Street, central London to sign copies of her fourth children’s book, The Adventures of Abdi.
Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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Madonna’s ‘Visual Autobiography’ to start shooting next year

Amy Pascal, who will be producing the upcoming film with Madonna, recently stated in an interview with ‘Lunch With Bruce’ that they are set to start shooting the film next year.

She also says that the film will focus on the beginning of her life in Detroit, her formative years of growing up and coming to New York and becoming MADONNA.

You can listen to the interview HERE

Photo Credit – Richard Corman

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Re-Invention World Tour in Arnhem photo gallery online

Travel back in time to September 2004 in Arnhem with these fantastic professional shots taken of the Re-Invention Tour by photographer William Rutten

These photographs have been included in our photo gallery with permission by William Rutten (catch him on Dutch TV with ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’ / The Perfect Picture)

Besides the press photographs we have also included fan shots.

Check it out HERE

Photography by William Rutten (posted with permission)

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Re-Invention World Tour in London and Paris photo gallery

View our updated and upscaled photo galleries of the Re-Invention World Tour in London and Paris now. 

Never mind the fact that the photographs are nowhere near professional as they were shot with a disposable camera. However the photographs of Madonna leaving her George V hotel in Paris are great.

We’ve got fantastic photographs of the shows in Arnhem and Lisbon coming up!

Check out the Re-Invention World Tour photo gallery HERE

September 2, 2004 (Paris)

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Madonna Takes Us Inside Her Star- Studded All Hallows Eve Extravaganza

Madonna knows how to party (we have the receipts to prove it). As the year’s spookiest season comes to an end, who better to close us out than the Queen of Pop herself? Last weekend, M donned the unmistakeable trappings of Harley Quinn and hosted a Halloween extravaganza in Los Angeles that was positively jam packed with stars — everyone from Lil Wayne to M’s own daughter Lourdes Leon was in attendance. Below, take a look at some exclusive Polaroids from the party — come for the costumes, stay for the pizza and martinis.

P.S. In the mood for more Madonna? We know you are. M has recently released MADAME Xa concept film associated with her acclaimed global tour in 2019 of the same name, as well as an accompanying live album. The film, directed by Ricardo Gomes, is now available for streaming on Paramount+.

View all the polaroids at Interview HERE

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Madonna: Truth or Dare – 30th Anniversary Screening (Toronto, Canada)

“Take Some Time To Celebrate” The 30th Anniversary Screening of Madonna’s Truth or Dare!

Re-experience classic Madonna hits, cringe-worthy reunions, the infamous Toronto live performance and the racy game of TRUTH OR DARE with a fun crowd and on the big screen!

When: November 24, 2021 at 9.30pm


Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


General Admission: $14
Bronze/Loyalty Members, Students & Seniors: $11
Silver Members: $10
Gold/Individual/Family Members: FREE

For INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS ($350) and FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS, please email us at to get your ticket!

Prices include taxes. All membership benefits are available.



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Madonna says there’s “no debate or discussion” over vaccines due to “cancel culture”

Madonna has said that there’s “no debate or discussion” over vaccines thanks to the fear permeated by “cancel culture”.

The singer said in a new interview that the vaccines debate, which includes jabs for COVID, is stilted due to what she believes is fear for being reprimanded by having certain opinions.

Asked by playwright Jeremy O Harris for V Magazine where peace exists in a world affected by a pandemic, Madonna replied: “It’s interesting because peace is subjective. The way people think about the pandemic, for instance, that the vaccination is the only answer or the polarisation of thinking you’re either on this side or the other. There’s no debate, there’s no discussion.”

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