Madonna’s debut single ‘EVERYBODY’ brand new discography added!

New in our discography is Madonna’s debut single ‘EVERYBODY’ released on October 6, 1982 by Sire Records. The 12″ Maxi Single to ‘Everybody’ failed to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100 in America, however it did chart in 1983 on the Billboard Hot Dance / Club Play chart peaking at number 3. 

We have included a total of 17 different pressings of Madonna’s debut single in its discography.

Check out through direct link HERE, or go to the discography now.


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Madonna The First Album re-release in our Discography now! NEW

first-album-australia-frontHere is the discography for the following release in our brand new updated section: the first album!

The First Album was re-issued in Europe after the popularity of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ in 1985, originally simply titled ‘Madonna’ this new release was given new artwork but the tracklisting remained the same.

To check out various CD/Vinyl/Cassette releases of The First Album check out our discography, or enter direct link HERE.

Once again; every item in here has been thoroughly photographed and scanned by us from our own collection.


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The Immaculate Collection Rhino SYEOR 2017 2LP colored vinyl – a closer look

Now that the record has finally reached Holland we can take a closer look at the fabulous colored 2LP limited edition by Rhino.

Rhino has stated that this is a limited edition of 6500 copies only and only available in the US and Canada, but have since find out that Amazon in the UK has been selling it as well. Upon closer inspection of the sleeve of the record we find that the record has actually been manufactured in The Netherlands!

We have added this to our Immaculate Collection album promo page, soon to be added to our brand new discography!

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Classic Pop Magazine Madonna issue – preview

Classic Pop Presents: Madonna Special is out NOW!

In this special edition 132-page magazine, we turn our attention to Madonna – still the undisputed Queen Of Pop – and examine her monumental career decade by decade from her humble, cult beginnings in Eighties clubland right through to the pioneering albums, bold artistic statements and humanitarian concerns of the present day.

More than just an entertainer, Madonna has always tackled political issues head on from sexuality and misogyny through to race and ageism.
She shocked the world in a wedding dress at the very first MTV Awards and continues to make her voice heard to the present day as Billboard’s Woman Of The Year 2016.

Elsewhere in the issue we take a detailed look at her many different collaborations – with Stephen Bray, Prince, William Orbit, Stuart Price and Mirwais – and offer our top ten choice cuts from the lesser known corners of her discography.

On sale from 2nd February, for £6.99 (UK). Find it in Easons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, or independent newsagents in the UK, and Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Book World in the US.

Also available to buy direct from us here (hurry, while stocks last!), or as a digital edition for £4.99 (UK) within the Classic Pop app (search in your app store for Classic Pop and download the app for free) or via Pocketmags here.

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Madonna Discography now online – new and improved!

We finally present to you the return of our new and improved Discography! The discography was one of our most beloved sections on our old website, when we had every single release available in PDF format.

However we decided to scan and photograph everything thoroughly and therefore everything you see in our discography is new, HQ and most of all it is all from our own collection.

If you’re missing a certain item, it is because we do not have it here (yet) to photograph. All of the items in our discography will be updated once more items come in, we have some terrific exclusive items in here. 

First we start off with ‘MADONNA’, we hope you enjoy while we work on the other releases. The discography has been added to our menu under ‘Music’, however HERE is the direct link.

Stay tuned!


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In Defense of Madonna

You know you struck a cultural and political nerve when a week after a stirring and defiant speech at the historic Women’s March on Washington January 21, people are still talking, debating, and pissed off about it. Love it or hate it, Madonna’s speech was a rousing success.


As a gay man in my 40s, I have followed (sometimes rabidly) Madonna’s career since its immaculate conception. I’m not embarrassed to admit I once had my entire teenage bedroom plastered with floor-to-ceiling Madonna pictures and posters. There is no pre-Madonna era in my memories. Her songs have scored each decade of my life, and her provocative antics have joyfully titillated and shocked me.

I’m a fan of not just her music, not just her talent, but of the person. I love that she challenges unrighteous authority, takes risks in expressing views contrary to unjust social norms, and is unapologetically herself. She is a rebel in the best sense of the word.

Madonna being under fire for her language, her music, her videos, her imagery, her performances, you name it, really, is nothing new. This is a woman whose career has always ridden the precarious wave of both critique and praise. What is new, however, is how Madonna is now using her legendary status as an entertainment icon to boldly lead a newly founded rebellion against President Trump and his administration.

