‘Human Nature’ Original Video Script to the stunning music video added

This original used video script to Madonna’s stunning music video ‘Human Nature’ has just been added to our Bedtime Stories Album Promo page. 

This script comes from our own collection. Video was shot during May 6 + 7 1995, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the video script comes with details such as time tables and locations. 

A huge lot of Bedtime Stories era memorabilia and press articles coming up!

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Madonna posing with Tom Jones and Caresse Henry – rare original photo!

This never before seen picture taken backstage at the recording of Wetten Dass where Madonna was to promote ‘Bedtime Stories’, has been added to our Bedtime Stories album promo page (memorabilia section).

Madonna performed both Secret and Take a Bow and sat down for an interview, this stunning picture was taken backstage with Tom Jones and Caresse Henry which was her manager at the time.

This original picture belonged to the private collection of Caresse Henry, who is sadly no longer with us. 

We will updating the Bedtime Stories album promo page with many new items very soon, so stay tuned!

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‘Strike a Pose’ on German ARTE TV tonight!

‘Strike a Pose’ retitled ‘Express Yourself’ will air on German TV Arte this evening from 21.45 – 22.45.

Be sure to catch it!

Auf ihrer legendären “Blond Ambition Tour”, 1990, schockierte Madonna die Öffentlichkeit. Unvergessen bis heute ihre “Masturbations-Szene”, ein Tabubruch.

Während der Tournee trat sie provokativ für die Rechte Homosexueller ein, kämpfte gegen die damals noch neue Krankheit AIDS. Im Vorfeld hatte sie sieben Tänzer gecastet, die sie bei ihren Auftritten begleiteten: Carlton, Gabriel, Luis, Jose, Oliver und Kevin. Wild, talentiert und blutjung waren sie, und sechs von ihnen schwul.

Die Truppe wurde begleitet von einem Filmteam, das die Tournee-Wochen für den Dokumentarfilm “In Bed with Madonna” dokumentierte. Die Aufnahmen gingen um die Welt.

Sie zeigten den Weltstar ganz persönlich, als Freundin und als “Mutter” ihrer sieben Tänzer. Eine eingeschworene Gruppe, entschlossen, den Kampf gegen eine homophobe Öffentlichkeit aufzunehmen.

Doch was damals so harmonisch wirkte, hatte seine Schattenseiten. In “In Bed with Madonna” sieht man Gabriel im innigen Kuss mit einem der anderen Tänzer.

Damals ein Skandal – und Gabriels Coming-Out. Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte er sein großes Geheimnis streng gehütet.

Er flehte Madonna an, die Szene aus dem Film zu nehmen, schließlich verklagte er sie. In den Akten kann man Madonnas Antwort lesen: I was making a statement.

Für ihre Botschaft war die Sequenz unverzichtbar. Hintergrundinformationen: Das große Thema des Films von Ester Gould und Reijer Zwaan ist diese Kluft zwischen der politischen Botschaft, die viele Menschen auf der Welt bis heute bewegt, und der nicht sichtbaren Realität dahinter. 25 Jahre nach der “Blond Ambition Tour” treffen die sechs verbliebenen Tänzer nun erstmals aufeinander und erzählen, wie es ihnen nach der Tournee ergangen ist.

Sie beschreiben mit ergreifenden Worten und in ausdrucksstarkem Tanz, welche Auswirkungen die Zeit mit Madonna auf sie hatte, auf ihre Karriere, ihre Identität und ihr Leben. Und zum ersten Mal treffen sie sich wieder.

Die Sendung ist auch eine Woche im Internet auf ARTE Concert zu sehen: concert.arte.tv

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Madonna Biographies & photobooks + books by Madonna brand new feature online

Just completed our new feature: Madonna Books.

This includes various books that have been published about Madonna from biographies to photo books, all scanned from our private collection. Of course we have also included the books by Madonna, such as the infamous SEX from 1992 and her range of Childrens’ books.

We will be updating this feature shortly with galleries of Madonna’s book promotions soon!

Books has been added in our menu under ‘Various‘, the direct link is HERE.

Our ‘Live Reports’ on Madonna has been added to ‘Live’ in the menu.


