Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ Turns 10: A Look Back at Madge’s Midlife Meditation

Hard Candy, Madonna’s 11th studio album and her final under her longtime contract with Warner Brothers, celebrates its 10th anniversary April 19. The record marks her first collaboration with several superstar producers and preceded a major change in the pop star’s personal life. To commemorate the milestone, here’s a look back at the album Rolling Stone called her “midlife meditation.”

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Madonna new album 2018: Star drops BIG hint on new music – collaborating with THIS star?

The iconic star is expected to launch her new era soon, and confirmed on Twitter that she is in the studio.

But it’s her mention of writer and producer Mirwais that has really got tongues wagging.

The hitmaker, real name Mirwais Ahmadzaï, is behind some of Madge’s biggest works, including material for her studio albums Music, American Life and Confessions On The Dancefloor.

Those tracks include the song Music, as well as Die Another Day, Love Profusion, American Life and Hollywood.

The Music album was nominated for three Grammys, including Record of the Year, and Die Another Day was shortlisted for Original Song at the 2003 Golden Globes.

Madonna today posted a video of her having fun in the studio, captioning it: “No This is NOT my new music… But im having fun in the studio in between takes!! #music #mirwais #magic.”

This latest update comes after she spoke in a new interview about ageism in the music industry, and the criticism she faces as her career progresses.

Speaking to The Cut, she said: “It’s an outdated, patriarchal idea that a woman has to stop being fun, curious, adventurous, beautiful, or sexy past the age of 40. It’s ridiculous.

She continued: “How do we fight this? By standing up to men and by standing up to social mores or standards that say we cannot. The more women that do it, it will just be a matter of time.”

Back in December the superstar appeared to confirm new music plans.Asked by Anderson Cooper on Live With Kelly and Ryan when she’s going back on tour, she said: “Soon.”

Amid excited babble from the hosts, she clarified: “2017 was Soccer Mom in Portugal, 2018 I’m coming back baby. And I’m coming for you!”

Madonna is one of the best-selling artists of all time, having sold more than 300 million units worldwide.

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Madonna and Mirwais collaborating in the studio?

So Madonna just shared this little video on her Instagram, saying she’s having fun in between takes (so she’s back in the studio) and she hashtagged no one other than Mirwais! Madonna and Mirwais started following each other some time ago. Not only that but Mirwais and Madonna’s vocal producer have started to follow each other on Instagram too.

Madonna and Mirwais have created absolutely brilliant music together: Paradise (Not For Me), the ‘Music’ album, the ‘American Life’ album. They’re absolutely unique in sound and style and personally I’d say ‘never change a winning team’. Madonna recently revisited some of her American Life album tracks for her Tears of a Clown shows, making it all the more obvious how incredibly fresh they still sound today.

We keep our fingers crossed!

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Madonna Discography – various items added

The following items have been added to the discography

Enjoy all the HQ scans

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49th Mega Record and CD Fair Utrecht – report

There were enough Madonna goodies to find at the 49th edition of the Mega Record and CD Fair in Utrecht this weekend. For collectors searching for specific pressings from South Africa, Japan, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary…..there was more than enough to buy. This time we couldn’t spot any particular rarities, just a whole lot of various vinyl pressings. The mega record and cd fair is open tomorrow as well. For more info please visit The next fair will be in November! Here pictured some of the Madonna items we found:

  • Justify My Love – rare promo 12″ from Brazil
  • Everybody – USA 12″ Promo stamped
  • Like a Prayer – promo 12″ from Brazil
  • American Life – CD from Tunis
  • American Pie – CD single from Mexico
  • Another Suitcase in Another Hall – UK pressing (Disctronics) CD single
  • The Immaculate Collection – 1st edition from Brazil without barcode and different CD graphics

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Madonna on fighting ageism: “It’s about staying curious, staying alive, and working on making ourselves feel good’

Madonna calls at 9 a.m. from Portugal. The singer and mother with just a first name is on the phone to talk about her newest project: skin care. She’s obsessed with it like everyone else, and launched her own line, MDNA Skin, this year. The Cut talked to Madonna about having glowy butt skin, her newest product (MDNA’s Reinvention Cream), and how she responds to ageist critics and detractors.

