Margo Marshall presents: Like A Prayer 30 – The Glory London March 23


MARGO MARSHALL is back being Madonna. This time to celebrate one of the best and most controversial music moments in history. After the sell out successes of EROTICA 25 and RAY OF LIGHT 20 it’s time for us to pray to our leader. Like A Prayer is 30!

As ever Margo will be performing the smash hits of the album such as Express Yourself, Oh Father, Keep It Together, Like a Prayer and more. She will be flanked by two of London best commercial dancers Kevin Jack and Dak Attack, so be prepared for sharp moves like never before with reenactments from the iconic Blonde Ambition Tour. In addition Margo will be doing some acoustic moments, testing your Madonna knowledge and sharing stories of the effect of MADONNA.

If that wasn’t enought she’s being join be East London Drag legend and hell raiser, A MAN TO PET for a top secret performance that will have you screaming with joy and laughter.

So get ready to CALL HER NAME!

Our past two Madonna nights have completely sold out so get your tickets while you can!

Pub Doors 5pm
Show 7.30pm
Finish 9.30
Free party ’til 2am

Check out the Facebook event HERE

Book tickets HERE

Thanks to: Margo Marshall

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Madonna and the Breakfast Club – OUR REVIEW (Exclusive!)


Madonna and the Breakfast Club is nothing like the film ‘Innocence Lost’ (1994), so please drop all comparisons and preconceptions now. The film by Guy Guido is nothing short of absolute brilliance and done with the utmost respect for Madonna.

The film can be classified as a documentary on Madonna’s rise to stardom, portrayed by the incredible Jamie Auld. The intro sets the bar of the film while listening to actual audio recordings of Madonna speaking to Dan Gilroy. Guy Guido has interviewed a lot of people from Madonna’s past and has included real footage, pictures and audio of Madonna. Jamie Auld makes the scenes come alive, but there’s as much real Madonna as there is Jamie.

People like Peter Kentes who photographed Madonna at school speaks about her, as does Norris Burroughs who is responsible for Madonna and Dan Gilroy getting acquainted. While you’re listening to some of Madonna’s spoken audio you can’t help but think of her voiceover’s in ‘Truth or Dare’.

Dan Gilroy speaks about getting to know Madonna, falling in love, making music with her and their very first date. While listening to Dan you’re being treated to the greatest unseen photographs of Madonna’s very early days. Ed Gilroy takes you on a tour through the Synagogue where Madonna used to live and make music. There’s the actual drum set she used and stuck her gum on. Gary Burke shares a fascinating story of getting to know Madonna while in The Breakfast Club, getting a crush on her and eventually starting the band ‘Madonna And The Sky’ and later ‘Emmy’ with her.

Madonna’s early days are a journey and you get to tag along every step of the way. There’s behind the scenes footage of the taping of Lewicki’s ‘A Certain Sacrifice’, which started filming in September of 1979. Let’s not forget the highly interesting songs she recorded with The Breakfast Club and Emmy. There are samples from various never before released songs with Madonna on vocals. Madonna mentioned at Parkinson in 2005 that the very first song she ever wrote was ‘Tell The Truth’, which she spoke about again during her induction in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. It is in this film that you actually get to hear it!

One song that’s really surprising is a song Madonna wrote called ‘Again And Again’ and went a little something like ‘Again and Again…..Over and Over….Again and Again…..Over and Over’, reminds you of a certain song does it? While you go from one treat to the next there is no denying how Madonna was always bound to be an artist. She had the will, the drive, the star quality, the image, but most of all she had the balls to do it. What people tend to forget is that Madonna worked really really hard to get where she is today. This film portrays that in the greatest detail, you will be stunned.

An absolute must watch for not only every Madonna fan out there, but anyone with a desire to see how one of our greatest pop stars in history (if not THE greatest) came to be.

Written by Kimberly van Pinxteren (March 8, 2019)


Video on Demand / iTunes from March 12

Order your copy of the film on DVD through Amazon

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Truth or Dare Blu-Ray release (U.K.) June 19


Madonna’s infamous Truth or Dare film will be coming to Blu-Ray in the U.K. on June 17. Funnily enough it is being released with the American name (Truth or Dare) instead of the European title (In Bed With Madonna).

Truth or Dare has been released on Blu-Ray earlier in Germany through Koch Entertainment.

Product details

To pre-order through Amazon click HERE

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‘Like a Prayer’ 30 Years Later: How the Controversial Music Video Barely Made It to Air

On March 3, 1989, Madonna released the hit song, “Like a Prayer.” And it was a monumental moment unlike no other before it at the time. 

After three back-to-back multi-platinum albums, a record-breaking world tour, it seemed like the singer was on top of the world as she readied the release of her fourth album, Like a Prayer, in March of 1989. 

That January, ahead of its release, Madonna brokered an endorsement deal with Pepsi for $5 million. The deal included the launch of the album’s title song in a television commercial — an unheard-of arrangement at the time — and the cola brand sponsoring the singer’s next world tour. The following month, Pepsi debuted its highly anticipated commercial during the 31st GRAMMY Awards, with an estimated 250 million reportedly watching the ad worldwide. 

