Madonna launches Confessions On A Dance Floor at Koko in London – 10 years ago today

Can you believe today exactly ten years ago, Madonna launched her smash hit album Confessions On A Dance Floor in Koko Camden in London? The show was streamed live and premiered various tracks off of the LP live. To get more into the spirit of what it was like to experience this live, we have a few links for you:

Here two of our videos, a Dutch news report on the event and our private clip taken during Everybody at the show



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Extra security measures in Sportpaleis Antwerp re: Paris attacks

Due to the recent attacks in Europe, extra security measures will be taken at the shows planned in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

All shows will go ahead as planned, however security will be tight and more security checks will be done. The security at events will be increased in the area’s where shows are played. Visitors are kindly asked not to bring any bags or luggage with them to the show and to respond accordingly to requests made by security at the scene. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and understanding.



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The Latest: Madonna pays tribute to Paris victims at show

PARIS (AP) — The latest on the deadly attacks in Paris. (All times local):

10:05 a.m.

An emotional Madonna asked the crowd to observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris attacks and their families during a concert in Stockholm.

Her eyes welling up and voice cracking, Madonna said she was considering cancelling Saturday night’s show “because in many ways I feel torn. Why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones?”

But then, she said, she thought canceling the show would let the terrorists win: “Why should I allow them to stop me and to stop us from enjoying freedom?”

“Only love will change the world,” Madonna said, before asking the crowd in Tele 2 Arena to fall silent and say a prayer for the victims. She resumed the concert with her 1989 hit single “Like a Prayer.”

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Madonna’s Emotional Speech on Paris Attacks: ‘Why Am I Up Here Dancing And Having Fun While People Are Crying?’

Madonna addressed the attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 during her concert in Stockholm today (Nov. 14.)

“This whole show is about celebrating life. And standing up for your rights. Fighting for what you believe in,” she said to cheers from the crowd.

Madonna Address Paris Attacks: ‘We Are All Immigrants’

“It’s been very hard for me to get through this show and not forget about what happened last night. So I need to take this moment to acknowledge the tragedy. The tragic killings, assassinations and the senseless ending of precious life that occurred last night in Paris,” she continued.

“In many ways, I feel torn. Like why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones?”


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Rebel Heart Tour: Live from Stockholm (the show, a moment of silence)

It was a very special show Madonna took the time to talk about the horrible attacks in Paris. She asked for a moment of silence. There was not a single sound in the stadium and nobody was taking pictures at that time. Goosebumps and tears. The silence was followed by Like a Prayer, the whole stadium was one. Amazing.

Madonna was very chatty during the show and of course it ended with Holiday and the Swedish flag.

Thanks to Caroline Walta on location

IMG_2842kopie IMG_2843kopie

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Rebel Heart Tour: Live from Stockholm part 5 (the next stage in queuing)


Last minute change: Once you are in inside the first section of the EE queue, you can leave as long as you bring your ticket and have your wristband with a queue number. The next section will open at 4.30.

Next stage in the queue: everyone has been given a red wristband and laminate (no changes from other locations) and the VIP bag and book. Wardrobe opens 16.30 and doors at 18.00 (subject to change).

Thanks to Caroline Walta on location


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Rebel Heart Tour: Live from Stockholm part 4 (arrival of the VIP books)

The VIP books have just arrived. Fans are getting ready for the next stage of queuing.

No extra security measures have been issued, apart from the fact that fans cannot leave the EE queue after picking up their wristbands. Fans are all shocked due to the attacks in Paris yesterday, however there’s a good vibe going on among fans.

The organisation has been done very well around the stadium. Rumor has it that Secret has been rehearsed. Fans cannot really make out what is being soundchecked apart from a loud bass and drums.

Thanks to Caroline Walta on location



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Rebel Heart Tour: Live from Stockholm part 2

The first 50 Early entrance fans queuing in frnt of Stockholm Tele Arena (around 10am local time this morning). Live Nation spoke person at the scene is being very helpful to the fans.

Early Entry is for the entire ground floor including the heart section (unlike some maps floating on the internet, and past experiences in Germany). Pick up of the wristbands  is at 14.30 at this location (nr. 10) as written per e-mail. Early Entry is also here. Entry will not be until 18-19 hrs as Madonna still needs to soundcheck.

A warmer place has been set up outside the arena (behind the black plastic on the photo) to continue the queue after picking up the wristbands. Great service as the temperatures are very low.

Thanks to Caroline Walta on location!


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Idris Elba Reveals How He Got His Madonna Gig, And What It Was Like Sharing The Stage With The Pop Legend

Idris Elba has described the moment he shared the stage with “beautiful person”Madonna, after he’d performed supporting artist duties for her in Berlin, during the German leg of her Rebel Heart tour.

Following his stint on stage, Madonna thanked him warmly while Idris tagged her a “legend” in a picture he shared with all his fans on social media, and now he’s remembering his surprising but extraordinary night with the pop diva.

Idris is as in demand for his music skills as for his acting talents, and revealed yesterday that he’d got the gig out of the blue via email.

“I am a DJ for hire, and she wanted a great one,” he joked in London, during his promotional duties for the fourth series of ‘Luther’.

“I was excited, I had a great time. Madonna is a legend.”

Of his evening in Berlin, where he performed ahead of Madonna’s well-received gig, Idris reflects: “I got there, I met a beautiful person that has been working for ever and ever, amen, and is still going.

“She did an incredible show. I was standing by the curtain before I went on and I made the mistake of peeking to see who was there, thinking maybe they’re not here yet, and then I saw there were actually 17,000 people looking back… and then I ended up going out there to entertain them. [But] they weren’t there to see me.”

Madonna only announced that it would be Idris opening for her in Berlin the day before the gig, but it wasn’t Idris’s biggest gig this year. Back in the summer, he made his debut at Glastonbury Festival.

He’s a busy man, with the return of his TV detective Luther the next project off the blocks, but a whole catalogue of highly-awaited events, including the release of the revamped ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ also coming soon on the big screen.

Idris wasn’t the first big name to share the stage with Madonna on this tour. During the US leg, it was comedian Amy Schumer on warm-up duties.

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Rebel Heart Tour: live from Stockholm

Currently the builders are working very hard in order to set up the stage. This will be the first venue where the construction of the Rebel Heart Tour stage will be a bit different from previous shows due to the capacity of the venue (being a lot bigger than previous locations). Catwalk should remain the same but the sides to the stage might be extended.

They have to get it all ready in order for the soundcheck planned for tomorrow afternoon, there is stil a lot to be done. All of the Early Entry ticket holders have received an e-mail stating that the picking up of the wristbands will be done at 14.30 at Nr. 10. You can choose to either queue after that, or leave and come back when the doors open. The message specifies dressing up to keep warm as the waiting will be outdoors and it’s cold in Stockholm.

Billboards to promote the show haven’t been spotted as of yet or other announcements, nothing in the newspapers still.

Thanks to Caroline on location

IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_2824

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