MDNA Deluxe Holographic Album Sleeve – special 10th anniversary item!

Happy 10 years to the MDNA album!
Download/stream it now:
Visit Madonna’s official store at 6amPDT/9amEDT/2pmGMT on Monday 28th to pre-order your copy of the limited-edition MDNA Deluxe Holographic Album Sleeve, which will allow you to store and display your copy of the MDNA vinyl album (original album and sleeve are not included) in a holographic sleeve revealing the two artworks created for Madonna’s 12th studio album!

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Sticky & Sweet Tour London July 5, 2009 photo gallery

Madonna performed the second and final London show of her Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 leg on July 5th at the O2. Right before the show was to start Jonas Akerlund and entourage was escorted to the front row by Guy Oseary. A little while later actor Ethan Hawke joined him in the front row with two little children. Ethan Hawke was not a bad sight, not a bad sight at all! 

Madonna was enjoying herself once again performing the show. This time she was requesting for people to take off their shirts during “La Isla Bonita” but demanded for them not to be thrown at her, which people still did of course. A few songs into the show newbie Lady Gaga was brought to the front row by Guy Oseary and shoved in between the people already standing at the barriers. She fistpumped her way through the show. 

Check out 75 updated photographs of this show in our new gallery HERE. The guy in the front with the beret on, is Ethan Hawke. 

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Support the Ukrainian aid Network – Madonna photo by Ricardo Gomes

To support the Ukrainian aid network you are able to purchase an image online by various photographers. Among the photographs is an image of Madonna taken by Ricardo Gomes.

Ricardo Gomes is a Portuguese photographer and director based in Los Angeles, fascinated with the world of musicians and new artists.His work has been featured in various magazines with Covers and Editorial as well as directing music videos and a tour film for Madonna. Ricardo’s first book, Playground, was published in 2018 called Playground. Vogue Paris commented, « he has a unique way of immortalizing youth through his snapshots”. The book was then launched at Bookmarc in New York, in November 2018.


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MDNA 10th Anniversary Team Q&A!

MDNA celebrates its 10th anniversary! What do we think of the album now?

What is your favourite MDNA track?

Kimberly: Gang Bang
Fred: Gang Bang
Hans: I’m Addicted
Dave: I’m Addicted, really love the dance vibe and different sound layers
Amon: I’m Addicted, Girl gone wild (Offer Nissim mix), Gang Bang(Tracy young mix)

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Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Turns 10 | Anniversary Retrospective

Happy 10th Anniversary to Madonna’s twelfth studio album MDNA, originally released in select territories March 23, 2012 and in the UK & US March 26, 2012.

Opening at the Venice Film Festival on September 1, 2011, W./E. was an imaginative retelling of the controversial courtship between the Prince of Wales Edward VIII and American socialite Wallis Simpson. Anchoring this ambitious period piece were James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough, who compellingly portrayed the Duke and Duchess of Windsor; both actors were personally selected by Madonna, the film project’s mastermind. She not only co-wrote the script alongside longtime friend/director Alek Keshishian, Madonna also occupied the role of director. 

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But MDNA also works as a transition record, of sorts. Though she was able to pull and extend her commercial fortunes far longer than her 1980s peers, MDNA would be the last album that would earn a gold certification. It would also feature her last US top 10 single. In the ensuing decade, it’s been fascinating to watch an artist like Madonna, so tied to an earlier generation, navigate a new music industry. Questions of her relevance remain as she grows older. Though her male peers have mainly been able to escape this constant reminder of aging, in the same way, Madonna has been dogged and tenacious in her quest to remain relevant.

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MDNA 10th anniversary!

Happy 10th anniversary to Madonna’s MDNA album!

Released 10 years ago today, MDNA was a dance record that inspired the following MDNA Tour. In Holland Universal Music chose five tracks to sent to radio as commercial and potential hit singles. Among ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’, ‘Girl Gone Wild’ and ‘Turn Up The Radio’, both ‘Love Spent’ and ‘Masterpiece’ were promoted to radio for airplay and served as promo for the upcoming MDNA shows at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

MDNA was mostly met with positive reviews by the press, calling it her ‘divorce’ album and ‘showing the wannabe’s like Gaga how it’s done’. We have photographed and scanned tons of articles from the era, all updated and enhanced check these out HERE

Stay tuned for more this week!

The Times March 8, 2012 (UK)

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MDNA release party at FAME Amsterdam – 10 years ago today!

On this day 10 years ago we celebrated the world premiere of Madonna’s MDNA album at FAME Plaza in Amsterdam! 

Similar to the previous Madonna release parties, we got to enjoy and purchase the album one day prior to the commercial release date. Universal Music provided an official MDNA Deluxe artwork canvas for the Best Dressed Fan of the night.

Our own Amon was the DJ, and he loved spinning the tracks.

Check out the full updated and enhanced photo gallery of the event HERE

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“American Pie” 7-track Remix EP now available on all digital platforms

A 7-track remix EP of Madonna’s hit “American Pie” is now available on all digital platforms (scroll down for direct links.)

01 American Pie
02 American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Radio Mix)
03 American Pie (Victor Calderone Vocal Club Mix)
04 American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Visits Madonna)
05 American Pie (Victor Calderone Extended Vocal Club Mix)
06 American Pie (Victor Calderone Vocal Dub Mix)
07 American Pie (Victor Calderone Filter Dub Mix)

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The Number Ones: Madonna’s “Take A Bow”

Madonna could tell which way the wind was blowing. For the longest time, this was her superpower. Part of the reason that Madonna maintained her place near the top of the hierarchy for so long was that she could recognize shifts in fashion and aesthetic. She could see those changes coming in real time, and she could adjust her style to meet those changes. Often, Madonna made those adjustments artfully. Sometimes, though, you just need to go out and get yourself a hit. That’s what Madonna did when she made “Take A Bow.”

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From the ‘Cosmo’ Archives: Madonna, Blonde and Ambitious

In this vintage 1987 profile, the Material Girl spills on her marriage to Sean Penn and the road to Hollywood stardom.

An icon of unabashed ambition and sexual magnetism, Madonna has been making headlines since the early MTV Age for her musical talents and much more. Cosmo caught up with the Material Girl in July 1987 to talk about her rising hopes for a career in Hollywood and her then-marriage to bad boy heartthrob Sean Penn. Endearingly frank and forever flirting with the wild side, some things never change: 35 years later, she remains the star we fell for then.

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Madonna Will NOT Be Bossed Around on Her Super Intense-Sounding Biopic

Madonna has a biopic in the works which involves something instantly iconic called Madonna Bootcamp, and apparently she is fully in charge. “This biopic means the world to her,” a source says of the film, which has been holding auditions for what’s apparently the most coveted role in Hollywood right now. “She’s throwing her heart and soul into it and is determined to make the project as successful as Elton John did with Rocketman.”

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