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my name is Dave Crombeen.

I became a Madonna fan back in 1984. I was hooked instantly once I heard the Like a Virgin cassette at a friend’s house. I was seven years old at the time and throughout my youth I kept hearing ‘it’s just a phase’. I wanted Madonna, Madonna and nothing but Madonna. Bought her albums, singles, started to collect and my finger never left the REC button of my VCR.

Why Madonna?
I can relate every feeling and emotion to a Madonna song, she truly is the soundtrack to my life. Her voice touches me and I love her kick-ass attitude. I cannot imagine a life without Madonna.

The fun part of being a Madonna fan is meeting so many great people, some have become really good friends.

I was lucky to see Madonna live a number of times and I just can’t get enough:

Blond Ambition Tour 1x
Drowned World Tour 1x
Reinvention Tour 3x
Confessions Tour 3x
Sticky & Sweet ’08 3x
Sticky & Sweet ’09 2x
MDNA Tour 5x
Rebel Heart Tour 7x

Medellin video premiere London.


Favorite album: Erotica
Favorite song: Paradise (Not For Me)
Favorite music video: Bad Girl
Favorite tour: MDNA
Favorite item: Signed MDNA Skin poster


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Madonna talks about ‘Crave’ in radio interview – listen

Madonna may be a chart-topping pop star and international sex symbol, but she’s also the mother of six children, ranging in age from 22 to 6.

During an interview with, the 60-year-old superstar shared an adorable story about her youngest children, 6-year-old twins twin girls Estere and Stelle, while promoting her upcoming album Madame X.

As Madonna explains, being the child of Madonna can be a bit tiresome for her children when it comes to fans asking about their mom.

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Estere and Stelle, however, have apparently come up with the perfect response.

“The older ones could care less, and the younger ones, they think it’s funny,” Madonna shared.

“Today my 6-year-old twins said to me, ‘Mom, everyone’s always asking us if Madonna’s our mother. And we tell them, ‘No, Madame X is our mother,’” she quipped.

Despite her busy schedule, Madonna said she’s adamant about always making time for each of her six kids.

“If I’m in rehearsal, they come to see me,” she said. “My kids come to see me when I get home, then I go back to work. I usually try my best to have as many meals with them as possible.”

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Madonna Reveals Her Twins, 6, Tell People That ‘Madame X’ Is Their Mom, Not Her

Madonna is an undeniable icon in music, but according to her, two of her kids like to refer to her by a slightly different name.

In an interview with, the Queen of Pop, 60, revealed that her children — Lourdes, 22, Rocco, 18, David, 13, Mercy, 13 and twin girls Estere and Stelle, 6 — have various responses to her celebrity status and her twins even have a go-to response when people ask if she’s their mom.

“The older ones could care less, and the younger ones, they think it’s funny,” Madonna, 60, said. “Today my 6-year-old twins said to me, ‘Mom, everyone’s always asking us if Madonna’s our mother. And we tell them, ‘No, Madame X is our mother.’”

Madame X is the upcoming album by the “Like a Virgin” singer, which will become her 14th studio album to date.

She also revealed that despite her busy schedule, she still manages to make time for all six kids.

“If I’m in rehearsal, they come to see me,” she said. “My kids come to see me when I get home, then I go back to work. I usually try my best to have as many meals with them as possible.”

Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes, came from her relationship with Carlos Leon, who was her personal trainer. After the two split in 1997, she met director Guy Ritchie, who became her second husband (she was married to actor Sean Penn in the ’80s). The two welcomed her second child, Rocco, in 2000.

In 2006, the two adopted their son David from Malawi. Following her divorce from Ritchie, 50, in 2008, she adopted another child solo: daughter Mercy, also from Malawi, in 2009.

She adopted her youngest children, twin daughters Estere and Stelle, from Malawi in 2017 when the girls were 4 and moved to Lisbon, Portugal.

While she tends to keep her children off her social media, the Material Girl shared a photo of all six children on Thanksgiving Day last year.

“What I am Most THANKFUL for!” Madonna captioned the sweet snapshot. “My Children have led me down roads and opened doors I never imagined I’d walk through.”

