The latest on Rebel Heart in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam this weekend!

We have reported on this before, but just a short reminder

  • Saturday will be busy, next to Madonna’s show there is also a football match scheduled. Not only that but December 5 marks the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas, traffic will be busy. Get there in time.
  • Live Nation strongly advices fans not to spend the night in front of the Ziggo Dome. There won’t be security and there is very big chance of police removing you when you try
  • Do not take any rucksacks or large bags with you, handbags are allowed
  • You can take camera’s with you, they will not be accepted however if they have interchangeable lense
  • You cannot bring food and or drinks with you into the arena, you can purcahse tickets inside for drinks and food
  • The Ziggo Dome has lockers for you to store your coat, bags, merchandise
  • DJ Lunice is scheduled to perform at 20:00, Madonna has been starting her show anywhere between 21.30-22.15. Keep in mind that Madonna started the shows in London early (21.00) because of a curfew.
  • Check for public transport information
  • There will be extra security at the door, so keep in mind that queuing to get in may take longer than ususal.
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London report Rebel Heart Tour

A bit late, but better late than never.

Madonna performed two spectacular shows in the O2 in London, without a doubt one of the best shows to date.

The O2 were shocked when suddenly on the first night, Madonna started the shows at 21.00 sharp (quite a shock for those that have been to previous shows). Idris Elba opened the first London show (refreshing to hear a good DJ set again).

Unfortunately it’s become a thing for some fans to claim seats that aren’t their own, just to be in the front. Unfortunately this led for Oasis’ Noel Gallagher to not get to his rightful assigned front row heart stage seat without the help of Guy Oseary.

Guy Oseary had to literally tell fans to please move, to make room for him, show some respect and do so (without arguing about it). However, Madonna was on fire from the start. The audience was the most enthusiastic I have seen so far, not sitting down once.

Madonna spoke about the tip of the heart stage and comparing it to the top of a penis. Madonna made a very thoughtful speach regarding World Aids day and for those up close, she was clearly touched and teary eyed. She performed the 80’s medley, Who’s That Girl followed by an out of this world version of Like a Prayer. We knew Stella McCartney was going to be an unapologetic bitch, so were surprised to see Graham Norton. But boy, was he amazing!!

The second night at the O2 was still amazing, but not as good as the first night, the crowed seemed, as Madonna stated ‘tired’. She did however start on time again, it is still a mystery to us whoever hired DJ Mary Mac.

She spoke about her dear friend David Collins that passed away the previous year and dedicated ‘Drowned World/Substitute For Love’ to him. The first time she’s performed this song since The Confessions Tour in 2006 and it was absolutely magical. A definite highlight and should be kept in the setlist.

Finally indeed Stella McCartney was the unapologetic bitch, being one of Madonna’s best friends this was a joy to M.

The UK press had nothing but positive things to say and rightfully so. Stay tuned for our gallery of HD shots (hundreds) coming today.

Next stop Amsterdam!

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Madonna, O2 London, gig review: It’s religion and rebellion as her Madgeness reminds us why she is such an enduring talent

“London are you ready?” Madonna launches her four-day stint at London’s O2 to promote her 13th album, Rebel Heart, with plenty of bling and swagger. Entering with a host of gold-clad dancers costumed as Roman soldiers, she’s modestly – for her Madgeness – dressed in black sparkly dress and a cape, which perhaps due to a choreography rethink after her fall at the Brits earlier this year, is removed a good few seconds before she strides down the steps to the thrust stage shaped like a crucifix.

The demure costume doesn’t last, of course, she soon strips down, and drops to her knees, her crotch meeting her fans’ eye line to play electric guitar on “Burning Up” from her latest Rebel Heart album and pole dances on a crucifix with dancers dressed in pants and nuns’ habits before reenacting the last supper for “Holy Water” and “Devil Pray”. Can you see a theme developing here? Full article HERE

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Undisputed Queen of Pop wows the O2 with huge show

EXACTLY 278 days, 22 hours and 44 minutes after she dominated international headlines with her unfortunate fall at the Brits, MADONNA returned to London’s O2 Arena last night.

And it was an absolute triumph – the world’s undisputed Queen of Pop reigns.

Seconds into the first night of her Rebel Heart UK tour, the Brits incident was forgotten – and this time she whipped her cape off without a hitch after opening numbers Iconic and B****, I’m Madonna.

What followed was a masterpiece in live performance.

There was no backing band necessary as she rocked out on the electric guitar to Burning Up, only stopping to rip her trousers off.

Her religious iconography was as strong as ever too. I won’t forget her pole dancing on a crucifix to Holy Water with a squad of nuns in hot pants in a hurry.

