Rare! All about the ‘Truth Or Dare’ original workprint with different audio and camera angles! Read all about it

IMG_0135We recently stumbled upon an old VHS tape dated 1991 containing the ‘unpolished’ version of Madonna’s ‘Truth or Dare’ aka ‘In Bed With Madonna’, also known as the ‘workprint’ with unfinished audio. This was very interesting and felt like watching it for the very first time. A lot of what is being said on film is different from the final version of the film, not only that but some of the things Madonna says has later been recorded again for better audio.

Not only is the audio different from the final version of the film, some angles in the performances are different. You have to have a very good eye to spot it, especially in ‘Keep It Together’ a lot of different camera angles are used towards the end. We have summed up some of the differences without going into too much detail (after all this is an unfinished product and wasn’t meant to be released)

  • The audio in the beginning where M swears at Keith, the microphone sound is extremely loud and PDP can’t barely be heard. The ‘she’s getting pissed’ bit is not there at all, this was added later
  • When performing Express Yourself, Madonna greets the audience in French and adds ‘Alright Paris’ instead of ‘America’
  • While dancing with Jose and Luis the ‘get up off the floor’ bit is missing, was added later
  • When the Oh Father performance ends the intro to PDP is there and can be heard while M rings her dad, in the final version this was left out
  • No ‘GOD?’ at the end of the Like a Virgin performance
  • Lots of bits have been audio recorded again such as the ‘I want privacy please’ and the footage at Madonna’s mother’s grave site
  • Madonna says something totally different in the Moira McFarland scene instead of ‘but if you think our family’s wacky….’
  • lots of untouched live vocals
  • Different camera angle towards the end of the Live To Tell performance
  • When she meets Antonio Banderas and goes to the bathroom with Niki and says ‘I’m putting my head in the toilet’, later recorded again. She says it in a totally different tone in the untouched version
  • In ‘Keep It Together’ she addresses Paris instead of ‘Europe’
  • The saying goodbye to Carlton was later recorded and added again
  • Lots of different camera angles in Keep It Together (see examples down below, all taken at the exact same time of the performance)
  • No end credits at all after ‘Keep It Together’ but instead goes directly to the ‘Alek cut it, cut it goddammit’
  • Lots of added sound effects (laughs, spit sounds, screams)


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Strike a Pose op het Nederlands Film Festival (NFF)

sap11widget0De spraakmakende documentaire Truth or Dare – In Bed with Madonna gaf in 1991 een kijkje achter de schermen van Madonna’s wereldtournee. De zeven jonge dansers (zes homo-, één heteroseksueel) die in de film te zien waren, durfden zichzelf te zijn en groeiden zo uit tot iconen van seksuele vrijheid. Maar het mooie beeld dat Madonna opriep, blijkt niet helemaal te kloppen. De dansers onthullen vijfentwintig jaar later de werkelijkheid over hun levens tijdens en na de Blond Ambition Tour, die de kijkers toen niet te zien kregen.

Bestel tickets voor Strike a Pose:

Strike a Pose
€9,50 Engels gesproken, Nederlands ondertiteld. Q&A met producent Rosan Boersma.
Louis Hartlooper Complex 1 do 22 sep 16.45 + agenda Bestel tickets
Strike a Pose
€9,50 Engels gesproken, Nederlands ondertiteld. Q&A met regisseurs Reijer Zwaan en Ester Gould.
Rembrandt 2 vr 23 sep 21.30 + agenda Bestel tickets
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NEW! Madonna in Theater – all about Madonna’s stage plays

In our new section ‘Theater‘ we will cover Madonna’s stage plays. Of course we don’t have the info on all the ones she joined as a child while in school, but we do have coverage of her part in ‘The Wizard Of Oz’.

The new section is now online and the first two stage plays: The Wizard Of Oz and Goose & TomTom have been added. 

Madonna played the evil witch in The Wizard Of Oz back in 1975, check out the original programme used!

In 1986 Madonna and Sean Penn starred in a very limited run of Goose & TomTom, check out an original article and press pictures!

