Record Store Day 2017 – personal report by Dave Crombeen

Record Store Day 2017 update from Barcelona!

While on vacation I didn’t want to set my alarm, but I woke up on time. I arrived at the store at 10am, I found out that they received quite a lot of the Madonna records. 

I was allowed to buy a maximum of two which is very reasonable in my opinion. It was extremely crowded but got what I came for. In another store the same experience, I also bought a RSD17 special by Diana Ross, Jamiroquai and Dave Clarke.

Dave Crombeen

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Record Store Day 2017 – personal report

As we mentioned quite a while ago this year’s Record Store Day included another Madonna goodie; Dance Mix vinyl originally released in Argentina in 1985.

Last year we all had the chance to purchase a fabulous re-issue of Madonna’s Like a Virgin & Other Big Hits on pink vinyl, however it seemed that the Dance Mix was definitely more limited than last year’s release.

We learned that only two of the six participating stores in Amsterdam actually received the Madonna record (and only just a few). The advise was to get up early and queue (something we Madonna fans are all too familiar with).

I arrived at 7.15am expecting to see a large queue already, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was the first to arrive. It wasn’t until 8am that another record hunter joined me, once the time passed more people showed up and luckily we were all out to find a different record (so no fear that someone else would snatch my Madonna vinyl).

We learned that fellow record store Concerto was extremely crowded and a huge queue had formed, thank God I made the right choice to visit Velvet Music instead. When the clock finally struck 9am we got to go in and to my distress all the records were put in different crates without any labelling, so that meant digging! Unfortunately this meant everyone started to search frantically and of course I was digging in the wrong crates, so thankful to the lady who knew I was searching for Madonna as she found the record and quickly handed it over to me. 

The store only received three and were gone in the first five minutes, if it hadn’t been for this lady I probably would’ve missed out (and waited since 7.15 for nothing, not really a first come first serve kinda thing).

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Vision Quest upcoming blu-ray release by Warner Archive – May 16, 2017

NEW 2017 1080p HD REMASTER
BD 50
English SDH
DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 STEREO – English
Theatrical Trailers- (HD)

Region A (B, C untested)

May 16, 2017

High school wrestler Louden Swain is a man obsessed, trying to shed 23 pounds in a dangerously short time and take on Shute, the undefeated, tough-as-nails 168-pound champion who’s the best wrestler in the state. Matthew Modine stars as the mop-headed student undeterred in his Vision Quest…until the day a sexy drifter (Linda Fiorentino) threatens to pin Louden and his dreams to the mat of unrequited love. The hit soundtrack features Journey’s “Only the Young,” Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” and John Waite’s “Change.” In her first film, Madonna shines while performing “Gambler” and “Crazy for You.” You’ll go crazy for Vision Quest.

Warner Archive

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Madonna’s image projected onto Empire State Building in honor of BAZAAR’s 150th anniversary

While the Empire State Building is known for changing from shades of red to blue and everything in between, tonight’s light show will take on a bit different fashion; fashion photography from some of Harper’s BAZAAR’s most iconic shoots and cultural moments.

In honor of BAZAAR’s 150th anniversary and presented in partnership with Tiffany & Co., glossy pages will turn into sky-high projections, flooding the city with some of fashion’s greatest. Think unforgettable covers (Rihanna’s Jaws cover, anyone?) to stunning editorials that have highlighted the premier of seasons past.

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Madonna’s Erotica is Slant Magazine’s #2 best album of 1992

The 10 Best Albums of 1992


Madonna, Erotica

No Madonna album was ever met with a louder backlash or was more rampantly misrepresented than this dark masterpiece, so you know it was doing something right. Released on the tail end of AIDS hysteria, Erotica is far from the opus to guiltless sexual fulfillment it—and its even more ridiculed accompanying tome Sex—was made out to be. Though there’s no doubt it espouses taking joy in physical pleasure (“Let me remind you in case you don’t already know/Dining out can happen down below”), no album seems more empathetically haunted by the act’s countless side effects (i.e. “Bad Girl,” “Thief of Hearts,” a purposefully monotonous house cover of Peggy Lee’s “Fever”). Underneath Madonna’s bondage getup and Shep Pettibone’s oversized drum tracks beats a truly pained heart. Henderson

More at SLANT magazine

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Madonna: Into the Groove of an Icon (Ian Phillips’ upcoming book)

Madonna: Into the Groove of an Icon which is due out on 1 august 2017 will be available through all the usual channels like Waterstones, amazon etc .

Waterstones have now started taking pre-orders here.

Pop icon Madonna has always provoked strong feelings in the media. While Ian Phillips’ book focuses largely on her discography, he also highlights the reactions in the media and the public to her work over the years, and takes a closer look at how her work has changed, and how the reactions have changed along with it. An icon, revered or loathed in almost equal measure, she has sold over 300 million singles and albums worldwide, placing her in the Guiness Book of Records as the Most Successful Female Artist of All Time. As time has passed and Madonna has continued to renew herself over and over, the media has often turned on her and ridiculed her based on her age and not her music. As she continues to break boundaries and cause controversy, Ian Phillips has taken a closer look at the influence her music has had over the years, and whether there is a good reason for the bad treatment she has received at the hands of the media as she got older, or whether we are looking at ageism, sexism and bullying,, or all three…

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705797

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Madonna 12″ers+2 Japan promo cassette – added to discography!

