Madonna collectibles at the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht – report!

The mega record and CD fair in Utrecht is almost at the end of its first day, and what a day it has been!

The last record fair in November was already very promising (dealer from all over the world finally brought some real collectible records instead of the tons and tons of cheap looking vinyl bootlegs that have been around forever), but this fair was something else!

Not only were there TONS of rare Madonna goodies, a lot of dealers thankfully saved them for the real fans (collectors) instead of selling them to fellow dealers just so that the other party could make a profit off of them. Good going dealers!





A few definite highlights:

  • Original sales presenters for You Can Dance, Who’s That Girl and I’m Breathless
  • Rare South African CD singles and vinyl
  • Japanese promo 7″ Live To Tell on white vinyl WITH Promotional postcard inserted!
  • Japanese Like a Virgin 7″ with survey AND fabulous mini promo calendar!
  • Various rare vinyl pressings from Portugal, Spain and Italy
  • The Like a Prayer promo box set
  • Media presskits, promotional pictures, fanzines….
  • You name it, they had it!

Below in the gallery are the items purchased by our team and will also be photographed / scanned separately in HD for you to view on MadonnaUnderground. The fair is open tomorrow from 10am, the next fair is in November. Do not miss out!

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Rare Madonna Mixes 4 early LP’s added to discography

We have added a total of four different early Madonna remix LP’s to the discography under the ‘various’ tab.

First up is a rare Dutch Best of 12inch versions LP with stunning artwork, rarely seen. We have also added a rare early pressing of the well known Madonna Mix LP with alternate artwork on front and back cover. Last is the Dance Mix LP from Argentina which will be re-issued for Record Store Day 2017.

Check them all out in our Discography under ‘VARIOUS’ tab

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Mega record and CD fair Utrecht this weekend – discount code

Reminder! It’s time for the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht tomorrow! We supplied a discount code for all those wanting to buy tickets in the presale, here is your chance to use this again:

We have a discount code for all of our visitors heading to worlds’ largest record and CD fair in Utrecht on April 8 and 9.

The code is: Love3, use this and you will be charged EUR11,50 instead of EUR14. Order your tickets now through 

We’ll see you there!

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Madonna Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Japan only single discography online

We end the singles of ‘Like a Virgin’ in our discography with ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore‘, although only released commercially in Japan this was indeed an official single. 

Madonna later released the song in a remix version after putting it on her ballads compilation ‘Something To Remember’, she did not perform the track live until her recent Rebel Heart Tour.

To check it out, click HERE

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Madonna Throws Shade at Pepsi Following Kendall Jenner Ad Controversy

Madonna is letting everyone know that she’s aware of Pepsi‘s marketing misfire by throwing some shade at the soft-drink company, which she once had beef with in the past.

Hours after the brand pulled Kendall Jenner’s protest-themed commercial, the Material Girl, 58, shared a throwback photo of herself holding a can of Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola. She captioned the 1999 Grammy Awards photo with a first place gold medal emoji, and offered a close-up of the red can to further emphasize her point.


Madonna may be on team Coca-Cola these days, but she also had her very own Pepsi commercial that caused a stir among viewers and consumers.

In January 1989, the singer inked a $5 million endorsement deal with Pepsi that led the company to release a two-minute television ad and featured her singing and dancing.

The fairly innocuous ad reached an estimated 250 million viewers in over 40 countries, but was subsequently revoked in April 1989 after it generated controversy when Madonna premiered the full-length music video for “Like a Prayer” on MTV the following day. The video’s imagery, which included burning crosses, stigmata and the seduction of a saint, drew the ire of religious groups and customers, who assumed it was part of the Pepsi ad.

At the time, the Vatican condemned the video and religious groups threatened to ban the commercial and boycott Pepsi products. Not only did Pepsi eventually pull the commercial but the company also canceled Madonna’s sponsorship contract.

Fast forward to present day, a variety of people from Lena Dunham to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter have weighed in to call Jenner’s Pepsi ad tone-deaf.

In her “Live For Now Moments Anthem” commercial, the model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star leaves her photo shoot behind to join a march before handing a police officer a can of Pepsi, causing her fellow protesters to erupt in cheers as he takes a drink.

Many detractors accused Pepsi of blatantly appropriating the spirit and imagery of the anti-Donald Trump resistance, Black Lives Matter and other movements in order to sell their product.

In response to the backfire, Pepsi defended the ad in a statement: “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey.”

More at PEOPLE

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Madonna’s Wildest Moments: Relive the Queen of Pop’s Shocking Statements, Provocative Performances and More!