Speed The Plow and Up For Grabs will be added soon!

Madonna in Theater can be found in the menu under ‘LIVE’

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Fabulous Rebel Heart Tour Glasgow compilation video online now (footage by MadonnaUnderground)

We have just uploaded our final compilation video of the Rebel Heart Tour, filmed by us at Madonna’s last European show in Glasgow. It is our favorite of the videos we’ve shot due to the many close-ups from the front row, the interaction with M and the fabulous improvised version of Holiday with no sound.

It has been added to the ‘Our videos’ section at the Rebel Heart Tour online archive page.


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Peter Lindbergh A Vision Of Fashion Photography Kunsthal Rotterdam – full photogallery online

We were very thankful to have been invited to the official opening of Peter Lindbergh’s A Vision Of Fashion Photography exhibition in collaboration with curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot (whom we’ve met at the Jean Paul Gaultier exposition three years earlier).

Peter Lindbergh has photographed Madonna in 1994 in a stunning photoshoot published in Harper’s Bazaar, we knew many unseen photographs of that session would be in the exposition. Super models were present during the first event of the day which was the signing of the Peter Lindbergh book. Milla Jovovich (also an incredible actress), Amber Valletta and other supermodels were present. We heard they signed a total of 400 books! The official opening was incredible, many people were there and the buzz was amazing.

Lara Stone, Cindy Crawford, Milla Jovovich, Amber Valletta were among the super models attending the official opening later in the afternoon. The exposition is incredible, the photographs are overwhelming and the Madonna photoshoot is so unique it is out of this world. Has to be seen with your own eyes to fully appreciate the WOW! factor, not to mention the original Madonna contact sheets showing all of the never before seen photographs!

Please view our photo gallery of the entire event that includes 118 up close and personal shots and makes for a better report than in writing, enjoy!

Visit Peter Lindbergh A Vision Of Fashion Photography in the Kunsthal Rotterdam until February 12, 2017





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Madonna takes daughter Lourdes Leon to Alexander Wang, wearing his surprise Adidas collaboration

Madonna at Alexander Wang CREDIT: REX

There comes a moment at fashion shows when you know something is up. You’re chatting happily to your neighbour, when you notice that the pile of paps in front of you, swarming the perhaps not so particularly interesting blogger/minor celebrity in front of you, seems to be getting bigger. And bigger. And there’s more shrieking and clamouring, and flashes. You then notice that the show is already a half hour late, and clearly in no hurry to get a move on.

Madonna with Alexander Wang backstage at the after-party CREDIT:REX

And so it was, that a couple of feet away, last night in an empty Pier up near Hells Kitchen in New York, that one Madonna and child (her daughter Lola) were revealed to us, around twenty or so minutes later, when finally the security and PR marshals were able to bat off the piles and piles of photographers, film crews and iPhone wielding chancers aiming for the money shot.

Madonna with Lourdes at Alexander Wang CREDIT: REX

So it was only when they all fell away that the opposing front row could take in that yes, it was Madonna. And Lola. And down the way Kylie Jenner with her rather grumpy looking boyfriend, plus a whole lot of other women with boobs pushed up in tiny scraps which one could perhaps generously describe as ‘tops.’

Sweetly, Madonna, the rather lesser spotted fashion show attendee, laughed and joked with her daughter through out the show. Which, eventually, an hour later than billed did start (although not before the editor of British Vogue tired of waiting and walked out).

Kendall Jenner walking at Alexander Wang
Kendall Jenner walking at Alexander Wang CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

The models stomped down the runway, looking furious, stroming headlong through concrete floor, wearing Wang’s usual trick of high fashion sportswear, plunging wisps of dresses and perhaps slightly jarringly, moccasin ankle boots.

Models wear Alexander Wang's collection with adidas
Models wear Alexander Wang’s collection with adidas CREDIT: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

During the finale, Wang’s new collaboration with adidas Originals was revealed with the models back out in like a rather stylish if moody army – all wearing the black kit – with the brand motif jauntily turned on its head. Ms Ciccone seemed to love it, and was already wearing Wang’s three-stripe tracksuit with a lace black corset from the collection.