One of the most valuable and rarest Madonna collectibles around: the withdrawn Japanese promo cassette for canceled project 12″ers + 2.

Warner Music came so far as to the design the artwork and tracklisting for what was meant to be Madonna’s first remix album, it is unknown why the project was canceled. The promo cassette was issued with fabulous Virgin Tour artwork (in the same style of the Dress You Up single cover) and issued in white cassette case. 

Nothing was pretty much known about this scrapped project until offered the promo cassette for sale quite a few years ago, that specific cassette was purchased and later featured in Record Collector magazine. That cassette is now in the possession of yours truly and has been scanned by us and added to the ‘promo only’ section of our discography. We know currently of the existance of only three known copies in the world at the moment of this promo cassette, a fantastic item!

Visit the disography now

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Shep Pettibone sues for ‘Vogue’ THIS IS BOGUE-US, PAY ME NOW!

The famed producer behind Madonna‘s “Vogue” says he’s getting the short end of the stick — to the tune of half a million bucks — because the record label’s out for payback.

Shep Pettibone, producer extraordinaire — who’s worked with Madge, Janet JacksonPaula Abdul and a ton of other artists — says WB Music Corp owes him a ton of back royalties for the 1990 mega hit.

It appears everything was fine up until 2012 … when Shep and WB were sued for allegedly jacking “Vogue” from someone else. In his lawsuit, Shep says they both came out victorious in that case, but the label spent a ton on lawyers — more than $700k, according to docs.

The mega producer says WB’s been withholding royalties since then to cover that massive legal bill. Translation: we forked out the dough to defend your song … now you owe us.

Shep ain’t buyin’ that theory though, and says his contract with the label doesn’t give them the right to hold back his “Vogue” dollars.

He believes he’s been screwed out of as much as $500k, and wants a judge to force WB Music to hand over the loot.

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Madonna’s unforgettable wedding weekend story

On Friday morning, actress Debi Mazar saw a familiar photo in her Instagram feed: a shot of herself and her late friend, artist Keith Haring, taken by their friend, artist Maripol. In the picture, a young Mazar peers at the camera as Haring, more clearly in focus, looks on behind her. Mazar shared the photo on her own account immediately. “I was like, ‘Aw, Keith,’ ” she told Vanity Fair on a phone call Friday. “I think of Keith all the time, because his work is so present, and being much a part of what is so present and current in today’s climate—in terms of equality, immigration, sexuality, so many things.”

As she looks more at the photo, though, Mazar said she also thinks of the weekend in 1985 that it was taken, which happened to be the weekend of her friend Madonna’s wedding to Sean Penn in Los Angeles. Those few days marked Mazar’s first-ever trip to L.A.—and a memorable one, at that.

Complete story on Vanity Fair website, click HERE

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Madonna collectibles at the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht – report!

The mega record and CD fair in Utrecht is almost at the end of its first day, and what a day it has been!

The last record fair in November was already very promising (dealer from all over the world finally brought some real collectible records instead of the tons and tons of cheap looking vinyl bootlegs that have been around forever), but this fair was something else!

Not only were there TONS of rare Madonna goodies, a lot of dealers thankfully saved them for the real fans (collectors) instead of selling them to fellow dealers just so that the other party could make a profit off of them. Good going dealers!





A few definite highlights:

  • Original sales presenters for You Can Dance, Who’s That Girl and I’m Breathless
  • Rare South African CD singles and vinyl
  • Japanese promo 7″ Live To Tell on white vinyl WITH Promotional postcard inserted!
  • Japanese Like a Virgin 7″ with survey AND fabulous mini promo calendar!
  • Various rare vinyl pressings from Portugal, Spain and Italy
  • The Like a Prayer promo box set
  • Media presskits, promotional pictures, fanzines….
  • You name it, they had it!

Below in the gallery are the items purchased by our team and will also be photographed / scanned separately in HD for you to view on MadonnaUnderground. The fair is open tomorrow from 10am, the next fair is in November. Do not miss out!

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Rare Madonna Mixes 4 early LP’s added to discography

We have added a total of four different early Madonna remix LP’s to the discography under the ‘various’ tab.

First up is a rare Dutch Best of 12inch versions LP with stunning artwork, rarely seen. We have also added a rare early pressing of the well known Madonna Mix LP with alternate artwork on front and back cover. Last is the Dance Mix LP from Argentina which will be re-issued for Record Store Day 2017.

Check them all out in our Discography under ‘VARIOUS’ tab

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Mega record and CD fair Utrecht this weekend – discount code

Reminder! It’s time for the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht tomorrow! We supplied a discount code for all those wanting to buy tickets in the presale, here is your chance to use this again:

We have a discount code for all of our visitors heading to worlds’ largest record and CD fair in Utrecht on April 8 and 9.

The code is: Love3, use this and you will be charged EUR11,50 instead of EUR14. Order your tickets now through 

We’ll see you there!

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