She’s always been a Rebel Heart. Madonna has been stirring up controversy since she burst onto the pop music scene in 1982 with the release of her debut single, “Everybody.” From her shocking statements to her provocative performances, Us Weekly Video rounded up the Queen of Pop’s wildest moments, which you can relive above!

Madonna’s Craziest Controversies
In 1984, at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna, now 58, took bridal style to a whole new level when she donned a lingerie-inspired wedding dress for a racy performance of “Like a Virgin,” the iconic single from her second studio LP of the same name.

Years later, Her Madgesty’s eyebrow-raising routine still had people talking. “I figured if I was going to present myself as a virgin to anyone, it should be you,” she quipped to Johnny Carson during a 1987 appearance on The Late Show.
Madonna during the first annual MTV Video Music Awards in 1984 in New York. David Mcgough/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
’80s Stars: Then and Now
Madonna continued — and still continues more than three decades into her career! — to electrify audiences. As fans will recall, she caused a media firestorm when she kissed her pop descendants Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 VMAs. And, more recently, in 2015, she headlined her massively successful Rebel Heart Tour.

But the Grammy winner isn’t known just for her intoxicating stage presence. She’s also famous for speaking her mind and sometimes sharing TMI. In 2012, she shaded Lady Gaga — who has been accused of copying the “Express Yourself” singer on multiple occasions — by calling her music “reductive.” And in 2015, during a rousing game of “Never Have I Ever” with Justin Bieber on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she candidly revealed that she has indeed had sex with more than two people on the same day.

To see more of Madonna in action, watch the video above!

More at US Magazine

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Madonna’s Over And Over rare Italy only single – discography now online

Madonna’s Over And Over was an officially commercially released single in Italy, with Borderline added as the B-track. This single has been released in Italy on both 12″ black vinyl with limited poster and on 7″, don’t be confused by the bootlegs pressed in the past few years (absolute rubbish and not worth a dime).

The original single is one of the most loved collectibles for any Madonna fan, its high value, limited release and stunning picture cover make it one of the most sought after Madonna goodies on the collectors market. Madonna performed the track live only once on her Virgin Tour in 1985. The track was also added to her You Can Dance remix album.

To visit the Over and Over discography where we have collected and photographed the original vinyls, click HERE

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Madonna Dress You Up – discography now online (26 different pressings)

New in our discography is Madonna’s Dress You Up, an ultimate classic!

Dress You Up was another hit off of Madonna’s studio album ‘Like a Virgin’, a music video was created using official footage from the taping of the Virgin Tour in Detroit with an added intro of various Madonna wannabe’s going to the show.

There are a total of 26 different releases from various countries, check it out HERE

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Madonna Transmission Impossible (3CD BOX SET) new independent release

Another independent release is here, this time a 3CD set with various live tracks. Basically another re-issue of the earlier independent releaseses. This box set will be released May 5, to pre-order click

Disc 1

1/  The Girlie Show Theme 1:06
2/  Erotica 5:59
3/  Fever 4:54
4/  Vogue 5:31
5/  Rain 9:57
6/  Express Yourself 5:16
7/  Deeper And Deeper 7:26
8/  Why’s It So Hard 5:45
9/  In This Life 7:53
10/  The Beast Within 6:08
11/  Like A Virgin 6:12
12/  Bye Bye Baby 4:53
13/  I’m Going Bananas 1:43
14/  La Isla Bonita 5:43

Disc 2

1/  Open Your Heart 4:34
2/  Causing A Commotion 4:56
3/  Where’s The Party 5:23
4/  Like A Prayer 7:39
5/  Live To Tell 3:31
6/  Oh Father 2:09
7/  Papa Don’t Preach 5:37
8/  Sooner Or Later 3:28
9/  Hanky Panky 4:01
10/  Now I’m Following You 4:55
11/  Material Girl 4:28
12/  Cherish 4:48
13/  Into The Groove 5:26
14/  Holiday 6:23
15/  Keep It Together 10:11

Disc 3

1/  Like A Virgin 3:39
2/  Holiday 6:08
3/  Into The Groove 5:16
4/  Love Makes The World Go Round 6:23
5/  Causing A Commotion 5:46
6/  Express Yourself 6:03
7/  Sooner Or Later 5:33
8/  Fever 5:21
9/  Bad Girl 6:05
10/  Fever 5:12
11/  The Lady Is A Tramp (with Anthony Kiedis) 3:10
12/  Bye Bye Baby 4:13
13/  Take A Bow (with Babyface) 4:44
14/  Lucky Star 4:35
15/  La Isla Bonita 5:50


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Madonna’s MDNA is five years young today – read and see all about it!

