MadonnaUnderground celebrates its 10 year anniversary! Check out the video teaser

We are celebrating the fact that we have been online for TEN years this year! MadonnaUnderground was launched officially in 2006 even though we had set up events in 2005, it wasn’t until 2006 that the website was given a name and a layout.

We are working on a full length video of everything we organised, participated in, collaborated on in the past ten years. Not only that but we will be giving away various Madonna goodies made available by various collaborators, more on this soon!

In the meantime, enjoy our video teaser

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Ask Billboard: Remember When Prince & Madonna Released a Duet … & It Wasn’t Even a Single?

Remembering songs that feature the combined talents of musical luminaries, but that were either never singles or whose chart lives paled in comparison to the artists’ legacies.

Amid all the retrospectives of Prince’s legendary catalog, one song has perhaps been largely overlooked.

Oh, only that duet between … Prince and Madonna.

Prince and the Queen of Pop recorded “Love Song” for Madonna’s Like a Prayer album (which was ruling the Billboard 200 on this date in 1989). Despite its blinding starpower, the collab was never released as a single. And, considering the strength of Like a Prayer, it’s hard to say that “Love Song” should’ve been one. Driven more by its funky groove than a pure-pop hook, the song took a back seat to the set’s five hit singles: the title cut, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks (and was also No. 1 on this date 27 years ago), “Express Yourself,” “Cherish” (both of which reached No. 2), “Oh Father” (No. 20) and “Keep It Together” (No. 8).

Among other Like a Prayer songs, “Dear Jessie” was a U.K. top 10 single, while “Till Death Do Us Part” is hooky Madonna pure-pop , while “Promise to Try” and “Pray for Spanish Eyes” are sweet ballads.

Meanwhile, rounding out the set, and much like “Love Song,” the album’s “Act of Contrition” would be an extremely atypical single choice, as it features Madonna reciting the Catholic prayer of the same name.

How did “Love Song” come about, by the way? “We were friends and talked about working together, so I went to Minneapolis to write some stuff with him, but the only thing I really dug was ‘Love Song,'” Madonna has recalled. “We ended up writing it long-distance, because I had to be in L.A. and he couldn’t leave Minneapolis, and, quite frankly, I couldn’t stand Minneapolis. When I went there, it was like 20 degrees below zero, and it was really desolate. I was miserable and I couldn’t write or work under those circumstances.”

Prince And Madonna Almost Toured Together, But He Said ‘The World Isn’t Ready’

So, a song by two of pop music’s biggest icons remains largely an afterthought … which is kind of amazing. Imagine if the Beatles and Elvis had teamed up for a song (instead of merely meeting one night in 1965) … and it was never released as a single. (Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney duetted, and, conversely, scored the No. 2 Hot 100 hit “The Girl Is Mine” and the six-week No. 1 “Say Say Say.” And, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, both of whom owned the Hot 100 in the ’90s, spent a record 16 weeks at No. 1 in 1995-96 with “One Sweet Day.”)

In the spirit of songs that feature the combined talents of musical luminaries, let’s remember some in addition to “Love Song” that were either never singles or whose chart lives paled in comparison to the artists’ legacies. Ultimately, they remain essentially hidden gems among star acts’ hit-packed catalogs.

When asked for examples on Twitter, you came up with some good ones (including more by Madonna).

Read the full article at Billboard

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Our newest video: Madonna Rebel Heart Tour live in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam – The Netherlands, December 2015 compilation

Yes we are still finishing up on our Rebel Heart Tour archives. Hereby we present to you the following video with footage exclusivey filmed by MadonnaUnderground. This little compilation contains live footage from the December 5 show in Amsterdam as well as footage from her speech on the second night. Enjoy.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour live in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam – The Netherlands, December 2015 compilation from MadonnaUnderground on Vimeo.


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Filmography presents: Madonna as Rebecca Carlson in Body Of Evidence (rare articles, memorabilia, videos and more!)

Let’s go back to 1992/1993 where the whole world was obsessed with Madonna, and not necessarily in the most positive way. Madonna had just released her new studio album titled ‘Erotica’ with sensual music video and lead single. There was the extremely naughty (but beatifully boundbreaking) photobook SEX and then there was….Body Of Evidence. An erotic thriller, very similar in storyline to the very succesful and previously released ‘Basic Instinct’ starring Sharon Stone. The general public had seen enough ‘sex’ and made it a daily job to bash Madonna and her projects. It was a rough time but when looking back at it all, was it all really that bad?

