Madonna’s Net Worth: $590 Million In 2018

Madonna’s half-billion-plus net worth has once again earned her a spot on our list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women, which appears in the latest issue of FORBES. She ranks No. 26, behind moguls such as Oprah Winfrey and Tory Burch.

Real Name: Madonna Louise Ciccone

Age: 60

Residence: New York, N.Y.

Estimated Net Worth: $590 million


Source: Music, Touring, Endorsements

Summary: It’s been two years since the end of her last tour and three since her last album, Rebel Heart, but the Material Girl can afford to take a break. America’s wealthiest female musician has such assets as a triple-wide Manhattan town house and a stake in the music streaming service Tidal.

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Madonna’s new album: what do we know so far?

Madonna is gearing up for the next instalment in her immaculate collection, three years after the release of Rebel Heart.

The Queen of Pop has been slowly drip-feeding details about her 14th (!) studio album, and luckily for her fans, this writer is hooked up to her IV.

So here’s what we know!

Back to basics

For long-time, and some may argue long-suffering, fans of Madonna, news that she is apparently hunkering down with producer Mirwais has come as a welcome sign of things to come. And a welcome change from the recent norm.

Madonna produces her best work when she picks one producer and the two huddle away without distractions. It’s that process that brought us focused epics such as the Stuart Price-helmed Confessions On A Dancefloor, and her William Orbit-assisted masterpiece Ray Of Light.

From 2008’s Hard Candy onwards however, Madonna has made a habit of collaborating with every so-called hot producer she can get her hands on. Or so it seems.

In an unexpected response to her manager Guy O’Seary’s gushing praise for Ray of Light on Instagram, Madge expressed her anger at being sent to ‘songwriting camps’.

‘Remember when I made records with other artists from beginning to end and I was allowed to be a visionary and not have to go to songwriting camps where no one can sit still for more than 15 minutes…’


Madonna has been accused from fans and critics alike of an obsession with chasing trends, by working with the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell, Timbaland et al for the last decade. By reuniting with the man who gave his magic to 2000’s Music, as well as 2003’s underrate American Life, we may yet see a return to the experimental yet cohesive work Madonna built her legacy with.

‘Secret’ collaboration

It might of course be too much to ask of Madge to completely forego at least one guest feature. And all signs are pointing to one Miss Minaj. The two grabbed each other on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May, with Nicki seemingly itching to reveal some sort of ‘secret’.

Two months prior, Madonna posted something cryptic to Instagram about secret songwriters.

Nothing official has been announced, of course. But should Minaj feature anywhere on this album, it would make the as-yet-untitled release her third Madonna album in a row to guest on. Which is a world record, in terms of pop music.

Minaj has already featured on two official Madge singles (Give Me All Your Luvin’ and Bitch, I’m Madonna) and performed alongside her at the 2012 Super Bowl. Why not go for a hat trick?

Speaking of tricks, Drake is also rumoured to feature on the new album, according to stories doing the rounds today. Given that he named a song after her and that infamous snog, it’s probably about time.

Portuguese influence

In the summer of 2017, Madonna relocated to Portugal with her ever-growing army of children. Being the culture-vulture she is, it was almost inevitable that she’d find something to pilfer for her next project.

Her latest European excursion seems to have led her to Batuque music. The singer posted footage of some sessions with a female band from Cape Verde at a Lisbon studio. Batuque is the oldest music genre in Cape Verde, an archipelago in the Atlantic ocean colonized by the Portugese in the 15th century.

The Batuque is also a traditional women’s dance, banned by King Manuel of Portugal during colonialism as it was considered a precursor to a slave rebellion. So maybe expect to see some of that on the inevitable tour.

Steven Klein music video?

In May, Madonna fansite DrownedMadonna reported that a music video had allegedly been filmed in London by Steven Klein.

Klein is responsible for some of the her more memorable concert backdrop videos and photoshoots, not to mention her 2013 short film SecretProjectRevolution.

So far no music video has yet surfaced. Yesterday, however, Madge posted to her Instagram a hyper-stylized video of her reciting poet Rupi Kaur. The video was shot by none other than Steven Klein.

It begins with Madonna apologizing to, ‘all the women I have called beautiful’.

The lead single for her next album is heavily rumoured to be Beautiful Game, a snippet of which she performed at the Met Gala in May.

Could this then be a taste of the album’s first video?

Release date?

There isn’t one.

Madonna teased on her Instagram that new music was ‘coming soon’. That was in May. Not soon enough obviously.

