Madonna Gives Surprise Performance in New York’s Washington Square Park in Support of Hillary Clinton


Madonna gave New Yorkers the surprise of a lifetime when she serenaded the crowd at Washington Square Park on Monday night (Nov. 7) with a special acoustic performance in support of Hillary Clinton.

She stood in the center of Washington Square Fountain surrounded by a group comprised mostly of NYU students who cheered as she performed covers of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Peter, Paul and Mary’s “If I Had A Hammer,” as well as her own songs “Rebel Heart” and “Like A Prayer.”

She amped up the crowd and encouraged everyone to get to the polls Tuesday (Nov. 8) to vote, saying, “Vote with your heart, vote with your mind, vote with your spirit, vote with your soul. Save this country, please.”

Madge has been supporting Clinton throughout the campaign, from talking about the election while opening for Amy Schumer to stripping down with Katy Perry for the cause.


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Madonna performs surprise Hillary Clinton concert in New York


Madonna expressed herself as only she can with a surprise acoustic concert in support of Hillary Clinton on Monday night in New York City, just hours before the polls were set to open.

Rallying her fans and fellow Clinton supporters to Washington Square Park via social media, the Material Girl performed such songs as “Don’t Tell Me,” “Like a Prayer,” “Express Yourself,” and John Lennon’s “Imagine,” while the crowd sang along.

According to the Associated Press, Madonna performed for 30 minutes and said the concert was “about unifying us and keeping America great, not making America great again.” Wearing a stars-and-stripes knit cap, she added, “We’re going to elect a president that does not discriminate.”

The pop star has been a staunch supporter of Clinton throughout her campaign, and recently made headlines with a racy offer for those voting for the Democratic nominee.

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Madonna performs surprise concert Monday night at Washington Square Park in support of Hillary Clinton


Madonna played a surprise Hillary Clinton concert at Washington Square Park Monday night.

Madonna played a surprise Hillary Clinton concert at Washington Square Park Monday night.


The Queen of Pop made a surprise appearance at Washington Square Park Monday night and told voters to “Express Yourself” on Election Day.

The impromptu concert drew a large crowd despite cold temperatures and little advance notice.

Madonna had teased her appearance in support of Hillary Clinton on the eve of the general election days ago — but withheld the time and location until just moments before she began singing.

As word spread via social media, fans flocked to the park near Greenwich Village.

Madonna endorses Hillary Clinton, slams Donald Trump’s sons

“Meet me in Washington Square Park at 7:30. Let’s go hard for Hillary Clinton,” the 58-year-old wrote underneath of a picture of herself in a red-white-and blue cap that was dotted with white stars that she posted on Instagram.

Cheers and screams broke out when the singer danced through the crowd — blond hair flying under her flag-patterned hat — and stepped up to a small stage with just a few bare-bones musicians backing her.

“This is very exciting,” she said, her long aviator-style jacket almost covering ripped black jeans.

The “Vogue” singer ran through five songs in about 20 minutes — hitting “Express Yourself,” “Rebel Heart,” “Like a Prayer” and throwing in a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

She closed the performance by extolling the talents of the Democratic presidential nominee and telling the crowd, “We must keep America the great country that it is.”

Madonna has been a strong supporter of Clinton’s, officially endorsing her in September.

DAILY NEWS EDITORIAL: Damn right, we’re with her!

“It’s about unifying us. It’s about keeping America great. Not making America great,” she said, doling out hugs to the crowd around several burly security guards.

Vida Loose, 18, a New York University student from California, got there early enough to see Madonna walk the crowd, joking with her fans.

“She talked about love and unity and equality in the face of an awful Donald Trump … She looked great. I can’t believe she’s 57 or something,’ Loose said.

Luana Psaros, 19, studying musical theater at NYU, said it was a momentous — if brief — experience.

“It was really quick. She summarized everything well. It was just an intimate space with a lot of people,” she said.

Queens photo producer Melissa Chapman, 34, got off the train to catch the last 10 minutes of Madonna’s free show.

“You could feel an energy in here. Everyone was buzzing,” Chapman said.

Her friend, Kimberly Witinski, 30, also from Queens, was so excited she climbed on Chapman’s back to try for a blurry photo.

“I thought it was amazing. Anything Madonna does is amazing. It was huge,” Witinski said. 

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Madonna performs at surprise rally in New York: ‘Save this country, vote for Hillary Clinton’

As the crowd gathered in New York’s Washington Square Park on Monday night, confused journalists and Hillary supporters asked each other for information.

“Do you know what we’re waiting for?” asked a man. “Is it going to be some faceless college professor telling us how to vote?”

The small stage being constructed in the centre of the park’s fountain, and the security detail standing by, hinted at more – and at 7.30pm, just as the rumours began to start, we got our answer. The queen of pop had come to lend her support to the Clinton campaign.