This was Madge at her uncompromising best, demanding her male and female crew members strip topless before heading straight into a version of True Blue with her playing the ukulele. Full article HERE

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Madonna returns to scene of Brits fall

Madonna has put the painful memory of the Brit Awards behind her with a triumphant return to London’s O2 arena.
The pop star accidentally stole the show at February’s awards when she was pulled backwards down the stairs by a malfunctioning matador cape.
A huge cheer rang around the arena on Tuesday when she performed the same routine without a hitch.
The show also included a surprise appearance from Graham Norton, who gyrated with the star on stage.
And, in a break from her tour’s standard setlist, she played Like A Prayer to highlight World Aids Day. Full article HERE

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Important information about Madonna shows in Ziggo Dome…

On december 5th & 6th it’s time for Madonna’s shows in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and you’re going to be there!
Time schedule*:
18:30 – Doors
20:00 – Lunice
20:45 – Break
21:00 – Madonna
23:00 – End of show
Madonna’s tour is being loaded with positive reviews, but please keep in mind that Madonna has a habit of showing up late. She will still perform her whole show as planned, but there is a chance that the show will not end before 11PM. That’s why we would like to advise you to come by car as public transport might not be available after 11PM.
Expected traffic
On Saturday there’s going to be a football match at the Amsterdam ArenA. On top of that, the Dutch public transport has planned trackwork improvement and scheduled changes for the whole weekend, so we expect more traffic than usual around the Ziggo Dome. Please make sure to plan your trip in advance and head to the Ziggo Dome on time.
Security precautions
Due to the recent events in Paris, we have decided to take extra security measures in agreement and collaboration with the artist. Backpacks and other (big) bags are not allowed inside the venue. We’d like to ask you to leave these at home. Small hangbags are allowed, but these will be checked thoroughly. In addition, visitors will be searched. This may lead to longer queues, but we will try to keep this at a minimum. We’d kindly like to ask you for your cooperation and understanding in this exceptional situation. We will do anything to make sure that all concerts will go on as planned in an environment that is both safe and responsible.

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Special Christmas offer on new book: Madonna…RAW an early concert by George DuBose!

51l5CjSi4JLGeorge DuBose is offering fans a very special Christmas offer, regarding his excellent Madonna…RAW (a very early concert photography) book. Capturing all of his photographs when he was hired to shoot Madonna on one of her earlier gigs while she was still with Camille Barbone (1981). A true must have for any Madonna collection!

George is offering the following:

Signed copy of Madonna…RAW + 1 signed A3 photograph print for EUR 100 total

To purchase please contact George here:

There is more coming up, stay tuned!


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Tonight = Dessy Di Lauro’s Neo-Ragtime London Premiere The Piano Works in London!

The Piano Works is hosting an event tonight for an artist produced by Madonna’s current keyboard player (Ric’Key Pageot) on her rebel heart tour. Her name is Dessy Di ‘Lauro.

The organisor is also providing a lucky attendee with 2 tickets to Madonna’s show in the O2 this week. All you need to do is to buy a ticket for tonight’s event and attend to be entered in the draw.

Come be part of history as award-winning singer/songwriter, Dessy Di Lauro, brings her Neo-Ragtime show to London for the first time. Di Lauro has been shaking up the bloggersphere with her music she describes as: ”Feathered Fro-hawk Futuristic Art Deco Centric Harlem Renaissance Hep Music.”  Di Lauro recently released her EP, ‘Say Hep Hep’ to rave reviews, featuring her latest single/music video ”Let Me Hear You Say Hep Hep”.

Di Lauro will be backed by a full band led by her pianist/producer Ric’key Pageot, currently on tour with Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour. 

Thanks to: The Piano Works


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Madonna in Mannheim short recap includes videos

Madonna did not get on stage until 23:00 local time, she explained just before True Blue the delay was due to the long drive between Antwerp and Mannheim. Fans did not get into the venue until at around 20.00. Because she was planned to go on stage at 22:15 someone from the organisation made the announcement that there was a delay and show wouldn’t start until 22:45. Madonna’s new favorite words was “schnitzel”, she did not play the 80’s medley, no surprise song but only Who’s That Girl. The show ended around 01:00, causing for some people having issues with public transport. Some videos below

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Rebel Heart Tour in Antwerp report

Despite the extra security, things moved very fast at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp and gladly people made it inside safely. Despite previous reports by Sportpaleis people were allowed to bring in small handbags but they were obviously thoroughly searched. The Sportpaleis was packed!! So much for the everlasting negative Belgian press stating that Madonna can’t sell out venues anymore. It was the most crowded floor I have seen so far with barely any space to walk around.

DJ Lunice started his set and to be fair, was this really a DJ set or was he simply producing noise? To everyone’s surprise Madonna started fairly on time at 21.45. The crowd was really into the show and the true highlights were True Blue and La Vie En Rose. Although we did spot some people at the sounddesk of the press struggling to keep their eyes open. Madonna was her most chattiest yet, cracking jokes and extending every little talk throughout the show. She included a bit of Diamonds are a girls’ best friend as well. To our surprise Isaac Sinwani (from the COADF song ‘Isaac’ as well as the performance during the Confessions Tour) was one of the special guests sitting at the sounddesk and thoroughly enjoying the show. We were shocked though that he wasn’t the Unapologetic Bitch that evening! Madonna performed the 80’s medley, Who’s That Girl and Don’t Tell Me. During interlude S.E.X. a part of the set wasn’t coming up.

From all the three shows that we experienced in Belgium, this one had by far the best reception by the crowd but we won’t be surprised if the press still finds a way to bring the show into a negative light.

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