We’re dying to hear what she’s got tucked away up her lacey sleeve, but until that time her social media is the best thing we got.

We know in our (rebel) hearts it’ll be worth the wait. Stay tuned!

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Inside Madonna’s prickly marriage to Guy Ritchie

MADONNA and Guy Ritchie came from two very different worlds, but they were both on top of their game in their respective fields when they met in 1999.

Less than a decade, and two children later they were living a toxic life. Below is an extract from a new biography Madonna: An Intimate Biography of an Icon at Sixty, detailing just why their marriage unravelled.


MAYBE it was inevitable that Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie wouldn’t last. However, its failure most certainly wasn’t for lack of trying on both their parts. Some in their lives felt that, by early 2008, they were such different people than they’d been when they wed that there was simply no way they could stay together.

This isn’t exactly true. In many ways they hadn’t changed at all — and maybe that was the problem. Madonna was still as invested in her career as ever, determined to do her best work at all times, interested in every small detail, and often at the expense of her private life with Guy and the children.

Meanwhile, Guy was just as adamant that he was tired of the pace his wife had been keeping since their marriage began, and he wanted nothing more than for her to take a break, not only for his sake but for the sake of their children.

Madonna had always known how seriously her split focus could affect her marriage. For the last seven years, it had been a difficult tightrope walk for her as she pursued her passion while, at the same time, tried to give her all not only to Guy, but also to Lourdes, now 11; Rocco, 7, and, of course, David 2.

“I was with them one night in London when they were having a very heated argument about the raising of their children and how to square it with Madonna’s career concerns. Guy became so flustered, he accidentally poured his coffee into the creamer, instead of the other way around,” recalled one of their friends. “That’s how upset he was!”

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Madonna Apologizes for Calling Women Beautiful

Madonna has a message for women everywhere: she apologizes for ever calling you beautiful.

In a video collaboration with photographer Steven Klein uploaded to her Instagram, a pale faced, red lipped Madonna made the surprise announcement, reciting an excerpt from Sikh Canadian poet Rupi Kaur’s book, Milk and Honey.

The introduction to the untitled piece may throw some people off at first as it implies some aversion towards recognizing a woman’s beauty. As it continues, the poem reflects on other characteristic aspects of womanhood such as intelligence or resilience that supersede the superficial perceptions often facing women in today’s society.

The feminist tone of the poem is a key element often encountered in Kaur’s work which has amassed her an audience of nearly three million followers on Instagram.

She has also written Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, collections consisting of Kaur’s prose and poetry with accompanying illustrations.

Known to be an outspoken feminist herself, Madonna’s recitation and fondness for Kaur makes complete sense, although the peculiarity surrounding the video’s sudden release may indicate something up Madonna’s sleeve. Or not.

Watch the full video below.



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Madonna surprises fans

Madonna shocked the crowd at Britain’s Wireless Festival on Saturday by making a surprise appearance with rap group Migos.

The Vogue singer reportedly arrived at the festival in London’s Finsbury Park in a blacked-out Range Rover before watching the trio’s set from the side of the stage. She could be seen singing along to their track Open It Up, and took her support one step further by joining them onstage at the end of the set, dressed in a head-to-toe Gucci look, comprised of an off-white suit with red and blue trim and Panama hat.

While watching from the side of the stage, Madonna filmed the trio – made up of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff – performing for the crowd and posted the video to Instagram, alongside the caption: “Snuck out of the studio for a lil drip………….. (fire emojis) @migos #wirelessfestival.”

Her appearance with the Bad and Boujee hitmakers come just weeks after the group filmed the music video for their single Narcos at Madonna’s property in Miami, Florida. After they posted a photo of themselves outside the mansion on Instagram, Madonna wrote in the comments, “That’s my house in Miami! What are you doing there??” and Quavo replied,”Trappin'”.

Madonna, who currently lives with her children in Lisbon, Portugal, made the most of her weekend in London, taking in a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the new exhibition, Michael Jackson on the Wall. She documented the trip on Instagram, and shared a picture of herself in the gift shop holding open a book showing an old picture of her with the late King of Pop.

Wireless Festival took place from Friday to Sunday, with headliners including J. Cole and Stormzy. DJ Khaled was scheduled to headline Sunday but pulled out due to “travel issues” and was replaced by Drake at the last minute.

