Q Magazine reviews Madame X 4 stars

Live Nation/Interscope/Maverick

With 2012’s MDNA and 2014’s Rebel Heart, it seemed Madonna was fighting, and often struggling, to stay at the centre of the pop universe. As a super-saturated blast of The Nutcracker crashes into Dark Ballet, Madame X’s second track, however, it feels like there’s been a loosening of grip and a new air of recklessness.

Madame X is Madonna’s fluid new persona – “A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian,” apparently – and there is a hyper-mobile flex to this record, all global pop (partly inspired by a relocation to Lisbon) and space-disco production (courtesy of Diplo and Mirwais). Crave’s delirious swoon, featuring Swae Lee, or the skin-to-skin cha-cha-cha of Medellin keep things at the micro level of human desire but more untethered are the moments where the record zooms out to look at the big picture, as on Dark Ballet’s omnipotent state-of-the-planet address: “they’re so naive, they think we’re not aware of their crimes/We know but we’re just not ready to act.”

This is Madonna on top of the world, looking down on creation, God Complex at cruising altitude. It doesn’t always work. The preposterous Killers Who Are Partying is messianic in an Earth Song style, its mother-of-the-world pomposity (“I’ll be Islam/If Islam is hated” and so on) overstepping the cosmic mark. Yet I Rise, sampling high-school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez, or the rage overload of God Control, keep pace with a world out of joint. On Rebel Heart, she recorded the uptight, authority-reasserting Bitch, I’m Madonna; here, she sings “Bitch, I’m loca”, Madonna and the times, it seems, have fallen into step again. ****

Victoria Segal
Listen To: Dark Ballet, Crave, God Control

Q Magazine

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Madame X (Ltd. Picture Disc) Bol.com pre-order link

The limited edition rainbow picture disc vinyl edition is now also available to pre-order through Bol.com, follow link below to pre-order

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Update to Paris Verified Fan Legacy Member Presale #2

After selling out seven Madame X shows in Paris, Madonna has announced three additonal performances for 27, 29 February and 1 March at Le Grand Rex! 

Madonna Icon Lifetime Legacy Members will receive priority access to Madame X tickets, VIP Packages and Travel packages. The Icon Legacy Member presale will begin Wednesday 5 June @ 10:00 CEST, and conclude on Thursday 6 June @ 18:00 CEST. Please review the followding details so you know how to access presales for the Madame X Tour. 


  • If you registered for the first Paris VF presale and purchased tickets (1, 2, 3 or 4), you have used your Icon Legacy Member benefit and will not be eligible to participate in presales for the added shows in Paris.
  • If you registered for the first Paris VF presale and did not purchase tickets, you may use your original code for the new VF Legacy Member presale.
  • If you did not register for The first VF presale, register now and you will be assigned a code for the new VF presales. Please read all the details below so you are prepared for the Icon Legacy Member VF Presale.
  • Eligible fans will register for presale access through the Verified Fan portal:www.ticketmaster.fr, available now through Saturday, 01 June 2019 @ 23:59 CEST.
  • While it does not guarantee that everyone will get a ticket, Verified Fan levels the playing field, so a fan is only up against another fan — without racing against bots — for the same ticket.
  • Icon Legacy members MUST register for the Verified Fan Presale using the same email address registered to their Madonna.com account. This is how your Legacy member status will be authenticated. Log in to Madonna.com and visit your Profile page to verify your registered email address.
  • On the morning of Wednesday 5 June, the day our Legacy Member presale begins:
    1. Verified Icon Legacy Members will receive an access code via two SMS. The message will include timing details and a link to where you can purchase tickets, and your unique access code. Keep your phone handy — you’ll receive the SMS 2-4 hours before the on sale.
    2. Sign-in to your Ticketmaster Account in advance. Know your Ticketmaster password, or reset your password in advance.
    3. For a faster checkout, make sure you have a valid credit card with updated billing information in your account. Make sure your credit card has sufficient funds to cover your highest possible purchase total.
    4. The unique access code is valid for up to four (4) tickets total, and it can be used across multiple shows. EXAMPLE: 4 tickets to one event only, or 2 tickets for one event and 2 tickets for another event and so on.
    5. Visit the Verified Fan FAQ page for full details on presale access and ticket purchase.
  • If you are confirmed for the Verified Fan Legacy Member presale, but you do not receive the SMS text with your access code, Ticketmaster France will email you your code. If you have questions or need further assistance, visit the Ticketmaster Client Service page.
  • All sales are final. No refunds.
  • The Icon Legacy Member Presale will close on Thursday 6 June @ 18:00 CEST.