Madonna’s incredible EDM album MDNA is celebrating its fifth birthday today! MDNA was an incredible time with a fabulous Superbowl halftime show, stunning music videos and a tour that took us back the Blond Ambition days due to its fantastic theatrics. 

In our MDNA Album Promo Page you can view all sorts of various memorabilia, a ton of original press articles, the electronic presskit, the official music videos, various related videos and buy the digital album!

We have added this original promotional notepad and tracklisting sheet that was given away during the official listening parties.

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Why Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ Is The Most Important Album Ever Made By A Female Artist

28 years ago this week, Madonna released what is not only her best album to date, but also what could be the most important release ever by a female artist. That’s not to say that Like a Prayer is the best album ever by a female artist, but it’s pretty close. After six years of being considered pop fluff and a disco dolly, Madonna was finally taken seriously by most music critics in 1989. Still, Like a Prayer deserved even more than bewildering critical acclaim.

If Madonna and misogyny weren’t practically synonyms, Like a Prayer would have not only won several Grammys in 1990 (it didn’t even earn any major nominations), but it would be widely praised for its songwriting and production 28 years later. If a man delivered the same type of vocals Madonna did on Like a Prayer, critics would note that his voice isn’t technically perfect, but distinct, melodic, and full of emotion. When it comes to Madonna, who certainly could never hit the notes of Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston, it’s just easier for people to say that she “can’t sing.”

For people (especially millennials) to understand how important Like a Prayer is to culture and music, they have to comprehend the repressive environment Madonna’s album arrived to in March of 1989. The late 1980s was ruled by the religious right, who believed AIDS was a curse God gave to the gay community. Women who were outspoken or wore revealing clothes were referred to as sluts, whores, bit**es, etc. Police brutality among African Americans was still widely accepted without much of a backlash. And interracial dating was still considered a taboo.

With all of this in mind, let’s analyze why Like a Prayer is such a milestone of an album.

The “Like a Prayer” Video

The “Like a Prayer” video has provocative imagery that caused the religious right to wet its pants. However, none of the imagery, which is used for pure symbolism, is blasphemous. Most importantly, “Like a Prayer” is a video that shows the viewer racism, sexism, and police brutality. It urges them to think and overcome it — this is something that wasn’t considered “cool” in 1989. The idea of a “Black Jesus” was also considered blasphemous to some, especially the religious right.

The aftermath of “Like a Prayer” was groundbreaking in that Madonna beat the religious right at their own attempted game of censorship. Their efforts caused Pepsi to drop Madonna as a spokesperson, but they completely failed at hurting Madonna’s success or censoring the video. The “Like a Prayer” single and video hit No. 1 and remain widely loved classics almost 30 years later. Madonna paved the way for other artists to not only challenge the religious right, but win.

The “Like a Prayer” Song

Even if you aren’t convinced that the “Like a Prayer” video is an artistic masterpiece, the song “Like a Prayer” has stood on its own. Not only has Rolling Stone and Billboard praised it as one of the best pop songs of all time, but the song has become a spiritual classic, even for those who aren’t fans of Madonna.

“Like a Prayer” became the highlight of Live 8 in 2005, and it was also one of the highlights of the 2010 Hope for Haiti concert. It was also prominently featured in Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime show. Any live performance of the song is sure to whip the audience into a frenzy.

Express Yourself

This decade, “Express Yourself” is mostly known as the song that inspired (maybe a little too much) Lady Gaga’s self-empowerment LGBT anthem “Born This Way.” However, as Gay Times Magazine notes, “Express Yourself” has become an empowering anthem for the LGBT community as well. However, in the late 1980s, the song was mostly known as a female empowerment anthem. “Don’t go for second best baby” became a catch phrase for strong women who were sick of being treated like second class citizens from men and other women who still subscribed to the patriarchy.

AIDS Activism

The pamphlet on AIDS Madonna included with each copy of Like a Prayer alone proves that the notion of Madonna being a bad role model and having a bad influence on Generation X (especially women and teenagers) just isn’t true. Madonna educated many about AIDS and safe sex at a time when schools, the media, and religious institutions stayed away from the topic. A move like this in 1989 could have hurt a showbiz career, but Madonna survived and thrived by doing the right thing and, possibly, helping to save lives at the same time.

Pop Music Meets Art

A Rolling Stone review by J.D. Considine from April of 1989 correctly noted that Like a Prayer was “as close to art as pop music gets.” The album touched on topics such as childhood innocence, childhood loss, child abuse, spousal abuse, women’s rights, and spirituality. It mixed all of these themes together to not only make the listener think and dance, but ask questions as well — some of which were risky to ask in 1989. Like a Prayer proved that an artist can mix style and substance in order to break societal and musical barriers. 28 years later, many pop artists, including Madonna herself, are trying to hit all the correct spots Like a Prayer hit, but they just don’t have the same effect.

