Sticky & Sweet / Madame Tussauds Reveal Party Amsterdam (2010) photo gallery

The “Sticky & Sweet” live DVD/blu-ray release party was extra special as Madame Tussauds Amsterdam chose the event to reveal their brand new wax figure of Madonna. The fans attending the party at FAME in Amsterdam not only got to buy the new release, but also had the opportunity to take a photo with Madonna, well the wax figure that is.

To top this all of, the best dressed fan was given one of the highly sought-after promotional “Celebration” box sets.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE

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Madonna speaks onstage during 65th Grammy Awards

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 05: Madonna speaks onstage during the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

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MADONNA LIVE & SEXY (CD Release March 3, 2023)

Noted for her continual reinvention and versatility in music production, songwriting, and visual presentation, Madonna has pushed the boundaries of artistic expression in mainstream music for nigh on forty years, while maintaining control over every aspect of her career. Her works, which incorporate social, political, sexual, and religious themes, have generated both controversy and critical acclaim. A prominent cultural figure crossing the 20th and 21st centuries, Madonna remains one of the most well-documented figures of the modern age, with a broad amount of scholarly reviews and literature works on her, as well as an academic mini sub-discipline devoted to her, named Madonna Studies.

1 Open Your Heart  4:34
2 Causing A Commotion  4:56
3 Where’s The Party  5:23
4 Like A Prayer  7:39
5 Live To Tell  3:31
6 Oh Father  2:09
7 Papa Don’t Preach  5:37
8 Sooner Or Later  3:28
9 Hanky Panky  4:01
10 Now I’m Following You  4:55
11 Material Girl  4:28
12 Cherish  4:48
13 Into The Groove  5:26
14 Holiday  6:23
15 Keep It Together  10:11


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Bob the Drag Queen reveals how he met Madonna (and whether he’ll tell her about Kimonogate)

Bob the Drag Queen‘s friendship with Madonna was simply human nature.

In an exclusive interview alongside Monét X Change about their new BOMO Beauty line, the RuPaul’s Drag Race winner tells EW’s Quick Drag podcast (below) the story of how he first met the global pop superstar — which eventually led to him joining her upcoming Celebration world tour.

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“Celebration” Release Party at FAME (2009) photo gallery online

On September 17, 2009 we celebrated the world premiere of Madonna’s “Celebration” record at FAME in Amsterdam. Two official “Celebration” canvas arts were given to the best dressed fans and the brand new “fan” version of the “Celebration”  music video was shown on the screens. Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary also send us a message for the party which we brought along in a frame for everyone to see.

Check out the updated photo gallery HERE and if you were there, you might spot yourself!

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Madonna is the material proof: older women rock. So why do so many still have to stop work?

The most shocking thing Madonna has ever done, as she once said herself, is just to keep on publicly being Madonna. She won’t give up. She won’t fade away. She won’t be shamed, at the age of 64, into retirement; she is still jumping on every TikTok trend, still pumping out sexually suggestive clips to promote her upcoming world tour.

And if there’s something faintly spooky now about the tautness of her face, then she is arguably doing what she has to do to remain relevant and marketable inside an industry that holds women to impossible standards. Admittedly, it all looks faintly exhausting. But the pressure to keep on keeping on at whatever we do, in the teeth of ageist assumptions, is coming for us all soon enough.

Full article at The Guardian

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QX talks to Brian Mullin, writer-performer of Live to Tell, about Madonna, HIV stigma and the power of reinvention.

Madonna doesn’t stop. And now, as she sells tickets to her latest world tour, a new show at Clapham’s Omnibus Theatre uses her as inspiration to explore survival with HIV. We spoke to Brian Mullin, writer-performer of Live to Tell: (a proposal for) The Madonna Jukebox Musical, about the Queen of Pop, HIV stigma and the power of reinvention.

Where did you get the idea to link a pitch to Madonna with the complicated emotions of surviving with HIV?

Madonna’s career started at almost exactly the same time as the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic itself. And  she’s been an outspoken advocate for people living with HIV from the very start, when no other celebrities would even mention it. But really the connection is a symbolic one: for 40 years, she’s stayed on top by constantly changing and adapting herself – just like a retrovirus! (Some Madonna fans may not like this comparison, but it makes sense to me!) People with HIV have probably all felt a desire to reinvent ourselves, and she is the Queen of Reinvention. 

Read full interview HERE

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