Not at all. People now praise ‘Erotica’ for being so ahead of its time, an absolute brilliant underground record. SEX the book is still one of the most sought after books of all time, photographers and artists of today speak very highly of it. It was and is art in its purest form.

Body Of Evidence though we don’t hear a lot of anymore. Madonna starred in this movie together with Willem Dafoe, M actually put down quite a nice performance and the movie wasn’t that bad. It did very well as a rental video and M looked stunning.

To move on further with our extensive online Filmography, we hereby present Body Of Evidence:

  • Facts
  • Press articles – lots of original magazine and newspaper scans
  • Memorabilia – rare from our own collection including promo box set, promo VHS, various releases, posters and more
  • See the trailer
  • Watch rare interview videos M did to promote the film
  • See press stills (please don’t share)
  • Buy the film!

Direct link HERE, enjoy



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How Madonna’s Toronto Hard Candy Gym Failed

Turns out Toronto was more interested in the Material Girl than getting into the groove.

Image via Hard Candy Fitness.

Image via Hard Candy Fitness.

“It’s Friday night, are you ready to party after this? I want to hear you SCREAM!”

A room full of sweaty bodies throws their hands up in the air and cheers. Top 40 pop hits blast out of the speakers, colourful disco lights flash through the otherwise dark room, and music videos play on the jumbo screens at the front, creating a kaleidoscope effect.

“Crank up the speed! Let me hear you…crank it upppppp!”

Part intense workout and party, this is Hard Candy Fitness, the Madonna-endorsed Toronto gym. But as of early May the Madonna party at her only North American location ends.
For a brief few months, I was one of those Hard Candy devotees, getting my workout on in the sleek-looking 42,000 square foot fourth floor gym overlooking downtown Toronto. I would stop in awe of the oversize poster of Madge welcoming members in the locker room vestibule and regularly take part in the Addicted to Sweat dance classes inspired by Madonna’s very own fitness regimen.

This upcoming weekend marks the end of Hard Candy’s short Madonna run. The club will close for two days to undergo its own re-branding and reboot as Aura Fitness in order to better co-habitate with the building it shares a name with—and end its partnership with Madonna.

“Madonna was fabulous,” says Leonard Schlemm, owner of Hard Candy Toronto, now Aura Fitness. A power broker in the fitness industry, Schlemm and his business partner have opened 15,000 clubs worldwide, including 24-hour-Fitness, Crunch Gym and Steve Nash Fitness Clubs, among others.

Schlemm recalls his encounter with the icon back in February 2014 at the club’s opening. Around 800 people made it into the facility that day to witness the main event, and about the same amount were lined up outside. According to Schlemm, a typical gym opening of his sees between 200 to 250 people.

So why the sudden need for a re-branding? Schlemm points to the lack of visibility of the gym (it’s located on the fourth floor of a mixed condo building) as well as issues around the club’s branding and marketing.

When he first signed the lease back in 2008, Schlemm was promised large signage on the building’s façade with the Hard Candy branding. But by the time they were ready to open, the City passed a new ordinance preventing any signs above the third floor—and this proved to be a problem. “When you stopped people on the street and asked them about Hard Candy, they had no idea what you were talking about even though they were often standing right outside the building,” says Schlemm.

The other issue was around the brand itself. “People couldn’t figure out where Hard Candy was and then they were turned off by the brand because they thought it was a dance studio,” says Schlemm, who is willing to take the marketing blame here.

But looking back, perhaps Madonna’s gym was doomed to fail from the start. If anything, the 120 different media organizations covering the gym’s opening should have been a clear indicator: they were more interested in seeing Madonna cut the ribbon than actually exploring the new fitness facilities. As for the fans, while a select few did become members, more were interested in taking selfies with the Warhol-inspired posters than actually paying the monthly fees.

“Madonna has adoring fans and she has rabid fans,” says Schlemm. He mentions instances where he heard of some flying in from Chicago to visit the Toronto-based gym, take a few pictures, and then jet back home. And the staff often had to take time away from training to double as tour guides.

“We are in the business of providing fitness to people who want to be in shape,” adds Schlemm. “We aren’t a destination for you to come and take a selfie.”

Aura Fitness will focus on playing out the different features of the club, whether that’s upping their spinning game or showcasing their hot yoga room. “That club is one of the nicest in the world,” says Schlemm. “And if I had to pick a place to workout in for myself, I’d choose this one.”