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The Immaculate Collection 2LP Colored Vinyl Rhino’s Start Your Ear Off Right limited to 6500 copies

LOS ANGELES – Last January, Rhino launched its first ever “Start Your Ear Off Right” campaign, releasing titles from some their most revered artists as a special campaign in the month of January. Having been met with rousing reception last year from fans and record stores alike, Rhino is returning again in 2017 with another formidable batch of releases. Beginning on Tuesday, January 10, and continuing each Tuesday through the rest of the month, Rhino will release new vinyl titles from some of the most celebrated acts in music including Cheap Trick, Foreigner, Lil’ Kim, Madonna, The Cars, The Replacements, The Stooges and Yes, many of them limited editions. Full details are listed below. These will be available only at participating brick and mortar retail outlets. For a full list, please visit https://www.rhino.com/syeor

Rhino is also bringing back it’s highly sought-after wall calendar, which until last year’s “Start Your Ear Off Right” launch, was a music industry-only perk for record label employees, radio DJs, journalists, record store owners, and other insiders. For a limited time, anyone who purchases one of the “Start Your Ear Off Right” releases at participating music retailers will receive a free copy of the Rhino calendar, while supplies last. Barnes & Noble customers will receive a unique, limited edition vinyl cleaning cloth with any “Start Your Ear Off Right” purchase.

Cheap Trick – Woke Up With A Monster
1-LP on 140-gram black vinyl, limited edition of 3,500 copies, $19.98

Dead Boys – Young, Loud, & Snotty
1-LP on green vinyl, limited edition of 4,500 copies, $21.98

Dee Dee King – Standing In The Spotlight
1-LP on 180-gram black vinyl, limited edition of 3,500 copies, $21.98

Fast Times At Ridgemont High – Music From The Motion Picture
2-LP set, limited edition of 5,500 copies, $29.98

Foreigner – Head Games
1-LP picture disc, limited edition of 5,000 copies, $21.98

Hootie And The Blowfish – Cracked Rear View
1-LP on clear / yellow / black vinyl, limited edition of 5,500 copies, $21.98

Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
1-LP on Psychedelic vinyl, limited edition of 4,000 copies, $22.98

John Prine – John Prine
1-LP 180-gram black vinyl, limited edition of 3,500 copies, $21.98

Junior Mafia – Conspiracy
2-LP Set, limited edition of 3,500 copies, $29.98

Lil’ Kim – Hard Core
2-LP Set, limited edition, of 3,500, $29.98

Lupe Fiasco – Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor
2-LP set on purple vinyl, limited edition of 2,500 copies, $29.98

Madonna – Immaculate Collection
2-LP set on blue / white marble vinyl and gold vinyl, limited edition of 6,500 copies, $34.98

The Cars – My Best Friend’s Girl
1-LP picture disc, limited edition of 4,000 copies, $14.98

The Dictators – Bloodbrothers
1-LP red vinyl, limited edition of 2,500 copies, $19.98

The Replacements – All Shook Down
1-LP, $19.98

The Replacements – Don’t Tell A Soul
1-LP, $19.98

The Replacements – Please To Meet Me
1-LP, $19.98

The Replacements – Tim
1-LP, $19.98

The Stooges – Fun House
1-LP on orange and black swirl vinyl, limited edition of 6,000 copies, $21.98

Yes – Going For The One
1-LP picture disc, limited edition of 4,500 copies, $21.98

More at InnocentWords

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Carrie Fisher and Madonna interviewed each other for Rolling Stone in the ’90s, and as expected, it was wonderful

Celebrities interviewing other celebrities? It’s a beautiful thing. InStyle did it recently with Reese Witherspoon and Dolly Parton, and as it turns out, Rolling Stone had Carrie Fisher interview Madonna way back in the early ’90s.

These types of interviews are incredible since a whole new level of comfort emerges between interview chatter — especially if the two stars are fans of each other. For this particular piece, Fisher was the one in charge of taking notes on Madonna.

The interview took place back in 1991, and Rolling Stone had published it in two parts, in two separate issues. (Remember, this is well before they had a web presence.) Due to the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher, the popular magazine decided to re-publish the interview online, and let the world — especially those who missed issues #606 and #607 — check it out again.

Here are some of the best parts of the interview:

1. This was Fisher’s first interview ever.

While she obviously had a lot of experience with the press herself, she never had the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of her own idols for a magazine feature. Prior to the interview, she noted that while she had met Madonna before, this was the first chance for the two of them to truly have a conversation.

2. Fisher’s wardrobe, in comparison to Madonna’s, was pretty predictable.

Magazines today often include what a particular celebrity is wearing at the time of the interview. Fisher did just that — the interview took place at two separate locations, and Fisher noted Madonna’s eccentric ensemble during both.

“Madonna wore gold lamé; I probably wore black. The last sessions took place in the offices of her manager, Freddy DeMann. Madonna wore a negligee; I probably wore black,” Fisher wrote.

And, this is one of the many reasons why we love her. She always kept it casual.

