Madonna Launches Fundraising Campaign With Omaze To Support The Children Of Malawi – Press Release



LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Madonna’s birthday wish this year is to further help the children of Malawi, and today the international, award-winning musician and philanthropist has teamed up with Omaze, an online giving platform, to launch a global campaign to support her charity, Raising Malawi and its project to build Malawi’s first pediatric surgery and intensive care unit. The 5-week campaign kicks off on August 16, 2016 – Madonna’s birthday – and will help create a “Rebel Heart” playroom in the pediatric facility. The campaign concludes on September 15, 2016, at which time a grand prize winner will be randomly selected to join Madonna in Miami.


“Being a Rebel Heart means fighting for what you believe in, with love,” said Madonna. “For my birthday, I’m asking all of my Rebel Hearts to join me in bringing health and happiness to the children of Malawi.”

A hospital can be an unfamiliar and worrying environment for children and their families. The Rebel Heart playroom will provide a calm, joyful space for the children to play and learn, which will help improve both their physical and emotional health.

In July, Madonna visited Malawi to review construction progress of the pediatric facility which will double the number of pediatric surgeries performed in a country where 50% of the population is under 15 years old.

“Madonna’s had such an extraordinary impact on the world,” said Matt Pohlson, Omaze co-founder and co-CEO. “We’re so excited to work with her and look forward to a successful Omaze campaign benefiting Raising Malawi. It’s an honor to partner with this incredible organization and support them as they change children’s lives through health, education and community programs.”

The campaign is a special way for fans to join Madonna as she gives back, and in doing so, fans can earn rewards, including exclusive signed memorabilia and merchandise for their donations. Through the Omaze platform (, fans can donate as little as $10 for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend time with Madonna in Miami. Proceeds from the campaign will benefit the Rebel Heart playroom.

Visit to learn more and enter for your chance to win and support Madonna’s birthday wish.

About Raising Malawi
Founded by Madonna in 2006, Raising Malawi addresses the poverty and hardship endured by Malawi’s orphans and vulnerable children. Raising Malawi partners with local organizations to provide Malawian children and their caregivers with critical resources including medical care and education.

About Omaze
Founded by writer/filmmakers and friends from college, Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins, Omaze is an experience-driven fundraising platform that leverages the power of storytelling and technology to radically change charitable giving. Since launching in 2012, Omaze has impacted more than 125 charities and received donations from over 175 countries. For more information, visit

SOURCE Raising Malawi

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Madonna celebrates 58th birthday in Havana

US pop diva Madonna, pictured on July 10, 2016, celebrated her 58th birthday in Cuba


US pop diva Madonna, pictured on July 10, 2016, celebrated her 58th birthday in Cuba (AFP Photo/Eldson Chagara)

Havana (AFP) – Madonna celebrated her 58th birthday Tuesday in Havana, dancing to Cuban beats during a night on the town and drawing crowds as she toured the city.

The Material Girl’s visit got a write-up in the Cuban Communist party’s official newspaper, Granma, which reported that she “toured different city squares to start the first day of her visit, which will last until Wednesday.”

It said the US pop superstar was in Cuba with her eldest daughter, Lourdes, a 19-year-old model whose father is Cuban dancer and fitness trainer Carlos Leon.

American photographer Steven Klein and stylists B. Akerlund and Andy Lecompte are traveling with them, it said.

Madonna posted a picture of herself to her Twitter account with the caption “Cuba Libre.” It shows her wearing a revealing black dress with yellow flowers and smiling as she tips a black hat.

Videos posted online by fans show her dressed in the same outfit strolling through the streets of Old Havana and dancing to Cuban beats at a restaurant in the historic city center as onlookers cheer.

The news site Cubadebate said Madonna was planning a “big party” Tuesday with the “rhythms and flavors” of Cuba.

Madonna is the latest in a string of US celebrities to visit Cuba since its historic rapprochement with long-time enemy the United States was announced in December 2014.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Usher, Paris Hilton, and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have all toured the Caribbean island recently.

US citizens are still officially banned from traveling to Cuba as tourists under the embargo Washington has maintained on Havana since the 1960s.

But President Barack Obama’s administration has loosened travel restrictions, enabling more Americans to make the trip under permitted categories such as “cultural exchanges.”

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Madonna’s Official Top 40 Biggest Selling Singles

It’s the ultimate Madge chart. We count down Madonna’s big ones – her Top 40 best sellers of all time.

She made it through the wilderness, somehow she made it through… and 32 years after her very first hit Holiday, Madonna still gets everybody talking.

