Madonna – Dress You Up (rare official Turkish ‘Like a Virgin’ cassette release)

Added to our Like a Virgin discography is this rare official early release by Dunya Plak (under license by Warner Bros).

Re-titled ‘Dress You Up’ and different artwork made this cassette a ‘less provocative’ release.

Even though a strange one, this is an official release by Dunya Plak under license by Warner Bros. To check out all the HQ scans, visit the ‘cassette’ tab in our Like a Virgin discography.

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REMINDER! Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour on BBC2 tonight!

Shot around the world and featuring a collection of live and behind-the-scenes footage, Madonna Rebel Heart Tour is packed with visual theatrics, stunning costumes and intricate choreography, featuring new hits and beloved classic songs spanning all decades of Madonna’s illustrious career, including Living for Love, Bitch I’m Madonna, Material Girl, Holiday and an acoustic version of Like a Prayer.


23:30 to 01:30

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54 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018


Venturelli/Getty Images for LDC Foundation


Album: TBA
Release Date: TBA
Now living outside Lisbon, Portugal, the shape-shifting superstar hinted that she’d be returning to the pop world when she dropped by Live with Kelly and Ryan in December. “2017 was soccer mom in Portugal – 2018, I’m coming back, baby,” she told fellow guest Anderson Cooper, who asked about her tour plans. “I’m traveling the world right now and listening to lots of different music,” she told Entertainment Weekly in September. “I’m getting inspired by people and I’m just soaking things up right now. … It’s time for me to take a different approach and really get back down to the beauty and simplicity of music and lyrics and intimacy.”

More at RollingStone

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Rebel Heart Tour on BBC2 January 13

Shot around the world and featuring a collection of live and behind-the-scenes footage, Madonna Rebel Heart Tour is packed with visual theatrics, stunning costumes and intricate choreography, featuring new hits and beloved classic songs spanning all decades of Madonna’s illustrious career, including Living for Love, Bitch I’m Madonna, Material Girl, Holiday and an acoustic version of Like a Prayer.

Sat 13 Jan 2018
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Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ discography online – 40 different pressings!

We have just finished working on the ‘Erotica’ album discography. In total we have collected 40 different pressings of this album.

Although heavily criticised at the time of its release on October 20 1992, today it is looked upon as an album that was way ahead of its time. A true fan favorite and hailed as one of the best albums of the 90’s it is a true misunderstood masterpiece.

Keep in mind that every single release in the discography is carefully scanned and photographed from our own collection. We have also included this very rare security release cassette for ‘erotica’ from the U.K.

To check out the Erotica discography click HERE

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We Picked Madonna’s Top 20 Singles to Celebrate 35 Years Since Her Debut

It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of 1982, the world didn’t know who Madonna was. She would soon come to dominate the next three and a half decades, changing the landscape of pop music with her chart-topping singles, boundary-pushing music videos and Broadway-caliber concerts. Indeed, 35 years ago it all started with Madonna’s first ever single, “Everybody.” To celebrate its anniversary, L.A. Weekly has chosen the Material Girl’s top 20 best singles. (Ed. note: The list is not based on chart success.)

20. “Miles Away” (2008)

The third single from Madonna’s Hard Candy album may not have gotten much radio play, but it is quintessential Madonna. Co-produced and co-written by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, the song foreshadowed things to come in Madonna’s marriage to then-husband Guy Ritchie. “When I’m gone, you realize/That I’m the best thing that happened to you,” she sings atop one of Timbaland’s signature beats.

19. “Ghosttown” (2015)

The second single from Madonna’s most recent album, Rebel Heart, is a beautiful, edgy ballad with a chorus so catchy it’ll be stuck in your head for days. The song surely would have been a huge smash for a younger pop star, but alas radio showed it no love. Even Diplo, who co-produced “Rebel Heart” but not “Ghosttown” (Jason Evigan helmed this one), told Rolling Stone, “No one seems to want [Madonna] to succeed. … ‘Ghosttown’ was a guaranteed No. 1 for anyone else but she didn’t get a fair shot.” The music video, which featured a beautiful tango with co-star Terrence Howard, just adds to the majesty of the song.

18. “Papa Don’t Preach” (1986)

While “Like a Virgin” definitely stirred some controversy two years prior, no one was expecting pop music’s It girl to release a song about a woman telling her father that she’s pregnant and choosing (key word) to keep the baby. As Madonna told Rolling Stone in 2009, “[The song] just fit right in with my own personal zeitgeist of standing up to male authorities, whether it’s the pope or the Catholic Church or my father and his conservative, patriarchal ways.” Produced by longtime collaborator Stephen Bray and released as the first single off the True Blue album, “Papa Don’t Preach” showed the world that Madonna was ready to talk about more than being a Material Girl.

Visit LAWeekly to view the full list
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This Used To Be My Playground – discography online now (20 different pressings)

Next up in the discography is This Used To Be My Playground.

An absolute smash recorded for ‘A League Of Their Own’ and did not appear on an official Madonna album until the ‘Something To Remember’ compilation. Even though featured in the A League Of Their Own film, it was never included on its official soundtrack, but ended up on the ‘Barcelona Gold’ compilation CD. 

In this discography we have collected 20 different pressings, including this rarely seen backtrax cassette from the U.S.A.

Enjoy all the HQ scans now HERE

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Madonna Het Icoon – vernieuwde editie (new edition, pre-order) NEW BOOK

In deze herziene, diepgravende biografie wordt het geheim ontrafeld van Madonna, die al 35 jaar de grootste vrouwelijke popster ter wereld is. 

