Full extensive report on Rebel Heart Tour Barcelona 1st night by Dave Crombeen

Monday in the evening we went to check on the things going on at the arena, quite a few people had gathered there already. Someone was there with a list which you could put your name on. You had to be present to be counted at 20.00 en 06.00, you could register up to four people, but one had to spent the night. This list was approved by someone from Live Nation.

November 24, day of the show.

We arrived early in the morning at 5:30, some tents had been set up and it was extremely cold. We put our names on the list and the counting started at 6. Everyone that was there at that point received a wristband. The long wait started. My Spanish is quite ok but when it comes to things like this I want to be certain of the situation. Thankfully Daniel was present, a super friendly fan who translated everything throughout the day. With every update he came by.

As it was still very dark and very cold we took a taxi to town to eat some breakfast. We got back at 7.30. Thankfully by this time the sun came up and the temperature changed for the better. Eventually we ended up bathing in the sun the entire day.

It was a very strange encounter that no one was lining up in a queue, this because the people had a wristband with their name on it. We saw from a distance how the VIP books were put in the bags. The crew was enjoying the sun as well.

A queue had to be formed by 3, advised by Live Nation. Was great to see how well the fans worked together with them. At one point it seemed that the wristband system would fail, but everyone was asked to get in line by number.

At 3 the security started the body check and your ticket was scanned. By number we could enter the terrain to register, get the VIP book and the Early Entry wristband. That wristband was given the same number as your ‘queue’ number. After that everyone had to form the queue again by number. We couldn’t leave the area anymore, not for a bathroom break either. The EE would be opened at 18.00.

To everyone’s surprise the doors opened at 17.30 for the long awaited bathroom break in Palau St. Jordi. Madonna was soundchecking at that moment. A few fans took their chances and saw a bit of the soundcheck happening.

Suddenly a lady from Live Nation came by announcing that Madonna wasn’t pleased with them witnessing the soundcheck and that she wouldn’t perform if more people came to watch.

We were let in at 18.30, we found a good front row spot at the catwalk near the heart stage. I decided to get something to drink for everyone and found out they had Rebel Heart drink cups, a very nice surprise and most definitely a collector’s item.

At 20:00 sharp DJ Lunice started his set, this was the first time he was the support act.

Showtime at 22:15!!

She was like a whirlwind going through the Palau St Jordi, her vocals were great and she was in an excellent mood. Interacted with the crowd a lot. The audience reacted very enthusiastic to it all and the latin section was a highlight for them. Don’t Tell Me was the surprise song of the night. During the 80’s medley Nicki Richards spotted us and happily waved.

It was one giant party!! Afterwards there was a ton of police outside up until the Placa España, this due to the extra security because of the Paris attacks.

Show 2 tonight, which will be quite more relaxed, first heading into town and then on the arena.

Dave Crombeen

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Report on Rebel Heart first night in Barcelona

Barcelona has some nice goodies available, such as various Rebel Heart drinking cups, a nice addition to the Rebel Heart Tour merchandise.

Madonna was in a very good mood, but unfortunately a lot of attendees kept smoking and walked around a lot making it not easy to enjoy the show for various fans bothered by it.

There was very tight security and every one was fully checked by security guards. Keep in mind that due to the extra security, the queue takes much longer for people to get inside.

It took people who arrived around 20.00 over an hour to get inside and the queue only grew, so waiting can last up to over two hours. Keep this in mind if you want to attend the show on time!

It really wasn’t a surprise that Jon Kortajarena was tonight’s Unapologetic Bitch, he shared an apple with M.

Thanks to Fred

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Live from the Barcelona queue

Early Entry queue has started. Everyone has been placed according to their ‘number’. After getting the book, everyone got back to their rightful spot in the queue without any problem. Tickets have already been scanned.

The fans spent the entire day relaxing in the sun. Organisation seems pretty good in Barcelona.

