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Strike a Pose / Truth Or Dare night in Kriterion this Friday update (in Dutch) Carlton Wilborn will attend the Q&A

Strike a Pose, de indrukwekkende documentaire over de achtergronddansers van Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour, zal bij ons draaien vanaf 26 mei. Dit kan natuurlijk niet onopgemerkt blijven en daarom organiseren we een première-evenement in Kriterion!

Vertoning Strike a Pose | 21:45 | reserveren reeds mogelijk
Uiteraard zal de film Strike a Pose vertoond worden op deze avond. Regisseurs Esther Gould en Reijer Zwaan en één van de dansers Carlton Wilborn zullen na afloop van de vertoning op het avondslot naar Kriterion komen om te vertellen over Strike a Pose. Dit zal deels gebeuren aan de hand van een Q&A maar uiteraard zijn de twee Nederlandse regisseurs ook bereid om vragen uit het publiek te beantwoorden. LEES MEER →

Vertoning Madonna: Truth or Dare | 19:30 uur (extra vertoning op zondag 29 mei | 21:45) | reserveren reeds mogelijk
Madonna: Truth or Dare is een Amerikaanse documentaire uit 1991 over Madonna en haar wereldtournee Blond Ambition Tour die ze maakte in 1990. De film toont ook af en toe concertfragmenten. Deze film onthult haar ware schoonheid, zowel tijdens haar optreden als daarbuiten een moederfiguur voor haar dansers die zij als haar familie beschouwt, sexgodin voor haar miljoenen fans, zakenvrouw, zangeres, danseres… de grootste ster uit de muziekwereld. LEES MEER →

Feestje | 00:00 – 03:00 uur | gratis toegang
Na afloop van de films is er de gelegenheid om onder het genot van een drankje en muziek na te praten of je eigen vogue-choreografie te laten zien. Er zal in ons café een feestje zijn waar de beste nineties house, Madonna-hits en ballroom vogue zullen worden gedraaid. Gekleed in thema komen is een must!

Special act: House of Vineyard | gehele avond
Deze avond zal er een special act komen, verzorgd door de dansers en danseressen vanHouse of Vineyard. Bij de inloop van de vertoning van Strike a Pose en tijdens het feestje zullen ze jullie eens een poepie laten ruiken met de beste voguemoves. Probeer dat maar eens na te doen. House of Vineyard staat bekend van shows op onder andere Milkshake Festival, Schouwburg Rotterdam, AIR, Club NYX en hun vernieuwende en verrassende waacking- en vogueing-moves.


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‘Strike a Pose’ Amsterdam Premiere at EYE – full live report + personal review #strikeaposethemovie


It was September 2015 when I was approached by someone in Holland asking MadonnaUnderground if we could help with Madonna archive material from the Blond Ambition Tour era for a new Dutch production. We quickly learned that it was a documentary on the dancers of the Blond Ambition Tour titled ‘Strike a Pose’ and that they were in the last stages with editing.sappremiere (21)_resize

When we learned what the movie was really about and it wasn’t going to be a ‘bash Madonna’ movie we were happy to help. The months that followed I updated the site regularly with updates surrounding the documentary. When the movie was finished and premiered in Berlin, I was so excited I had difficulty waiting for the Dutch release date.

I was very honored to learn that we were selected to be part of the official Dutch premiere at the EYE in Amsterdam on May 23, 2016. The premiere was an exclusive event for those that made this movie possible, including the production company, directors and dancers. Fred was joining me at the premiere and flew in especially. The dresscode was festive so we needed to drop our daily outfit and get into something stylish.

When we arrived at the EYE we were surprised seeing so many ‘Strike a Pose’ posters, billboards, postcards and goodie bags. Happy when we got one upon registering with the lady that checked people on the guestlist. We saw a red carpet and a lot of people in suits, even some ‘well known Dutch celebrities’. We were quite thirsty but drinking the free prosecco made it all better. There was a buzz in the air and we were completely excited to finally see the movie the best way possible.

We saw the people that attended the early screening leave, and afterwards got to enter the cinema for the 21.00 premiere. We were seated on the third row right behind the seats that were reserved for the dancers and directors. It was fully booked and some people were even left without seats.