There’s plenty to say about her performances, her fashion sense, her pushing of boundaries and buttons when it comes to sex and ageing and religion and art, but to do any of that, Madonna has needed one thing – her massive collection of hits.

And what a back catalogue it is – her Top 40 biggest sellers alone amounts to over 15 million singles sales.

Jump to the full Top 40, or stick with us as we look over her Top 10, and, yes, we’re doing it in reverse order…

To see the result click HERE

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Madonna Arrives in Cuba to Celebrate Her 58th Birthday


News outlets from around the world and the social media have leaked that Madonna is in Cuba. Right now, the pop diva is staying at the larger-than-life and bustling Saratoga Hotel in Havana, the same lodging where Paris Hilton stayed a couple of years ago. Tonight, followers, journalists and paparazzi had swarmed over the hotel’s lobby hoping to catch a glimpse of the superstar. Caribbean News Digitaltracked down a fan’s Twitter account in which the follower wrote that Madonna had arrived in Havana to celebrate her 58th birthday on August 16. Madonna is traveling with actor and model Loic Mabanza, who Instagrammed a picture of Madonna boarding a personal jet en route to Cuba. According to Mr. Mabanza’s Twitter account in French language, the American singer was planning on traveling to Cuba with her personal stylist B. Akerlund, hoping to “throw a genuine Cuban party.” Photographer Steven Klein is also traveling with Madonna. Madonna has come to Cuba from Miami with an entourage of relatives and friends to hold a private party in the Cuban capital. She’s booked to have dinner tonight at a famous mom-and-pop bistro in Havana –allegedly La Guarida- which is all the rage among the beautiful people. The restaurant is nestled in Old Havana’s historic center.


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Madonna: ‘People are more focused on fame than being an artist’

Madonna is critical of celebrities who focus on fame rather than “doing the work” to be a revolutionary artist.

The singer appears in a 10-page magazine photoshoot alongside her son Rocco Ritchie shot hours after the pair were reunited in London, England, in the midst of the transatlantic custody battle between the singer and ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna and her 16-year-old son were photographed for a secret project between LOVE magazine and photographer Mert Alas titled LOVE 16.5, with Rocco making his debut as a model.

In the accompanying interview the Holiday singer, who appears make-up free, and sucking her thumb on the cover, shares her views on fame in the age of social media, declaring an artist’s “acceptance by the establishment equals death.”

“I don’t consider myself a pop act, I consider myself an artist,” she added. “And it’s an artist’s responsibility to be revolutionary in our work. It’s our responsibility, our duty and our privilege.”
Madonna was shot in the early hours at the photographer’s Hampstead home the morning after her reconciliation with Rocco for a special edition collectors issue which launches on 19th September during London Fashion Week.

Speaking about the so-called burden of fame, the singer who has enjoyed global success since the release of her debut album in 1983, clarifies that’s not the case for her. Having been famous for years before the advent of social media, she just sees it as a by-product of her success.

“Now to me the burden is people are more focused on fame than actually doing the work or being an artist,” she explained. “Now it’s easy to become famous. What isn’t easy is to develop and grow as an artist without being distracted or consumed with fame.”

While she is critical of those preferring to use social media in the absence of talent, she does enjoy using Instagram “to be the curator of my life.”

“I like Instagram because it’s like keeping a diary and every day I get to share different aspects of my personality, my life, and what inspires me, what infuriates me, or what causes I want to fight for,” she shared. “It allows me to be mysterious, ironic, provocative or proud. I get to use it as a platform to bring attention to people or issues that I think are important.”

© Cover Media Group 2016

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MADONNA Graces the cover of our secret project by Mert Alas: LOVE16.5 is here!

It’s here. The secret project between LOVE and Mert Alas titled LOVE 16.5. The special edition collectors issue ‘LOVE by Mert Alas’ supported by Marc Jacobs launches on 19th September during London Fashion Week.

Without any hair, make up or styling, cover star Madonna, shot by Mert Alas, is seen sucking her thumb in bed, wearing a hooded sweatshirt by Palace. ‘Madonna 2:00AM by Mert Alas’ is a 10-page reportage that the photographer shot of Madonnna in the early hours at his Hampstead home.

Our Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand says: “In early 2016, the media was obsessing over the discord in Madonna’s relationship with her son Rocco. I was struck by how mean the press were about a woman simply going to work and wanting her son to be a part of it. I spoke to Mert about the possibility of doing a shoot with her, as he, Madonna and Rocco are all friends. I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, to be honest, but Mert said, ‘Let me ask M and Rocco.’ Much to my surprise, the morning after Madonna’s reconciliation with Rocco, nine stunning images of Madonna arrived via WhatsApp. They had been taken at 2am at Mert’s house in Hampstead where he and Madonna often hang out and have casual dinners.”

