The MDNA Tour in Paris photo gallery

Madonna performed at the Stade de France in Paris on this day during The MDNA Tour 10 years ago. There were signs right before the show advertising tonight’s show would be filmed. The Golden Triangle was packed with family and friends of the dancers and VIP’s. 

Madonna could be heard rehearsing “Die Another Day / Beautiful Killer” right before the show. Many people wondered if she was going to perform this tonight, including the rumored “Je t’Aime” as the Olympia gig hadn’t been announced yet. The songs came and went, but none of the rehearsed songs were performed. 

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The MDNA Tour in Brussels photo gallery

Madonna played Brussels during The MDNA Tour on this day 10 years ago. Despite many negative reports by Belgian press, the stadium was packed. Madonna treated her fans to an extensive rehearsal and various meetings with the crew. 

Unfortunately it was pouring rain throughout the show, but despite that Madonna performed “Like a Virgin” underneath an umbrella in a bra. Madonna asked the crowd to stop smoking but unfortunately people never honoured that request. She said that she had a bit of a cold and wasn’t too happy about playing in the pouring rain. 

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The MDNA Tour in Cologne Germany photo gallery

On this day 10 years ago The MDNA Tour played the Lanxess Arena in Cologne Germany. The Early Entry ticket holders were treated to a rare glimpse of Madonna rehearsing “Je t’Aime”, a song that would be performed later at the specially scheduled show in Olympia Paris. Madonna commented to the crew that they still had a lot of work to do regarding the track. 

During “Heartbeat / Best Friend” the screens went black for a second and during “Vogue” Lola walked into the Golden Triangle to cheer on dancer Chaz Buzan. Madonna asked a fan what Saggaro Jo meant, it was followed by a competition between fans who was able to scream “Saggaro Jo” the loudest. A lot of interaction between dancers and fans in the Golden Triangle, another fantastic show.

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The MDNA Tour Amsterdam July 8 2012 photo gallery

Madonna played the second of two nights during The MDNA Tour at the Ziggo Dome on this day ten years ago. Even though it was boiling hot the day before, today it was pouring rain. Madonna was in the middle of an extended rehearsal when the fans entered the Ziggo Dome. 

She performed another fantastic show and Rocco was present at both shows again, while being absent from the Berlin shows. Madonna addressed a rumor she heard of a marriage proposal during her show (right before “Masterpiece”) unfortunately Madonna was clueless as to whom had arranged this and therefore approached a random girl in the front row who responded to this ‘rumor’. Shame on the girl for stealing the moment. 

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Madonna Going Bananas Blue Vinyl Limited Edition

A new independent release on blue vinyl of a live recording of The Girlie Show is coming up.

“Going Bananas” will be released on July 15th, the is ROXMB006-BLUE


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The MDNA Tour in Amsterdam PRO-SHOT gallery

Madonna played tourist while she was staying in Amsterdam for her MDNA Tour on this day 10 years ago. Madonna treated her Amsterdam stay as a short holiday, she was staying at the Conservatorium Hotel while the crew stayed at the Amstel Hotel.

Madonna rented the stunningly beautiful Tuschinski movie theater to watch an English subtitled “Intouchables” with Brahim and the crew. She rode the canals with Brahim and visited the Anne Frank House. She later described her Amsterdam stay as most relaxing and joyful. The first show she performed at the Ziggo Dome was another smash. There was a technical issue right after “Like a Virgin” as the trap door didn’t go down and she remained on stage for the beginning of “Nobody Knows Me”. She was eventually led off stage by a crew member and walked right behind the barriers of the Golden Triangle to disappear behind the curtains underneath the stage.

We were blessed with a press photo pass and therefore our crew member Hans photographed the first three songs professionally among the likes of photographers such as William Rutten.

Check out our PRO-SHOT gallery HERE and the regular gallery of the night HERE

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Madonna gets into the groove with ‘Finally Enough Love’

Madonna. It’s a name that conjures up a different image for everyone and when you’ve been in the music industry for as long, and become as synonymous with reinvention, as Madonna has, that’s bound to happen. For me, the first time I remember seeing Madonna was in the 2005 ‘Hung Up’ video, in the pink leotard and with Farrah Fawcett hair. On Finally Enough Love, Madonna celebrates her history of numbers ones on the dance charts, with this abridged 16-track version and a version with all 50 of her #1 dance hits to come. With the album following her extensive career, we’re taken through these career highs, each given a new life in remixes.

