Kiley Dean discusses Madonna in new interview

What was it like walking into that rehearsal room? It must have been intimidating.
It wasn’t intimidating for me. I guess it’s just part of the world I grew up in. I walk in with these heels on and I own it. But she carried this really heavy, strong — as tiny as she is, she carries a very strong presence. I remember being like, “Oh damn, that’s Madonna.”

The first thing she said to me was, “Take those damn heels off.” [Laughs.] I’m really tall and I had these heels on. But I went in and killed the audition. And then I was her background singer for many years, the next three tours.

Tell me about rehearsals with Madonna. This is a really big show.
I have never in my life worked with anybody who rehearses like this woman rehearses. It is wild. Even now, she’s going out on tour and, I believe, her rehearsals will start in February. She doesn’t go out until July. That is five months of rehearsal!

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Ray of Light 9-track Remix EP available on all digital platforms (March 3)

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of “Ray of Light” a 9-track remix EP of the album’s title track is available on all digital platforms per March 3.

Fans will be happy to know that the EP also includes the digitally previously unreleased “Has to Be”

01 Ray of Light
02 Ray of Light (William Orbit Ultra Violet Mix)
03 Ray of Light (Sasha Strip Down Mix)
04 Ray of Light (Victor Calderone Club Mix)
05 Ray of Light (Sasha Twilo Mix)
06 Ray of Light (William Orbit Liquid Mix)
07 Ray of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix)
08 Ray of Light (Victor Calderone Drum Mix)
09 Has to Be


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As an example of the definitive Madonna album, Ray of Light will permanently impact how her discography and career will be assessed. Though she made great music before and after, this 1998 release would be a critical point in her life that would neatly cleave her career into two: pre-Ray of Light and post-Ray of Light. Longtime fans – those who followed her career from the beginning in 1982, when her self-titled debut album was released – would find themselves choosing one camp over the other: the music before Ray of Light was arguably more accessible and radio-friendly.

Though pretension and affectation were always a part of her image, the music on Ray of Light and after would be far more self-consciously arty and intellectual. Motherhood, aging, and spirituality would be significant themes found in the studio LPs after Ray of Light, which has had a lasting effect on her music. The mid-1990s European-influenced electronic dance music that she embraced with Ray of Light would find its way to all of its subsequent follow-up albums. 

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MADONNA ‘1984’

New book publication.

FINALLY the complete Andrew Caulfield shoot.

Introduction by Mary Lambert.

100 “Strictly Limited Edition” signed and numbered books by photographer Andrew Caulfield, together with a “Strictly Limited” signed and numbered fine art digital silver print. – retail £295 (UK pounds) DIAGONAL POCKET.

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Madonna Meet & Greet at Le Grand Journal in Paris photo gallery (2015)

On March 2, 2015 Madonna was the special main guest at Le Grand Journal and curated the entire broadcast. Not only did she perform both Living For Love and Ghosttown but she also sat down for a lengthy interview. Madonna had also agreed to a (very rare) meet & greet with a few lucky fans after the taping! We were lucky enough to be among those that got to meet & greet Madonna, shake her hand, have a chat and take a photo with her.

For the first time ever we have updated the photo gallery with all of the pictures of all the fans that were lucky enough to meet and greet her.

Check them all out HERE

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Madonna The F-Bomb Commotion 1990 Broadcast Recording Volume 2

The Blond Ambition World Tour was Madonna’s third concert tour. It supported her fourth studio album “Like A Prayer” and the soundtrack album to the 1990 film “Dick Tracy, I’m Breathless”. It began on April 13, 1990, in Chiba, Japan, and concluded on August 5, 1990, in Nice, France. The 57-show tour marked Madonna’s first concerts in Sweden and Spain. The jaunt garnered positive reviews from contemporary critics and was a commercial success. It received the ‘Most Creative Stage Production’ award at the Pollstar Concert Industry Awards and grossed over US$62.7 Million. Also, Madonna was named the second most successful solo touring act at the time, behind only Michael Jackson. A number of concerts were recorded and broadcast. In the UK Madonna’s show at Wembley Stadium was broadcast live on 21st July ‘90, which led to controversy over the profanity she used live on air. This two-instalment set includes the full concert Madonna gave in London on that special day, complete with the full criticised sections during which Madonna offended those who chose to be offended by such dalliances! The full gig however is presented here in perfect audio quality and will surely delight Madonna fans everywhere, keen to add this previously unreleased broadcast to their collections.
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MDNA World Tour Release Party FAME Amsterdam photo gallery (2013)

On September 6 2013 we celebrated the release of the MDNA World Tour blu-ray/DVD release at FAME in Amsterdam. The release party almost never happened as it was uncertain if the actual product would be delivered on time, due to a delivery delay. Thankfully very late that very same day the boxes arrived at FAME and the party was on! 

With the help of Interscope France we were able to give away two stunning large canvas prints of the MDNA World Tour to two lucky fans. The fans got to buy their item and partied the night away while watching the show on a large screen. 

View the updated photo gallery HERE

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