Madonna performs ‘Secret’ in Vancouver and Sean Penn back in the audience!

Madonna, in a very good mood, decided to perform a special acoustic version of Secret last night in Vancouver, similar to the version she performed during the Drowned World Tour. This was her special surprise for her ‘special guest’. Whether this was for Amy Schumer or maybe Sean Penn who were both in the audience, who knows?

She then went on to perform Ghosttown

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Then and now: Madonna fans remember 1985 Portland show (PHOTOS)

When Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” tour stops at the Moda Center on Saturday, it will be the first time in 30 years that the Material Girl has played Portland.

Earlier this month, The Oregonian/OregonLive dug into the archives and posted photos of teenagers who attended Madonna’s pair of sold-out concerts at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in April 1985.

Recognizing their younger selves in the black and white pictures, a few readers contacted us to share their memories of “The Virgin Tour” coming to the Rose City.

Cue “This Used to Be My Playground.”

Danette Dollar

A Beaverton High sophomore in 1985, Dollar first heard “Lucky Star” at Portland’s underage Skoochie’s dance club. Then the singer became a mainstay on MTV. The teen became obsessed.

“I really liked her look,” Dollar, now 46, said. “It was really edgy for the time, especially being out in 1980s Beaverton.”

Before going to the concert, she scoured secondhand shops for fingerless lace gloves and 1940s braziers to wear as undershirts. She had the horn-rimmed sunglasses. But on the day of the show, Dollar’s outfit was missing something.

Danette Dollar remembers Madonna 1985 concertDanette Dollar remembers finding the right religious articles to wear and getting her picture taken with the Beastie Boys in 1985 at the Madonna concert.

She spotted a magnificent string of rosary beads with a large crucifix hanging from a statue of the Blessed Virgin in her friend Angela’s living room. The girls were alone in the house.

“Her mom was away at the Coast,” Dollar recalled. “I asked her if I could wear the rosary to the concert.”

Angela hesitated before saying yes. “Just don’t tell my mom,” she told Dollar.

In his tour diary “Life with My Sister Madonna,” the pop star’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, recounted how he feared for Madonna’s life because of what he saw outside the Schnitz.

“From the moment we arrive in Portland, Oregon, on April 15, it feels like one of the strangest cities I’ve ever visited,” Ciccone writes. “Outside the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, religious fanatics are picketing the show, milling around with placards proclaiming that Madonna is Satan’s spawn, and that she is going to hell.”

The picketers heckled Dollar outside the theater, telling her she was disgracing the rosary around her neck.  “I’m not Catholic,” she told them.

Before walking inside, she struck her best Madonna pose near a parking meter for a photographer from The Oregonian.

Girls dressed in Madonna outfits booed the Beastie Boys through their opening set. But once the headliner took the stage, they shouted every lyric and mimicked her dance moves. It was pure pop ecstasy.

Of course, the next morning, the photo of her wearing the rosary beads appeared in the newspaper. Her friend’s mother saw it. Busted.

“Oh my God,” she recalled, “did I get a lecture on the sanctity of the Rosary.”

Now the mother of a 25-year-old son and working at in a Fred Meyer furniture department in Hillsboro, Dollar said she has lost touch with Madonna’s newer music but she remains a big fan. “Sadly,” she said, “I wasn’t able to get tickets to the show this time.”

To read the rest of the stories please visit OregonLive

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MadonnaUnderground presents: Madonna in ‘The Egg’ short 8mm film by Wyn Cooper

While we are currently in the process of the transfer of our Filmography from the old site onto the current one; we’d like to take you back to 1974 where M ate a raw egg and had one fried on her tummy, only for it to be eaten by someone else.

Our newest upload on our Vimeo channgel, we present to you: The Egg by Wyn Cooper

Madonna in The Egg short film by Wyn Cooper from MadonnaUnderground on Vimeo.


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Sex and Candles – An oral history of the time Madonna made a movie in Portland

The last time Madonna was in Portland, she visited Pittock Mansion, hung out at the waterfront, poured candle wax on Willem Dafoe’s genitals, and fucked an old man to death.