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Madonna – Madame X releaseparty at Concerto Recordstore Amsterdam June 13

Come join the party!

Concerto will host the one and only Dutch Madame X release party on Thursday June 13 from 19.00 in Amsterdam. Madame X will be blasting through the speakers throughout the evening.

Especially for this evening Concerto gives you a 10% discount to all Madonna purchases and all buyers will receive a Madame X goodie-bag!

Madame X will be released in five formats:

-Limited Picture Disc (2LP)
-Deluxe box 2CD’s, 7inch, poster, cassette and tattoo sheet
-Deluxe 2CD with bonus
-Standard CD

Fore more information and reservations click HERE or visit madonnaunderground.com

This Dutch release party is in collaboration with Universal Music.


Donderdag 13 juni vanaf 19:00 wordt de release van het nieuwe Madonna album gevierd in het cafe van Concerto. ‘Madame X’ zal over de speakers worden gedraaid en voor het eerst te koop zijn!

Speciaal voor deze avond geven we 10% korting op je Madonna aanschaf en daarnaast ontvangen alle kopers van ons een speciale goodie-bag!

‘Madame X’ verschijnt in vijf verschillende versies:
-Limited Picture Disc (2LP)
-Deluxe box 2CD’s, 7inch, poster, cassette en tattoo sheet
-Deluxe 2CD met bonustracks
-Standaard cd-versie

Meer info en reserveren kan hier 👇👇👇

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18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25 & 26 FEV. 2020 – 7 SOLD OUT SHOWS!

Due to overwhelming demand, 3 additional shows announced. 27, 29 February & 1st of March

Verified Fan is in effect for Madame X tickets in France.

Register today through Saturday 1st June (11:59pm CEST) at ticketmaster.fr to be eligible for tickets when they go on sale to Verified Fans Friday 7 June at 10:00 am.

To ensure fans have the best access, Verified Fan is in effect for Madonna’s Madame X tickets at the Grand Rex in Paris. Fans may register starting today through Saturday, 1-June (11:59pm CEST) at www.ticketmaster.fr for their chance to access tickets to these very special events. Verified Fan does not guarantee a ticket but does enable all fans an equal chance to access on a first come, first-served basis when they become available to Verified Fans on Friday, 7-June at 10am CEST. Tickets will be limited to 4 tickets per person.

ICON is Madonna’s official fan club. Lifetime Legacy members of ICON may also register starting today through Saturday, 1-June (11:59pm CEST) to become a Verified Fan and receive first access to tickets when they become available to Verified ICON members on Wednesday, 5-June at 10am CEST. Icon presale runs through Thursday, 6-June (6PM CEST).

Citi is the official presale credit card of the Madame X tour. As such, Citi credit and debit cardholders can take advantage of a special Citi Presale powered by Verified Fan opportunity for tour dates in France. Citi cardholders can register now through Saturday, 1-June  (11:59pm CEST) to unlock access to tickets and use their Citi card to complete the ticket purchase if verified. The Citi Presale begins Wednesday, 5-June at 10am CEST and will continue through Thursday, 6-June (6PM CEST).

Tickets for these very special Madame X performances are available at €84.00 – €386.50 (plus applicable service fees). Madame X VIP & Hotel Packages will be available for all Verified Fans. VIP packages may include great seat locations, exclusive backstage tour, photo opportunity on stage, VIP pre-show reception, limited edition Madonna gift item, photo opportunity at the VIP red carpet and more! Additionally, fans can access Ticket & Hotel packages which include great ticket locations, exclusive merchandise, hotel accommodations and more.  All fans wishing to access VIP & Hotel Packages may register now through  Saturday, 1-June  (11:59PM CEST).

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Rocketman director up for doing a Madonna biopic next: ‘She’s extraordinary’

Director Dexter Fletcher has said he would be up for shooting a film about Madonna’s life.

Of course, the filmmaker already has a track record for rock biopics.