Okay, so I read that you do a mask on your butt. Is that true or was that a joke?
I take the clay mask and put it everywhere. Just for fun, I tried it as an experiment. I put it on my décolletage, my breasts, and my arms. Then I put it on my butt. I work out a lot and if you do mat work, you’re always sitting so you can get dry patches.

I thought, Let me try this here. It was really good! It had the same effect. You just have to be willing to lay on your stomach and not move, while naked. And then [my facialist, Tarin] Skillets comes and removes it — such a fun job she has.

A butt mask might be the only beauty product not yet invented.
It’s kind of a no-brainer. You can take any face mask and try it on your behind. Skin is skin. I think people would want the skin on their butt to be smooth, glowing, and hydrated. I mean, I know I do. There are certain special people that get to see our butt and you want it to look its finest.

You’re synonymous with reinvention. And it sounds almost too good to be true, but your new cream contains something called the resurrection plant.
It is kind of a perfect circle of connection with DNA, love, heart, and soul all put into a skin-care line. Before working on this, I had never heard of the plant. MTG [the company behind MDNA] brought it to my attention. It’s all over Africa. I spend so much time there that to me, it was poetic and perfect that I would be able to incorporate a plant that I’m around all the time but never pay attention to, inside of this cream.

I also love the words resurrection and reinvention. Then there’s the other R word, resilience. I love that. To live with very little moisture, then you give it to the plant, and it reinvents itself. I like to think that I do the same. I feel connected to [the plant] for its ability to maintain and keep going against all odds.

What do you remember from the first time you visited Malawi?
I remember seeing so many people suffering. There were so many children left alone, abandoned and orphaned by AIDS. I remember their vulnerability, and watching so many of their parents and extended family dying and to not be able to do anything about it was heartbreaking.

At the same time, I was also struck by the happiness and joy they managed to connect to. Despite suffering so much loss and having so little, they were still were joyful people who could smile and be grateful for the tiniest things. That was a great lesson. I thought I was going there to help them, but they were actually helping me to recognize gratitude.

It was really important with this product to make sure a portion goes into helping Africa, especially in the area of education. After primary school, it’s not encouraged for girls to go to school. All the work that I do goes back into either education for girls, health care, pediatrics, or building schools.


You’ve been vocal about saying we need to fight ageism. How do we do it?
We need role models. People are afraid of things they don’t know and that are unfamiliar. Women have a different place in the world now. We’re finding more work and fighting for more gender equality in the workplace. As we do that, we should keep working on not only our career but on ourselves. It’s about staying curious, staying alive, and working on making ourselves feel good whether it’s through exercise, skin care, etc. There are no rules.


It’s an outdated, patriarchal idea that a woman has to stop being fun, curious, adventurous, beautiful, or sexy past the age of 40. It’s ridiculous. Why should only men be allowed to be adventurous, sexual, curious, and get to have all the fun until the day they leave this earth? Why should that only be the domain of men? How do we fight this? By standing up to men and by standing up to social mores or standards that say we cannot. The more women that do it, it will just be a matter of time.

In the beginning of my career, I got so much flak for using sexuality as part of my creativity and was called a sexual provocateur. Now, all the challenges that I had to face 20 years ago seem ludicrous. What I am going through now is ageism, with people putting me down or giving me a hard time because I date younger men or do things that are considered to be only the domain of younger women. I mean, who made those rules? Who says? I’m going to keep fighting it. Ten to 20 years from now, it’s going to be normal. People are going to shut up.

