Good heavens! Madonna will perform Like A Prayer at Eurovision in Tel Aviv

Life is no longer a mystery – Madonna will perform her chart-topping anthem Like A Prayer at this month’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, it has been revealed.

The queen of pop will also sing a song from her new album, Madame X, during the  grand finale on Saturday, 18 May.

Two days prior to that she will take to the stage during the event’s second semi-final for a highly-anticipated interview about her affection for Israel and the song contest.

Israel’s public broadcaster KAN confirmed last month that the 60-year-old icon will make an appearance on stage, with the expected $1million (£770,000) cost being met by Israeli-Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams.

Her Eurovision gig will mark the fourth time Madonna has performed in the Holy Land, following on from shows in 1993, 2009 and 2012.

Madonna has also enjoyed personal trips to Israel previously, having become involved with Kabbalah following an introduction from her friend, Jewish actress Sandra Bernhard.

Netta Barzilai earned Israel its fourth win at the Eurovision Song Contest last year, meaning the 2019 grand finale will be held in Tel Aviv on May 18.

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Impressive Instant + Paradise discographies added (promo only)

While Madame X is taking up all of our time, we managed to find a few minutes to update our discography with the next promo only items.

Impressive Instant was unfortunately never a single, though it is speculated Madonna wanted it to be. She performed the track on her Drowned World Tour, Music promo tour and planned to include in the Sticky & Sweet Tour but was replaced with ‘Like a Prayer’.

Find the Impressive Instant discography HERE

Paradise (Not For Me) was included on Mirwais’ Production album and later on ‘Music’, we have included a Spanish promo sampler that includes the track in the ‘promo only’ section (tab)

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Madonna Launches the ‘Medellin Cha Cha Cha Challenge’: Watch

Madonna is feeling the cha cha cha and she wants all her fans to feel it as well.

The superstar has invited everyone to share their best cha cha cha steps on social media for what she’s dubbed the #medellinchallenge.

Madonna — amid rehearsals alongside Maluma for their performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards — announced the new challenge on Twitter on Monday night (April 29), posting a video of her dancing to her latest song “Medellin” with Maluma. The icon has also promised that she’ll be sharing the best videos.

Catch Madonna and Maluma’s performance at the 2019 BBMAs tomorrow (May 1), airing live on NBC at 8:00 p.m. EST.
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The ages of Madonna – the evolution of an icon

The queen of reinvention, you can picture what every great Madonna record looks like without even listening to it

Oh just seize me by the collar and cha-cha me into oblivion, Madonna! This month The Queen of Pop returned with the first taster of ‘Madame X’ – her first record in four years – and in short, it’s evidence that she’s bursting with fresh inspiration. Featuring the Colombian singer Maluma, and taking its name from his birth city of ‘Medellin’, Latin pop influence appears to be back for Madge – who moved permanently to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon last year. And while she might’ve been enjoying a few more trips on the city’s ancient trams in recent years (who am I kidding, she definitely has a chauffeur) this isn’t a brand new obsession. In truth, Madonna has been channelling this sort of thing since the days of ‘La Isla Bonita’ and her video for ‘Borderline’. Perhaps that’s why it stands out?

When it comes to Madonna, the word reinvention quickly comes to mind. Think about her path, and you think of the effortless way that she transforms herself; she’s a chameleon who shifted from ‘True Blue’s yearning Marilyn Monroe figure to the crotch-grabbing sinner of ‘Like A Prayer’. These days every pop star worth their salt approaches each album like a separate world with a distinct visual identity; it’s now very common to hear music fans referring to things like Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ phase or The 1975’s ‘Music for Cars’ era. This has been Madonna’s game since 1979.

Let’s be real, we’ve been waiting for Madonna to return with a strong new era for some time. Yes, ‘MDNA’ had a few underrated bangers in the mix (hiya ‘Easy Ride’) but it was also fragmented as albums go, and felt like a rushed production job; the album title bearing all the subtlety of a Stella-swigging lad asking if “anyone’s got Mandy’s number”. Though her 2015 follow-up ‘Rebel Heart’ was a far stronger record, it was also one of jarring halves that didn’t quite connect; torn somewhere between the music Madonna wanted to make, and the music that she perhaps felt she had to make.

Meanwhile, the entire visual identity of her forthcoming new album ‘Madame X’ feels like a deliberate throwback, in the sense that it nods to Madonna’s most sensational run of albums. From ‘Music’s campy cowboy look around the turn of the noughties, to ’Confessions on a Dance Floor’s high-cut neon leotards, the wedding dress of ‘Like A Virgin’ or ‘True Blue’s preened mop of glamorous platinum blonde, you can picture what every great Madonna record looks like without even listening to it.