The dancers walked in to a very warm welcoming applause and quickly took their seats.

What can I say about the movie? I won’t be using difficult grammar, just to make me seem like a very intelligent ‘writer’ applying for a job as a columnist at a serious newspaper. No, I’ll leave thasappremiere (47)_resizet to others.

From the start of the movie I was deeply impressed by how humble and sincere the guys were. How incredibly difficult this must’ve been for them, after 26 years talking about that time with Madonna and what happened to them after the tour. Discussing how difficult it was to hide the fact that for example Salim and Carlton were diagnosed with hiv before the tour started. How scared Carlton was to be kicked out of the tour, so he kept it a secret. How incredibly uncomfortable Salim was on stage when Madonna spoke to the audience about the passing of Keith Haring and that he had died of aids. He couldn’t wait to get off stage. Gabriel Trupin’s mother…….so sad.

How Jose’s mother wsappremiere (35)_resizeished for her son to have continued to show his incredible talents so he could buy her that certain house. Let’s not forget Oliver the parrot who used to be homophobic but completely changed when he met these guys. The beautiful Carlton that seems to be such a strong man, an invincible individual and a true inspiration. The legendary Luis and beautiful Kevin stea. While viewing the documentary you feel like you begin to really know them, feel like hugging them, telling them that they’re all so brave for doing this documentary. When they cry, you cry with them.

It’s very rare that I watch a movie and cry from start to finish but that’s what happened here. It moved me to such an extent that I wanted to hug them all and tell them how much I admire them and how important they are to so many people, and that they should never ever forget that. They have been role models ever since being on that stage in 1990 with The Lady M. They starred in the most iconic tour documentary ever made (Truth Or Dare) and now here they are, starring in their own extremely impressive Strike a Pose film.

Throughout the movie I noticed the guys were shedding tears just as much as I was. By the end of it I was so blown away I could not say a word without sobbing like a baby. I just really wanted to see it again, and again…..and again.

Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan have done an outstanding job on this documentary, I cannot put into words how important this movie is especially in this day and age. It’s a movie all about love, it is what we need right now. You can’t help but fall deeply in love with Jose, Luis, Salim, Carlton, Kevin and Oliver. They are all such unique characters and deserve every bit of love in this world and I with all my heart hope the very very best for them.

This documentary has done so well everywhere it has been screened and it deserves every award that it will get. I cannot rate this highly enough, I cannot tell you how this is a must see film for everyone out there. It will make you feel love again, trust me.

The Q&A that followed was equally as impressive and emotional….the speeches they gave. The speech by Oliver was heartbreaking…..I thanked God for my sappremiere (42)_resizewaterproof mascara. There was so much love in that room and everybody felt it. A complete surreal experience.

After the Q&A we got to go to the Amsterdam Tower next door and party with the lot on the 20th floor. It was so nice to be able to chat to Jose, Luis, Salim, Carlton, Oliver and Kevin again. Our merchandise was signed, they were happy to pose for pictures with anyone that came up to them. So much joy!

When it was time to leave I felt heartbroken to say goodbye to them, they already felt like family, like friends….like my ‘brothers’ and I am an only child….how in the Hell do I know what it feels like to have a brother?

If you want to know what love is…….Strike a Pose will show you

Kimberly van Pinxteren


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Strike A Pose: Topdocumentaire over dansers Madonna

Strike A Pose: Topdocumentaire over dansers Madonna

Madonna’s Vogue-dansers nu met (vanaf linksboven met de klok mee) Salim Gauwloos, Oliver Crumes, Carlton Welborn, Kevin Stea, Jose Gutierez en Luis Camacho.

Strike A Pose
Regie: Ester Gould en
Reijer Zwaan
Genre: documentaire
Waardering: 4 van de 5 ballen

Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour in 1990 was spraakmakend in veel opzichten: indrukwekkende decors, een choreografie vol seks en religieuze symbolen (de katholieke kerk stond op haar achterste benen), de beroemde punt-bh van Jean-Paul Gaultier, de documentaire In Bed With Madonna die naderhand uitkwam en de op de top van haar roem verkerende Madonna zelf, uiteraard.

