Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Will Be Massively Successful And Fun

Madonna is going to kick off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal on September 9, and it is already set to be another massively successful tour. According to Forbes, tickets are going for very high secondary market prices and may be another record-breaking tour.

“The Queen of Pop is set to hit the road, and may be on track to break tour records yet again as well… the average Madonna ticket is $331 on the secondary market for her US dates.”

Forbes notes that the average price for tickets on the secondary market is much higher than it was on Madonna’s previous tour. However, it’s important to note that judging a tour’s success on sales from secondary sellers can be misleading.

Primary ticket sales for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour are strong, even if pre-sales aren’t as massive as previous tours. Madonna has added secondary dates in several cities.
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Madonna in talks to be featured in reality TV show

Musical icon and legend Madonna has entered into talks to star in her own reality television program.

Madonna has entered into negotiations with Bunim Murray. Murray is the company that is behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians and most recently I Am Cait, which follows the story of Caitlyn Jenner.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Madonna has opened up her life to fans. She released two documentaries Bed With Madonna back in 1991 and I’m Going To Tell You A Secret in 2005. An inside source close to the project explained that no one ever thought someone as big as Madonna would want to start in her own reality TV project but now times are changing.

Madonna has recently has been spending time with Kim Kardashian and Kayne West and appears to be influences by how Kim has used reality as a platform, The Mirror added.

The “Material Girl” singer hasn’t committed to any project yet but has been very open about how she wants to give fans an insight into her life especially while she is out on tour.

(By Chelsea Lewis /

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ICON on the Live Pass gift and the updated customer service issue at Live Nation

We reported on this issue a few days ago, there’s a new team behind Madonna’s merchandise customer service. Now has also sent out an email to all its registered members:


Thanks once again for participating in our Icon ticket pre-sales for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, which opens very soon on September 9 in Montreal!

Your Live Pass purchase included a gift, and you could select from a Rebel Heart logo keyring, 24″x36″ exclusive Madonna tour poster or a $5 discount at the Madonna Online Store. We are happy to report that the Rebel Heart keyring is now in production and the exclusive poster is almost ready for the printing presses. We expect that shipping will begin in September.

If you have any questions regarding your Live Pass gift order, please use our Contact Us form found on the HELP page of “fanclubsupport” is no longer a valid email address. Please use the Contact Us form for Icon- and website-related inquiries. To speak with a Fan Support representative, please call us: 855 244-7699 U.S. / +1-949-333-4820 International.

We appreciate your patience while we worked on creating these special items for you.

The Icon Team


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Brand new extensive Madonna World Tours section coming soon!

We are currently working our butts off to wrap up the new and improved ‘World Tours’ section for MadonnaUnderground. This section will be similar to our Album Promo section (focuses on Madonna’s album releases and the promo tours that came with it).

Imagine having hundreds (if not thousands) of original magazine and newspaper articles as well as tons of accompanying memorabilia, we need to scan and photograph. Then you have all the tour dates, tour facts, video (rare and interesting) from the tour, personal live reports, private photo galleries and last but not least the enormous amount of scanned and photographed articles and memorabilia.

We just wrapped up The Confessions Tour and stumbled upon this front row ticket we purchased right before the London August 15 show, a truly epic show. Stay tuned, the full, complete and extensive World Tours will be online soon


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Madonna: On Screen brand new book by Chris Wade focuses on her film career (see cover)

Tired of reading the same old (non-accurate) biographies on Madonna? Want something new and original? Finally there’s a brand new book for you to collect, this one is all about her film career in 122 pages: Madonna On Screen.

Madonna: On Screen is written by Chris Wade, he discusses all the movies she’s starred in and/or directed. The book contains pictures, info and an interview with Desperately Seeking Susan writer Leora Barish.

Stay tuned for an exclusive closer look at the book soon, there’s also a Q&A coming up with the author!

If you do not wish to wait for the book preview (and review) and are ready to order please click HERE

For more information, this is the full press release:

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25 Years Ago: Madonna Gets Dangerous – inside Madonna’s infamous MTV VMA Vogue performance

Often recalled as the “Marie Antoinette” performance, Madonna’s game-changing 1990 rendition of her hit “Vogue” was based on the film Dangerous Liaisons, with Madge donning Michelle Pfeiffer’s actual dress from the movie. Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez, both of whom danced on Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” tour and choreographed and danced in the original “Vogue” video and VMA number, recall that unforgettable night.