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Swept Away blu-ray now available

Madonna’s film ‘Swept Away’ has just been released in the U.K. on blu-ray. The film directed by Guy Ritchie wasn’t very well received at the time, but it is hardly as bad as the critics make it out to be. Though I have to admit that is based on personal opinions. 

The blu-ray is excellent quality with crystal clear image and features the making of, 16 deleted scenes and audio commentary from Guy Ritchie aned Matthew Vaughn. Just the extra’s alone make this a worthwhile purchase.

We have added the images of the actual blu-ray to our Swept Away page.

Order your copy HERE

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MADONNA CGI, Hologram Set at Billboard Music Awards COSTING ME $5M!!!

Madonna‘s performance for the ages at the Billboard Music Awards ain’t gonna be cheap … it’s gonna cost Madge a whopping FIVE MILLION BUCK$.

Sources with direct knowledge in the UK tell TMZ … the Queen of Pop’s gonna cough up the money herself with ZERO assistance from Billboard as it gears up to unveil Madonna’s groundbreaking performance slated to air Wednesday live from the MGM Las Vegas.

What M has planned is already being billed as one of the most ambitious performances ever attempted on live TV … a set that’ll include holograms and CGI. We’re told Madonna’s appearance will last almost 7 minutes. 

Embedded video

Madonna’s clearly rehearsing ferociously. She posted a video Sunday saying she wants her feet to hurt. The performance comes on the heels of Madonna releasing a new track “Medellín” … featuring Colombian superstar Maluma.

The Material Girl’s also set to drop her new album, “Madame X,” June 14. So, while everyone’s champing at the bit for the forthcoming album, buckle your seat belts for her BMAs set. It’s gonna be lit.

Wanna know why? Bitch, she’s Madonna. 

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 Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier will be arriving in Israel next month to outfit both Madonna and Dana International for the Eurovision.  
The French designer is slated to land in Israel on May 13, a day ahead of the first Eurovision semi-final, and stick around through the finale on May 18. Gaultier, a legend in the world of haute couture, has worked with both Madonna and Dana International in the past, and has produced several Eurovision looks. In 1998, he created Dana International’s iconic feather-adorned jacket, that she donned after winning the top prize at the Eurovision Song Contest in the UK.

“I still get chills of excitement when I remember my first meeting with him,” Dana said recently. “It was really the first time that I felt that something was happening also outside the borders of Israel, I felt a little international.” 

Embedded video

Gaultier also designed the dress French-Indonesian singer Anggun wore at the 2012 contest in Azerbaijan. Gaultier has designed for Madonna for years, including her famed cone bra for her 1990 world tour. 
Last week, during Passover, Dana flew to Paris to visit Gaultier’s studio and hold a fitting for two dresses for the upcoming Eurovision – one for the first semi-final, and one for the grand finale. The two looks, according to her PR manager, “are particularly grandiose.”  
Gaultier and Dana also collaborated on a photo shoot that will serve as a spread in the Israeli fashion magazine At that will be published next week. 
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Madonna’s “I Rise” May Be The Pride Anthem That We All Need This Summer

With every new Madonna era, fans are consistently clamoring to see how the Material Girl will be reinventing herself. Could it be a disco queen for the new generation (Confessions On A Dance Floor) or quite possibly be an electrified country queen (Music)? This time around, we just may be getting a version of Madonna that is matched very closely with the young girl who first landed in New York and started a love affair with the LGBT community immediately, The same girl that according to lore, landed in New York City with thirty five dollars and said to a taxi cab driver “take me to the center of everything”.

All arrows are now pointing to Madame X quite possibly, being Madonna’s ultimate love letter to the LGBT community. Kicking off with her surprise appearance at The Stonewall Inn in New York City on New Year’s Eve, Madonna said this to a crowd of well over one hundred people packed into the landmark establishment: “Fifty years of sacrifice, 50 years of standing up to discrimination, hatred, and worst of all, indifference. And it all started here, at Stonewall,” concluding with “let us never forget the Stonewall riots and those who bravely stood up and said- ‘Enough!’ Words like these ring beyond truthful from the Material Girl; so much so, she was deemed a Stonewall Ambassador, supporting Stonewall Day & the 50th Anniversary of Stonewalll. 

Then there were the drag queens. Several months ago, word leaked that RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 co-winner Monet X Change would be appearing in “a new Madonna video” (resulting in a very public dust up with a former tour company that she had been a part of). During the resulting press, other queens started to leak that they also had been asked to appear in the video, including Season 4 provocateur Phi Phi O’Hara.

Madonna has always been known to tap into what is culturally in vogue (pardon the pun) and has consistently used her music to deliver a pointed political message in times when the country has needed it most (who could ever forget the polarizing, and at that time, uber provocative American Life video and Patty Hearst-esuqe album cover). Released during the George W. Bush era, the music on this album was politically charged and was considered by many to be a referendum on Bush’s extreme policies at that time that were directly attacking the LGBT community in a pre marriage equality world.