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Madonna Album by Album by Caroline Sullivan – press release + pre order info

Published in anticipation of Madonna’s 60th birthday is this updated edition by leading music journalist Caroline Sullivan. This book includes every album cover (Rebel Heart is included) and a host of rare photographs. There are approx a total of 200 colour and black and white images in its 256 pages and 60.000 words. The book will be available to buy from October 4, 2018. Please find below a pre-order link.

Published for her 60th birthday, and featuring a wealth of rare and iconic photographs, Madonna: Album by Album is a unique and long-overdue exploration of the extraordinary output of this legendary artist.
Exploring every hit record and every era-defining image, this authoritative illustrated book examines each one of Madonna’s 13 pioneering studio albums in fine detail, placing each within the context of the time in which it was recorded and charting the music’s subsequent influence on fashion and popular culture.

Introduction • The Early Years • Madonna • Like a Virgin • True Blue •
Like a Prayer • Erotica • Bedtime Stories • Ray of Light • Music •
American Life • Confessions on a Dance Floor • Hard Candy • MDNA •
Rebel Heart • Who’s That Girl • I’m Breathless • Evita • Discography

Stay tuned for a lot more on this release and an upcoming competition!

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Madonna watches Migos perform at Wireless Festival – press images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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Madonna spotted at Wireless Festival as she runs on-stage during Migos

Picture: Backgrid

Madonna made a random appearance at Wireless Festival, being spotted at the side of the stage while Migos performed. The 59-year-old pop legend sported a fetching hat while filming the hip-hop trio’s performance on her phone at the festival. While Migos performed track Stir Fry, Madonna even took it upon herself to randomly strut across stage – ensuring her presence was felt. Madonna is seen on the side of the stage during Migos (Picture: Timmsy/backgrid) The two acts previously had a bizarre run-in, after Madonna jokingly called out Migos for filming their new video for track Narcos outside her house.

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Like a Virgin Rhino back to the 80’s white vinyl – added to discography

The discography to Like a Virgin has been updated with the Rhino Back to the 80’s exclusive white vinyl edition, which is finally out in Holland today (yes we’re late).

To check it all out click HERE

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Madonna Album by Album by Caroline Sullivan (60th birthday edition) pre-order

Published for her 60th birthday, and featuring a wealth of rare and iconic photographs, Madonna: Album by Album is a unique and long-overdue exploration of the extraordinary output of this legendary artist. Exploring every hit record and every era-defining image, this authoritative illustrated book examines each one of Madonna’s 13 pioneering studio albums in fine detail, placing each within the context of the time in which it was recorded and charting the music’s subsequent influence on fashion and popular culture.

Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
  • English
  • Hardcover 
  • 9781787391796 
  • October 2018 
  • 256 pages

To pre-order click link below


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Madonna’s ‘special deal’ to park fleet of cars in jam-packed Lisbon sparks outrage

LISBON, Portugal – Lisbon’s city council on Monday revealed details of a deal granting Madonna rights to park a fleet of cars in the packed Portuguese capital after being accused of special treatment for the US pop diva.

The weekly Expresso broke the story of a contract between the Material Girl singer and the city to rent a lot that can accommodate up to 15 vehicles next to the “palace” she occupies on the banks of the Tagus river.

The news provoked indignation across the political spectrum in a capital that suffers a lack of parking and bad traffic jams.
The Left Bloc, a coalition partner in the Socialist-led government, called for the parking problem to be dealt with “responsibly” given the difficulties residents face.

The main centrist opposition party PSD said it wanted to know “the reason why the mayor granted such an exception”.

The other centrist party CDS attacked Lisbon’s mayor Fernando Medina and accused him of “using heritage assets for his advantage”.

“The city of Lisbon does not belong to Fernando Medina,” CDS said.

City hall decided Monday to reveal the contents of the contract with Madonna, saying it was drawn up “to avoid traffic snarl-ups along a narrow but very busy road”.

Signed in January, the deal gives Madonna access to the land for 720 euros a month. It rules out access to the neighboring “palace” building which is under negotiation to become the new East Timor embassy.

Madonna’s contract will cease if East Timor takes the building for its embassy.

The pop star set up in Lisbon last summer following in the footsteps of Hollywood actors Monica Bellucci, Michael Fassbender and John Malkovich drawn to Portugal’s capital which regularly ranks among Europe’s coolest.