Madonna tells Murray Healy in the accompanying interview with LOVE 16.5 how “acceptance by the establishment equals death” and says: “I don’t consider myself a pop act, I consider myself an artist. And it’s an artist’s responsibility to be revolutionary in our work. It’s our responsibility, our duty and our privilege.”

Rocco Ritchie stars in his gig debut modelling gig shot by Mert Alas

On the burden of fame, she says: “I was already famous before social media, so for me fame isn’t the burden. Fame is the manifestation or the by-product of my work, and that was two decades before social media. Now to me the burden is people are more focused on fame than actually doing the work or being an artist. Now it’s easy to become famous. What isn’t easy is to develop and grow as an artist without being distracted or consumed with fame.”

Madonna also tells LOVE 16.5: “I like Instagram because it’s like keeping a diary and every day I get to share different aspects of my personality, my life, and what inspires me, what infuriates me, or what causes I want to fight for. It allows me to be mysterious, ironic, provocative or proud. I get to use it as a platform to bring attention to people or issues that I think are important. It allows me to be the curator of my life.”

Editor in Chief KATIE GRAND

Creative Director MATT ROACH

Editorial Director MURRAY HEALY

Production Editor MATT FIVEASH

Fashion Director STEVE MORRISS



Production Controller MARIE RHYS-EVANS

Commercial Senior Production Controller LOUISE LAWSON



Special thanks to MARC JACOBS

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Madonna, The Early Years: DJ John Benitez On Adding His Magic To Her Debut Album, and what early criticism meant to her

Madonna has been a pop legend for 33 years as of 2016 according to Out magazine.

Madonna’s full name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, but she is known all over the world today simply as Madonna thanks to her debut album of the same name. After the album hit stores the world of pop was never the same, and with the unmatchable combination of talent and a sheer will to succeed, Madonna won over the world with her style and musical talent. Her close friend, DJ John “Jellybean” Benitez played a very important role in Madonna’s early years.

DJ John Benitez spoke on the first album of Madonna and how he helped her with it, saying that she was “unhappy with the whole album,” so he went through and “sweetened up” the songs for her, adding small tweaks and extras to many of the now-iconic songs. And it seems that his tweaks made all the difference to Madonna’s debut album, as the album all but made Madonna a household name.

DJ John Benitez went on to say that he just “wanted to the best job [he] could do for her,” and that he knew he had transformed many of the songs when he could see how “overwhelmed” Madonna was when he played the improved versions of songs like “Holiday” and “Lucky Star.”

The experience wasn’t entirely positive for the DJ though, as he admitted that as much as Madonna could be a “b*tch” at times, but when he was “in groove with her,” it was a very cool and very creative experience.

During the time of her debut, Madonna was effortlessly cool as she somehow defied all the expectations people had of her. Although the music critics at the time initially did not like the album when it came out, it went on to sell 10 million copies worldwide.

Madonna spoke about the criticism she received in the early days of her career during her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and how the criticism only pushed her to improve.

Though Madonna revealed that she does not spend much time thinking about her old material as she would rather focus on moving forward in her career, her back catalog of songs undoubtedly includes some of the best pop songs ever recorded by an artist. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Madonna’s gift for songwriting is matched only by her skill for finding the right collaborators for her music.

Madonna’s songs always have a story to tell, and they reveal how she has evolved into a person who can be at home in a club, a church, or even on a catwalk. On Rolling Stone magazine’s list of Madonna’s 50 best songs, “Like A Prayer” is ranked in the number one position, revealing much about Madonna’s obsession with the connection between sex and spirituality. And although the song may have a double meaning for many, Madonna went on to reveal that prayer is something she would do when she is happy, in trouble, or when her emotions go to the extremes.

The song stirred up controversy for its lyrics and the possible double interpretation behind the lyrics and the music video itself, which was shot inside a Catholic church and included shocking moments such as Madonna having sex with a statue and her experiencing the stigmata.

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Madonna on the cover of LOVE magazine + spread

thelovemagazineHappy Birthday Madonna ???We have worked on an extra special issue of Love, 16.5 featuring Madonna, Rocco and a cast of boys seen within a 70 page portfolio ‘Angels of Concrete’ all photographed by Mert Alas. This very special edition, supported by Marc Jacobs will be on sale during London Fashion Week. @Madonna@mertalas @kegrand Issue 16 starring Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne is available world wide.



