Timeframe: Madonna’s sweltering summer set at du Arena

Madonna brought a new level of performance to Abu Dhabi with a two-show stop on her MDNA tour. Lee Hoagland / The National

Madonna brought a new level of performance to Abu Dhabi with a two-show stop on her MDNA tour. Lee Hoagland / The National

Six years ago this week, American singer Madonna brought her MDNA tour to Abu Dhabi. It was somewhat unprecedented for the capital to host such a big concert in the summer, but the “Material Girl” booked the stop as part of her 80-date tour schedule across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. She stopped in Abu Dhabi for two shows at the du Arena, which had at that time been rebrandedand was undergoing expansion.

Tickets for the shows sold out within hours and extra tickets were added for the first concert just days before the show. The Nationalreported at the time that fans had travelled from as far away as Buenos Aires and London, and that Madonna’s stage production – including lighting, stage props, LED screens and pyrotechnics – was flown in on three jumbo jets. With temperatures in the mid-40s, and to keep comfortable an estimated 50,000 concertgoers in two nights in the heat of the season, a cooling system was installed, but many concertgoers complained that it didn’t make a difference.

Italian DJ Benny Benassi, who had produced three songs for the MDNA album, opened both shows, which started more than 90 minutes late, angering the loyal crowd. The song Girl Gone Wild from MDNA started the dazzling and dark set, which featured controversial imagery and themes, tin soldiers suspended from the ceiling, stunts and acrobatics. The temperature rose further when Madonna dug deep into her classic 1980s repertoire, including Papa Don’t PreachOpen Your Heart and Like a Prayer, as well as more contemporary songs, performed across four themed acts.

More at TheNational.ae

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Patrick Leonard’s new album, “Bring The Circus Home” Kickstarter campaign

Longtime Madonna collaborator’s new album will feature reimagined versions of their most famous songs, from “Live to Tell” to “Frozen.

What’s this new record about…? 

Bring the Circus Home is a celebration of my decades-long collaboration with Madonna that will feature entirely original, reimagined versions of many of the most famous songs we wrote together, including: “Live to Tell,” “La Isla Bonita,” “Dear Jessie,” “Oh Father” (my personal favorite), “Hanky Panky,” and “Frozen.” The album will also include a new song, the title track, “Bring the Circus Home,” plus a few more surprises thrown in for good measure. ;)

A labor of love for the incredible fans who’ve always meant so much to me, I feel it’s time to revisit these songs, both as they were originally conceived and as how I hear them now. Contributors will have an “all access pass” to the creative process, via frequent check-ins, live studio streams, Q&A sessions, and more. I’m also thrilled that many of the other incredible musicians who contributed to my work with Madonna, including engineer Michael Verdick, bassist Guy Pratt, guitarist Bruce Gaitsch, and more, will also be lending their talents to Bring the Circus Home.

Once the album is finished, I can’t wait to take the show on the road, and plan to embark on a fan-friendly tour that blends stories and songs (dates and locations TBA).

Want to support Patrick Leonard on Kickstarter? Click HERE

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Like a Virgin white vinyl RHINO re-issue PRE-ORDER link available (Europe)

Rhino will re-issue Madonna’s Like a Virgin LP on white vinyl as part of the ‘Back to the 80s’ exclusives, EAN0603497860739 will be released on July 6 (in Europe too!)

Pre-order through Bol.com HERE:

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Madonna’s I’ll Remember discography added – 23 different pressings

The discography to I’ll Remember has been added!

We have gathered a total of 23 different pressings of this release for you to view, all from our own collection.

I’ll Remember was recorded and included on the With Honors soundtrack directed by good friend Alek Keshishian (whom she worked with on ‘Truth Or Dare’). He also directed the music video for the single. The song was later added to Madonna’s greatest ballads compilation ‘Something To Remember’. She has never performed the track live.