The goal for Aura is to put more emphasis on functional training as well as to offer smaller group programs. The membership prices will remain the same, as will the staff.

While the look of the gym won’t change radically over night, this weekend’s makeover does mean those infamous Madonna posters will be stripped down.

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Dancer and Actor Carlton Wilborn Is Proof Madonna Doesn’t Mother, Exploit, and Dump New Talent.

In late February, a famous right-wing New York City tabloid, which recently endorsed Donald Trump, published a very cruel article about Madonna. The hatchet job, which was picked up by other right-wing websites, explained how Madonna was a vicious woman who has always found young and new talent just so she could exploit and dump them. The article quoted Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour dancers, who have been promoting their new film Strike a Pose, a documentary about what happened to Madonna’s dancers since the tour. The film has, so far, garnered early favorable reviews.

I had just written an article about Madonna’s 1991 documentary Truth or Dare and how the film was a major milestone in the gay rights movement a couple days before the libelous tabloid article was published. My piece received a larger response than anything I had written in my entire life. I received emails from hundreds of other gay men who shared my experience and all gave me stories on how the film helped them accept themselves. There were some who even expressed how Madonna, her dancers, and the film prevented them from committing suicide because Truth or Dare, the first big mainstream film that showed gay men kissing each other and embracing their sexuality, showed gay audience members, who were experiencing extreme hate influenced by the religious right, that they weren’t alone in this world.

I was thankful that later that day, some of Madonna’s dancers in the film confirmed that they were misquoted in the tabloid piece or their quotes were taken out of context. Still, I felt a responsibility to talk to Madonna’s dancers in person. So far, I have only spent time with Carlton Wilborn, who shares my Chicagoland roots.

Carlton was a dancer on two tours with Madonna – 1990’s Blond Ambition Tour and 1993’s The Girlie Show Tour. At one point in 1995, when Carlton was having a difficult time both personally and professionally, Madonna let him live at her house for several months. Carlton says Madonna was a huge asset to him on both a professional and personal level. Their relationship went south after Carlton introduced a script for a film he co-wrote and would star in with Madonna.

“It just didn’t unfold the right way and I thought…well, I think I’m getting a few signs that I needed to stand on my own…for my own sense of self-worth. I should not be chasing one person for every opportunity I’m after,” Carlton sadly indicates, before stressing that he holds absolutely nothing against Madonna.

In fact, Carlton confirms that the whole idea of Madonna exploiting new talent and dumping them is absolutely ridiculous. He understands the celebrity hate culture that produces vitriolic stories like this, but thinks a conversation about the toxicity of that culture (not only aimed at Madonna) needs to happen.

Before moving on to do more acting and writing books about personal transformation and empowerment, Carlton was one of Madonna’s biggest professional partners. After booking a tour with Whitney Houston in early 1990, Mr. Wilborn found out that the tour had been postponed. Then, he responded to an ad for a new Madonna tour. Unlike other dancers, he says he wouldn’t have been devastated if he didn’t get the gig.

“For a young black man from the South Side of Chicago,” Whitney was the queen, Wilborn says, in response to people telling him he should be more excited about Madonna.

However, the audition Wilborn attended, which took place at Landmark Studios in Hollywood, was a huge success. Wilborn was instantly booked on what would become one of the most influential tours in pop music history. Rehearsals were like boot camp, but the preparation made the tour a lot easier to do once it kicked off in Japan. Carlton knew that some big project related to the Blond Ambition Tour was happening when there were cameras everywhere.

“I knew it was going to be bigger than a documentary. I mean, there’s a scene at the end of the movie where Madonna asks how we want this rated, and we all scream, “X!” That question alone prompted us to know it was going to be something that was bigger than your everyday television special,” he says.

However, Wilborn had no idea how iconic Truth or Dare would become. He had no ideal how it would inspire millions. He wishes that someday, Madonna would release the several hours of unseen footage from the film, including the part where the entire audience at Madison Square Garden sings happy birthday to his mom.

Though much of Truth or Dare is risqué (at least for 1991), Wilborn has no regrets about any scenes he took part in.

“Much of the way I showed up in Truth or Dare is the way I wanted to show up. I couldn’t participate in the lawsuit, because we knew the cameras were rolling the whole time. So there was nothing that I was involved with that was crazier than what you actually see,” Wilborn says.

Reuniting with cast of Truth or Dare for the film Strike a Pose has been a cathartic experience for Wilborn. In some ways, it has also been depressing.