When people talk about getting older, particularly when it comes to women, they use words like “battling” or “fighting” or doing it “gracefully.” How would you describe your approach?
I don’t think about an approach to aging. I just think about my approach to life. I don’t do anything different than I used to do. I keep going. I continue being creative and working. I write, travel the world, am adventurous, curious, learn, and I seek knowledge. I listen to my children, I pay attention to them, and I see the world through their eyes. All those things keep you youthful.

Some people go, Okay I don’t want to work anymore. They pack up their bags and move to some secluded villa in the mountains. I get that’s a life for some people, but not for me. Of course, you have to take care of yourself. You have to eat right, practice good nutrition, exercise, and all the obvious things everybody knows. I never smoked. I don’t go in the sun. I’ve always taken care of myself.

I never think I am fighting age. I’m just continuing on with my life as I always have. I’ve never gotten complacent. I’ve never gotten comfortable. I keep pushing myself into uncomfortable positions and taken risks. I moved to Lisbon with my four children. I could have stayed in NYC with my comfortable life, but I didn’t. If you keep putting yourself in challenging, new adventurous situations, then you keep yourself alive and youthful.

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REMINDER! 49th Mega Record and CD Fair Utrecht – this weekend (discount code available)

Once again we can give you a discount code to use when purchasing tickets to the 49th edition of the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht April 2018.

The code to use is: DISC3 

Vinyl Fever at the 49th Mega Record & CD Fair, the Netherlands
Jaarbeurs Utrecht, hunting ground of music lovers

On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of April the 49th Mega Record & CD Fair will take place at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands. This biannual show – as always held in conjunction with the International Collectors Fair – is renowned as the greatest record fair in the world by DJs, experts, collectors and fans of pop music. Over 500 exhibitors from all over the globe will display the collected history of pop music from the past sixty years in the shape of singles, albums, 12-inches, CDs and DVDs. As usual the programme includes live performances, signing sessions and guest deejays. This edition of the fair will highlight in particular the history of Disco.

45 years of Disco Fever 1973-2018

The exhibit: 45 years of Disco Fever is curated by Patrick Lejeune and consists mostly items from his own collection. Lejeune who is better known as DiscoPatrick has been collecting since 1978. In collaboration with Patrick Vogt he published two books. The most recent one, Disco – An Encyclopaedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records, was published in 2014 by SOULJAZZ in London, and is the standard book on the subject. The exhibit has been built up with the use of a timeline that starts with the birth of disco in 1973, the beginnings of the DJ-culture, the creation of the remix, the birth of the 12-inch, and the debut of the synthesizer.

Record Fair Utrecht
45 jaar Disco Fever

Vinyl is hot!

The main attraction of the fair remains the gigantic assortment of records on offer. Partly thanks to young people‘s enthusiasm for deejaying, vinyl is hot again. There is no fun without vinyl – in pubs, at parties, at home and all kinds of gatherings playing records is a must. The crucial accessory at the last couple of Mega Fairs was the portable record player to listen to vinyl on site before buying.

Special guests

Shandon Sahm, long time drummer of Indieband the Meatpuppets and son of the legendary Texan musician Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornadoes) will perform songs written by his dad live at the fair. Furthermore, there are performances by Yorick van Noorden (ex the Hype) and Miss Twist.

Vinyl Auction, CD- and book launches, Popquiz

Like at the last editions English company Omega will auction some rare vinyl albums and singles. At one of the last auctions at the fair the White double album by the Beatles fetched over € 20.000 and a postponed single by the Sex Pistols over € 7000. Record Industry from Haarlem will launch Passion for Vinyl part 2, written by pop journalist Robert Haagsma. The Three Imaginary Boys presents the Pop quiz with loads of free prizes like concert tickets.

Mega Record & CD Fair Spring 2018
  • Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Jaarbeursplein 6 in Utrecht.
  • Saturday April 14 from 9.00 am till 5 pm
  • Sunday April 15 from 10.00 am till 5 pm
  • Entrance at the cash register: € 14,- (children up to 12 free)
  • Website pre sale: € 12,50

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We test Madonna’s S$1,000 skincare product for ourselves


SINGAPORE: She is the queen of pop, multiple Grammy Award-winner, children’s book author, philanthropist and soccer mom. Now add beauty guru to the list of Madonna’s titles.