Madonna, de uitdagende hedendaagse versie van een eeuwenoud icoon, de artieste die zichzelf steeds opnieuw uitvindt: the Queen of Pop. De afgelopen tien jaar heeft Madonna niet stilgezeten. Ze trad op met de Russische band Pussy Riot, produceerde twee films, bracht twee bestsellende albums uit (MDNA en Rebel Heart) en verzorgde drie wereldtournees die alle records braken. Deze heruitgave biedt een complete update van haar vernieuwende werk sinds 2008, met nieuwe interviews over haar leven en werk, extra kleurenfoto’s, bibliografie, discografie en een register.  

Lucy O’Brien is een Engelse muziekjournalist. Haar biografie Madonnahet idool verscheen in veertien talen en werd alom geprezen. 

€ 17,50 Paperback / softback 
ISBN: 9789024580248
Pagina’s: 464
Verwacht: 14-06-2018

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Madonna Fan Party #29 Ray Of Light 20th Anniversary Celebration


The 2018 Madonna Fan Party event will be on Saturday 3rd March, to mark the 20th Anniversary of Ray Of Light – taking place 20 years to the day that this legendary album was released.

The event will kick off with the exclusive Ray Of Light Video Album, so please make sure you make plans to attend from doors opening.

Madonna Fan Party events attract all of Madonna’s biggest fans from all over the globe in a friendly, welcoming environment. We pride ourselves on the atmosphere – check out our Instagram for the hundreds of positive reviews we’ve had! Many people do come alone – if that’s you, feel free to send us a message in advance so we can arrange for you to meet up with other fans before the event starts. 

As usual Madonna’s Team and G-A-Y Late will ensure entry to the event is free, with doors opening at 2.30pm and the event running until 10pm.

We have exciting contributions for this, the 29th Madonna Fan Party event.

SCOTT WALKER, widely known in the Madonna Family for his iconic Madonna t shirt designs, will be producing t shirts exclusively for this event. Further details to follow on how you can buy one of these awesome items in advance!

DJ NICK SHEPHERDSON from G-A-Y will be providing some mixshow sets during the event including some of your favourite Madonna remixes.

This will be our 2018 event, and we rely on your attendance to keep the Madonna Fan Party events going. Thank you all for your loyalty and making the effort these past 15 years. We can’t wait to welcome you in March!

Fore more info click HERE

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Two Indie Only Madonna reissues available in Holland January 12

Two exclusive ‘Indie Only’ releases of Like a Virgin on clear vinyl and Ray of Light on blue vinyl will be available at independent record stores. These issues that have already been available through Sainsbury’s, Fnac, HMV Japan and Amazon will now be available in Holland from January 12 too. We don’t know if a different sticker will come with it for the collectors among us.

2018 begint goed, want vanaf 12 januari kan je weer bij de onafhankelijke platenzaken terecht voor twee exclusieve Indie Only releases. Dit keer zullen twee albums van ‘queen of pop’ Madonna opnieuw worden uitgebracht.

Madonna’s tweede studioalbum ‘Like a Virgin‘ (1984), geproduceerd door Nile Rodgers, zal worden uitgebracht op transparant vinyl. Het album bevat onder andere Madonna’s eerste #1-hit in de VS ‘Like a Virgin’ en haar eerste #1-hit in de UK ‘Into The Groove’. Nu, 33 jaar later, zal dit album worden uitgebracht als prachtige clear vinyl-reissue.

Een wat recenter album van Madonna, ‘Ray of Light‘ (2003), zal opnieuw worden uitgebracht op blauw vinyl. Bij dit album was Madonna geïnspireerd door kabbala, een joodse geloofsstroming. Het album heeft dan ook dertien liedjes, het heilige getal in kabbala. De eerste single van het album was Frozen en haalde internationaal nummer 1 in de hitlijsten. Ook haar tweede single, de title track Ray of light, was een internationale nummer 1 hit.

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Singer Niki Haris discusses her years with Madonna and her Aspen debut at the JAS Cafe

Niki Haris was at Madonna’s side through the queen of pop’s many transformations from the mid-1980s through the dawn of the millennium. She was onstage for the “Who’s That Girl” tour, in the film “Truth or Dare” and in the iconic “Vogue” music video, singing and dancing with Madonna up through the “Ray of Light” era.

She left to focus on motherhood and on a solo career that brings Haris to the JAS Cafe this week for her two-night, four-show Aspen debut with the James Horowitz Trio.

The lessons she learned at the top of the pop music world with Madonna were many.

“I learned discipline about creating your own vision and sticking to it,” Haris said in a recent phone interview. “And making sure that you’re living your own narrative, not judging yourself through somebody else’s eyes.”

 The woman she knows and performed with, Haris said, is not the shrewd, trend-chasing Madonna we’ve heard about.

“People talk about how calculating she is, but I saw so many times when she would not do that and go with her gut,” Haris said.


Fourteen years since she stopped recording and performing with Madonna, Haris is still learning from her.

“I learned so much from her in the beginning,” Haris said. “Good stuff that now I go, ‘Oh, this is what she meant by that!'”

Read full article at

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New Erotica era official merchandising!

Madonna Erotica Protected Lock Necklace & Key set on a 20″ chain / 14.95€ (order HERE)

Put your hands all over my body is printed in white on the back of these unisex boy brief underwear / 19.95€ (order HERE)



Leather 2″ wristband with Madonna Erotica debossed on the side / 12.95€ (order HERE)


Framed 8″x10″ photo of Madonna/ 34.95€ (order HERE)

14″x14″ graphic pillow / 34.95€ (order HERE)

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