“After the premiere of the film in Berlin, I felt really down. I was upset with myself because looking at those guys on the screen, I had marginalized them. I now saw the depth and wealth of a human being in each person on the screen. How did I miss that before?” Wilborn sadly asks himself.

Neither Madonna nor her management have reached out to any of the dancers, director, or producers of Strike a Pose, but Carlton isn’t giving up hope, especially since it’s way too early. The film has only played in Berlin and Tribeca, with a wider release coming in May. When I tell Carlton how much I wish everybody from the Blond Ambition Tour could reunite, he enthusiastically suggests that I start a campaign for Madonna to do another tour with everybody from the Blond Ambition days. Consider that campaign started right this second.

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Prince ‘made private archive’ of intimate home concerts

Prince recorded a secret treasure trove of intimate live performances, the Telegraph can reveal.

Friends and fans were banned from taking recording devices, phones or cameras into hisPaisley Park mansion for the small scale private events the singer regularly held.

But a friend said the musician himself did make recordings.

“That whole house was recorded,” the friend said. “He had it all. Nobody else has heard that stuff and it’s amazing.”

The performances included one to a handful of backing singers and dancers at which Prince serenaded Madonna while she sat cross-legged on a tiny stage.

Fans will be desperate to hear the recordings which could be worth millions of dollars. They are believed to be stored in a vault at Paisley Park, along with other unreleased material Prince produced in his studio.

His final live performance in the house was held on the Saturday before he died. A recording of it, were it ever to be released, would be of great musical significance and commercial value.

Prince performs Purple Rain during last show in AtlantaPlay!00:22

The friend, who was there, said: “We walked out of that last one and we were just like ‘Wow what happened. He was going at it but no one else ever got to hear it. He wouldn’t let nobody bring anything in to record anything but he did.”

The reclusive singer died aged 57 on Thursday morning. He was found dead in a lift in the ground floor of Paisley Park.

Police are investigating whether his use of prescription painkillers to deal with hip problems contributed to his death, but toxicology tests will not be completed for a month.


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Pia Mia Named Fashion Director of Material Girl: The Singer Talks Idolizing Madonna, Her ‘Unique’ Style and Eating While Wearing Her Grills

Madonna has a new Material Girl. The icon named 19-year-old girl singer Pia Mia as the Fashion Director of her teen-focused clothing line, and if you’re not one of the 4 million people who follow the Guam native on Instagram, you’re about to get a crash course on the star.

Much like Justin Bieber, Pia got her start on YouTube and quickly became known for not only her voice, but her unapologetic style which she expresses daily her social media channels.

“I am excited to announce Pia Mia as the Fashion Director of Material Girl,” Madonna said in a statement. “Her creativity, confidence and unique sense of style make her a perfect addition to the brand.”

The pop star, who has been singing since she was 8 years old, recently toured with Jason Derulo. Her hit single “Do It Again,” a collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga, has over 208 million views on YouTube.

When I sit down with Pia, she immediately offers me a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from a clear jar she’s toting around with her. She’s just back from a meeting at Material Girl’s N.Y.C. headquarters where they provided all her favorite snacks. (She says she never travels without her Cheetos.) In our 10 minutes together, she tells me about her Madonna honor, sings for me, shows me her grills and reveals she’s yet to get her hands on a Kylie Jenner lip kit (a surprising fact since she used to be a regular in King Kylie’s Snapchat stories.) Catch the highlights below!

Pia Mia fashion director Material GirlCOURTESY SOLMAZ SABERI

Explain your role as Fashion Director for Material Girl.

“I’m going to be helping overall. I’m going to be helping on silhouettes, helping on designs, some of the clothes have graphics and sayings, so I’ll be a part of creating that. I’m basically going to be a part of everything which is totally perfect for me, because everything that I do music and fashion wise I just always love to be 100 percent me so that’s why this [collaboration] is perfect for me. I’ve been wearing material girl since I was 14.”

Who was the first person you called when you found out Madonna crowned you Fashion Director?

“My parents are the two people that have really supported me since the beginning, so I told my dad first about it and my mom is out in L.A. with me so she was with me when I found out. I’m so honored to have been chosen by Madonna and overall the Material Girl team. It is my first time fashion directing anything and fashion is such a huge part of my life and who I am and just expressing myself. I’m really excited to just see how this goes and kind of give my influence and leave my mark.”

How would you describe the modern day Material Girl?

“I would say fearless, unique, down to try anything new, trendsetter, confident …someone who fully themselves and not afraid to be that.