The album is organised in chronological order, taking you through Madonna’s musical evolution. We begin in the 1980s. The first two of these songs are taken directly from her first dance collection You Can Dance, itself released in 1987, so they each retain a distinct 80s feel. ‘Like a Prayer (7″ remix edit)’ trades in its iconic guitar intro by Prince to more immediately get into the dance parts of the song, but small elements like this are missed, though ‘Express Yourself (Remix Edit)’ is as anthemic as when it was first released, evoking the energy of her iconic Blonde Ambition tour.

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Madonna’s World Of Woman-Sponsored Concert Was A Strange Mix Of NFT Pitch And Variety Show

The tag line for NFT project World of Women’s combined Pride party and Madonna concert last week was“Finally Enough Love,” the title of her new remix album. For me, it may as well have been“Finally COVID.”

After nearly two-and-a-half years of successfully avoiding the virus, I popped hot on Sunday night, approximately 72 hours after attending the crowded event at Manhattan’s Terminal Five. Just across the Triboro Bridge in Astoria, my brother, my plus one to the event, also tested positive for the first time.

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Madonna covers Women in Pop magazine

Issue 12 of Women In Pop magazine is on sale now, featuring the iconic Madonna on the cover! You can order your copy for delivery direct to your door right here

Picture (or remember) this: there was once a universe in which no one had heard of Madonna. There was a time before ‘Like a Virgin’, and ‘Like a Prayer’, and ‘Vogue’; before the sellout tours and the provocative interviews and the fashion we’ll never forget. But forty years ago, in October 1982, Madonna’s first official single hit the airwaves, and mainstream pop would soon change forever. It’s the perfect time for a highlight reel, decade by decade, of Madonna’s rise to pop immortality. Join us as we revel in Madonna’s truly outstanding four-decade reign across ten glorious pages.


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Madonna was already a superstar after the success of her second album, Like a Virgin (1984). With third studio effort, True Blue, released June 30, 1986, she became a mega-star, elevating to one of the biggest and most popular artists in the world.

With the new album came a new Madonna, sporting a fresh, revitalized image: “After a while, I got sick of wearing tons of jewelry,” the singer told New York Times that year. “I wanted to clean myself off. I see my new look as very innocent and feminine and unadorned. It makes me feel good. Growing up, I admired the kind of beautiful glamorous woman – from Bridget Bardot to Grace Kelly – who doesn’t seem to be around much anymore. I think it’s time for that kind of glamour to come back.”

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The MDNA Tour Berlin June 30 photo gallery

On this day 10 years ago, Madonna completed her two-night run at the O2 in Berlin for her MDNA Tour. Starting again on her steady 22.15 time slot, she performed an even better show than the first night in Berlin.

However some technical difficulties during “Gang Bang” as the motel room became tangled in some wires and was sliding onto the stage sideways. Thankfully the tech crew was there fast to prevent it from landing inside the Triangle. The motel room decided not to cooperate again on a later date in Birmingham.

By now we knew after Madonna’s speech that if we say “Sagarra Jo MotherF***ers” we actually mean that we are standing up for our rights and stepping on apples.

The crew was loving the Dutch sugary wafers we brought, and we were told they were all very much looking forward traveling to Amsterdam. 

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Unseen Madonna photos at Galerie de l’Instant in Paris

The stunning photographs taken by Kenji Wakasugi of Madonna while on her “Like a Virgin” promo tour in Japan, can be admired at Galerie de l’Instant in Paris.

Unfortunately the large screen print wasn’t part of the exposition as it was still with customs. The creators of the gorgeous “Adore” book, that includes all the photographs were present as well. A new book by NJG Studio might be coming our way soon. 

Check out the photo gallery below

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The MDNA Tour in Berlin June 28 photo gallery

On this day 10 years ago Madonna played the first of two nights at the O2 in Berlin during The MDNA Tour in 2012. There was a ‘very’ important soccer match that same evening, Germany had to play against Italy. According to various media reports people were offering their Madonna tickets for free as seeing the match mattered more. Despite reports, the arena was packed! 

Madonna started her show again at 22.15 and managed to get her heel stuck in her pants during “Human Nature”, “oopsy daisy” she said. She forgot a few words during “Open Your Heart” but performed another stellar show. The crowd was a bit tame (maybe that was because Germany lost against Italy?) but did come alive during “Like a Prayer”

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