More at Huffington Post

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Madonna Dance Mix Record Store Day 2017 limited to 4500 copies worldwide

As we previously mentioned; Madonna’s ‘Dance Mix’ originally released in Argentina will be re-issued for Record Store Day 2017, this is planned to be released in The Netherlands as well. 

Release Date: 4/22/2017
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Quantity: 4500
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

Dance Mix is a 1985 four track EP originally released only in South America. The rare 12″ features Madonna’s ground-breaking hit “Into The Groove” from the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan in which Madonna starred, an extended dance mix of 1984 single “Angel” produced by Nile Rodgers and mixed by Nile Rodgers and James Farber, a 12″ “Chica Material (Material Girl)” remix by John “Jellybean” Benitez and produced by Nile Rodgers and “Vacacion” (Holiday) produced by John “Jellybean” Benitez. Dance Mix is being released for the first time worldwide for Record Store Day 2017.

SIDE A: “Into The Groove (Single Version)” 02 “Angel (Extended Dance Mix)” SIDE B: “Material Girl (Extended Dance Remix)” 02 “Holiday

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10 reasons why Madonna’s Like A Prayer is the greatest pop record of all time

Is Like A Prayer the greatest pop record of all time? As Madonna’s masterpiece turns 28, here are 10 reasons why Barry Bryson thinks so.

1. The opening title track is quite simply the greatest five minutes and 39 seconds of pop ever.  It sounded like a game changer then and it still does now.  The video, the Pepsi commercial, the incredible Blond Ambition live performance all add to its legacy but really all you have to do it put it on, close your eyes and let her take you there.

2. Often referred to by Madonna and her co-producer Pat Leonard at the time as the “divorce album” following the end of her marriage to Sean Penn, lyrically on Like a Prayer she delves deep. Till Death Us do Part combines heartbroken acceptance with steely resolve and in the process she created one of her finest songs.

3. This album is essentially what all her live tours came to represent, a journey from darkness into light. It is unflinching and often uncomfortable but punctuated with joy (Cherish) and fantasy (Dear Jessie) as well as empowerment and guts (Express Yourself).

4. It’s an album to listen to in its entirety, you can stream tracks from it yes, but I think you need a full 47 minutes for this. It deserves it.

5. There are no super producers at play on Like a Prayer (Price aside, more of which later) just Madonna, Pat Leonard and Stephen Bray creating something that by today’s standard seems incredibly simple. Vocally most of what is heard on Like a Prayer is first take. It makes it feel spontaneous and emotional and not overly though through meaning it’s her first “real” Madonna record.


6. Issued at the time with every copy of this album was a leaflet called The Facts About Aids, intended to educate but also to de-stigmatise the myths that so much of the 80s were awash with. It seems like nothing now but at the time it was hugely political and potentially damaging to its commercial success.

7. I am married to a man who seriously hates the smell of patchouli but not me. Every sleeve of the vinyl album was scented and 28 years later my original vinyl still carries it thus taking me there once again.

8. Watching Madonna pay tribute to Prince early last year I was struck by what contemporaries they were, far more alike each other than they were the other pop behemoth Michael Jackson. Apparently Madonna and Prince dated, feuded, made-up and fell out again but much more than that is the fact they both fiercely embodied a musical independence and a sexual liberalism and on Like a Prayer you get the greatest non-song ever in the form of their duet Love Song.

A sparse production heavy duel that culminates in Prince pushing Madonna to go vocally hoarse at the end and then it fades off as you imagine them both tired yet happy. In 2015 shortly before his untimely death Madonna sat front row at a small private gig Prince performed. Friends and rivals make the best music.

9. The real pull of Like a Prayer is ultimately its emotional punch. A song like Promise To Try where an adult Madonna talks to the five-year-old bereft Madonna in the aftermath of the death of her mother feels like one of the most honest grief sentiments ever committed to song, but it finishes looking ahead with strength and from the darkness emerges the light. This track alongside Oh Father define this album as something way beyond losing yourself on the dance floor although it is a Madonna record so she’s never one to keep you away from that for too long.

10. Try listening to Keep It Together without grabbing a chair and saying “Hi Hi Hi, Hello love” the Blond Ambition finale was THE moment you knew that Madonna had not only owned the 80’s but was likely to hang on the following decades too and it was right here all along. On record a funky ode to loyalty and love transformed live into the something most female pop stars would spend a career trying to emulate. It hasn’t happened yet.

Words Barry Bryson

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