Pia Mia fashion director Material GirlCOURTESY SOLMAZ SABERI

Have you met Madonna?

“No, but I hope to. I mean everything from her stage performances to her stage production to her music to her fashion. Madonna is just amazing.”

Do you have a favorite Madonna fashion moment?
“I don’t know if there’s one but, I love her stage performance of ‘Like A Virgin.’ She just slayed that and it’s just so out there and different and captivating. It’s amazing.”

How would you describe your style in three words?
“Random, strong and unique.”

What’s one of your favorite trends right now?
“I love crop tops. I probably have too many to count, but I love them because you can wear them with jean shorts or jeans. You can re-wear crop tops so many different ways. I’m only like 5’4″ so I feel like crop tops elongate me a little bit.”

Pia Mia fashion director Material GirlCOURTESY SOLMAZ SABERI

Have you started any trends of your own?

“I’m definitely not afraid to start trends. Sometimes I wear pieces a lot just to see if I can make it trend. For a minute I was wearing the big diamond fishnets and I would wear them under jean shorts but pull them up over the top of the jeans shorts so that you can see them come up and then I would stick my t-shirt into them. And people started wearing it! It’s so cool that you can kind of own something that’s so just random and make people like it. If you wear it confidently people believe in it.”

Read full article at

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Rare clips Virgin Tour Costa Mesa ‘Holiday’

#madonna #thevirgintour #costamesa #holiday

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Een video die is geplaatst door Me (@thetagpolice) op

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Een video die is geplaatst door Me (@thetagpolice) op

#madonna #thevirgintour #costamesa #holiday ???

Een video die is geplaatst door Me (@thetagpolice) op

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Madonna Names Singer Pia Mia Material Girl’s New Fashion Director

Pia Mia

Pia Mia

Leave it to Madonna to know how to stay in the limelight, even indirectly. The superstar has crowned 19-year-old singer and social media phenom Pia Mia as the new face — and first-ever “fashion director” — for her exclusive Macy’s juniors line Material Girl. “Her creativity, confidence and unique sense of style make her a perfect addition to the brand,” saidMadonna in a statement first released to WWD.

Founded in 2010 under parent MG Icon — a partnership between Iconix Brand Group Inc., Madonna and her longtime manager Guy Oseary — the label has a history of tapping on-the-verge musical talent including Zendaya, Rita Ora and Taylor Momsen, as well as famous offspring Kelly Osbourne, Georgia May Jagger and Sofia Richie. After all, the line’s original inspiration was Madonna’s 19-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon.

Now Pia Mia, whose full name is Pia Mia Perez, is poised to strike gold on the music and fashion fronts. Perez first found fame at 11 years old via the YouTube videos her sisters would post of her singing at home in Guam. Several singing and acting jobs, a deal with Interscope Records and four million Instagram followers later, she’s now part of the new crop of multitalented singers with catchy solo singles and collaborations with rap and R&B artists including Chris Brown, Tyga, G-Eazy and She’s already recorded 150 songs for her forthcoming debut album. At the same time, she’s found a following for her DIY style, a blend of Gwen Stefani tomboy and Christina Aguilera bombshell. This is, in a nutshell, what Material Girl needs to remain relevant among a sea of fast-fashion labels nipping at the heels of juniors brands.

“The fact that Madonna chose me to do this literally makes me die,” said Perez, who called WWD from the set of her first Material Girl ads, set to break in July for back-to-school.

“We think Pia will bring her distinct perspective to the clothing as well as the overall voice of the brand. Lending both her fashion and social influence will not only bring fresh energy and elevate brand recognition, but as a vested ambassador for Material Girl, she has already proven her passion to see this partnership be a success,” said Preeti Singh, senior director of marketing for the women’s division at Iconix.

In a strategic move to amplify the moment across social media, Material Girl has formed its first partnership with content creator StyleHaul to produce a six-episode digital docu-series about Perez’s life, which she’s also executive producing, including her new role at Material Girl. Some segments follow Perez through the process — she’s already been filmed in design meetings at Macy’s in New York and on location at the fall 2016 Material Girl shoot at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, Calif. She also will wear Material girl pieces along with her own in every episode and links to buy the clothes will be featured in the description box of each as well as in the social media posts from Perez, StyleHaul and its network of influencers. The series will make its trailer debut at the Newfronts, the digital version of the broadcast television Upfronts, on May 10 in New York.

