Siedah Garrett on Her Years With Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Diana Ross

Tell me about getting the job on True Blue by Madonna.
That was producer Stephen Bray. I’d been writing with him. I knew he knew Madonna, and I wanted to write a song for Madonna. He was producing True Blue and invited me to come and record. That’s how I met Madonna.

What was she like?
She was awesome, and she was stunning. No makeup. Straight-up beautiful. She was ridiculously youthful and gorgeous. And she was fun to sing with. She appreciated good singers, so she let me and the other singers do our thing.

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The Confessions Tour Paris August 31, 2006 photo gallery

Lenny Kravitz joined Madonna on stage for “I Love New York” at Madonna’s fourth and final Confessions Tour stop in Paris in 2006. The surprise guest played guitar on the track and the pair sealed the performance with a kiss. 

One of the dancers (“Jump” and “Hung Up”) came and hung out at the barriers all ready with the cowboy hat on. Of course the “fan” she takes the cowboy hat from during “Let It Will Be” is obviously a member of the crew. Madonna’s speeches before “Drowned World / Substitute For Love” seemed to become longer and longer every single night. Fans who traveled from all over the world to be there, brought along flags and Madonna made it a habit to name the countries. 

When the show ended we ran into dancers Cloud and Tamara right outside Bercy. The next day we found ourselves in the same Thalys as the entire Confessions Tour crew (including Guy Oseary) from Paris to Amsterdam. We chatted to them at the bar and posed near the toilets for pictures….

Check out the full updated photo gallery of the August 31, 2006 performance now HERE

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Who’s That Girl Tour 1987 original newspaper articles online

The first batch of original press articles on the Who’s That Girl Tour is online! 60 carefully scanned and/or photographed newspaper articles are ready for you to view. Most of the press articles report on the Who’s That Girl Tour in Rotterdam and include interviews with the Dutch crew who were about to take on the filming for the official broadcast (and video release).

When you want to read an article, remember to zoom as they’re all available in large format. If available, the source and publication date has been included.

Click HERE and click on ‘Newspapers’ to view the collection.

More to come, stay tuned!

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Madonna at the BBC – REMINDER

Madonna at the BBC, the brand new TV special will air on BBC2 on the 18th December at 21:05 (local time).

A look back at a selection of magical Madonna moments on various BBC shows, from her first Top of the Pops appearance with Holiday in 1984 right up to the present day. This collection covers Madonna’s journey from Material Girl to Queen of Pop and captures how over the years her ability to combine charisma, controversy and classic pop tunes has made her the female icon of her times and a true global superstar.

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Who’s That Girl Tour original newspaper articles coming soon!

We have been working on a lot of original newspaper articles on Madonna’s 1987 Who’s That Girl Tour. Some of these have previously been featured on this website, but they have been enhanced to make for a more enjoyable reading experience.

Most of these articles are from the shows in Rotterdam, but there’s Germany, there’s France and there’s the USA. There are also articles on the taping of the show in Turin, Italy by the Dutch crew, which will be translated!

Close to 70 original articles will be added soon!

Stay tuned

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The Confessions Tour Paris August 30, 2006 photo gallery

Join us and revisit Madonna’s third of four sold out nights at Bercy during The Confessions Tour in Paris. We’d been able to catch Madonna while leaving her hotel again, Madonna chose to smile to the waiting crowd this time around. 

Madonna gave a flawless performance tonight despite a technical hiccup during ‘Let It Will Be’ leaving Stuart Price confused with his hands up in the air as seen in one of the photographs. Madonna tried her best but it never got back on track as it should, so instead of grabbing the camera (for the live feed on the screens) with her hand, she stuck her ass in it. Madonna addressed the technical issue during her speech and it seemed fixed by the time she sang “Drowned World / Substitute For Love”.

Click HERE to check out 59 photographs of the third Paris show.

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The Confessions Tour Paris August 28 photo gallery

Madonna was in much better spirits at the second show of The Confessions Tour in Paris on August 28. Earlier that day we caught Madonna leaving her hotel de Crillon. A lot more fans had gathered here than her previous stay in Paris at the George V. Madonna left the building in her signature (designed for) H&M outfit with matching Ed Hardy cap and managed a wave to the crowd.