This May, her premium MDNA SKIN line will finally arrive in Southeast Asia, exclusively at Singapore’s Takashimaya’s beauty hall. The comprehensive range of daily use and specialised products was originally developed for her personal use; but, as with her music, it had a greater calling: To “give good face” to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or gender.

That’s if you have S$1,000 and then some to spare.

That’s the price of the MDNA SKIN Rejuvenator Set – S$940 to be exact. It buys you a magnetised beauty wand (a device that looks like a sleek fancy sex toy) and a clay mask.

That’s just two items in the line-up of nine products that start at S$70 for a facial cleanser.

Quite a pretty penny, if you want to have Madonna’s skin when you too are pushing 60. Except she doesn’t plug it as such. There is no shout-out of the term “anti-ageing”, even though the products do that – they all promote “radiance, clarity and vitality”, words synonymous with youth.

Instead, MDNA SKIN is about pro-skin health: Taking good care of your skin, which is something Madonna is extremely passionate and disciplined about. Strip the products of its celebrity cachet, and at the core of its DNA is nature harnessed by science. Madonna’s partner in this venture is MTG, a recognised pioneer in the Japanese beauty care industry (it also makes ReFA rollers and Inbeaute beauty gadgets).

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From doing Madonna’s facials to becoming MDNA SKIN’s brand ambassador

For Ms Edyta Jarosz, an esthetician at New York’s famed dermatology clinic Dr Paul Jarrod Frank, doing a facial for her idol Madonna was a dream come true.

When the American pop star asked her in 2016 to become the brand ambassador of her skincare line, MDNA SKIN, which was founded in 2014 in collaboration with Japanese beauty and wellness company MTG, Ms Jarosz accepted immediately.

After all, Ms Jarosz is well known among her customers for her “magic hands” during the skin-rejuvenating facial treatments.

The 41-year-old Pole told The New Paper when launching the skincare line here last Thursday: “Nobody had to convince me, I knew I had to jump at this opportunity.

“What really brought us together was our passion for beauty and there was immediately a connection.”

 Available in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US, the line comprising nine products priced from $70 to $940 will be available at its first counter at Takashimaya Level 1 from next month. MDNA SKIN also debuted in China and Korea last month.

Ms Jarosz said of meeting Madonna: “I was nervous the day before I met her but she was wonderful to me.

“I learnt a lot and there were hardly any challenges working with her.”

She said Madonna, 59, is more than just the face of the brand.

The pop star is also involved in every aspect of the product development process, from testing the products herself, designing the packaging to choosing the ingredients and approving the texture of the creams.

She added: “Madonna knows what she wants and is precise and well organised. She puts in 100 per cent to achieve perfection.”

For instance, Madonna wanted to use creme de la creme ingredients found in Italy’s renowned spa destination, Montecatini Terme in Tuscany, such as the exclusive M.T. PARCA Thermal Water and Montecatini Clay.

The brand’s signature Chrome Clay Mask contains essential beauty minerals including sulphur, calcium and silica copper.

Unlike typical clay masks, it captures dirt and impurities and leaves behind a layer of moisturising serum.

Ms Jarosz said: “Most clay masks dry on the skin, but not the Chrome Clay Mask , even if you leave it on for an hour. It will always have a smooth texture because of the high salinity of the thermal water from Montecatini Terme.”

Other Madonna favourites include The Rose Mist for moist and revitalised skin and The Eye Mask which removes puffiness and brightens the skin under the eye.

Ms Jarosz, when asked about Madonna’s secret to flawless skin, attributed it to the singer’s adherence to a consistent health and beauty regimen.

 Not only does she exercise daily, she also avoids dairy.