A month later, it was time for the unveiling of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” music video, which was scheduled to make its worldwide debut during Entertainment Tonight before being shown in full on MTV. But as Lu Murray, the show’s producer at the time, remembers, the anticipation of the music video was met with immediate shock and awe. 

Read full article at ET Online

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Madonna ‘MUSIC’ studio album discography online – 49 different pressings!

We are entering the next era in our discography which is the fantastic MUSIC from 2000!

After the groundbreaking comeback album ‘Ray of Light’ this was more than a worthy follow-up! Madonna teamed up with French producer Mirwais (with whom she previously recorded the breathtaking ‘Paradise (Not For Me) for his ‘Production’ album, and it earned her a worldwide smash hit number one single with the album’s title track. 

Music was a huge success and it finally took her back on the road!

For the albums’ discography we have collected 49 different pressings, check them all out HERE

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The Story of… ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna

Madonna’s iconic song ‘Like a Prayer’ was released 30 years ago this week, and it remains one of the greatest pop moments ever.

Madonna’s 20 greatest ever songs

But what inspired the song, who wrote it and where was the video filmed? Here’s all the important and fascinating facts:


  1. Who wrote ‘Like a Prayer’?

    Madonna wrote the song with her long-time collaborator Patrick Leonard, and was included on her album of the same name in 1989.

  2. What inspired the song?

    Madonna had not recorded any music throughout 1988, and following the critical and commercial failure of her films Shanghai Surprise and Who’s That Girl and the Broadway production Speed-the-Plow, she was in a creative crossroads.

    Her marriage to actor Sean Penn ended, and she had also turned 30, the age at which her mother had died.

    She said in the March 1989 issue of Rolling Stone that her Catholic upbringing gave her a feeling of guilt all the time: “Once you’re a Catholic, you’re always a Catholic — in terms of your feelings of guilt and remorse and whether you’ve sinned or not.

    “Sometimes I’m wracked with guilt when I needn’t be, and that, to me, is left over from my Catholic upbringing. Because in Catholicism you are born a sinner and you are a sinner all of your life. No matter how you try to get away from it, the sin is within you all the time.”

    She was also aware that her fanbase was growing up, and felt the need to record something totally different. She wanted her next album to dictate what could be popular in the music world going forward.

    Madonna wanted to write about personal matters on her mind at the time, and for ‘Like a Prayer’, she chose topics she had never shared with the general public. She looked into her personal journals and diaries, and later recalled:

    “What was it I wanted to say? I wanted the album to speak to things on my mind. It was a complex time in my life.”

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A New Madonna Music Video Has Sparked Serious Drag Industry Drama

Great news, pop music fans: A new Madonna music video is on the way.

We’ve known for a while now that new music from Madonna is on the way, with a new album slated for this year. Back in November, the pop icon was in the “final mixes” stage of wrapping up the album, which means a new album — or at the very least a new single — is likely to drop soon.

We also know that some familiar faces to the LGBTQ community — in the form of RuPaul’s Drag Racecompetitors — will be appearing in a new Madonna music video. The reason we know that, interestingly enough, is due to some drama made public over the weekend, involving a company that books and manages touring drag queen shows.

The public first caught wind of the rift with an Instagram post by Murray & Peter Present, a company that is currently touring the show Haters Roast: The Shady Tour 2019 — featuring a slew of popular Drag Race queens — around the United States and Canada through the end of March.

The post, referencing the new Madonna music video and presented as “breaking news,” went as follows:

Yesterday @monetxchange arrived in Denver to appear on our show. Sometime during the afternoon, we’re told she received a phone call from @madonna with an offer to be in an upcoming music video. Monet asked MP if it would be ok to leave the tour to accept the offer. We said no because it was too short notice to replace her on Haters. Just hours before the show was to start and without telling anyone including the other queens on the Denver show, Monet left the venue and flew to LA to accept Madonna’s offer. Therefore, we have decided that Monet will no longer be on any upcoming Haters Roast dates. Tour info at #mppresent #apologies#disappointed

Read full article at

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Like a Prayer celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Can you believe that the incredibly legendary song that is ‘Like a Prayer’ was released 30 years ago today? One of Madonna’s greatest hits, one of her ‘signature songs’, a song that could be released today! To read a whole lot on Like a Prayer, you should visit our Album Promo page that includes tons of original magazine and newspaper scans, video material and a whole lot of memorabilia.

Also check out the single discography HERE

In the meantime check out this original rare promotional brochure sent out by the record company (Warner Music) to record shops in The Netherlands to inform about upcoming releases. 

Text translated:

What can we say about this? A definite number one hit! Probably a matter of weeks. The LP will probably be released on March 21. With a minimum of six singles with absolute top 10 hit potention, we will inform you more asap.

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Madonna and the Dutch Pepsi campaign (with withdrawn promo set)


After Warner Music NL sent out a press release regarding the upcoming Pepsi campaign starring Madonna and her brand new single ‘Like a Prayer’, Vrumona released a promotional kit to promote the same campaign.