Gutierez: At first, we were going to do another song, ’cause people were already sick of us doing this. We had already vogued all year. It was between “Keep it Together” and something else.

Camacho: The idea [for the “Vogue” performance] came about during a game of charades. During the last days of the tour, we were in the South of France, in Nice, and one of the charades was Dangerous Liaisons. I was sitting next to her, and Madonna goes, “You know, that’s very ‘Vogue.’ ”

Gutierez: For the choreography, I was trying to basically keep the same stuff that was in the chorus section [of the video]. Everyone remembers those counts of eight from the chorus. Voguing is very arrogant and very aristocratic with all this attitude, so I think the theme and the costumes made us emulate it even more.

Camacho: The only thing that had us a little nervous were the fans the women [dancers] had. At one point in the choreography, they flipped the fans in the air, and they’re supposed to catch them. At almost every rehearsal, somebody would drop the fan.

Madonna Vogue

Gutierez: Janet Jackson’s dancers also were performing that night, and there was always this Janet and Madonna competition throughout the years. Janet opened the show with “Black Cat” and we were closing the show, so we got to see them go on first. We were so amped because we were like, “Oh my God, they sucked! They were so bad!” We were like, “Oh, it’s in the bag!”

Camacho: We were also up for an award that night for best choreography.

Gutierez: I really wanted to win, but I knew that we weren’t going to. Madonna told us, “Don’t get your hopes up, because it’s very political in these awards ceremonies. They’re not going to give it to two young kids from the Lower East Side.” I was like, “You don’t know that!”

Camacho: By the time we went to perform, we [hadn’t won]. Standing offstage, Jose and I felt like, “We are about to show you why we should have gotten that award.” We always did a prayer circle before we went on stage. Madonna was like, “Let’s go out there and give it to them! Let’s serve it up, ladies and gentlemen!”

Gutierez: You can see our energy. It’s that moment when the curtain goes up and we are there, and everyone in the crowd just rises to their feet. I was jumping out of my skin.

Camacho: And no one dropped a fan! After they all caught it, we all clapped and breathed a sigh of relief. It was a nail-biter.

Gutierez: Talking about it now is like reliving those moments of being on stage—it gives you this rush of wanting to be the best and wanting to leave such an impression. It’s crazy because 25 years later, people still remember. I still get recognized on the street from this job that I did 25 years ago, and it feels so good.

For more visit TV Insider

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Important info regarding Live Nation customer support

Fans have been reporting that Live Nation doesn’t offer customer support anymore regarding Madonna merchandise. Fans have e-mailed Live Nation and have all received the same reply back:

..’Thank you for your email. We do apologize for any confusion; however we no longer provide the customer service for the Madonna Fan Club. If your questions or concerns are still outstanding, please contact the new team * PHONE: 1-855-244-7699 US // +1-949-333-4820 International Thank you for your patience and understanding.’

There is a new team behind the customer service and therefore this automatic response is being sent out. This system will be updated this week so that all of your e-mails will be sent through and handled by the new team directly. Be patient for the system to be updated. In the meantime you can always contact the team behind ICON (Johann).

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Tony Villanueva ‘On opening night I won’t eat dinner, the butterflies will have taken up all the room’

We are getting close. I have to be able to hear what’s happening on stage. Rehearsal is like a painting. You start with a blank canvas and we are adding the highlights now. It’s my turn. We will run quick changes at real time. We rehearse with the discipline of military maneuvers. Later I won’t be able to remember if it was a sold out performance or a closed rehearsal because the level of Madonna’s passion for her show is the same intensity. On opening night I won’t eat dinner, the butterflies will have taken up all the room. The bathroom sink will become an alter (because it’s important to ME). When the lights go out the roar of the audience collides with exhilaration like a freight train. There is nothing like opening night on earth. I will count the songs as we approach the first quick change. Pacing between the stage and quick change, double checking a millions times and checking every note I ever made. The music will wind down, my hands will start to sweat, anticipation builds, the curtain parts a presence rushes into the room…the second hand started 15 seconds ago…it’s like that, and thats just the first Section…21 days. ?Madonna “Rebel ? Heart” Tour.