Mia Goldwyn, chief content officer at StyleHaul, said when Iconix contacted the content creator about the project, it knew it wanted to take a different approach. “Rather than shooting a more traditional branded content campaign, we wanted to do something more engaging and emotional, to track her and not only glimpse the clothing but also who she is as an artist and how clothing is integrated into her world,” Goldwyn said.

Given Perez’s Instagram following and StyleHaul’s 280 million-plus network subscribers and its 6,400 digital influencers, whose content attracts more than 60 million unique viewers and 1.3 billion page views each month, the reach for Material Girl could be staggering.

As for the collection, the products are aimed at the 16- to 24-year-olds with retail price points of $20 to $70 and the brand’s core categories are dresses, jumpsuits and bodysuits, and biker jackets. There’s also activewear, footwear and intimates. It’s clear from Perez’ Instagram that she has fun with fashion, and for her WWD shoot at StyleHaul’s Hollywood headquarters, she didn’t hold back, donning a two-piece olive green crop top and pencil skirt paired with fishnets and pointy-toe lace-up pumps from the fall collection.

“Growing up in Guam, there weren’t too many places to shop, so I had to be really creative. I’d just go in my parents’ and sisters’ closets [she is one of seven children] and cut things up and put them back together,” she said. “Now, even when I work with stylists, it’s never like they are picking my outfits for me. I won’t wear something just because someone told me to wear it.”

She also managed to stand out at the recent Coachella festival in her Stefani-inspired camouflage cargo pants, combat boots and midriff-baring top instead of the prevalent bohemian, Native American or Western styles.

Perez said she’s been wearing Material Girl since she was 13, adding that she admires Madonna because “her confidence really attracted me and she can pull anything off. I take risks with fashion and Madonna always does, so she inspires me in that way. And I love her music like everyone else.”

One category in particular that Perez favors is the activewear. “For me, working out is a big part of my life. I do krav maga, I box, I did Pilates for a second, and I recently started doing CrossFit. Exercise is something you can see results in really quickly and that makes me feel good,” she said.

The campaign features Perez in several shots around the kitschy historic inn, including on the hot pink tennis court, wearing matching Material Girl leggings.Similar to Sarah Hyland’s recently revealed deal with Iconix brand Candie’s, Perez got to choose the looks and the photographer for the ads, and will also lend her fashion input beginning with the spring 2017 collections. “Although you can watch the runway shows, this new fashion director would be able to deliver what’s trending much faster to our product assortment because she would have a firsthand pulse on the fashion scene,” Singh said.

The partnership is slated to last 16 months, but the effects could be more lasting for Perez and Material Girl.

As Madonna, Goldwyn and Signh all pointed out, it’s Perez’ unique style that make her a standout. According to Perez, it comes naturally because it’s authentic, like her music. “Music is my way to get out what I’m feeling, and so is fashion. Those are the two ways I express myself exactly how I want to. When I’m onstage, you’re getting 100 percent of my life story. I’m not afraid to share things, good or bad.”

The same goes for her social following. “I run all my socials and I’m very interactive with everyone; it’s really me helping my fans take selfies or pick clothes. I never had that many friends growing up, so my fans are my friends. They always make me feel better,” Perez said.

Read more at WWD

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Prince Once Discussed a Joint World Tour With Madonna But Said ‘The World Isn’t Ready for This’

Your love’s coming down like … “Purple Rain”?

Madonna‘s manager Guy Oseary has revealed that he once pitched the idea of Prince embarking on a joint world tour with the Queen of Pop.

In a touching tribute to the music icon – who died Thursday at 57 – Oseary remembered speaking to Prince about the idea only a few years ago.

“I pitched it to Madonna and within a second she said ‘I like it, we can call it the Royalty Tour… The Queen and The Prince'” he recalled onInstagram. “When I told Prince the idea he said: ‘the world isn’t ready for this, it’s too big.'”

Oseary said that he was left feeling that it could have been a possibility in the future, adding: “I always felt like one day I would pull it off.”

The music manager also revealed details of the private concert that Prince put on for Madonna on Oct. 8 last year, after she had played the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul as part of her Rebel Heart world tour.

“Prince was generous enough to host us and perform for us after that show at his home. He didn’t go on stage until 3am, and per usual the show performance was mindblowing,” Oseary wrote.

Madonna wrote her own tribute to Prince following the news, saying: “He Changed The World!! A True Visionary. What a loss. I’m Devastated.” The singer also referenced their 1989 duet “Love Song” that appeared on her Like a Prayer album.

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