And she never leaves home without applying her sunscreen, added Ms Jarosz.

When asked if Madonna might develop a make-up line like other celebrities, Ms Jarosz said: “She is creative. She can surprise everyone with everything. And if she does it, I am sure it will be 150 per cent good.”

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Madonna’s American Life single turns 15 today

Fifteen years ago today American Life the lead single from the album with the same title was released digitally. Written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais this was a controversial single from the start due to Madonna’s religious and political views. Unfortunately Madonna withdrew the original fantastic music video directed by Jonas Akerlund as she felt it was not fit to release it at the time due to the war. A second much less interesting music video was released to promote the track, featuring Madonna and a whole lot of flags from around the world.

The song premiered in Holland on Radio 538 and it was the first time the song could be heard in full including Madonna’s rap. A previous version that leaked did not include the rap and the ‘f**k it’ parts were censored. Views on the song were mixed. Madonna performed the track during the promotional tour for the album, the Re-Invention Tour and Tears of a Clown in Miami (2016).

To read and see more on American Life visit its album page HERE

To read all about the promotional tour click HERE

Click HERE to view our photo gallery

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Madonna’s Son “Steals” Her Beauty Products, Plus Her $10 Obsession – new interview

You don’t have to be a music icon to get great skin. But being Madonna helps.

Even at a young age, the “Like a Virgin” singer has always been diligent about maintaining a healthy complexion. When she didn’t have much money, she used to get facials from a heroin addict, Madonna shared at the U.S. launch of her beauty brand, MDNA Skin, in September 2017. Now the 59-year-old queen of pop has the resources and platform to share her devotion to skin care with the masses.

“The biggest challenge is getting the story out there—where does this line come from and why it is important to me, that it’s not a vanity project, why I developed it in the first place and connecting to people on a human level,” said Madonna to E! News in a phone interview.

You could just scoop up her latest launch—a four-in-one (toning serum, lotion, cream and mask) product appropriately titled, The Reinvention Cream ($75). Like all MDNA products, the lightweight jelly-cream features M.T.Parca Thermal Water, which comes from four different springs in Montecatini, Italy, known for its healing properties. The cream also features three African Resurrection plants (the ones that can sustain extreme dehydration then spring back alive with water). But as Madonna can attest, basic lifestyle choices—the ones that cost almost nothing—can improve your skin, too.

Here, the Material Girl reveals the skin-care tips she imparts on her kids, three beauty products she always has in her bag (hint: one is crazy affordable!) and more!

E! News: It’s been three or four years since you first launched in Japan. What are you most proud of?
Madonna: The ingredients are important to me—the fact that they are made with all-natural ingredients, that the hero ingredient of the line is thermal water that comes from Tuscany and that have been a part of healing people for thousands of years. I feel like there’s history to it; there’s authenticity to it. It’s not just talk; it’s also walk. It’s great when you’re not wearing makeup; it’s great when you are wearing makeup. My 17-year-old [Rocco Ritchie] son uses it. It’s something that everybody loves, and I’m very proud of that.

Since your son uses your products, do you also give him or any of your other children beauty tips?
Hell yes! Are you kidding? First of all, I’m like, “Don’t squeeze your pimples! Please. You’re scarring your face.” Also, a lot of people think that if they dry their skin out all the time, they aren’t going to get acne. You can get acne from having your skin too dehydrated. My son is always coming into my bathroom and stealing all of my skin-care products. It’s very funny to have a 17-year-old son saying, ‘Mom, can I have more serum? I need some more face wash. I need some more of this.’ I think it’s hilarious. My 21-year-old daughter [Lourdes Leon] loves them. I feel like I’m getting nods of approval from people from all walks of life, and it’s not just female either. It’s male as well—that means a lot to me. And, of course, I do advise my children on a regular basis: “Don’t smoke. Stay out of the sun. Why are you drinking that? Stop picking at yourself.”

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