As well as this month’s Rocketman, which details the life of Elton John, he directed part of last year’s blockbuster Queen/Freddie Mercury picture, Bohemian Rhapsody.

We spoke to Dexter last month ahead of the London premiere of Rocketman earlier this month, and asked him: ‘Would you consider a return to the rock biopic genre – and would you please do Madonna or Cher’?

‘If I was to tackle any other icon…’

Dexter replied: ‘I’d do Madonna! That sounds like a real rollercoaster ride! It would be extraordinary.’

Asked if thought of a film on the Material Girl’s life had occurred to him before, he said: ‘No… no it hasn’t. I don’t know how happy she’d be about that [idea]… But what an extraordinary life that would be.

‘If I was to tackle any other icon like that, it would be her. She’s extraordinary.’

‘Nobody knows what I know’

Repots circulated in 2017 that a Universal biopic of Madonna called Blonde Ambition was in the works.

Madonna, who returns in 2019 with new album Madame X, seemingly addressed the rumors on Instagram at the time.

She wrote: ‘Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.’

Rocketman is out now in UK cinemas and hits US screens on Friday 31 May.

The movie, which stars Taron Egerton, Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard, has scored highly positive reviews.

Read more at GayStarNews

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Eurovision Song Contest Watched by More Than 180 Million Viewers

The Eurovision Song Contest, which featured a controversial appearance by Madonna, was watched by 182 million viewers across 40 markets, the European Broadcasting Union said Tuesday.

Madonna’s appearance fueled intense interest, both in the run-up to her performance, which was not formally approved by Eurovision organizers until the last minute, and in her set. Sporting her newest fashion accessory, a pirate-like eyepatch, she opened with “Like a Prayer,” which some viewers complained she sang off-pitch. Also, two of her backup dancers, their arms draped around each other, had an Israeli and a Palestinian flag sewn on the back of their jackets, which an insider told Variety was meant as a message of peace.

Read full article at Variety

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Tuesday, 28-May,  London U.K. Due to overwhelming demand, and to accommodate as many already Verified Fans as possible, Live Nation has confirmed an additional 3 concerts 12, 13 & 15 February at the London Palladium.

Tickets will be available to all fans who have already registered and received their Verified Fan Code but were unable to access tickets to the previously announced shows.

Tickets for the newly announced dates will go on sale Wednesday, 29-May at 9am giving confirmed Verified Fans (INCLUDING ICON LEGACY CODE HOLDERS) a further chance to access tickets to these rare and intimate shows.Any Verified Fan who was unable to purchase tickets throughout the weekend, may use the Ticketmaster code provided to access tickets to the 3 new dates just announced.  There is a ticket limit of 4 tickets per person.

Madonna performances in London are now confirmed as 26, 27, 29, 30 January and 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 11 February, with added shows on 12, 13 & 15 February 2020.

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Madame X shows added in Lisbon, Jan. 22 & 23!

22 & 23 JANUARY

ICON Legacy Member Presale Begins
May 29 @ 10:00 WEST

Following Saturday’s sell out of three MADAME X performances on January 16, 18 and 19, demand was so great that a fourth show was added January 21 to service those fans waiting in line. Now due to overwhelming demand, Madonna has announced additional dates — January 22 and 23 at the Lisbon Coliseum

Madonna Icon Lifetime Legacy Members will receive priority presale access to these added Madame X show dates! The Icon Legacy Member presale will begin Wednesday, May 29 @ 10:00 WEST.

  • Icon Lifetime Legacy members were assigned unique presale codes for the first Lisbon presale from May 22. If you purchased 4 tickets in that presale, then you have reached the limit and are not eligible to participate in the May 29 presale.
  • If you have not yet purchased Lisbon tickets with your presale code, or if you have not purchased up to the 4-ticket limit, then you may participate in the May 29 presale.
  • Your unique presale code is assigned directly to your Madonna.com account, found on your logged-in Profile page or Tour page.
  • Your unique access code is valid for up to four (4) tickets total, and it can be used across multiple shows. EXAMPLE: 4 tickets to one event only, or 2 tickets for one event and 2 tickets for another event and so on.
  • All sales are final. No refunds.
  • The Icon Legacy Member Presale will close on Thursday, May 30 @ 17:00 WEST.
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