Tony Villanueva

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Press Release – Keith Haring The Political Line 20 September to 7 February Kunsthal Rotterdam

p r e s s r e l e a s e

Keith Haring First press release, May 2015
The Political Line
20 September 2015 to 7 February 2016


Keith Haring
Prophets of Rage, acryl on canvas, 304,8 x 457,2 cm, 1988 © Keith Haring Foundation
Collection Keith Haring Foundation

This autumn, the Kunsthal Rotterdam is proud to be presenting a major exhibition on the life and work of influential American artist and activist Keith Haring (1958-1990). ‘Keith Haring. The Political Line’ is the first exhibition in the Netherlands to highlight in detail the social and political aspects of his life’s work. One hundred and twenty artworks reveal an underexposed side of this world-famous artist. To personally experience these imposing artworks is a visual spectacle that has great impact. Twenty-five years after Haring’s death, his art is as influential as ever.

A protégé of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring spawned a revolution in art during the 1980s with his unmistakably unique style. In New York, during the conservatism of the Reagan era, the openly-gay Haring made it his mission to highlight social evils in his work. He took a clear stance against the excesses of capitalism and was committed to nuclear disarmament, environmental protection and equal rights for all, irrespective of ethnicity, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. Together with diary excerpts and other archival material, the thematic collection of works in ‘The Political Line’ illustrates just how committed Keith Haring was to the socio-political issues of his day.

Inspired by street culture 

Keith Haring held a leading position in the New York ‘downtown’ community of painters,performers and musicians whose creativity took its cues from urban street culture. Keith Haring was inspired by graffiti, comic strips, music, dance, fine art and popular culture. Haring considered art to be a public right. The much-criticised commercialisation of his own work on T-shirts, badges or stickers was an integral part of his philosophy that ‘Art is for Everyone’. Haring had a tremendous influence on his generation, and although his career spanned just over one decade, the effects of his visual vocabulary still reverberate.

Surprising diversity 

Many of the works in ‘The Political Line’ are on loan from the Keith Haring Foundation in New York, supplemented with important works from international museums and private collections. The diversity of Haring’s work ranges from the early chalk drawings created in situ in the New York City subway stations (the ‘subway drawings’), to his large-scale paintings on canvas and vinyl tarpaulins, innumerable works in Sumi ink on paper, unique objects and sculpture. Documentary material from the Haring Foundation’s archival holdings completes the picture of artist and activist Keith Haring. As Kunsthal director Emily Ansenk emphasises, ‘We are delighted that this exhibition is taking place in Rotterdam, the city in which Keith Haring had his very first exhibition outside the USA, in 1982. Throughout his career, Keith Haring pursued his ambition to make his work accessible to everyone, not only to the art world. He shared his work through every channel possible. The Kunsthal Rotterdam is therefore the best place in the Netherlands for this exhibition; we are making his work accessible for a wide and new public audience.’

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Happy bday to M from Joe Henry (Facebook)

This is the young woman i met shortly after our family’s move to michigan in 1975 –as i entered my sophomore year of high school and, she, her senior one. together, we were in the Thespian Society; and in that winter’s first production, we were cast as mother and son –the wife and child of ralph waldo emerson– in a play about thoreau.

she was whip-smart and short on patience; and to tell the truth, she scared me more than a little. but along with her sister Paula, her presence upon my landscape nudged open a door through which i would pass and find my life utterly and forever changed…that unusual and sprawling family becoming, years later, my own.

no one is more surprised than i by the way our lives have expanded; by the way that our journeys have diverged and become entangled. like anyone, i can sometimes forget to see the flesh and blood/heart and mind behind the parade float that is her public persona. but then i will find myself across the kitchen table from her, sharing a martini, and be additionally shocked to recognize anew the compact, terse-yet-compassionate human at the switches.

i have told this tale before, but it bears repeating: when elvis presley died on this date in 1977, this upstart professed in real-time that she felt his spirit had passed out of his body and through her own in exodus.

i laughed at her then for such outrageous self-possession, at the arrogance that i assumed must allow her to declare such publicly.

today, when there is laughter, it is the laugh of recognition i hear –and it begins somewhere high above me, where things that once seemed implausible play with wild abandon and in broad daylight.

happy birthday, madonna louise veronica ciccone.