3. Fisher was the second choice to do the interview.

We’re so glad that Carrie Fisher was picked instead of the originally rumored choice — Norman Mailer. Nothing against Mailer, but as Fisher noted, the piece would have been severely different.

“No doubt that Norman on Madonna would have been a historic piece,” Fisher noted. “But this time around, history was not in the budget. Unfortunately or not, I was. So a lot of money was saved, and history was not made. Or made, at least, of cruder material. Discount history, at those low, low, no-mailer prices.”

If only she knew.

4. Fisher and Madonna saw the same shrink.

And funny enough, mentioning that is exactly how Fisher decided to start her interview.

5. She could have lost her virginity to Warren Beatty, but chose not to.

If she did, the interview would have been a bit more interesting. Madonna, who had a 15-month relationship with the actor, asked her if they had slept together, and Fisher denied it.

He offered to relieve me of the huge burden of my virginity,” Fisher responded. “Four times. That was the big offer. I decided against it. I decided for reality over anecdote.”


6. Fisher always wanted to be a boss.

In fact, she blamed her height — which was at 5’1″ and a half — as to why. She mentioned she wanted to direct, in order to feel a little more powerful amongst the men of the industry. (Madonna, for the record, stated that she’s 5’4″ and a half.)

7. Fisher credits Madonna for being part of her recovery.

Fisher was in rehabilitation for drugs around the time Madonna started hitting it big.

“The drug addicts only wanted to watch Star Trek, MTV or The Twilight Zone,” Fisher said. “You were part of my recovery, dancing and writhing on the floor.”

The rest of the interview — every bit of it worth perusing — reads much like a conversation between two friends, and Rolling Stone should be proud of themselves for posting it. The more we learn about the lives of both of these incredibly talented women, the better.


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Madonna on the set of ‘Material Girl’ with Mary Lambert – original press photo added

This original genuine press photo of Madonna on the set of ‘Material Girl’ posing with director Mary Lambert has just been added to our Like a Virgin album promo page (memorabilia section).

This original photo was used in Life magazine as mentioned on the back of the photo in handwriting: Life May ’86 p. 86. 

It was on the set of recording the video to ‘Material Girl’ that Madonna met her husband to be Sean Penn.

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Niki and Donna “Let There Be Peace On Earth” Special Holiday single

a3601074555_10Niki Haris and Donna De Lory have just released their Holiday single – “Let There Be Peace On Earth” which is only available for sale on Bandcamp, or as a free track when you pledge to their PledgeMusic Campaign.
I don’t have to mention that their voices are in absolute beautiful harmony together which doesn’t even require music for an accompanying melody. Here they deliver a stunningly stripped down laid bare track, that truly is all about that (the harmonies), with barely any music you can almost classify this as an A Cappella track. If you weren’t in the Holiday spirits yet, this gorgeous single might just do that still. 
The single can be purchased here
Anyone who pledges to the Niki and Donna PledgeMusic campaign will get access to a free download of the track! 
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Book on Madonna’s history with Bay City makes Rolling Stone best-of list

BAY CITY, MI — A book charting Bay City’s historical dealings with its most famous daughter has been recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the year’s best documents.

The magazine on Dec. 21 published its writers’ picks for the 10 Best Music Books of 2016. Among the selections was author Alina Simone’s “Madonnaland and Other Detours Into Fame and Fandom.”

“Writing about a figure that already has countless words dedicated to her, singer/writer Alina Simone gives us a fuller, weirder and more interesting overview of Madonna than we may have thought possible,” Jason Diamond wrote. “By exploring Madonna’s hometown of Bay City, Michigan, ‘Madonnaland’ looks at the world that created the performer, the town that she left behind and the people whose lives she has changed. It’s the way Simone presents her story that’s most riveting, whether it’s looking at idiosyncratic figures from the pop star’s home state (Question Mark and the Mysterians; forgotten and collector-beloved band Flying Wedge) or her own journey from pop music fandom to indie rock.”

Other books on the list include Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography “Born to Run,” Phil Collins’ memoir “Not Dead Yet,” and “Trouble Boys,” the biography of seminal Midwestern punk rockers the Replacements.

Madonna, for the uninitiated, was born in Bay City’s Mercy Hospital — now Bradley House, 100 15th St. — on Aug. 16, 1958. A controversy arose in 1987 after a televised interview the pop singer had with Jane Pauley, wherein Madonna described Bay City as “a little, smelly town in northern Michigan.” A couple of sentences later, she clarified “I have great affection for Bay City,” a clause that was apparently forgotten in the public memory.

The 138-page book was published March 1 by the University of Texas Press, which had commissioned Simone to pen a biography of Madonna. As part of her research, the New York-based Simone visited Bay City in February 2014 to attend a Madonna seminar hosted by local music historian Gary Johnson.