Word leaked online early this morning that one of the tracks that will be released prior to her latest full album Madame X dropping will quite possibly, one of her most landmark tracks yet. I Rise is scheduled to be released May 3rd and while very little is known about the track other than the name, several instagram followers have done some sleuthing of their own and released some sparkling dish on the track, which definitely seems to match up with the tea that leaked very early this morning.

With the 50th Anniversary of The Stonewall Riots as well as World Pride colliding on New York City’s Christopher Street on a (sure to be) gorgeous Sunday in June, many are expecting Madonna to quite possibly, be making an appearance on the ultimate stage for Pride, the same stage that Cher, Whitney Houston & Kylie Minogue have all performed on to the complete adulation of thousands of members of the LGBT community; Pride Island (formerly the appropriately named Pier Dance). While it remains to be seen if Madonna will be gracing the crowd with her presence, something tells me that the music we will be getting from one of our communities original advocates will be one of the definitive soundtracks of our summer.

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Madonna’s secret performance at Billboard Music Awards will see her sing with holograms

SHE’S the Queen of Reinvention – but this latest image overhaul is ambitious even by Madonna’s standards.

I’ve learned that the singing superstar is secretly planning a ground-breaking performance at this week’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

She will surround herself with cutting-edge technology to raise the bar on what a stage show can look like, in a bid to set the showbiz world on fire ahead of her new album, Madame X.

Sources say Madonna has been working on an incredible combination of holographic images and green screen CGI for the stage show, alongside the usual array of props and dancers,

The ambitious plans are part of her latest bid to modernise following the release of comeback single Medellin, a reggaeton-inspired collaboration with Colombian musician Maluma. He is also set to feature on the night.

Although the six-and-a-half minute showpiece is being kept heavily under wraps, one insider told me:

“It’s one of the most ambitious performances ever attempted on live TV, and obviously a lot could go wrong.

“It will require perfect timing and positioning to make sure that she interacts properly with the computer-generated visuals, otherwise it won’t work at all.

“She’s just got to Vegas and has rehearsals at the MGM Grand to make sure it’s sensational and makes the splash she’s hoping for.”

If she pulls it off, it will certainly be one in the eye for those who reckon the icon is past it — Madonna fans have slammed Radio 1 as ageist for failing to include her new ultra-contemporary track Medellin on its playlist.

But this latest stunt shows she has no intention of fading into the background.

The source added: “She wants to make sure her performance is the big talking point of the night and nothing short of brilliant.”

After she went tumbling down the stairs during her performance at the Brits in 2015, you could easily forgive Madonna for wanting to wind things down a bit by going for something simple and straightforward to avoid any chance of a mishap. Then again, there’s more chance of finding Lord Lucan.

More at The Sun

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Madonna admits being ‘billy no mates’ in Portugal left her ‘depressed’

MADONNA has opened up about starting a new life in Portugal, admitting initially things didn’t go to plan.

The pop superstar, 60, splashed out on a luxury home in Lisbon in 2016 after moving to the city to help her son David Banda become a football star. 

However, despite being one of the most sought after women in the world, Madge was felt lonely with her life outside of America. 

Chatting during MTV Presents Madonna Live & Exclusive: Medellín Video World Premiere, to celebrate the release of the video for her latest single Medellin, Madonna said: “I didn’t go to Lisbon to make a record, that was the last thing on my mind. 

“My son wanted to be a professional soccer player so I kind of just spun the globe and did a lot of research for academies for boys to train and Lisbon ended up being my favourite city of the options. 

“Really I was Billy no mates. I got a little bit depressed.”


“I went to Lisbon to be a soccer mom.”

The Like A Virgin superstar continued: “I went there thinking it would be an adventure but I found myself just going to school and football matches.

“Really I was Billy no mates. I got a little bit depressed.

“And I thought I need to make friends and make friends.”

Explaining how her upcoming record Madame X was born, M added: “I started to go out a bit and most of the people that I met were artists or musicians.

“I started getting invited to people’s homes and I went to these living room sessions.

“People would drink wine and eat food and start playing instruments and singing.

“I was like way what’s going on here?

“Artists perform and they are doing it for fun and passion and don’t get paid?”

As well as her lead track Medellin which features Maluma, Madonna’s teamed up with Quavo, Swae Lee and Anitta.

The album also features a six-minute track called Dark Control and a second Maluma collab, Bitch I’m Loca.

Ever one to keep close control of the direction of her music, Madonna is named in the writing credits on every track on the album.

Interestingly, Beautiful Game, a track Madge debuted live at last year’s MET Gala appears not to made the cut.

However, if you Shazam the performance the app cites the Dark Ballett, hinting at a name change for Beautiful Game.