“This concert is about unifying us,” said Madonna as she took to the stage, clutching a red guitar and flanked by a musician and her son David. “How are we going to keep America great?

“We are going to elect a president who does not discriminate against women, who does not discriminate against the LGBT community, who does not discriminate against people of color, that does not want to build a wall around our country and separate us from the rest of the world. This is a concert about peace.”

Apologising for her guitar skills, she began an acoustic set, stopping between each song to give missives against the Republican candidate. “No way, motherfucker,” she declared, as she launched into Express Yourself.

For the astonished audience, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing along with Madonna to some of her biggest hits, including Don’t Tell Me and Like a Prayer – but her cover of John Lennon’s Imagine was the crowning moment: a cathartic sense of unity ahead of the next day’s uncertainty.

Introducing the song, she called Lennon one of the “angels who have been sent to this universe to bring peace on Earth”.

“What about us?” called a man.

“What about us?” she answered. “We’re here to keep the fire going.”

Earnest speeches about love were peppered with a caustic sense of humour. When asked to turn to her right during a song, Madonna quipped: “I’m a top and a bottom, but I don’t do sides.” Later she said: “Let’s hope I get invited to the White House.”

The concert was performed in the round, and those who surrounded her with Hillary signs, who had come for a pre-election day boost, were not disappointed. “Tomorrow’s the big day,” Madonna told us, expertly pausing for cheers and responses. “Do we want to become the laughing stock of the planet?”

Finally, after a medley that merged Pete Seeger’s If I Had a Hammer into Madonna’s Rebel Heart, she called, “Save this country, vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Then she was gone, and the crowd turned to find themselves in the middle of the Pantsuit Power dance flashmob, performing the Clinton-themed dance first encountered in a viral video by film-makers Celia Rowlson-Hall and Mia Lidofsky.

Next to the space where Madonna had been, a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln posed for selfies with passersby, and the stencil artist behind the I Feel Like Hillz street art campaign created fresh artworks for people to take home, as originators of various pro-Hillary groups and online movements introduced themselves to each other.

It was the pop-up rally that no one expected, setting a cautious mood of optimism among New Yorkers hoping to see the first female president elected on Tuesday. And it was a final reminder of Clinton’s top-tier pop endorsements, which includes a holy trinity of divas: Madonna, Beyoncé and Adele.

If they can’t save us, well, then maybe we can’t be saved.

The Guardian

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Madonna and Aphex Twin make final musical contributions to US election (in Brooklyn?)

Madonna is set to perform an acoustic gig in Brooklyn in support of Hillary Clinton, while Aphex Twin has made an apocalyptic election-themed video – as Donald Trump continues to attack Jay Z and Beyonce

Swaying the polls: Aphex Twin and Madonna

It’s been a presidential campaign which has seen the music world taking sides – with Loretta Lynn, Kid Rock and a crotch-grabbing Ted Nugent endorsing Donald Trump, and pretty much every other musician who expressed a view throwing their weight behind either Bernie Sanders or the eventual Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Madonna has been one of the most vociferous Hillary Clinton supporters, and announced on Instagram that on Monday night she would play an “intimate very small acoustic concert” somewhere in Brooklyn for Clinton. Further details have not been released.

In another recent post, Madonna declared: “If Trump were elected we would be at war in no time at all. The whole world is laughing at us right now. I can only imagine what Trump writes in his emails. Wait – can he even write?? Wake up people this is not a reality show. I appreciate his charm and entertainment value but he is not qualified to be a head of state!”


This is not Madonna’s first intervention in a US presidential election. In 1990 she made a video encouraging fans to vote, dressed in lingerie while wrapped in the stars and stripes.

Meanwhile, in a more ambiguous contribution, Aphex Twin also commented on the US election with a video to promote his first appearance in the country in over eight years, at Houston’s Day for Night festival.

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Madonna to direct another film next year and more (watch videos)

Madonna recorded a video especially to promote her MDNA Skin line in Hong Kong, here she also states that we can expect the Rebel Heart Tour DVD release next year and she’s hoping to direct another movie.

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STRIKE A POSE vanavond op NPO3 om 21.55, mis de TV primeur niet!

sap11widget0In 1990 gingen zeven jonge mannen met Madonna mee op de Blond Ambition Tour; haar meest controversiële tournee tot dan toe. De zeven fungeerden officieel als achtergronddansers bij de shows van de Britse superster, maar speelden een veel grotere rol in de praktijk. Zowel op het podium als in de film die over deze tournee gemaakt is (Truth Or Dare) spelen de zeven méér dan een bijrol. 

Truth Or Dare opende deuren
Voor het eerst werd op een podium vrij omgegaan met seksualiteit en geaardheid. De film en de podiumact waren duidelijk in hun boodschap: show the world how to express yourself. Voor veel LGBT+ers gingen er (kast)deuren open, dankzij Madonna en haar zeven mannen.