We have updated a total of 53 photographs of this day in our photo gallery, check them out HERE

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Creatd Announces Third NFT Drop: The Madonna Photographs

NEW YORKDec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Creatd, Inc. (Nasdaq CM: CRTD) (“Creatd” or the “Company”), the parent company of the OG Gallery, today announced its third non-fungible token (NFT) art drop, featuring photographs of Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) that were first published by Bob Guccione in September 1987.

Creatd Announces Third NFT Drop: The Madonna Photographs

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Hyperfine Partners With Madonna’s Charitable Organization, Raising Malawi, to Increase Access to High Quality Healthcare for Children

GUILFORD, Conn.Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperfine Inc., creator of the first FDA-cleared portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device™, Swoop®, today announced a partnership with Raising Malawi, which built and co-operates Malawi’s only specialized pediatric hospital, the Mercy James Centre for Paediatric Surgery & Intensive Care (MJC). Raising Malawi and Hyperfine are partnering to highlight the important research made possible at MJC with Hyperfine’s breakthrough portable MRI system—a partnership model that can be replicated to support medical research and improve patient care in other low-resource or developing world settings.

According to the World Health Organization, 90% of the world’s population does not have access to an MRI machine. In Malawi, the need is particularly acute as Hyperfine’s Swoop® device is 1 of just 2 working MRIs in the entire country of 19 million people. Swoop is poised to play an important role in addressing this inequity by improving access to medical imaging for millions of patients, particularly those in developing countries.

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The Confessions Tour Paris August 27 photo gallery online

After the show in Hannover Germany we took the Thalys and traveled to Paris for the next four shows of The Confessions Tour in 2006. 

Staff had learned from the 2004 situation and created an actual area where you were able to set up a tent and spent the night in front of Bercy. Many fans had taken the opportunity to spent the night in order to get the best spots inside the arena. The enormous queue seemed to stretch all the way to Belgium, so we decided to take things easy and not queue.

Unfortunately that meant seeing the show from afar in a sweaty (and sticky) Bercy. The photographs can’t compare to those we took in London and therefore we only have 36 images of the first stop of the tour, check these out HERE

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The Confessions Tour in Hannover Germany photo gallery online

Madonna had a hangover in Hannover, at least that’s what she told the crowd at the AWD arena during The Confessions Tour in 2006. After the slightly cranky performance in Dusseldorf Madonna seemed to be enjoying herself a lot more during her second and final show in Germany.

We spoke to a few crew members right before the show, including Mr. Guy Oseary who all confirmed that Madonna was in much better spirits for this show. Madonna joked around, kept making silly faces to her band and dancers and disappeared inside her winter coat during “Drowned World / Substitute For Love”

We have 52 updated and enhanced photographs of the Hannover stop online for you to view in our photo gallery HERE

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Book signing for Synthesis II “Adore” Madonna and Fusuma Photography at Ippodo Gallery

Ippodo Gallery welcomes you to the book signing for Synthesis II “Adore” Madonna and Fusuma Photography, the second solo exhibition of works by Kenji Wakasugi. ADORE is the complete overview of the session – 200 pages include 324 frames, 10 contact sheets, together with 111 large format black and white portraits. For three and a half decades this collection remained private, near silent. Furthermore, the design of this art-book pays homage to Japanese 80’s minimalism. The aqua cover features only the title ADORE debossed in ebony lettering. Madonna’s name is foiled in Japanese text on the accompanying canary yellow and neon pink bellybands (hand sewn) – the idea being that the book itself becomes an object of beauty.⁠

Please join for a book signing with the artist Kenji Wakasugi (@kenji_wakasigi) and publisher and creative director of NJG Studio Ltd. (@njg_studio), Nick Groarke. The event will take place on Saturday December 4th from 3-5 PM at Ippodo Gallery, 32 E 67th St. RSVP via email to

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