“Fame , Fortune and Records Broken could never equal that which I treasure and value most,” she added, including the hashtags #blessed, #grateful, #children and #family. “Happy ThanksGiving from Malawi!”

Madonna, who founded the charity Raising Malawi in 2006, has returned to the nation repeatedly over the years.

In July 2017, Madonna, Rocco, David, Mercy and the twins jetted to Malawi for the opening of the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care at the Queen Central Hospital, which Raising Malawi funded.

The following year, Madonna and all six kids visited the hospital to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Along with raising six children, the pop star has her hands full with the release of her upcoming studio album Madam X, which will be followed by the Madame X Tour, which kicks off in September in New York City.

Madonna shared her excitement about the tour announcement on Twitter earlier this month. “Madame ❌ is excited to announce she is going on tour! 🎯 A theatre tour!!  👠 💃🏾🎤! This Fall,” she captioned a short promotional video costarring Diplo.

She also shared a photo of herself getting cozy on the lap of her “Guru and Friend,” as she described Diplo.

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Summer Music Preview: Madonna, Ed Sheeran, and More Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear

Madonna, Madame X (June 14)

Because this is Madonna and she can do nothing without spectacle and intrigue, she’s invented a whole new persona — how many are we at now? — for her 14th album. According to her, this Madame X character is an amalgam of all sorts of personalities and professions (secret agent, cha-cha instructor, freedom fighter), which means the sonics of the album will likely be just as schizophrenic and versatile, drawing, she says, from time abroad in Lisbon (it’ll be multilingual for that reason, too). It’ll likely still keep a unifying, summery theme, though: Singles “Medellín,” featuring Maluma, and “Future,” featuring Quavo, offer strong beach vibes. —D.L.

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Madonna covers bounce magazine (Tower Records Japan)

Madonna is featured on the cover of June edition of Japanese Bounce (Tower Records) magazine, also includes nice feature inside with fabulous new picture.

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NEW! Madame X PRIDE Rainbow Vinyl & Flag & Digital Download

Celebrate your PRIDE and help Madonna support a great cause with the Limited Edition Madame X Rainbow Vinyl & Flag:

  • The 15-track Rainbow 2LP vinyl edition of the Madame X album features M and X graphic logos on 2 sides of the vinyls with the reverse side of each displaying the stripes of the rainbow flag. 
  • The Madame X Rainbow Flag is a 3’x5′ stitched cotton flag featuring the iconic MX logo appliquéd onto the Rainbow stripes. Proudly made in the USA.

In Honor of Pride, all of Madonna’s proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.  

For more information about their life-affirming work, please visit

 If you’re thinking about suicide, The Trevor Project is free, confidential and here for you 24/7 – call them at 1-866-488-7386 or text 678-678.


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Madonna says new album Madame X is the “continuation” of American Life


Madonna has compared her new album to one of her most controversial records.

During an interview with French LGBTQ magazine Tetu, the legendary singer-songwriter and forever Queen of Pop spoke about her new album Madame X, which is due out 14 June, and made a comparison that may leave fans divided.

“In many ways, this new album is actually a continuation of American Life,” she said.

American Life remains one of Madonna’s most controversial and political albums of all time – when it was released in 2003, it received a mixed response from critics and fans, however it’s now often remembered as a key moment in her career.

The military-themed music video for lead single and title track American Life was famously pulled following concerns over its anti-war message, violent imagery and a final scene involving a George W. Bush look-a-like.

It makes sense that Madonna would reflect on the album, as Mirwais, who co-produced and co-wrote almost the entirety of American Life (as well as several songs on Music and Confessions On A Dancefloor), is heavily involved in her new record Madame X.

The French producer co-wrote seven tracks from the new album, and while production credits haven’t been released yet, we’re assuming he’s produced just as many. It’s the first time they’ve formally worked together since 2005, so anticipation is high.

So far we’ve heard one of Mirwais’ productions from the album: lead single Medellín. Other tracks he has songwriting credits on are Dark Ballet, God Control, Batuka, Killers Who Are Partying, Extreme Occident, and I Don’t Search I Find.