Veel fans hebben vooral goede herinneringen aan die waanzinnig dansende, goed uitziende mannen door wie Madonna zich tijdens de tour liet omringen. Met name in de gayhoek groeiden ze uit tot rolmodellen. Stoer en trots oogden ze, waarmee ze in het aidstijdperk waarin The Blonde Ambition Tour plaatsvond, een periode waarin homo’s vaak in dubieus daglicht stonden, voor veel in de kast zittende of daar net uitgekomen pubers van grote betekenis waren. ‘Het was de eerste keer dat ik homo’s zag, homo’s die gewoon zichzelf waren’, aldus een Amerikaanse fan in de documentaire.

De zeven dansers deelden vier maanden lang lief, leed en schijnwerpers met Madonna, de op dat moment grootste ster ter wereld. Daarna verdwenen ze letterlijk van het toneel. In Strike A Pose worden ze daar weer even opgehesen door de Nederlandse regisseurs Ester Gould en Reijer Zwaan, die besloten om de mannen, van wie er een is overleden, vijfentwintig jaar na dato weer op te zoeken.

Madonna zelf, de spil van alles, komt niet in Strike A Pose voor. Althans, wel op archiefbeelden natuurlijk, maar niet om met Gould en Zwaan op deze episode in haar carrière terug te blikken. Het is het enige smetje. Voor de rest heeft Strike A Pose alles: vreugde, tragiek en lessen over de harde wetten van de showbizz. Het levert een documentaire op die lang blijft hangen.

Strike A Pose gaat op 26 mei in première in de Nederlandse bioscopen. 

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Madonna (and Stevie Wonder!) Perform Prince Tribute at Billboard Music Awards: ‘Thank You for All You Have Given Us’

Billboard Music Awards 2016: Madonna Performs Prince Tribute
Stevie Wonder and Madonna

Nothing compares to him.

Madonna paid tribute to late legend Prince Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Decked in a sparkly, paisley-print purple suit with a ruffled blouse and cane, Madonna, 57, sat on a purple throne as the monologue of Prince’s hit “Let’s Go Crazy” played overheard. Then, with a sparse backing band of strings and synths, she started into “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Madonna (and Stevie Wonder!) Perform Prince Tribute at Billboard Music Awards: ‘Thank You for All You Have Given Us’| Billboard Music Awards, Music News, Madonna, Prince
MadonnaThe solemn tribute continued after the song ended, when Stevie Wonder joined Madge onstage to close the show with “Purple Rain.”

As they honored the late legend – who unexpectedly died on April 21 – the crowd at the purple-lit T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas stood, as stars like Rihanna and the Weeknd sang along.

“Thank you, thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. And most of all, thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson, for all that you have given us. Thank you. Good night,” Madonna said after the performance.


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Tonight’s Billboard Music Awards ended with a special tribute to Prince, performed by the late icon’s close friend, Madonna.

After a beautiful introduction and tribute read by Questlove, the Queen of Pop performed a moving rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” wearing a purple Prince-inspired look while sitting on a purple throne chair. She was later joined on stage by Stevie Wonder for an emotional duet of “Purple Rain.”


At the end of their performance, Madonna thanked Stevie Wonder and then concluded the evening by thanking Prince, “Most of all, thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson, for all that you have given us.”

Watch a clip of Madonna and Wonder’s moving “Purple Rain” duet below:

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Madonna Silenced The Haters With Her Touching Prince Tribute

Stevie Wonder and Madonna

After an intense week of fan furor over the Billboard Music Awards’ choice to have Madonna perform a tribute to Prince, the pop icon closed the show with a solid, not-terrible tribute — and showed why she was a smart choice for the job all along.

She didn’t exactly sound wonderful — pitchy at times, screeching at others. But Madonna’s never really been a vocalist. She’s a performer and entertainer, and that’s where she succeeded. Madonna didn’t match the purple one’s vocal prowess, but she did give us a feeling (almost) worthy of Prince: dramatically revealing herself in a purple throne; wearing a shimmery purple suit; and white lace that harkened back to the era when he became a megastar.

“Nothing Compares 2 U” was the perfect choice of opener, and the montage of gothic, cemetery imagery flashing words including “Immortality” and “Brother” helped convey the appropriate (if a bit creepy) level of sadness. Their closing rendition of “Purple Rain” was decent, unremarkable even, but the fact is that very few people on the planet can do justice to a Prince song, especially now.