From its first sentence, the book is steeped in Bay City lore, with Johnson featured prominently throughout. The city’s history as a boomtown during its 19thCentury logging heyday and the associated infamy with Hell’s Half Mile are recounted. Figures such as state Rep. Charles M. Brunner, local historian Ron Bloomfield, and then-Mayor Christopher Shannon pop up.

Local music buff hosts Madonna presentation in hopes of correcting myths, garnering attention for Material Girl's Bay City connection

Local music buff hosts Madonna presentation in hopes of correcting myths, garnering attention for Material Girl’s Bay City connection

BAY CITY, MI — Bay County music historian Gary Johnson recalls making the trip to Cleveland in 2008 to watch Bay City’s most famous daughter inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Though the induction ceremony was conducted in New York City, it was broadcast live at the hall’s Ohio museum. Johnson says it was a thrill…

“My involvement in it was trying to dig up the history of Madonna and her hometown,” Johnson said. “Alina was hoping she could find some people in Bay City who were willing to comment on the record their opinion of Madonna, both pro and con. Nobody was willing to talk on the record about being anti-Madonna, which is kind of surprising. You bring up her name in Bay City and the first thing they bring up is the ‘insult,’ which we know didn’t really happen.”

Faced with the deluge of material already written about Madonna, Simone ended up opting not to write a standard biography and returned her publisher’s advance. Instead of abandoning the project altogether, she crafted a Gonzo-style work, having “set off on a quirky detour through the backroads of celebrity and fandom and the people who love or loathe Madonna,” according to the book’s back cover.

Why does Bay City hate Madonna, journalist asks

Why does Bay City hate Madonna, journalist asks

Every two years, a journalist, politician or community leader is pushing the city to do something — anything! — to honor and recognize Madonna, the Queen of Pop.

“Once she bagged the (original) idea, I thought that was pretty much the end of it,” Johnson said. “Then she came up with this other angle of writing a book about trying to write a book about Madonna. It’s an interesting take on the whole thing.”

In addition to covering Madonna’s link with Bay City, Simone dedicated large portions of her book to the city’s past with “96 Tears,” the Question Mark & the Mysterians tune recorded on Bay City’s West Side in 1965. The garage rock classic went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966.

Mayor Shannon in July 2014 dedicated “96 Tears” as Bay City’s official rock ‘n’ roll song, with the sinuous process for that distinction explored in Simone’s book.

Johnson said he was shocked to log onto Rolling Stone’s website and see the list.

“It was thrill enough just to be mentioned in a published book, but to have it recognized as one of the best of the year by a respected national music publication and to be among music heroes like Bruce Springsteen and the Replacements, not to mention Slim Harpo and Paul Simon, is something I’m still having trouble getting my head around,” he said. “I think my jaw hit my chest.

More at MLIVE

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Madonna’s Skin Care Is Making Its U.S. Debut

Madonna.Photo: 2016 Getty Images

The nadir of Madonna’s divorce from Guy Ritchie hit when gossip sites spat out intimate details of their marriage, including the remarkable morsel that the pop icon slathered her skin in a $800 cream every night before encasing herself in plastic wrap. Whether that was true then is unknown, but it’s likely not true now, given Madonna is shilling her own, slightly more affordable skin-care line. It debuted in Japan several weeks ago and, according to Madonna, will hit U.S. shelves soon.

Called MDNA, the line is composed of six products: a face wash, serum, rose mist, eye mask, eye serum, and a mud mask. MDNA’s promises fall in line with most other skin-care brands: to moisturize, promote skin elasticity, and clear congested pores. Water sourced from Montecatini, a tiny town in northern Italy, is said to add a somewhat mystical “healing component” to the MDNA lineup, and the Chrome Clay Mask, which uses volcanic ash collected from the same Italian town, is amplified when removed with a magnet. The magnetic component is something seen in other masks that have debuted within the past year, where the magnet stimulates negatively charged compounds found on skin to boost circulation and collagen production.

MDNA has yet to release an exact date for its U.S. launch. In the meantime, Madonna is previewing the line on Instagram, and making a hell of a run at beauty blogging, to boot.

More at NYmag

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Madonna in Veronica magazine (NL)

Veronica magazine have published a two page spread on Madonna and Sean Penn, according to Veronica magazine they should hook up as they belong together. The magazine is available at your local supermarket and bookstore, number 50/51).

As the article features a gorgeous shot taken at Madonna’s Tears of a Clown Art Basel event, this has been added to our Tears of a Clown page (Miami gallery tab)

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