To view the discography click HERE

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Madonna – Het icoon van Lucy O’Brien verschijnt 28 juni 2018 – Dutch press release + info

Comparing this new book to the first editon from 2007, these are the main differences:

  • Brand new introduction
  • Book IV has been added; two new chapters 19 and 20
  • The epilogue has been renewed
  • New pictures have been added

To pre-order click below


Thanks to: Uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff

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The Immaculate Collection 2018 re-issue on black vinyl – out now

The 2018 re-issue of The Immaculate Collection pressed on regular black vinyl is now available!

We have added the vinyl to our The Immaculate Collecton discography page HERE.

To order click the link below

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Madonna industry promo ad for first homevideo release (1984)

This very rarely seen original large promotional ad for Madonna’s first homevideo simply titled ‘Madonna’ has been added to our Like a Virgin page (press tab).

‘Warner Music Video presents Madonna in her first compilation video-for-sale, featuring her brand new hit. “LIKE A VIRGIN’, and a special mix of her biggest single, “LUCKY STAR.” “BURNING UP” Directed by Steve Baron; Music produced by Reggie Lucas for Kalisa Inc. “LUCKY STAR” Directed by Arthur Pierson; Music produced by Reggie Lucas for Kalisa INc.; Music Remixed by John Jellybean Benitez. “LIKE A VIRGIN’ Directed by Mary Lambert;Music produced by Nile Rodgers for Nile Rodgers Productions, Inc.’

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Matt Cain’s The Madonna of Bolton strikes film deal!

We are excited to bring you the news that the upcoming novel ‘The Madonna of Bolton’ by Matt Cain has won a film deal with LiveNation! The deal comes with Madonna’s blessing and the permission to use her music. The deal also covers sequels and West End adaptations.

Read the news story by The Bookseller HERE

Pre-order the book HERE

Congratulations Matt, very well deserved!

Thanks to: Matt Cain



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Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam – the official opening

Yesterday the Viktor&Rolf exhibition was officially opened in the Kunsthal, guests included the Mayor of Rotterdam Mr. Aboutaleb and Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau. After an introduction by Emily Ansenk (director of the Kunsthal), there were speeches by the Mayor of Rotterdam, the minister, Han Nefkens, Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau (Viktor&Rolf designed her wedding dress and also her mourn dress), Thierry-Maxime Loriot and Viktor&Rolf.

There were so many guests, friends, family and fans that all had to be divided into four groups upon visiting the exhibition. Free drinks and food were available to everyone there.

Upon leaving the event everyone was presented with a Viktor&Rolf goodie bag containing the heavenly Flowerbomb perfume.

The exhibition is now open to public, you can view Madonna’s Tears of a Clown costumes and all the other amazingly fantastic haute couture up until September 30.

To read my full review on the exhibiton click on the tab ‘Press Review’ HERE. It is more than just an exhibition, it is an experience!

The photo gallery of the official opening has also been added to the Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years page.

More information available at the Kunsthal

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Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years in Kunsthal Rotterdam – M’s costumes on display!

Today we attended the press preview for the Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artist 25 years in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The expo was simply mindblowing, please read my full report below and check out our special dedicated page with A TON of pictures HERE.

Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years is a brand new exposition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. What does this have to do with Madonna one might wonder, besides the fact that both are fashion icons. Viktor&Rolf created Madonna’s costumes for her Tears of a Clown benefit show at Art Basel in Miami December 2016. Madonna wore two outfits that evening designed by Viktor&Rolf and both are presented at this exposition.

Thierry-Maxime Loriot is the curator of this incredible feast for the eyes. Third time’s a charm. The very first time we met up with Thierry-Maxime it was for the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier ‘From the Sidewalk To The Catwalk’ expo. Second time we got to hang with not only the genius photographer that is Peter Lindbergh, but also iconic supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Lara Stone and Milla Jovovich. The photographic exposition by Peter Lindbergh was absolutely fantastic. Now for the third time we are back at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam with Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 years. To honour the fact that Viktor&Rolf have been fashion artists for the past 25 years this celebration of their work has been transformed into a journey of fantasy.

