Madonna True Blue (single) discography online – 27 different pressings

Madonna’s third single off True Blue was the title song ‘True Blue‘, this was another smash hit to add to her catalogue. 

True Blue was recently performed live on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour (the first time since the Who’s That Girl Tour in 1987), previously Madonna mentioned she hadn’t wanted to sing it as ‘it didn’t have balls’ (quoted during her Sticky & Sweet Tour).

We have collected 27 different pressings including this rare Brazilian promo in our discography, enjoy True Blue!

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Madonna Papa Don’t Preach discography online – 28 different pressings (including rare promo’s)

New in our discography is Madonna’s smash hit Papa Don’t Preach!

Papa Don’t Preach presented a more mature Madonna and the music video invited us to a completely new era and look. It goes without saying that the song and video caused an uproar as many people felt like Madonna was promoting abortion, or even promoting having babies at a young age. 

It is one of Madonna’s signature hits and was last performed live during her stunning MDNA Tour in 2012. We have collected 28 different pressings:

  • Vinyl! Including rare pressings and promo’s
  • Cd’s – including the rare CD Video’s
  • Cassettes – including the rare Australian cassette single
  • Promo VHS
  • Music video

Enjoy papa don’t preach!

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A Tribute to Madonna’s Early 80s Post Punk Past

In wake of a new biopic, we remember what was really happening before Madonna became Madonna.

Universal Pictures just scooped the rights to a Madonna biopic titled Blonde Ambition. It covers the megastar’s rise to fame in New York City in the early 80s. However, Madonna herself is not onboard with the project taking to Instagram to denounce some creative liberties (read: factual discrepancies) taken by writer Elyse Hollander, who Madonna slammed in a since-deleted Instagram post as someone who “should write for the Tabloids. Anyone who supports this film is supporting lies and exploitation. lies have no legs!!”

Full story at Noisey
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Madonna You Can Dance rare UK sales presenter – now online!

This is an original sales presenter from the U.K., put together to promote ‘You Can Dance’ for retailers.

The sales presenter is a dummy record sleeve that folds open and has no barcode, comes with a high quality Fujicolor printed photograph. Most likely this originally came with additional notes for the upcoming promo campaign, but sadly those are missing from this copy.

A rare item that is almost impossible to get! We have added this to our You Can Dance album promo page (memorabilia section)

There are a few other sales presenters coming up, stay tuned!

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Women In Pop (issue 1)

“We are very proud to present our very first cover featuring the wonderful, legendary, incomparable Madonna. We have a 10 page overview of Madonna’s career and explore why the most successful female musician of all time attracts so much negativity – mainly because she refuses to conform to the expectations society has of how a woman should behave”.

On sale next week and you can also subscribe online and have the magazine delivered to your door!

Women In Pop is on sale 1 May, and will be available in Australia, US, UK, Asia & New Zealand!

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