The Queen of Pop is known for her incredible live performance almost as much as her chart-topping music, so fans will be ecstatic to know that she’s announced a new tour to support her upcoming album Madame X.

Never one to follow tradition, Madonna is swapping stadiums and arenas (which she’s proven she can sell out with ease) for several dates at intimate theatre venues, providing a rare once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans.

You can find all the Madame X Tour information you need including London dates here.


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Madonna Pines for Swae Lee in ‘Crave’ Video

Madonna is used to getting exactly what she wants, when she wants it. Which is why her subtle video for “Crave,” which debuted Wednesday (May 22), is so fascinating. In it, we catch a glimpse of her alter ego, Madame X, writing out a love note in long hand on a scroll, as she says in voice-over, “I am waiting for you. I have always been waiting for you. I’m attracted to danger, I crave it.” Meanwhile, majestic black and white images of New York scroll by amid flashes of slow-motion dancing by the song’s feature artist, Rae Sremmurd‘s Swae Lee.

In a nod to Brooklyn’s beloved Pigeon Keepers, we see Madame X attaching her love note to a flying rat and sending it skyward as the song’s plucked acoustic guitar and hand-clap beat kick in. The rest of the clip mostly consists of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer dancing by herself in designer duds in an empty warehouse, crawling on the floor and peering out over the city with a look of melancholy as a shirtless Lee echoes her vocals. 

One last pigeon flight lands X’s message in Lee’s hands — with a glimpse of his meticulous cataloging of her missives — and the two are finally united in a final scene in which Madame X shares a divine spark from her finger in an homage to Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” fresco in the Sistine Chapel. The video was helmed by Portuguese director Nuno Xico (Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake). The release of “Crave” follows on the heels of the album’s first single, “Medellin,” featuring Maluma, as well as “Future” with Quavo and “I Rise.”

Madame X is due out on June 14.

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“I feel blessed to have a voice, and to be able to use it to help people don’t have one.”


Words: Will Stroude

Just days after her performance at Eurovision Song Contest grand final caused controversy with its powerful (and unnapproved) message of unity between Israelis and Palestinians, Madonna has insisted that her upcoming record Madame X is her most politically-charged since 2003’s American Life.

Appearing on the cover of French LGBT magazine Têtu – on newsstands from today (22 May) – the ‘Medellín’ singer reveals she “frightened” by the current political climate but that she hopes her new material will help “inspire people to act.”

In an exclusive interview in which she also discusses her relationship with the LGBTQ community, Madonna is asked whether she is scared, angry or fed up with the state of the world.


The singer replies (translated from French): “All those feelings you mentioned. I’m scared. Frightened by so many things going on in this world. As you are I’m sure.

“But I’m also optimistic. I think the future is full of possibilities. And I hope I was able to channel my anger and my rage in order to create a music full of joy.”


She adds: “To me, in many ways, this album is the continuation of American Life.”

Madonna’s career has been defined by her political and social activism – of using cultural provocation to spark discussion – and the star is also asked how she feels about populist right-wing figures such as Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen co-opting such tactics to espouse hate.

“If you’re a narrow-minded person using provocation, then your message will be narrow-minded,” she replies. “It depends on the intention of the provocateur.”

She adds: “I don’t see the world through labels and categories.

“But society loves to categorise, label and separate people: the poor, the gays, the Africans… Because it make us feel safe.”

Madonna, who will release Madame X on 14 June, is also asked how she feels about being regarded as possibly the world’s great gay icon, and whether it’s a title she ‘claims’.


“I think it’s weird to call myself an icon,” she says. “I feel blessed to have a voice, and to be able to use it to help people don’t have one and to fight for the rights of those who are not heard.

“I think the word ‘icon’ is a word that other people can give you. But I can’t claim it for myself. Do you think I’m an icon?

Told she’s the very “definition”, Madonna replies: “So if you think I’m an icon, then I am one!”

The new issue of Têtu is on newsstands from today (22 May).

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Madonna for TETU magazine – available now (see pictures)

Madonna graces the cover of French TETU mag and is available now. This edition comes with two different covers, the Madonna edition seems to sell out fast so be quick!

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