That’s the plot of Body of Evidence, the alleged erotic thriller she shot here in 1992, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting. Critically eviscerated upon release, it quickly vanished from theaters, remembered only by the barely pubescent boys who’d come across it on cable and feel strangely aroused walking past Yankee Candle for years afterward. Along withthe Sex book, Madonna’s much-derided detour into softcore porn, the film represents one of the lowest points of her long reign as the Queen of Pop. But for Portland, it persists as an odd bit of local lore—that time, a decade before Portlandiaand all the New York Times travel pieces, when one of the most famous people in the world came to town, and all she got was a crappy Basic Instinct ripoff.

In honor of Her Madgesty’s return engagement—marking her first Portland performance since the Like a Virgin tour in 1985—we spoke to those who were there for our month with the Material Girl.

Stephen Simon, executive producer: I was the head of production of Dino De Laurentiis’ film company. When I was working for Dino, we made a deal to distribute Madonna’sTruth or Dare film outside the United States. We made a lot of money on it. Dino had a conversation with Madonna, then came to me and said, “Madonna wants to do a real sexy thriller. Find one.” I don’t remember the exact number, but basically he said, “With her being as famous as she is, and as well as Truth or Dare did, we can pre-sell this for $18 million. So you’ve got to make this movie for $15 million.” At that point, Dino didn’t really much care how the movie was going to be.

David Woolson, former executive director of the Oregon Film & Video Office: There was an intense focus around that film because it was really her first starring role after Desperately Seeking Susan. It was wild.

Simon: We didn’t want to be in L.A. because it’s too expensive. Portland had a lot of the moodiness that we wanted. She was going to live on a houseboat, so putting a houseboat in the Willamette was easy.

With the news that Madonna would be living in Portland for four weeks, local media promptly went into hyperdrive, with The Oregonian announcing “Madonna Watch,” asking readers to submit their most “candid photos” of the singer. To counteract the press frenzy, city officials set up a press conference at the Benson Hotel prior to shooting.

Mike Lindberg, ex-City Commissioner: The theory was that she, along with Willem Dafoe, can have this one-time, major interview where they were introduced and could answer questions, and that would take the air of future inquiries the press might be making. I was, oddly enough, in a political campaign for re-election. When it came up in my office, my campaign manager said, “Why don’t you give her the key to the city and get some publicity for yourself?”

Mindy Leek, Lindberg’s campaign manager: I had worked on the periphery of the film industry, and I just thought, “Let’s have some fun with it.” I had someone at this prop shop produce it for me.

Lindberg: It was about 2 ½, 3-feet high, made out of Styrofoam, and it had a black-knit stocking with a garter belt and a rose in the crotch. I kinda looked at it and went, “Oh my gosh.” Somebody introduced me, and then I stood up and someone delivered the key. She looked somewhere between horrified and disdainful. I got more negative letters about that issue than anything else I had done on the City Council.

To read the full article please visit Willamette Week

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Madonna Wears $10 Million Worth of Diamonds in Rebel Heart Tour Video: All the Scoop Straight from Jeweler Neil Lane

Madonna‘s Rebel Heart tour is filled with surprises (like Amy Schumer’s hilarious opening standup and the lack of Madge’s nakedness on stage — seriously, she covers up more than usual!), but as fans who have already seen the show know, her performances are very nostalgic, celebrating the Queen of Pop’s various iconic career moments over the past 30+ years.

One of those moments is Madonna’s 1991 Oscars performance, when she channeled Marilyn Monroe for her performance of “Sooner or Later.” She also hit the red carpet with close friend Michael Jackson dressed like Marilyn’s Gentleman Prefer Blondes character.


Madonna brings back that look in her Rebel Heart tour book and for a special video played during her performances. And to help her create the Marilyn moment, celeb-loved jeweler Neil Lane provided $10 million worth of diamonds. (Because when you’re Madonna, anything is possible!)

“I sent hundreds of images of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They also sent me the clip of the performance in 1991 so I could review it,” Lane tells PEOPLE of selecting the jewelry looks for the star. “Madonna circled what she liked. She was very involved in the process.”


Lane and his team sent three guards to the shoot to deliver all the jewels, which he estimates weighed in anywhere between 500 and 1,000 carats of diamonds.