Thanks to Dave Crombeen

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Important info regarding Early Entry packages (picking them up, selling it to others)

We have had some questions regarding the pick up of the Early Entry packages for namely the show in Amsterdam. Whether people can sell them to others, and how will it work with changing the package to a different name? If people that bought the package couldn’t make it on time to pick it up, can someone do it for them. Here are the answers

  • Unfortunately you cannot authorize someone else to pick up your Early Entry package for you, these are strictly reserved for the person who bought it and will only be given away to him/her
  • You can sell your Early Entry package to someone else if you can’t make it on the date, however TunedHospitality prefers you to contact Live Nation / Tuned Hospitality in order to change the name of the party picking up the lot at the box office. Only this person will then be given a wristband and the goodies as proof that everything has been received.
  • Be sure to bring a copy of the passport of the original buyer. If you sell your package make sure the buyer gets a copy.
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Spain welcomes matador Madonna as popstar vows ‘show must go on’

Madonna will play the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, after adamantly refusing to cancel dates on her world tour following the Paris terror attacks.

“Why should I cancel? There is no one in the world who has the right to stop us from doing what we love,” she said on Saturday before her concert in Stockholm, during which she sang an emotional rendition of the Edith Piaf song, La Vie en Rose.

The pop icon will play the French capital on December 9th and 10th.

Part of the Barcelona show will feature bullfighting themed outfits, including dancers dressed as bulls, which has caused animal rights campaigners to accuse the star of “glamourizing gore”.

“Madonna has clearly lost her footing with outfit choices for her tour,” Mimi Bekhechi, director of Peta UK, told The Local.

“If Madonna wants to ingratiate herself to audiences she might consider choreography that reflects something less offensive than imitating a bloody spectacle where an exhausted animal is speared stabbed and weakened until finally, its spine is severed with a dagger,” Bekhechi said.

Madonna hit headlines when, in February 2015, she took a tumble at the Brit Awards after tripping on her Spanish bullfighter’s cape, designed especially for the star by Armani.

But the singer has not let her famous fall faze her and will perform her hit ‘Living for Love’ wearing a bullfighter’s ‘suit of lights’ and cape emblazoned with a giant M.

She will simulate a bullfight with her backing dancers, who will be wearing bull’s horns and silver glittery masks.

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Possible military for Madonna show in Sportpaleis Antwerp

The police in Antwerp will not take any extra security measures for the upcoming live show on November 28 in the Sportpaleis for now.

As long as the security level will not be raised up to level 4 and stays at 3, the current security measures will remain. The same security measures will take place as with other live shows in Antwerp such as Night of the proms or Simply Red.

There will be extra police in the Sportpaleis area, the organisation will take it upon them to do the security checks and military might be ordered to keep an eye on things as well.

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Live from Barcelona: queuing rules

There are already quite a bit of people at the Palau St. Jordi in Barcelona, a bit of a chaos to be exact. When you arrive you will get a number and you have to be present at 20:00 and 06:00 local time to be ‘counted’.

When you are there with more people, at least one person has to stay overnight, for a maximum of four people. Someone from Live Nation was present and the list they have now, they will be dealig with.

Thanks to Dave Crombeen

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Latest regarding security updates at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam for the Rebel Heart Tour (queuing and photographing)

The latest from Live Nation regarding the upcoming Rebel Heart shows in Amsterdam:

-Live Nation strongly advises NOT to queue overnight before the show, this because of the extra security taking place at the scene. It is not forbidden at this point, however there is still a good chance police will remove everyone spending the night in front of the Ziggo Dome.
-People are allowed to bring in camera’s, however professional camera’s (and with interchangeable photo lens) will be refused at the door, so make sure to check what camera you have before taking it with you. Do not use flash when photographing and do not bother those around you with your camera. Video and or audio recordings can only be used for your own private personal purposes.

When sharing, please be so kind to credit MadonnaUnderground as the source

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