Madame X is out June 14. Medellin ft Maluma is out now.


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Why Madonna’s ‘Medellin’ is a ray of light in a time of darkness

Why Madonna’s ‘Medellin’ is a ray of light in a time of darkness
Vishwas Kulkarni explains why the Queen of Pop’s new songis an ode to both her past and future

In the social media era, the concept of the single has lost much of its commercial sheen. The digital revolution has flattened the format of the album to a rather rudimentary formula: there is no Side B, for instance, in a digital album. Songs are merely sequenced in numbers and that’s it. In fact, every song from an album today qualifies as a single. For a musician from the pre-digital era though, that is not the case. And few understand the digital predicament better than Madonna.

In 2005, after the lacklustre performance of her 2003 album American Life, she released Confessions on a Dance Floor as a DJ set. Songs segued into one another to comprise an hour-long romp of disco-­inspired chartbusters as ­opposed to being “singles”. It was a feat that reinstated Madonna to the Queen of Pop throne, but it also highlighted the tightrope high-concept act that the singer, then 47, was pulling off. Confessions on a Dance Floor was not merely a fight to regain commercial prowess over the pop industry; it was a fight to remain relevant.

In a brutally honest speech when awarded the Billboard Woman of the Year Award in 2016, the Detroit-raised singer elucidated the rules that women have to circumvent in the world of glamour. “There are rules if you’re a girl … do not age. Because to age is a sin. You will be criticised and vilified and definitely not played on the radio,” was among the many not-so-pretty maxims Madonna revealed to the audience.

It gives Medellin, the debut single from her forthcoming album, Madame X, an emotional edge. What could otherwise have been seen as a commercial opportunity is a lot more than that: it’s an artist, in her 61st year, wistfully looking back at her own trajectory – and hoping to have cultural currency in the coming years. And there is much to look forward to if Medellin is any indicator. “I took a pill and had a dream / I went back to my 17th year / allowed myself to be naive / to be someone I’ve never been,” goes the opening verse of the mid-tempo single featuring reggaeton star Maluma.

Aside from being a summery, sultry anthem apt for a tropical beach holiday, Medellin embodies the three virtues that diehard Madonna fans have cherished throughout her 36-year innings. For one, it is evidence that Madonna is still a great collaborator. From John “Jellybean” Benitez and Stephen Bray to William Orbit and Mirwais Ahmadzai, the chanteuse has cherry-picked cutting-edge talent across four decades to create gorgeous songs. Medellin is no different.

In choosing Colombian hunk and pop sensation Maluma – whose Spanish cadences only add to the single’s lilting idyllic vibe – she has countered the Donald Trump era with a necessary inclusiveness. “We built a cartel just for love / Venus was hovering above us / I took a trip, it set me free / forgave myself for being me,” goes another verse from the song.

Which brings us to the second reason Medellin is special: Madonna is no stranger to controversy and her fans love her for it. The term “cartel” with reference to Colombia, a nation that has been ravaged by drug wars, has been deemed as insensitive by some critics. However, with Trump choosing hapless Mexican immigrants as his designated victims to further his right-wing agenda (“They’re bringing drugs. They’re ­bringing crime. They’re rapists,” is how he described Mexican immigrants in America at a 2015 rally), building a “cartel just for love” as opposed to a wall across the US-Mexico border is not such a bad idea after all. Perhaps, for once, Madonna genuinely has good intentions beyond commerce.

And finally, Medellin is about Madonna’s dedication to music. Outside of her obsession with the outre and her feigned only-I-can-pull-this-off ­insouciance, Madonna is a very ­hardworking woman. For her latest album, she has taken on the persona of “­Madame X”.

“Madame X is a secret agent travelling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places. Madame X is a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint and a spy in the house of love. I’m Madame X,” she recently announced across social media. With her latest album (and song), she is more like an embodiment of Janus, the Roman mythological god depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. It is a dexterity that deserves our respect.

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Madonna and Maluma’s video for Medellín is here and it’s incredible

In the age of streaming and buzz singles, music videos-as-events are becoming increasingly rare, which is why the prospect of a new clip from the Queen of Pop, a pioneer of the MTV generation, is always an exciting one.

Medellín, the first track to be taken from Madonna’s upcoming 14th studio album Madame X, is a mellow Latin-infused track inspired by her time living in Lisbon, Portugal, and we’re so here for it.

The music video, which premiered after a live Q&A with MTV on Wednesday (24 April) night, sees Madonna embody her new Madame X persona as she teaches Maluma how to dance before they kiss, get married and ride off into the sunset together.

“From now on, I am Madame X, and Madame X loves to dance, because you can’t hit a moving target,” she says in the clip, which also features plenty of religious imagery – hey, it’s Madonna, what did you expect?

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