Today we attended the press preview of this exposition that will be open to audiences from May 27 until September 30, 2018. We learned during the Q&A that this exposition is different from the one previously seen in Australia, much grander and special. This celebration is not a commercial exposition, but it is exceptional in its originality ‘a celebration of their friendship’. What makes Viktor&Rolf so unique is their way of experimenting, in their own words ‘doing things their way’. They don’t argue much, except for the temperature in the car. Originally only one costume of Madonna’s Tears of a Clown show was part of the exposition, but Thierry-Maxime Loriot just recently flew to New York to borrow the other suit from Madonna’s private collection.

When I asked Viktor&Rolf about their costume design for Madonna, they told me that she was very specific in the details, she knew exactly what she wanted. When they worked on the costume, they had different fabrics but only presented the one costume Madonna wore for the benefit show (there are no other variations).

Upon visiting the exposition for the very first time you’ll find yourself thinking your name might have been changed to Alice as you’re suddenly walking through Wonderland. The costumes are of incredible detail, the fabrics are stunning, there are actually no words in my vocabulary to describe what you will be seeing. Besides the fact that you get to see Madonna’s worn costumes in person, you can’t help but be amazed by the greatness of it all. Every single costume displayed tells a story, stories that wind up sucking you in completely. When you think you have seen it all, you walk on and stumble upon even more impressive haute couture. This is an exposition that has to be seen in person in order for you to really experience it. Pictures (even though we tried) absolutely don’t do these creations justice.

Seeing is believing!


Kunsthal Rotterdam
May 27 – September 30
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In Bed with Madonna (Special Edition) (Blu-ray+DVD) (Blu-ray) release in Germany!

Madonna’s infamous praised documentary Truth Or Dare (In Bed With Madonna) will be released on blu-ray August 9 in Germany!

First time blu-ray release with German Voice-Over-Version

Disc 1 Blu-ray (HD, ca. 120 Min.):
Madonna: Nudes (Hardcover-Version)

Disc 2 DVD (ca. 120 Min.):
Madonna: Nudes (Hardcover-Version)

Art. Nr. : 1021328
EAN: 4020628785994
VÖ: 09.08.2018
Dokumentarfilm | Biographien / Porträts

Zu Madonnas 60. Geburtstag erscheint Ihre wichtigste und erfolgreichste Kino-Doku zum ersten Mal auf Blu-ray mit einem längst vergriffenen Akt-Bildband.

Der große Kinoerfolg erscheint zum 60. Geburtstag Madonnas in einer limitierten Special Edition-Box
Diese einzigartige Dokumentation liefert sehr intime Blicke in das Familien- und Liebesleben einer der größten Pop-Ikonen aller Zeiten.
Erstmalige Blu-ray-Veröffentlichung mit der deutschen Voice-Over-Version, die es bisher nicht auf Blu-ray gab
Bonusmaterial :
Madonna: Nudes + (Hardcover-Version), Trailer, Bildergalerie

Originaltitel In Bed with Madonna – truth or dare
Regie Alek Keshishian, Mark Aldo Miceli
Darsteller Madonna, Donna DeLory, Niki Harris, Luis Camacho u.a.
Produktionsland USA
Produktionsjahr 1991
Filmdauer (min) ca. 120
Soundsystem DVD: Dolby Digital 2.0 BD: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
Bildformat 1.85:1 (anamorph 16:9)
Regioncode B


Stay tuned for more info!

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Reggie Lucas, Madonna Producer, Dead at 65

Grammy-winning musician appears on jazz legend’s ‘On the Corner’ and wrote and produced Madonna’s “Borderline”

Jazz guitarist and music producer Reggie Lucas has died, as his daughter Lisa Lucas confirmed earlier today. Perhaps best known for his work with Miles Davis and producing the majority of Madonna’s self-titled debut album.

When asked about how he felt about the impact of Madonna, Lucas said, “I think everybody involved in the arts has a tendency to take themselves a little bit too seriously. I made a great record, and a lot of people liked it. It sold a lot of copies and launched careers and created opportunities for people. And that’s what you want to do. That is supposed to be the outcome of your good work. ”


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