3Doc: Strike A Pose
Nu zijn we 25 jaar verder en is er opnieuw een film gemaakt over deze mannen. In 3Doc: Strike A Pose wordt er samen met de hoofdrolspelers teruggekeken op die tour, maar ook de jaren die volgden. Jaren waarin schaamte, drugsgebruik, AIDS en het gebrek aan een dak boven het hoofd een grotere rol hebben gespeeld dan wij ooit hebben kunnen vermoeden. Ga er maar niet van uit dat je deze docu onberoerd kunt aanschouwen.

Strike A Pose bij Pauw
Maar waarom zouden wij het hier allemaal opschrijven als je ook de makers Ester Gould en Reijer Zwaan zelf aan het woord kunt laten. Zij zitten aan tafel bij Jeroen Pauw tegenover twee oud-dansers en choreografen: Jan Kooijman en Vincent Vianen.

3Doc: Strike A Pose: zaterdag 5 november om 21:55u bij NTR op NPO 3

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Madonna Announces Surprise Intimate Concert In Support Of Hillary Clinton

Madonna is definitely #WithHer. Following her promise of oral sex to those who votefor Hillary Clinton on November 8th, the Material Girl has now announced a “surprise intimate concert on Monday night” in support of the Democratic presidential nominee. The news came on Madonna’s Instagram, though no city or venue was indicated as far as the show’s location — just a note to “stay tuned.”

More: Watch Pharrell’s passionate speech at Hillary Clinton campaign stop

In the swing state of Ohio, Katy Perry is scheduled to join Clinton at a Cleveland State University campaign stop later today, while it’s rumored that Beyonce will hit stage at husband Jay Z’s get-out-the-vote concert tonight, also in Cleveland, in support of Clinton.

That’s a lot of top-notch activity in the four days before voters hit the polls. As Madge says, stay tuned.

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Emmy And The Breakfast Club upcoming documentary update

Check out this fabulous freeze frame from the upcoming Emmy And The Breakfast Club film by cinematographer Jason Montalvo, which stars Jamie Auld as Madonna and is written and directed by Guy Guido.

Jamie Auld does a fantastic job portraying Madonna pre-fame days when it comes to the looks, she makes quite the resemblance. 

To keep up to date follow the official Emmy And The Breakfast Club Instagram account here.


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Rebel Heart Tour premiered in Europe 1 year ago! read all about it

Today one year ago Rebel Heart kicked off its European tour in Cologne Germany. Despite the freezing cold many fans queued up for hours in order to get the best ‘seats’ in the Lanxess arena.

To read our personal reports on the Rebel Heart Tour click the following links:

To check out our photo gallery of the European Premiere in Cologne, click HERE

photo by Dave Crombeen


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Seymour Stein Reveals the “Embarrasing” Deal He Made with Madonna

Seymour Stein, a bona fide music industry legend, turns 73 this month. Get him talking about music he loves, though, and he’ll match the passion of any young industry whippersnapper pound for pound.

Stein is still every bit as full as admiration for great bands as he was more than half a century ago, when in 1966 he co-founded Sire Records with his friend Richard Gottier. Through Sire, he played a vital role in bringing the likes of Talking Heads, The Ramones, The Cure, Ice-T and Echo & The Bunnymen to mainstream recognition.


And then there was that signing, when Stein fell head over heels for the music and theatricality of Madonna Louise Ciccone — launching the career, in 1982, of a woman who would go on to define music’s pop culture time and time again.

These days Stein plies his A&R trade within the walls of Warner Music Group, and he remains a hero to the ‘next generation’ of independent music executives—those now running labels and publishers around the world.

[PIAS] founder Kenny Gates shared a coffee and a chat with Seymour at SXSW to delve deep into the career history of one of independent music’s true godfathers.

When you signed Madonna, did you think she’d still be making music 30 years later?
I didn’t think about it. What people usually ask me is, Do you think she’d ever be this big? Of course not! I knew she was special.

Ms. Ciccone and Mr. Stein

And you met her through Mark Kamins?
Yes, I’d always befriended Mark. He was a DJ who played all sorts of weird music but somehow made it work — he was playing Faro music, mixing it with African music and making it all work. I gave him $18,000 and I told him: ‘This should be enough for you, over a period of a year or longer — don’t rush it — to make six demos.’ Madonna was the third demo he brought me. I listened to it, and I loved it.

Everyone knows this story: I heard it in the hospital, and I got so excited, I made her come to see me. No, that’s not true — even then you couldn’t make Madonna do anything unless she wanted to! She came to the hospital and we agreed on a deal right then and there. I asked her to go to her lawyers so we could draw up the papers.

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