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The Madonna of Bolton by Matt Cain – our book review

The Madonna of Bolton takes you on a journey with our main character Charlie Matthews. Charlie falls in love when for his birthday he’s given a 7″ single of Madonna’s Lucky Star track. From here you’ll get to go on a ride with Charlie as he’s living his life, struggling with his sexuality, wanting to be ‘normal’, the approval of his parents, aspiring to be a writer, finding love. Madonna is the soundtrack, every chapter dedicated to one of her songs that is like a thread running through his life.

I read this book with a smile on my face throughout, I could relate to so much of it. There are so many situations being a Madonna fan you have experienced yourself. Performing one of her tracks in front of the entire school (even though people laugh at you), going into town and saving up cash to buy her new single, visiting her concert for the very first time. To read ‘The Madonna of Bolton’ is a feast of recognition, you can’t help but smile as you think back to your own experiences growing up (with or without Madonna). Don’t get me wrong though, the main subject of the book is not Madonna but more so the soundtrack to Charlie’s life.

It is a very well written and enjoyable book for all to read. It’s fun, it’s sad, it’s hilarious, it’s heartbreaking and completely bonkers. I adored everything about this novel and find it an absolute must-read. For young people struggling growing up, finding out who they are, this book might just be the boost they need to find the confidence and answers to their questions. Charlie Matthews is an adorable character, one you fall easily in love with and to whom you can relate. Matt Cain’s third novel is such a rollercoaster, it grabs you (by the balls…or pussy) and doesn’t let go until the triumphant ending.

Can’t wait to read it to my son when he grows up! Personally I’d very much like to try a Pernod now.

Five stars, highly recommended!

Order the book on Amazon HERE

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review by Kimberly van Pinxteren
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Who’s That Girl Rhino Back to the 80’s re-issue added

The Rhino ‘Back to the 80’s’ re-issue of the Who’s That Girl OST has just been added to its discography.

To order your copy click link below

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Celebrating Madonna 60 dance event Paradiso Amsterdam 8/3/18 – exclusive discount code (limited supply) REMINDER!

Here is your chance to buy a ticket to the Madonna dance event not to be missed in legendary venue Paradiso Amsterdam on August 3.

When you buy your ticket to Strike a Pose Celebrating Madonna 60, MadonnaUnderground visitors get an exclusive discount code. There is only a limited supply so act fast!

Buy your ticket HERE, use code Underground3818 (vouchercode) for a 2.50 EUR discount!

She is one of the most influential and successful pop artists ever and in August she turns 60: Madonna. Therefore a big smashing danceparty at Paradiso, playing all her hits from almost 4 decades: from Holiday to Give me all your luvin’. And don’t you think there’s a better time to do that than at The Amsterdam Pride weekend?. Afterall, the Queen of Pop is a gay icon. Five hours of just Madonna might be a bit too much though. That’s why we also spin many hits from other queens: from Whitney to Beyoncé. Strike a Pose!

Ultimate Madonna dancehit

Together with you, Danserette is lookingfor the most ultimate Madonna dance hit from her almost 40-year career. Will it be Holiday, Express Yourself, Jump or maybe Vogue. Choose it now from the list of 20 Madonna dance hits we prepared for you.

Thanks to: Danserette

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Madonna ‘set to headline Glastonbury 2019 for the first time’ – rumor

Glastonbury might not be happening this year, as the farm needs a break from all of its festival goers. But that hasn’t stopped organisers Michael and Emily Eavis from plotting its grand return – and it sounds like the Queen of Pop might just be making an appearance. That’s right – as it stand Madonna is reportedly favourite to headline the legendary festival in 2019. Talking to The Sun’s Bizarre column and insider revealed: ‘Preparations are already well under way after they’ve taken this year off, and Michael and his ­daughter Emily Eavis want to make it better than ever. She is is reportedly favourite to headline the legendary festival.

‘They have always been massive fans of Madonna and know she would put on an unforgettable show.’ It would be the first time Madge has ever performed at the festival and could be seen throwing out some of her classic hits on the world famous Pyramid Stage. The source added that the pair wanted to get a female artists to show their ‘diversity’ after they were inundated with backlash for not putting many women on the bill last year. It’s the first time she would be performing at the festival.

They said: ‘It was really important that they had a diverse line-up for the 2019 festival after criticism of previous ones. And with this being a fallow year they want to secure a really big name to drive ticket sales.’ It’s not the first time Madonna has been wanted to headline the show, as in 2000 Michael spoke about how he wanted to bag the Like A Virgin songstress after he was impressed with Courtney Love’s band Hole in 1999. At the time he said: ‘I would like to get Madonna, I tell you that, especially with her William Orbit [Madonna’s producer] connections.

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