The jeweler adds that the whole Steven Klein-directed shoot turned out “magically,” but admits he was surprised when Madonna’s team asked if they could soak the jewels in “blood” (aka corn starch and food dye.)

“I didn’t know how to really respond,” Lane recalls. “This is all platinum and diamonds, but I said, ‘Okay, why not.’ But that’s typical of her. She takes something and twists it and makes it really relevant,” he shares, adding jokingly, “It was really sticky jewelry when it came back.”

Lane has worked with the 57-year-old singer on many iconic moments throughout her career, including her 2003 Gap campaign with Missy Elliott.

“I think the Gap campaign was really important, because it set so many styles and took jeans upscale,” Lane shares. “Madonna is very innovative. She’s seems to have a pulse, and I think it’s a natural pulse. She works very hard at it. It’s a very natural pulse. It’s not convoluted.”

Madonna also famously debuted her diamond ‘M’ for that campaign, which Lane customized for her on the spot.

“At the last fitting before the Gap shoot, she was looking in the mirror, and she said, ‘I need something else on the neck like a giant diamond ‘M.’ She was so exact. We stayed up all night in the workshop and made it in one day.”

Lane says Madge’s ‘M’ pendant started a huge movement in diamond initials.

“Everyone starting wearing diamond initials, and she gave one to Britney [Spears],” he recalls. “She commissioned me to make one for Britney with a B. I also made Madonna a big blue sapphire ‘M’ for Coachella in 2006. She really got into that M.”


Read more at PEOPLE

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Madonna prompts engagement at Edmonton concert

Madonna shone a ray of light on an unsuspecting couple in the front row at her Sunday concert in Edmonton.

A YouTube video shows the ageless pop star goading a gay couple to get engaged. She turns the microphone to one of the men, who proclaims his love for his partner before saying, “Will you marry me, please?”


Madonna says, “You may kiss the bride,” and the two kiss to loud applause.

Madonna then tosses the couple a bouquet of flowers and puts on a crucifix necklace.

“You get a bouquet, I get a crucifix, it all works out,” she says.

The video was uploaded to YouTube Monday by CTV personality Stacey Brotzel.

The Sunday concert at Rexall Place was Madonna’s first in Edmonton, 32 years after the release of her self-titled debut album.

The second of two sold-out Edmonton shows on her Rebel Heart tour happens Monday night.

Read more at Edmonton Sun

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Update regarding Rolling Stone Special Madonna Edition in Holland

CN-_kvaWEAE00dwBook store Athenaeum has received the news that the first shipment of the magazines have gone lost on their way to the distributor (Betapress). They might still get a shipment with destination Belgium of which a part will be then shipped to Athenaeum. Unfortunately they cannot guarantee at this point whether they will get the edition at all.

American Book Centre has received a very small selection, please give them a call in order for your inquiry.

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Tickets for Madonna’s two live concerts in Macau, as part of her “Rebel Heart Tour,” will go on sale Friday, Oct. 16, at 11a.m.

The two shows will be the first time that Madonna has performed live in Macau. Both shows will be staged at Melco Crown Entertainment’s 5,000-seat venue, the Studio City Event Center (SCEC), on February 20 and 21, 2016.

Studio City President, Mr. JD Clayton, said that the SCEC “is already proving to be an important live entertainment venue attracting the world’s biggest artists and it will be the most intimate venue Madonna performs in during this tour.

“With only 5,000 seats, theater-quality acoustics and exclusive seating options … the skillfully designed space provides audiences an unmatched atmosphere of real intimacy with the performers, both in terms of physical closeness to the artists and quality of music delivery,” he said in a press release.

Sources close to the organization told the Macau Daily Times that “the chance of adding a third concert at Studio City is virtually nil,” following the announcements regarding Hong Kong and Bangkok, where one extra concert was added in each city.

Madonna has been doing more than her regular concert performances this week. According to Minnesota Public Radio she reportedly spent some time with pop-legend Prince.

The radio station reported that around 30 Prince fans were summoned to Paisley Park late on Thursday evening for something “extra special.” The summoned group had been dancing to a mix of 1980s pop tunes when Madonna walked in, only hours after her performance in St. Paul as part of the “Rebel Heart Tour”.