But what Madonna most got right was sandwiching herself between Questlove and Stevie Wonder. She was in a tricky spot, since the people who petitioned against her felt Madonna had little in common with Prince, versus more skilled musicians/vocalists. Friends of Prince including Wonder, Chaka Khan and Sheila E. came to mind. Accusations of “whitewashing” (when a white artist becomes the face of a form people of color invented) were bubbling up — a charge Madonna herself had heard before, especially after “Vogue.”

The controversy got so intense that Billboard Awards executive producer Mark Bracoo felt compelled to release a statement: “I think everybody is entitled to their opinion… but I will say that we are honored and could not be more excited for Madonna to be on the show.”

Madonna had to do something to silence the haters, and bringing out Questlove, who DJ’d for Prince and became a friend, to do a touching intro; and then living legend Stevie Wonder was a masterstroke. She got to do what she wanted (as always) and put other artists who have the cred she lacks (again, as always) into her work.

In the end, she deserved to be there. Madonna invented the blueprint for pop music celebrity alongside Prince and Michael Jackson. Apart from Janet Jackson, she’s arguably the only living performer even in that league still alive. To boot, they were actual friends: Madonna was on stage at a Prince concert just last year, and according her manager, she was enthusiastic about touring with him. She’s earned her place and right to do whatever the hell she wants, including standing on stage to sing a song in honor of her friend.

Prince’s bands were racially mixed, intentionally. His tradition of playing with boundaries and fixed identity (“Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay?,” he sang on “Controversy”) suggests that he’s probably in heaven shaking his head at racial fighting, when the entire point of his musical catalogue was enlightenment and people coming together out of love.

So Madonna proved herself, and silenced the haters. The better question, though, is why there was only one Prince tribute. Prince had at least 40 – 40! – Hot 100 Billboard hits, at least 10 of them songs we all know well enough to sing in our sleep. Prince literally helped change the music business, Billboard’s primary area of focus.

Surely the “greatest musical talent of his generation,” as the magazine called him in an April tribute issue, could’ve got a little more time to shine. Surely Justin, Rihanna, Ariana, Britney, Pink and all the other young performers at the ceremony know they owe Prince a massive debt for his influence on their music, marketing and look. It’s a shame producers didn’t show they felt the same way.


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Madonna & Stevie Wonder Pay Tribute to Prince at 2016 Billboard Music Awards

The announcement that Madonna would be paying tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards caused no shortage of controversy — perhaps understandably. After all, Prince was probably the greatest musical genius of his generation; while Madonna is a phenomenal talent at many things, her chops as a musician are maybe not at the top of that list.

But the tribute is much more fitting than it might seem to some. More than any other music stars, the two defined the ‘80s, and they enjoyed a kind of frenemy relationship that saw them collaborating several times over the years and hanging out even more — the most recent time that we know of was a late-night private concert at Paisley Parkin October that was attended by around 60 people, about half of whom were Madonna and her entourage, when she was in Minnesota on her Rebel Heart tour.

And while just one song has emerged from their brief period of collaboration around the time of Madonna’s Like a Prayer album (“Love Song,” although it’s Prince’s guitar you hear at the start of “Like a Prayer”), it wasn’t for lack of trying: There’s reportedly a Prince-produced version of “Like a Prayer” out there somewhere, and Madonna was originally slated to costar in Prince’s ultimately disastrous 1990 feature film Graffiti Bridge.

Madonna knew enough to go to an expert for some words of praise: Questlove, drummer of the Roots, musical director of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, lifelong Prince fan, expert (he’s taught a course on Prince’s music at New York University) and occasional collaborator. “All of us live in the land of music, and his departure from it was an earthquake,” he said, before making some comical remarks about “every time we hear a scream [he let out a squeak]… every time we see a yellow suit with the rear cut out…”

Prince’s full “Let’s Go Crazy” spoken intro played as the lights came up on a purple throne with its back to the audience — it slowly turned around to reveal Madonna, wearing a flawless suit clearly in homage to the ones Prince wore on the 1984-85 Purple Rain tour, with a cross hanging from her wrist and holding a cane, which Prince did in his last few years, including his performance at the 2013 BBMAs.

