Madonna’s American Life single turns 15 today

Fifteen years ago today American Life the lead single from the album with the same title was released digitally. Written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais this was a controversial single from the start due to Madonna’s religious and political views. Unfortunately Madonna withdrew the original fantastic music video directed by Jonas Akerlund as she felt it was not fit to release it at the time due to the war. A second much less interesting music video was released to promote the track, featuring Madonna and a whole lot of flags from around the world.

The song premiered in Holland on Radio 538 and it was the first time the song could be heard in full including Madonna’s rap. A previous version that leaked did not include the rap and the ‘f**k it’ parts were censored. Views on the song were mixed. Madonna performed the track during the promotional tour for the album, the Re-Invention Tour and Tears of a Clown in Miami (2016).

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Madonna’s Son “Steals” Her Beauty Products, Plus Her $10 Obsession – new interview

You don’t have to be a music icon to get great skin. But being Madonna helps.

Even at a young age, the “Like a Virgin” singer has always been diligent about maintaining a healthy complexion. When she didn’t have much money, she used to get facials from a heroin addict, Madonna shared at the U.S. launch of her beauty brand, MDNA Skin, in September 2017. Now the 59-year-old queen of pop has the resources and platform to share her devotion to skin care with the masses.

“The biggest challenge is getting the story out there—where does this line come from and why it is important to me, that it’s not a vanity project, why I developed it in the first place and connecting to people on a human level,” said Madonna to E! News in a phone interview.

You could just scoop up her latest launch—a four-in-one (toning serum, lotion, cream and mask) product appropriately titled, The Reinvention Cream ($75). Like all MDNA products, the lightweight jelly-cream features M.T.Parca Thermal Water, which comes from four different springs in Montecatini, Italy, known for its healing properties. The cream also features three African Resurrection plants (the ones that can sustain extreme dehydration then spring back alive with water). But as Madonna can attest, basic lifestyle choices—the ones that cost almost nothing—can improve your skin, too.

Here, the Material Girl reveals the skin-care tips she imparts on her kids, three beauty products she always has in her bag (hint: one is crazy affordable!) and more!

E! News: It’s been three or four years since you first launched in Japan. What are you most proud of?
Madonna: The ingredients are important to me—the fact that they are made with all-natural ingredients, that the hero ingredient of the line is thermal water that comes from Tuscany and that have been a part of healing people for thousands of years. I feel like there’s history to it; there’s authenticity to it. It’s not just talk; it’s also walk. It’s great when you’re not wearing makeup; it’s great when you are wearing makeup. My 17-year-old [Rocco Ritchie] son uses it. It’s something that everybody loves, and I’m very proud of that.

Since your son uses your products, do you also give him or any of your other children beauty tips?
Hell yes! Are you kidding? First of all, I’m like, “Don’t squeeze your pimples! Please. You’re scarring your face.” Also, a lot of people think that if they dry their skin out all the time, they aren’t going to get acne. You can get acne from having your skin too dehydrated. My son is always coming into my bathroom and stealing all of my skin-care products. It’s very funny to have a 17-year-old son saying, ‘Mom, can I have more serum? I need some more face wash. I need some more of this.’ I think it’s hilarious. My 21-year-old daughter [Lourdes Leon] loves them. I feel like I’m getting nods of approval from people from all walks of life, and it’s not just female either. It’s male as well—that means a lot to me. And, of course, I do advise my children on a regular basis: “Don’t smoke. Stay out of the sun. Why are you drinking that? Stop picking at yourself.”

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The Virgin Tour rare merchandise mailorder by Winterland Productions added

New in our Virgin Tour page is this very rare merchandise mailorder by Winterland Productions from 1985. This mailorder offers people various items such as Virgin Tour shirts, programmes and posters. The backside features a biography and handwritten letters by Madonna stating that they won’t be having a ‘conventional fan club’ and that she is currently on her Virgin Tour and that it’s so rewarding seeing her fans. She writes about Desperately Seeking Susan and working on a new album that probably won’t be out until 1986. Finally the mailorder includes the Virgin Tour itinerary.

Added to the merchandise section HERE

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Hit Parade: The Veronica Electronica Edition

In 1998, at a crossroads, Madonna rebooted her career by fusing electronics with matters of the heart—and turned digital music into viable pop.

 Listen to Episode 11 of Hit Parade:

In 1998, Madonna was at a career crossroads. After dominating the 1980s with hits like “Like a Virgin” and “Open Your Heart,” she spent the first half of the ’90s wavering between roles as a provocateur (EroticaSex) and adult-contemporary balladeer (“I’ll Remember,” “Take a Bow”). That’s when she took a sharp left turn, working with producers and DJs in the burgeoning electronica scene. If it even was a scene: The very term electronica was a music-business confection, and by 1997, it was more hype than hit. But the result of Madonna’s experiment—her acclaimed ’98 album Ray of Light—was not only one of her biggest smashes. It also helped turn electronic music into viable pop.

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Goose & Tomtom original rare programme added – starring Madonna as Lorraine

In August 1986 Madonna made her debut in the play Goose & Tomtom, together with husband Sean Penn. After all the rehearsals David Rabe showed the play only to a very limited invited audience. Unfortunately there is not much out there to find regarding this very limited run of this play.

We have finally gotten our hands on this extremely rare original programme for the play at the Lincoln Centre. To check this and more out visit our Goose & Tomtom page

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More MDNA Skin signed ritual kits available soon through Barneys

Barneys is currently taking pre-orders for more MDNA Skin Ritual kits with signature by Madonna, they’re expected in April.

Style #505667434

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The Immaculate Collection vinyl LP re-issue by Rhino June 1 – pre-order link

The Immaculate Collection will be re-issued on vinyl again by Rhino, available from 1 June 2018.

The Immaculate Collection is de naam van het eerste best of album van Madonna, en bevat maar liefst 15 hits uit de periode 1983 tot 1990 zowel als twee niet eerder verschenen tracks: Justify My Love en Rescue Me. De naam van het album is een verwijzing naar immaculate conception (de conceptie van de Maagd Maria).

Alle hits verzameld in één hoesje

Dit zou het tweede album worden van Madonna welke in de Verenigde Staten als diamant werd verklaard, wat gelijk is aan maar liefst 10 miljoen stuks verkocht. Aan hits heeft dit album dus absoluut niks te kort, bijna alle klassieke Madonna tracks staan er op. Denk aan: Like A VirginMaterial Girl, en Like a Prayer.

Tracklist Plaat 1

  • 1. Holiday
  • 2. Lucky Star
  • 3. Borderline
  • 4. Like A Virgin
  • 5. Material Girl
  • 6. Crazy For You
  • 7. Into The Groove
  • 8. Live To Tell

Tracklist Plaat 2

  • 1. Papa Don’t Preach
  • 2. Open Your Heart
  • 3. La Isla Bonita
  • 4. Like A Prayer
  • 5. Express Yourself
  • 6. Cherish
  • 7. Vogue
  • 8. Justify My Love
  • 9. Rescue Me


Uitgever Rhino
Artiest(en) Madonna
Uitvoering LP, 2 platen
Oorspronkelijke release 2018-06-01
Taal Engels
Releasedatum 01 juni 2018
EAN 0603497859344

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