Madonna’s address at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., has moved well beyond that one triumphant moment. Her speech has now seeped into our cultural divide; it has become more than just the words she uttered. It has transcended just that one protest on that one Saturday in front of hundreds of thousands of protesters. It’s now become a global taking point, a direct reflection of two political schools of thought.

Because if there is one thing misogynistic men in power hate most — men who minimize and dehumanize women by summing up their entire worth based on their genitals and one’s ability to grab said genitals at will — is a woman who dares to stand up and speak out. 

We need a mouthpiece strong enough to offend and inspire, uplift and challenge, and excite and energize a movement still in its infancy. Because of these very reasons, I’d like to assign Madonna a title, as homage to the late, great, never forgotten Princess Leia. A title that is not linked to her Queen of Pop or Material Girl monikers, but one that is more that reflective of the Madonna today: General Madonna, Voice of the Trump Resistance.

I realize she was not and is not the only voice at the protest worthy of assuming the title, but in the interest of this essay, it fits.

To the various dissenters, I offer the following defense on behalf of my new general. To former 1980s pop rival Cyndi Lauper, who took to the airwavess to critize Madonna, I say, girl, couldn’t you have discussed your issues diva to diva rather than through the media?

I mean, I get and agree that “clarity and humanity” is usually better than anger any day, as Cyndi put it. Thoughtful discussion is always a better way than screaming and yelling. Except, you know, in a budding movement meant to fire up the participants. In this instance a more measured and gentle approach would probably not have generated the attention Madonna’s bomb-laden “rebellion of love” did. In this moment, at this rally, a rousing, angry speech, crass as it was, is totally acceptable.

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Donald Trump Once Started a Rumor That Madonna Wanted to Date Him — Relive Their Longstanding Feud

Before Donald Trump blasted Madonna’s Women’s March speech as “disgusting,” the 45th President of the United States once reportedly started a rumor that the Grammy winner was into him.

In a resurfaced Washington Post report that was first published in May 2016, Trump was reportedly caught pretending to be a publicist for himself named “John Miller” and spreading rumors about his love life back in 1991. When a People magazine reporter called Trump’s office to verify a report that he’d split with Marla Maples, a man claiming to be Trump’s PR person “John Miller” called back five minutes later and started spinning claims that Madonna and Kim Basinger wanted to date the real estate mogul. During the call, the reporter realized “John Miller” was actually Trump, a belief that was later shared by both Maples and one of Trump’s employees.

In the audio of the phone call obtained by the Post, Trump aka “John Miller” can be heard telling the People reporter that “[Madonna] called and wanted to go out with him, that I can tell you” and that Trump had “zero interest in her.” According to the People columnist, after playing the audio back to someone in Trump’s camp, they told People: “There is no John Miller. That’s Donald. Is [Trump] whacked out, or what?”

The embarrassing moment has resurfaced in light of Trump slamming Madonna during his interview with Fox NewsSean Hannity on Thursday, January 26, in which he called the iconic singer “disgusting” and dubbed her Women’s March speech “disgraceful to our country.”

For the record, Madonna’s never been a fan of Trump. During a 1990 chat with Interview magazine she called the newly elected president a “wimp” and unattractive. 

More at US Weekly

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Madonna has not responded to Donald Trump calling her “disgusting” for saying she thought about blowing up the White House, but she has the option of making the next move by recording what could become the rallying cry against the prez.

Sources tell TMZ legendary songwriter Bruce Roberts, who wrote “Enough is Enough” for Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, is reaching out to Madonna to record a track he will lay over the song.

The song shot to #6 on Billboard Dance Club Charts Friday … but the track is stripped down, using only the chorus of “Enough is Enough.”

We’re told Roberts wants Madonna to rewrite and sing the lyrics, stylizing it to express disdain for Trump’s policies. Our sources say Roberts doesn’t want to make this a personal attack on Trump, but rather a statement that he’s taking the country in the wrong direction.

We’re told Roberts wants Madonna in the studio STAT. He will keep Streisand and Summer’s track on the song for the hook. Madonna would be added to the hook as well.

We reached out to Roberts, who has written for Whitney Houston, Elton John, Alice Cooper, and Dolly Parton but he did not respond. Ditto Madonna. But we know the call is in.

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