More at Telegraph

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Former Madonna dancer Slam recalls ‘Blond Ambition Tour,’ ‘Truth or Dare’

Salim Gauwloos, gay news, Washington Blade

Salim Gauwloos today at work teaching dance in New York. (Photo courtesy Gauwloos)

“Truth or Dare”

Monday, Sept. 12


9 p.m.


AFI Silver




8633 Colesville Rd.


Silver Spring, Md.




“Madonna: Truth or Dare,” the landmark 1991 documentary (aka “In Bed With Madonna”) is widely remembered not only as an eye-popping memento of the singer’s legendary “Blond Ambition Tour,” but also as a gay cultural touchstone.

In some ways, it’s the gay equivalent of classic rockumentaries like “Gimme Shelter” or “The Last Waltz” but it’s more than that, too. Not only because it captures Our Lady at the peak of the zeitgeist, but also because its depiction of Madonna’s back-up dancers (of the seven, only Oliver Crumes was straight) being so matter-of-factly out that it felt almost otherworldly to the gay boys who lapped it up in Peoria and everywhere else.

In honor of its anniversary — it screens twice in the coming days at the AFI Silver — we caught up with Salim “Slam” Gauwloos, one of the “Blond Ambition” dancers whose onscreen kiss with the late Gabriel Trupin is one of the film’s most memorable moments. His comments have been slightly edited for length.

Salim Gauwloos, gay news, Washington Blade

Madonna’s ‘Blond Ambition Tour’ dancers, made famous in the film ‘Truth or Dare,’ reunited for ‘Strike a Pose.’ Clockwise from left are Luis Camacho, Oliver Crumes, Carlton Wilborn, Kevin Stea, Jose Gutierez and Salim Gauwloos. (Photo by Robin De Puy)

WASHINGTON BLADE: Before we get to “Truth or Dare,” tell us a little about “Strike a Pose,” the reunion documentary you’re in with the other “Blond Ambition Tour” dancers. When will we get to see it in Washington?

GAUWLOOS: It’s a great movie, you’ll enjoy it. They’re working on a U.S. theatrical release early next year. Before everybody downloads it. You’ll see it soon. It’s a beautiful movie. They did a great job.

BLADE: But it has already been on the festival circuit, right?

GAUWLOOS: Yes. We mostly go out in twos, only in Berlin and Amsterdam they flew everybody over, but mostly just two of us to wherever. I went to Colombia, to Tel Aviv. It takes a lot of time always, but it’s fun. Almost like being on tour again.

BLADE: How did they pitch you on “Strike a Pose”?

GAUWLOOS: They approached me in 2013. I was doing a job, this big dance festival in Vienna and they contacted me. I said, “OK, I’ll meet with Reijer Zwaan,” one of the directors. He came to meet me in Vienna and we must have talked for about eight hours. It just felt right, I don’t know. I think the directors, Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan, these directors from Holland, they’re amazing storytellers. I did kind of think, “Do I really want to throw myself out there again to be judged really in some kind of way, I want to be careful about that,” but I had a really good feeling about it.

BLADE: Did you talk to the other dancers before agreeing to it?

GAUWLOOS: No. I think the last one to jump on board was Jose (Gutierez). I felt it really should be all the dancers. Of course Gabriel (Trupin), he passed away a long time ago, but his mother represents him in the movie and that’s really beautiful. It wouldn’t have been the same without all the dancers so in the end, we all agreed and started shooting in 2014.

BLADE: Had you seen the other five any since the “Truth or Dare” premiere or kept in touch with them at all?

GAUWLOOS: No. For example, Carlton (Wilborn), Oliver (Crumes) and Kevin (Stea), I hadn’t seen for probably close to 25 years. Maybe 24 years. And Luis (Camacho) I’d seen a little bit here and there but that was probably like 12 years. Jose (Gutierez) and I both live in New York so I saw him a little bit here and there but with most of them, I’d had literally no contact at all. It was so amazing to see them all again after 25 years.

To read the full interview by WashingtonBlade click here

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