Reportedly, Prince emerged later, took the stage and played a set, as Madonna sat on the edge of the stage at his feet. Minnesota Public Radio reported that Madonna looked up at him adoringly as he sang.

Staff Reporter


Ticket pricing for Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Show” at the SCEC:


Club Seats – MOP 10,588

Section A Standing – MOP 8,888

Section B Standing – MOP 7,888

Section A Reserve – MOP 8,888

Section B Reserve – MOP 7,888

Section C Reserve – MOP 2,588

Read more at MacauDailyTimes

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Edmonton Sun: ‘Strong show from the Material Girl’

People who rip Madonna for not acting her age should take a good hard look at Mick Jagger.

Do people make fun of him for acting like a stud on stage? OK, bad example. Point is, if it’s OK for the aging male rock stars, why shouldn’t Madonna try as hard as she can to remain relevant, hip, sexy, shocking, whatever she wants? It’s inspiring to see a 57-year-old woman up there twerking on top of pole-dancing nuns in their underwear … and where were we?

Yes, Madonna is the hardest working woman in show business, praise that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly.

For the first of two shows at Rexall Place Sunday night – and what rude American scheduled this on Thanksgiving weekend – the queen of pop led a dazzling Cirque du Broadway sexy song and dance spectacle that put most others to shame. Fans who shelled out huge dough for this thing expected no less than the best. This is what pop concerts look like these days, and Madonna pulled out all the stops (an old pipe organ reference) to make sure this Rebel Heart tour was the biggest, flashiest, most grandiose Cirque du Broadway sexy song and dance spectacle available.

Not surprisingly, the music was for the most part less interesting than the production that went with it. Representing all phases in a career dedicated to remaining relevant, hip, sexy shocking, etc., each song was no mere “song” to be “performed.” No, each piece of the Madonna story was presented as choreographed high drama. A squad of hard-working dancers playing parts ranging from Holy Roman Warriors to gas jockeys to street dancers out of a modern version of West Side Story. Later came bulls and bullfighters in a lively Spanish number, setting the stage with a steamy dance number with matadors in La Isla Bonita. Latin was just one of the flavours in a musical travelogue that also made stops to Africa and the Middle East.

The underwear-clad nuns weren’t the only Catholic-shocking imagery deployed, a schtick she’s used to good effect for decades.

Opening with a song Iconic saw the 57-year-old singer lowered to the stage in a cage, which she promptly broke out of to sing about what it’s like to be a pop star, an “icon.” Soldiers brandishing crosses were replaced by geisha girls in a song called Bitch, I’m Madonna – in case anyone was confused who they were seeing. Much later came a new song called Unapologetic Bitch, if you’re sensing a theme.

A warm and relaxed host despite the obvious demands of the show, she addressed the crowd after her old-school-style pop song True Blue. “I get to do what I love – I’m a lucky girl!” she said, adding, “You’re lucky, too!”

Through each of what appeared to be four separate “acts,” successive layers of clothing were shed as she worked her way up to more danceable material. Early on came Deeper and Deeper before a more sensitive moment in Heartbreak City – performed atop a floating spiral staircase. And then, with the words “Nobody f—ks with the queen!” she launched into a quirky, wacky version of Like a Virgin. Soon came S.E.X., more dance music and more stripped down (metaphorically) version of her hits. Who’s That Girl was also rendered acoustically. Dress You Up was recast as a samba.

As for her voice, it’s been joked that Madonna makes a good case in favour of lip-syncing, but while there seemed to be a ton of processing and doubling on the lead vocals, there were lots of moments where she appeared to actually be singing. Imagine. But who comes to a Madonna concert to hear Madonna sing? Of course not. We come for the twerking nuns.

To read more and view the gallery visit Edmonton Sun

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Review: Madonna’s first Edmonton show a dancetastic celebration

Edmonton hearts rebel Madonna.

More than 14,000 fans got into the groove, vogued, and expressed themselves during Our Lady of Pop’s inaugural visit to Edmonton.

Sunday’s dancetastic celebration of love, nakedness and religion was the first of two at Rexall Place — and the only two Alberta dates on her Rebel Heart tour, which has already grossed $20 million US from just 10 concerts.

(P.S. Tickets are still available to Monday’s show.)