Joe Henry – Facebook

foto van Joe Henry.
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Check out these rare Dutch official The Girlie Show posters from 1993

Rarely seen and not much info known. These three posters were all printed in The Netherlands back in 1993.

The credits read: Madonna Girlie Tour 1993 Boy Toy Inc. / Winterland Rock express / 1993 Verkerke / Printed in The Netherlands / all rights reserved

We are currently working on an extensive archive of Madonna’s past world tours with HUNDREDS of scans of original press articles and rare memorabilia, videos, stories and more! Of course these posters will be added in high quality

Stay tuned!


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Madonna Turns 57: The Pop Icon’s 5 Most Shocking Moments of 2015


Madonna attends the Tidal launch event #TIDALforALL at Skylight at Moynihan Station on March 30, 2015 in New York City.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation

Over the course of her 36-year career, Madonna has refused to let age define her.

Madonna’s Biggest Moments: A Timeline

In a February interview with Rolling Stone, she spoke out against the issue of ageism for all women over the age of 50, saying, “Women, generally, when they reach a certain age, have accepted that they’re not allowed to behave a certain way … But I don’t follow the rules. I never did, and I’m not going to start.”

Madonna’s Most Memorable Social Media Moments

As the pop icon turns one year older, we look at five times music’s leading rule breaker made a statement this year.

1. Coachella Kiss

Madonna shocked festivalgoers when she made a surprise appearance duringDrake‘s headlining set at Coachella. After performing her hits “Hung Up” and “Express Yourself,” she seated the rapper on a chair onstage and leaned in for a kiss. The shock factor that followed was reminiscent of the singer’s onstage smooch with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during their performance at the 2003 MTV VMAs.

2. “Bitch I’m Madonna”

The singer performed a number of wild antics in the music video for her Rebel Heart single “Bitch I’m Madonna,” including kissing strangers, gyrating with her dancers and crawling on the floor. The majority of the video featured Madonna — dressed in a pink studded jacket, leopard-print dress and fishnet stockings — getting unruly at a wild dance party.

3. Fashion Statements

Getty Images; Madonna/Instagram

Though Madonna isn’t new to sporting gold grills (she’s been wearing them on occasion since 2013), it seems she permanently brought back her teeth accessories to promote her latest album Rebel Heart. Not only was she seen wearing them in her music video for “Bitch I’m Madonna,” but she also showed them off during interviews on The Howard Stern Show and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Madonna also turned heads earlier this year when she hit the red carpet (and flashed her butt to press) at the 2015 Grammy Awards wearing a cleavage-baring matador outfit. When later asked about her wardrobe by Rolling Stone, she proudly expressed, “This is what a 56-year-old ass looks like, motherf–ers!”

4. The Tonight Show Performance

The singer gave a rowdy performance of “Bitch I’m Madonna” on The Tonight Show in April, during which she danced suggestively atop host Jimmy Fallon’s desk and ran herself out of breath from the song’s elaborate dance routine.

5. TIDAL Press Conference

Madonna joined Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West and other big music names at a press conference in March for the official launch of Jay Z‘s streaming service Tidal. During the conference, each stakeholder was expected to sign the Tidal declaration placed on a table in the center of the stage. In true Madonna fashion, the singer straddled the table as she signed her name, sparking cheers from the audience in attendance (around the 01:19 mark in the above video).

This article originally appeared in


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Winners drawn for the HUGE #RebelHeartTour Amsterdam promo posters

You all had a chance to win an original HUGE Rebel Heart Tour Amsterdam promo poster which we were able to give away in collaboration with Live Nation.
Today, on the birthday of M herself, we were pleased to draw the winners and give them a birthday present of their own.
The Winners have been notified by private message and we would like to thank all of you who participated in this contest.


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Tony Villanueva on the tour ‘I’d tell you the name of the song but there are some naughty words so I can’t

Madonna “Rebel?Heart” rehearsal – Bed Time Stories…I thought I had 10 min for my sleeping beauty routine in the Quick Change last night. My Boss returned quicker than I had anticipated (clearly) but refused to wake me up even though we were prepping for a run thru?I love her for that. ? I have a new favorite part of the show?

All I can say is the “Girls” represent with Madonna‼‼‼I’d tell you the name of the song but there are some naughty words so I can’t. (I wish I could tell you this number is so funnnnnnn!)Music really does bring the people together Sept 9th

Tony Villanueva – Facebook

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