This incredibly rare material is extremely hard to find, we will try and tell you a little bit more about it.

Vrumona created a promotional ad, promotional poster AND a promotional CD case meant to store your Like a Prayer CD single in it (3″ CD single with tray). This kit was (from what we’ve heard) sent out to Dutch record stores in order to promote the campaign and new material by Madonna. We have also heard that record stores put the Pepsi CD case in between the other Madonna CD’s so that every visitor checking out her music saw the promo about the upcoming campaign. 

Needless to say after the commercial aired and the campaign was cancelled by Pepsi, Vrumona recalled all the promo stuff and it was destroyed. However, as usual a few ‘survived’ and are floating around on the collector’s market. 

To check out full scans of the CD single check out our Like a Prayer discography.

Fully translated from the inner of the Pepsi promo insert:

Pepsi chooses youth and her music.

For 1989 Pepsi succeeded in collaborating with dynamic world star Madonna.

What will Pepsi do for Madonna?

March 2 will be the worldwide premiere date of her new single ‘Like a Prayer’ in a 2 minute Pepsi-commercial (STER blok 17.20, Nederland 1)

What will Madonna do for Pepsi?

She will be leading a large Pepsi campaign this year, which includes:

going on a world tour for Pepsi

Appearing in Pepsi commercials

Appear on Pepsi posters

Being the subject of many promotional activities

What will Madonna do for you?

You will soon hear more from her, but in the meantime keep this CD case.

Pepsi-Cola International / Vrumona B.V.


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Madonna Recruits RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens For New Music Video

Madonna has recruited some former stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race to appear in her upcoming music video.

The Queen of Pop is currently gearing up for her return to the music scene, with the lead single from her upcoming 14th studio album, which is believed to be called Magic, tipped for release in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week, Madonna revealed on Instagram that she was shooting the song’s music video, and it sounds as though she may have some surprise Drag Race cameos.

Among them will be the most recent winner of All Stars 4, Monét X Change, who is reported to have accepted a last-minute offer from Madonna, forcing her to miss a show in Denver.

As a result, Monét has been pulled from the Haters Roast US tour, with a statement from organisers saying: “Sometime during the afternoon, we’re told [Monét] received a phone call from Madonna with an offer to be in an upcoming music video. Monét asked [organisers Murray & Peter] if it would be ok to leave the tour to accept the offer. We said no because it was too short notice to replace her on Haters.

“Just hours before the show was to start and without telling anyone including the other queens on the Denver show, Monet left the venue and flew to LA to accept Madonna’s offer. Therefore, we have decided that Monet will no longer be on any upcoming Haters Roast dates.”

Read full article at Huffington Post

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Maluma working with Madonna

Complex spoke to Maluma about his latest single, the 11:11 album, as well as his recent collaboration with Madonna. Check out that part of the Q&A below.

You recently posted some photos of you and Madonna in the studio. How did that collaboration come about?
It all started when I performed at the [2018] VMAs. She was there in the crowd, and my manager told me Madonna wanted to meet me.

We then met again in Los Angeles last week. She was in the studio working with different composers, producers. Everything was organic and we started making music. We were cooking some ideas, that’s all I can say. We were cooking some beautiful songs.

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Record Store Day 2019: Madonna revealed and confirmed

The full list of special releases coming to UK record shops as part of Record Store Day 2019 has been revealed.

545 limited edition products ranging from live LPs, boxsets, albums never-before-released-on-vinyl, movie soundtracks, remix EPs, and unreleased rarities will be available across 7″, 10″, 12″, picture disc, coloured vinyl and flexidisc (!) formats.

Over 250 stores are taking part this year, the highest number in the event’s history. DJ sets, in-store performances and mini festivals are planned in several record shops across the country for the big day on Saturday, April 13.

Iconic stars and Record Store Day regulars like Prince, Madonna and David Bowie and Madonna feature once again in this year’s listings line-up, with Bowie being the most purchased artist in Record Store Day history. More legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Aretha Franklin, Def Leppard and Elton John are also putting out limited edition releases.

Madonna True Blue (Super Club Mix) 12″ 6 track EP (BLUE COLOUR VINYL) “Replica of Japanese pressing of Madonna’s “”True Blue Super Club Mix”” , with obi strip. On Blue Colour Vinyl. Tracklisting: A1 True Blue (The Color Mix) A2 Everybody (Dub Version) B1 Papa Don’t Preach (Extended Remix) B2 Everybody (Extended Version) B3 Live To Tell (Instrumental)”
Madonna La Isla Bonita (Super Mix) 12″ 6 track EP (GREEN COLOUR VINYL) “Replica of the Japan-only EP release of “La Isla Bonita: Super Mix EP”, originally released on May 1987 by Warner-Pioneer Japan. Includes “La Isla Bonita” (Extended remix), “Open Your Heart” (Extended Version), “Gambler”, “Crazy for You” and “La Isla Bonita” (Instrumental). This version appears on green colour vinyl.”

Read more at Official Charts

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