Highlights: Uh, her mere presence? Madonna released her very first album in 1983 — and we’ve had to wait 32 years for the controversial dance-pop diva to find the E-spot.

She’s not nearly as shocking as she was in the ’80s or ’90s, but the 57-year-old mother of four still proved to be a rebel at Sunday’s show.

She pole-danced with strippers “dressed” as nuns as she sang Holy Water — a throbbing number from her 13th and latest album, Rebel Heart — which ended with a bunch of her dancers re-enacting the Last Supper.

She strummed a ukulele, while sitting on a pile of tires, as she sang True Blue. She pushed one of her male dancers from the top of a spiral staircase during HeartBreakCity, a maudlin love-gone-wrong number, also from Rebel Heart.

Low note: Her opening felt a bit lacklustre, especially for an icon of her stature. At 9:45 p.m. the lights went out in Rexall. Then her Rebel Heart curtain fell to the stage, with nary a musical, pyro or lighting cue to accompany it.

In fact, there were a few seconds of awkward silence as fans waited for her dancers, dressed as ancient Chinese soldiers, and a video of Iconic, featuring Mike Tyson and Chance the Rapper, to start the proceedings.

In the crowd: Mostly fortysomething (and older) women and men who grew up during the Walkman era of the ’80s.

(Surprisingly, very few brought their offspring — there was a noticeable lack of fans younger than 20 years old, perhaps due to Madonna’s steep ticket prices.)

Hundreds of women wore Madge-inspired outfits, from Like A Virgin wedding dresses to tutus to bullfighter’s suits.

Strike a pose: As strong and supple as her voice was — ranging from girlish (Like A Virgin) to deep and dangerous (Burning Up, HeartBreakCity) — Madonna’s dance moves were just as stunning.

She twirled around a stripper’s pole. She palled around with the rest of her male and female dancers during Deeper and Deeper. She strutted across the catwalk during Holiday, the last song of her 135-minute set.

Quip of the night: “As the evening goes on, you’ll be required to undress,” she said before her seventh song, True Blue.

True to her word, she intermittently singled out fans in the crowd and demanded they take off their tops. “Edmonton is going to be naked!” she gushed, as she collected one man’s “Italians Do It Better” T-shirt.

Later on, she pulled one woman on stage and made her wear a novelty hat with a turkey protruding from the top of it. “I’ve had a penis on my head, too,” Madonna joked.

Material girl: Her costumes ranged from ornate Chinese robes to ‘50s greaser to revealing dresses with fishnet stockings.

Unapologetic bitch: It’s the title of one of her songs from Rebel Heart, and it suits her to perfection. She didn’t bother tailoring her set list to appease long-suffering Edmonton fans — they got the same songs as every other city on her current tour. Which meant 13 (of the 19) tracks from the deluxe version of Rebel Heart, which is far from her best effort.

While she performed a handful of her older hits, including Like A Virgin, Holiday, La Isla Bonita, Material Girl and Music, other classics only made cameos. She sang a snippet of Vogue, for example, during Holy Water, and a teasing morsel of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore during HeartBreakCity.

Perhaps even more sacrilegious, Madonna completely ignored Like A Prayer, Live To Tell, Hung Up and her entire 1998 album, Ray of Light. Do we have to wait another 32 years before she performs those in Edmonton? Or maybe she’ll do a few of them during her second show on Monday night?

To read more and view the photo gallery visit Edmonton Journal

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NEW – Madonna’s Benefit Concerts, tons of scans, photographs and videos!

While in the process of the ongoing transfer of our old website onto the current one, we have just finished another section: BENEFIT CONCERTS (in the menu under LIVE)

Madonna has attended many benefit concerts throughout her career but has only performed on these three mega events: Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth. We have gathered the following in order to bring you as much info as we could:

  • read old press articles (from our own collection)
  • view the memorabilia (from our own collection)
  • read the facts
  • watch the performance videos
  • watch our own private videos
  • read our personal live coverage
  • view our private photo gallery
  • buy the product through Amazon

Direct link HERE


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Official RebelHeart Tour After Party Hosted by Madonna at Marquee Nightclub


Saturday, October 24, 2015 10:00 PM
Marquee Las Vegas – Nightclub, Las Vegas, NV
  • 21 & over
  • In the event that Male or Female presale tickets for this event are sold out, a limited number of general admission tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the event. Please contact 702-333-9000 for additional ticket information.