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New in Filmography: Madonna as the voice of Princess Selenia in ‘Arthur And The Invisibles’ – facts, memorabilia, videos & more

Next in Madonna’s Filmography was her vocal part in ‘Arthur and the Invisibles/Arthur and the Minimoys’. Madonna was the voice of character Princess Selenia, the film was directed by Luc Besson and was a big success.

There was a sequel planned where Madonna would again lend her voice for the part, it never happened though.

In ‘Arthur And The Invisibles‘ you will find:

  • Memorabilia – various releases and magazine articles
  • Watch the trailer
  • Various videos on the London premiere 
  • Buy the film

Enjoy Arthur And The Invisibles!

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Documentary reveals bedroom tapes Madonna made with lover


An “intimate” upcoming documentary aboutMadonna’s romance with a New York musician before the Material Girl was a megastar will include deeply personal letters and recordings made by the singer in bed, Page Six has learned.

The film, which follows Madonna’s relationship with fellow singer Dan Gilroy, will include private tapes of “bedroom talk” that Madge made while in the sack with Gilroy, we’re told, as well as love letters that she wrote him.

Gilroy — who fronted the one-hit-wonder pop group the Breakfast Club, and dated Madonna for around 18 months beginning in 1979 — has turned over hours of video and stacks of letters and photos to director Guy Guido for the project. The documentary “Emmy and the Breakfast Club” — which includes “re-enactments” as well as interviews — focuses on the period from 1979 to 1982, immediately before Madonna became famous, while she was living in an abandoned synagogue in Corona, Queens, with Dan and his brother, Ed Gilroy.

The in-the-works flick is set to reveal everything from “sweet little love notes that she would leave for Dan” to “very poetic love letters ­expressing her feelings for him and the struggles of their relationship,” the director said.

For the full article visit

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Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ still radiates with sensuality, defiance (Review)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – There was a time, even during the peak of her stardom, that Madonna was behind the times.

1994-bedtime-stories.jpgMadonna – “Bedtime Stories”

By the mid 1990s, the shock and awe of her sexual subject matter had been dwarfed by the hard-hitting beats of R&B, hip-hop and, eventually, electronic music. What’s was a mega pop-star to do?

Michael and Janet Jackson (perhaps Madonna’s only two equals at the time) had already faced such a dilemma head on. The latter was busy perfecting her work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, peaking with 1993’s pop-R&B fused “Janet.”

Meanwhile, MJ found himself not only trying to match his sister, but also attempting to join the wave of New Jack Swing, which he accomplished with 1991’s masterful “Dangerous.”

Now it was Madonna’s turn. Enter “Bedtime Stories,” an album often overlooked because it was sandwiched between her most controversial work (“Erotica”) and, arguably, her best (“Ray of Light”).

“Bedtime Stories” arrives on heavyweight vinyl for the first time on Aug. 16 (You can order it on Amazon Friday). The album, which sold more than 7 million copies, is best remembered as Madonna’s response to the changing sonic landscape and a post “Erotica” backlash from the morality police.

Yet, if “Bedtime Stories” was Madonna dialing things back, it certainly came with a backhanded smack across the face. “Oops, I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex,” she sings on “Human Nature.” “And I’m not sorry.”

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New in Filmography: Madonna in tour doc ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ exclusive facts, memorabilia, reports and various videos!

After the incredible ‘Truth Or Dare’ Madonna felt it was time for a brand new ‘tour documentary’, documenting how her life was now and how much it had changed. She was now a married woman, she was a mother and kaballah had a massive influence on her.

During the fantastic Re-Invention Tour where Madonna sang a lot of her greatest hits as well as some tracks from her recent ‘American Life’ album, two separate crews shot hours and hours of footage. Even though originally much too long the final film was reviewed by Madonna who thought it was fantastic. They didn’t know whether to make a mini-series or release it as a two part film, in the end they decided to cut its length so it could be shown in movie theaters. Unfortunately the planned screening at the Cannes film festival never happened.

The film was quite a change from ‘Truth Or Dare’, although the behind the scenes footage was also shot in black/white and the live performances in color, Madonna was just a completely different person to watch.

We have gathered a lot for you in ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ in our Filmography:

  • exclusive facts
  • Press articles
  • Memorabilia – includes premiere invite, premiere ticket, goodie bag and premiere promo poster, various releases of the documentary
  • Videos – various videos on the film
  • Premiere video – MadonnaUnderground exclusive video of Madonna’s speech at London premiere
  • Live reports – read our live reports on the Re-Invention Tour and about attending the London premiere
  • Our gallery – view various pictures of the London premiere as well as the Re-Invention Tour
  • Watch the trailers
  • Buy the film

Enjoy I’m Going To Tell You A Secret


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