The music deftly shifted to “Nothing Compares 2 U,” which Madonna sang in Sinead O’Connor’s arrangement — accompanied by a string quartet, two singers, two keyboardists and a vaguely trap drum machine — playing it safe and nailing most of the notes. Tears were visible in her eyes by the end of the first verse.

She finished the song — and then, in a surprise, Stevie Wonder joined her onstage for a coda of the chorus from “Purple Rain.” Purple spotlights criss-crossed the arena as the crowd waved illuminated purple wristbands in time with the song, with Wonder leading a gospel-inflected a cappella breakdown of the chorus as the cameras panned to audience members, many of them in tears.

Stevie thanked Madonna, Madonna thanked Stevie, and then said, “And most of all, thank you Prince Rogers Nelson, for all that you have given us.” It was a perfect ending to a moving tribute.


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Madonna Asked Questlove to Write Prince Tribute for Billboard Music Awards

Madonna is set to perform in honor ofPrince at the Billboard Music Awards tonight (May 22), and she has a little extra in store.

Billboard Music Awards 2016: Complete Coverage

Billboard has learned that the Material Girl asked Questlove to share a few words about Prince.

And The Roots drummer has prepared a tribute to the late icon that will lead into Madonna’s performance at the ceremony.

Madonna to Honor Prince at the Billboard Music Awards

Prince unexpectedly passed away April 21 at the age of 57. Other details on Madonna’s tribute remain a closely guarded secret.

Britney Spears, Kesha, Celine Dion, Fifth Harmony, Troye Sivan, Rihanna, Ariana GrandeMeghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Nick Jonasand Tove Lo, Demi Lovato, Pink, The Go-Go’s, Shawn Mendes, Lukas Graham andDNCE are also set to perform at the show.

The Billboard Music Awards air May 22 on ABC.

More at Billboard

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Celebrating our 10th anniversary, huge giveaway! Join the competition now….lots of Madonna goodies #madonna

We are celebrating our 10th year online and of course we can’t let it pass without handing out some very nice Madonna goodies!

Throughout the years we have been very fortunate to have collaborated with a lot of people. To show our appreciation to our many visitors, we have arranged for a very nice goodie giveaway made available by the one and only original Madonna store in Paris ‘Lucky Records’, Warner Music Holland and MOJO.

  • Lucky Records have sent us 10 copies of the latest Spotlight magazine and a bunch of bookmarks for the giveaway.
  • Warner Music Holland provided us with 3 sealed copies of the European vinyl pressing of ‘Revolver’
  • MOJO were friendly enough to sent us 5 huge original Rebel Heart Tour posters for the Amsterdam stop (these are the large billboard posters, not the tiny ones)

We are very grateful for their input and support!

What do you have to do? Please share this picture on social media and tag #madonnaundergroundanniversary through Facebook (MadonnaUnderground) Instagram (@madonnaunderground) or Twitter (@madonnaundergr). Next to this, please add which item your prefer to win.

Important info, so please read! We will be handing out these gifts at the exclusive screening of ‘Truth Or Dare’ in the Kriterion next Friday during the afterparty in Amsterdam, if you win make sure you are able to come and pick it up there. If you won’t be able to make it to the party (or are abroad) please be aware that we cannot sent these items out for free. We are not a company, do not have an income as MadonnaUnderground is a 100% free organisation that does not ask for money. If you want one of the items and can’t make it to the Kriterion, please know that you need to be willing to pay for shipping fees only.

Note that we probably have a few more giveaways coming up later this year…



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Reminder: Win tickets to see ‘Strike a Pose’ (in Holland) and exclusive ‘Strike a Pose’ bag, ENTER NOW

In collaboration with Film Inc. we can present to you the following competition:
  • Win 3 x 2 tickets to see ‘Strike a Pose’ in the cinema (Holland)
  • The exclusive official ‘Strike a Pose’ promotional bag (x3)

What do you have to do? Share this picture on social media with the hashtag #strikeaposecompetition, share it on Twitter (@madonnaundergr) Instagram (@madonnaunderground) or Facebook(MadonnaUnderground). Enter until this upcoming Wednesday

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