Click HERE to buy tickets + read more info

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Prince serenades Madonna at late-night Paisley Park gig

….’A steady stream of people started filing into the venue, and it took me a couple of blinks to realize that the first woman and the head of the pack was Madonna. She is a petite little powerhouse of a figure, and was dressed in a sharp navy trench coat-style cape with her hair neatly woven into a braid that fell down her right shoulder, like a pop star’s rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. Her bright lipstick and dark eyeliner appeared flawless, and as she scanned the strange scene—33 civilians dancing haphazardly, undoubtedly looking tired from all the waiting and the late hour, and her own hits blasting over the sound system—she looked so calm and coiffed that you would have never guessed that she had just finished performing a two-hour show in front of a sold-out crowd at the Xcel Energy Center.

It turns out that injecting Madonna’s entire professional dance troupe into a party is a surefire way to liven it up, and as more and more of the pop icon’s touring crew filtered in, a fully choreographed dance party soon broke out in the middle of the room. It was incredibly surreal standing on the sidelines attempting to groove to the music while what looked like a professional music video shoot sprawled out before us, but all of a sudden the energy in the place had been cranked to 11 and it was all we could do to try to soak up the crew’s ecstatic vibe.

Madonna was ushered into a roped-off section of the room and then disappeared, undoubtedly to have a few private moments with Prince while her team blew off a little steam on the dance floor. By 2:15 a.m. she had returned to the scene and was followed in short order by Prince, who stood near the back of the dance floor draped in a floor-length hooded sweater and smirked at the energetic dancers who were frolicking around the room.

As soon as Prince appeared the small crowd started pressing toward the stage, and even after Madonna’s tour buses had all been unloaded into Paisley Park there were still only roughly 60 people there to take in the impending show. Most of the people in attendance were standing within a couple yards of the band, and Prince seemed a little uncomfortable playing to such an intimate audience.

“You better keep dancing,” he instructed us, sitting at an organ and leading a new configuration of his band through a swampy, funky new song. 3RDEYEGIRL guitarist Donna Grantis was joined by a drummer Kirk Johnson and bassist Dwayne MonoNeon Thomas, Jr., who had more jazz and funk sensibilities than Grantis’s more hard-driving 3RDEYEGIRL bandmates Ida Neilsen and Hannah Ford Welton (who was dancing in the audience with her husband, Josh). The change in musicianship allowed Prince to deconstruct his songs into more complex, moody arrangements, tracing back to his roots in late ’70s jazz and funk.

As if to show off the band’s newly discovered chemistry, Prince followed up a rip-roaring rendition of “Guitar” with a lengthy, solo-filled jam to the Bill Withers song “Use Me Up.” After giving Grantis and his new bassist a turn at soloing, Prince slowed the song down and morphed it into a spacey, dreamy interlude, then tore through an impressive and complex piano solo that sounded like it was inspired in equal measure by Thelonious Monk and Jimi Hendrix.

When Prince launched into the next song, “Ain’t About to Stop,” off his latest album HITNRUN Phase One, I decided to try to discretely scan the room to see where Madonna was taking in the show. I had expected her to hang back a bit, or maybe sitting in her roped-off area, but once I stepped a little closer to the stage I realized that she was not only in the front row, but had perched on the edge of the stage at Prince’s feet, looking up at him adoringly as he sang.

There is a face that people make when they are watching Prince play guitar; it’s a gleeful expression that combines the joy of going down a roller coaster with the realization that you are witnessing a moment that might never be recreated by another being that lives on this beautiful Earth. It turns out Madonna also makes that face when she is watching Prince play. As the band stretched out into another jam and Prince ripped into a soul-levitating guitar solo, her mouth relaxed into an awestruck gape, revealing a shiny gold grill underneath her perfect red lipstick.

Prince, too, seemed a little awestruck by Madge, appearing nervous as he flitted around the stage to different instruments and taking great care to get the lighting, sound, and chord changes just right. It completely shifted the energy at the Park, which usually pulls like a magnet toward Prince’s spot in the room, and it was a rare chance to see two megastars share an intimate moment and a series of knowing smiles.

