Mirwais: “There was an immediate click between Madonna and me”

How did you go from Taxi Girl, a cult, but little-known band, to a superstar like Madonna?

Strangely enough, when I started working with her on Music (Editor’s note: her album released in 2000), I didn’t change anything in my sound. This is the electronic universe that I created. There was an immediate click between Madonna and me. I didn’t want to go into the “french touch” universe of Daft Punk or Air which was all the rage at the time. I was one of the first to use autotune (Editor’s note: software that modifies the voice), just after Cher.

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The Number Ones: Madonna’s “Vogue”

The underground — any underground — tends to find peculiar and unintended routes into the spotlight. Madonna was always a creature of New York club culture, and it wasn’t particularly out of character for her to get interested in a particular facet of that culture, which kept evolving after she got famous. But it was pretty weird that Madonna managed to take a small slice of the deep underground and mainstream the absolute hell out of it. And it was also pretty weird that Madonna pulled this off with a would-be B-side that got stapled onto the hoochie-coochie retro-cabaret album that she’d recorded as a tie-in with her big summer-blockbuster movie.

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VIDEO: Madonna Shares New Trailer for MADAME X Concert Special

Madonna has released a new trailer for the highly-anticipated film capture of her intimate 2019 tour in support of her album “Madame X”. The concert special will premiere October 8 on Paramount Plus.

Madame X was the music icon’s fifteenth studio album, following 2015’s Rebel Heart. The album was released to critical acclaim. The album’s tour, which played small theater venues, was named as one of Billboard’s best live shows of 2019.

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Madonna rocks veil and latex at MTV Video Music Awards after-party after jaw-dropping surprise appearance

Madonna opened the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards with a surprise appearance and if you don’t mind us we’re just re-setting our jaws after they plunged to the floor in an almighty death drop.

The absolute icon and queen of pop opened the show on Sunday night, to the shock of everyone, in a fitting appearance that harked back to her opening performance at the first VMAs in 1984 with her hit Like a Virgin.

Clad in a Burberry trench, the 63-year-old star walked on stage to her 1990 song Vogue before she stripped off and revealed a BDSM-inspired PVC outfit

Just like a prayer, indeed.

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Madonna hits the VMA after-parties in a wedding veil teamed with a leather bodysuit and fishnet tights… after her VERY raunchy surprise opening performance at the ceremony

Following her racy performance as the opening act at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, Madonna was sure to turn heads once more as she hit an after party in New York City.

The 63-year-old chanteuse – who received a standing ovation as she took the stage at Barclays Center on Sunday following her surprise performance – went for an even quirkier vibe than she did on stage, donning a white wedding veil with a sexy black leather bodysuit.

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Madame X is a secret agent traveling the world, and her latest top-secret mission took her to New York’s Times Square where she opened the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

Madonna is no stranger to the award show’s stage, she has caused a commotion numerous times on the VMAs, racking up an impressive 20 moonpeople over the course of her career, including a 1986 Video Vanguard Award, making her the first female recipient of the award in VMAs history.

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Madonna shocks VMAs audience as surprise opening act on MTV

Madonna pretty much put the M into MTV back  when the music television network was just getting started in the ’80s.

So it was only fitting that the Material Girl — now the Material Sexagenarian — would open the 2021 VMAs to help restore order to the awards show, which, in its first attempt to go back to its pre-pandemic glitz, returned to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Sunday night.

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Madonna Brought the Leather-Clad Nostalgia to 2021 MTV VMAs

Madonna made a surprise appearance at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards to kick off the event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Embed from Getty Images

Following a visual of Madonna arriving in New York City in a yellow taxi, the legendary pop star came out on stage to her in 1990 hit “Vogue” in a full leather getup to commemorate the 40th anniversary of MTV.

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Madonna Celebrates 40 Years of MTV for VMAs Opening; Unveils ‘Madame X’ Trailer

“And they said we wouldn’t last, but we are still here, motherfuckers!”

With those words, Madonna opened the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, which along with her iconic 40-year career as the Queen of Pop, is also celebrating the network’s four-decades-long anniversary.

The pop legend nodded to her own arrival in New York City as a 19-year-old with an opening segment. “I told the taxi driver tp take me to the center of it all,” says Madonna in a voice over while riding the cab to Times Square. “I came to New York City with nothing but 35 dollars and a pair of dance shoes. … I was 19 and terrified.”

Celebrating MTV’s birth, Madonna continued: “Forty years ago, another underdog arrived in New York City hoping to create something revolutionary and all music channel premiered in the middle of the night and called itself MTV. We found each other and from from then on changed my life, changed music and created a new art form. That’s why there’s only one place to be tonight.”

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