After the sixth song of the set, Prince leaned down and whispered something back and forth with Madonna, and then hopped back up to his keyboards and simply said, “Cool.” With that, Madonna made her way out of the building and Prince was left alone with his band and small group of adoring fans, and he delivered simmering renditions of “1000 X’s and O’s” and “X’s Face” before hopping off stage and handing things back to the DJ….’

Please read the full article at The Current

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Be one with Globe at Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Manila on February 24 & 25, 2016

Madonna is set to give her Philippine fans the best music experience of their lives when the Rebel Heart Tour arrives in Manila on Feb. 24 & 25, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. The Manila concerts are presented by Globe, the country’s number 1 mobile brand and purveyor of the Filipino digital lifestyle.

Globe kicks off the Manila concerts early with the Globe Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Raffle Promo, the biggest of its kind in the country. With the promo, customers can get the chance to see the Queen of Pop to watch her concerts in Manila or in Los Angeles, USA, giving Madonna fans multiple opportunities to see her perform live.

The Globe Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Raffle Promo is open to Globe, TM and Tattoo customers for a chance to win tickets to Madonna’s Rebel Heart concert in Manila or an all-expense paid trip to catch Madonna’s Rebel Heart concert in Los Angeles, California, USA on October 27, 2015.

“Music is an integral part of the Filipino digital lifestyle and Globe is here to make the music experience even better. As the exclusive presentor of the Madonna Rebel Heart Tour in Manila, we are committed to providing a complete immersive experience for all Madonna fans out there, one of which is this exciting raffle promo that aims to give lucky Globe and Tattoo customers the elusive privilege to see their idol for free, whether in the country or in Los Angeles,” shares Globe Telecom Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Marketing Issa Cabreira.

One million pesos worth of prizes are up for grabs, where two (2) winners will be flown to Los Angeles to watch Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in the U.S. inclusive of roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodation, pocket money, and a backstage tour experience. Meanwhile, sixteen (16) lucky Globe customers will get the chance to see Madonna in Manila on February 24 or 25, 2016.

To register to the raffle, Globe Prepaid, TM, Postpaid, and Tattoo Nomadic customers can text MADONNA REG <Name>/<Address>/<Email>/<Age>/<Gender> to 2662. Globe Platinum and Tattoo Home customers are automatically registered to the raffle.

Promo period is from October 1 to 31, 2015. Draw date for the LA concert package is on October 16, 2015. For the Manila concert tickets, draw date is on November 6, 2015. For more details, visit

– See more at:

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Madonna’s second Hong Kong concert again sells out in 30 minutes

These shows are going to be spectacular, spokesman for organisers says after tickets for Material Girl’s February 18 date run out despite prices of up to HK$11,888

All tickets for Madonna’s second concert in Hong Kong on February 18 again sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale at 10am on Friday, in a repeat of the earlier rush for tickets for her first performance on February 17.

Concert organisers Live Nation Lushington (Hong Kong) said more than 20,000 tickets were put on sale for the shows at AsiaWorld-Arena. The concerts are believed to have sold out faster than any others in Hong Kong. Live Nation had initially scheduled only one performance by the 57-year-old singer, who will be making her Hong Kong debut 32 years after first taking to the stage.

Madonna performs in Montreal during her Rebel Heart tour.

The cover of Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” album.

Fans were obviously not deterred by high prices. Tickets ranged in price from HK$688 for the cheapest seats to a whopping HK$11,888 for front-row seating. The most expensive package was the “Runway VIP Party Package”, which for HK$16,888 secures seating for two people alongside the Material Girl’s runway.

After the second show sold out, a spokesman for Live Nation said: “We are extremely thrilled with the results. We would like to thank everyone for supporting the Queen of Pop. These shows are going to be spectacular.”

On Wednesday a second Madonna concert was added in Bangkok for February 10 after all tickets to the initial February 9 show in the Thai capital sold out in less than an hour. The Bangkok shows will be staged at the city’s 15,000-seat Impact Arena.

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour began in Montreal, Quebec, on September 9 and will take in 64 cities before it wraps up in Brisbane on March 27, 2016. The tour follows the spring release of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album, the singer’s 13th studio album.

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