Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ Album Gets Rave Reviews Ahead Of Release Date

Madonna will release her 14th studio album, Madame X, on June 14 via Interscope Records. Ahead of its release, the “Material Girl” hitmaker has been praised by those who have been lucky enough to review the record early.

In a four out of five-star rating review from The Guardian, they state that the album is her most bizarre record ever but she sounds more natural than she has in years. They mention that the album is all over the place but most of the songs are really good in their own right.

“All this baroque weirdness knocks the album off its axis, but most of its 64 minutes are actually full of very decent pop songcraft,” reviewer Ben Beaumont-Thomas summed up the album.

In another four out of five-star rating review from The Times, they insist that Madame X is her boldest album to date.

“Now comes probably her boldest, certainly her strangest, album yet. Madame X veers between pop, Latin and clubby dance music, jumps from the personal to the political and is bound together by an exotic, breezy mood that feels strangely intimate, as if she is revealing a hitherto hidden part of her soul. She isn’t really, of course, but she does a good job of pretending she is,” Will Hodgkinson wrote.

The album contains two tracks with Latin hitmaker Maluma and also features with Quavo, Swae Lee, and Anitta.

To support the record, the “Give Me All Your Luvin’” entertainer will embark on a tour around the world, per The Inquisitr. So far 79 shows have been announced across North America and Europe. The venues are more intimate than her previous tours which the “Get Together” chart-topper chose to do purposely as she revealed in a BBC News interview that she likes to talk to directly talk to the audience close up.

The lead single from Madame X, “Medellin” features Maluma. The song has been streamed over 20 million times on Spotify alone and currently remains Madonna’s most played track on the app. The music video uploaded to her official YouTube channel has been watched over 27 million times within three weeks. In one of the scenes, the “Material Girl” licks Maluma’s toe, which The Inquisitr reported. On Maluma’s latest studio album, 11:11, she also features on a track titled “Soltera.”

Madonna, referred to as the Queen of Pop has been ruling the charts for the past four decades and continues to inspire upcoming stars. On Spotify, she currently has over 13.3 million monthly listeners.

On Instagram, Madonna has over 13.8 million followers.

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Madonna: Madame X review — probably her boldest album yet **** (The Times)

Madonna’s new album Madame X veers between pop, Latin and clubby dance music
Madonna’s new album Madame X veers between pop, Latin and clubby dance music  STEVEN KLEIN


Ever since she emerged from New York in the early 1980s, Madonna’s moderate abilities in music, singing and dancing have been more than made up for in searing ambition, an ability to work with the right people at the right time and a brittle form of bravery, with outer toughness masking inner frailty. Now comes probably her boldest, certainly her strangest, album yet. Madame X veers between pop, Latin and clubby dance music, jumps from the personal to the political and is bound together by an exotic, breezy mood that feels strangely intimate, as if she is revealing a hitherto hidden part of her soul. She isn’t really, of course, but she does a good job of pretending she is.

Dark Ballet, recorded with the French producer Mirwais, throws all of these qualities into one three-part experimental epic. Over piano-led, minor-key pop, Madonna variously tells us that she can dress like a boy or a girl as she wishes, castigates the world for being obsessed with fame and concludes by saying that some unnamed people, at a guess Donald Trump and his team, are naive to think that we aren’t aware of their crimes. At one point she says something indecipherable in a half robot, half Disney princess voice. It is quite a trip.

Then there is Killers Who Are Partying, on which Madonna goes the full Bono as she identifies with Africa, poor people, exploited children and pretty much everyone else who isn’t a rich, old, golf-playing white man. “I’ll be poor, if the poor are humiliated,” she claims over a touch of Portuguese fado, and although you suspect that she isn’t really about to give up her life as the most successful female pop star yet and wander the Earth as a penniless ascetic, the sentiment is there. “I’ll be Islam if Islam is hated,” she continues. “I’ll be Israel if they’re incarcerated.” World peace through song may be a naive endeavour, as John Lennon found out five decades ago, but this flash of idealism at a time of rising global division is welcome nonetheless.

There are straightforward pop songs, such as the country-leaning Crave and the English/Portuguese Crazy, but the most captivating moments push the boat out. The Latin-tinged Batuka has a wayward quality reminiscent of Brazil’s late-1960s tropicalia movement and features the unequivocally Trump-bashing line “Get that old man and put him in jail”.

It wouldn’t be a Madonna album with a bit of overt sexuality and Faz Gostoso (“make it tasty”) pours the sauce over a samba rhythm, while on I Don’t Search I Find she reconnects with her core audience via the medium of high-energy, pumping house music. Finally comes I Rise, an empowerment anthem with a sample of the now-famous speech by the Parkland shooting survivor Emma González.

The Times

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Madonna: Madame X review – her most bizarre album ever (The Guardian) ****

(Live Nation/Interscope/Maverick)
The lows, featuring white-saviour narratives and witless lyrics, are really low. But by embracing Latin pop, Madonna sounds more natural than she has in years

Still making the people come together ... Madonna.
 Still making the people come together … Madonna. Photograph: Ricardo Gomes

We all get old, but never at the same age. Some of us are old when we’re children, bringing briefcases to school and talking to adults at family parties; others leave uni with the thrill that they never have to go clubbing again. Most of us think we’re doing pretty well, then we find ourselves nodding appreciatively at something in a Boden catalogue and suddenly death is real.

For years, Madonna outpaced all of this. In 1996, Evita looked like ushering in her middle age, but she did an about turn, delivering convincing, idiosyncratic trip-hop on Ray of Light (1998) and convincing, idiosyncratic electro on Music (2000). Confessions on a Dancefloor (2005) was even better, its Abba samples and smooth deep house a way for her to stay out past 4am with dignity, rather than trying to score ketamine off teenage fashion influencers at the afters, musically speaking.

But she couldn’t run forever. Perhaps it began pre-Confessions, when she kissed Britney Spears as if to parasitically extract her youth. Certainly by Hard Candy in 2008 she was playing catch-up, spurring Timbaland and the Neptunes to some of their tamest work, a good five years after their pomp. MDNA (2012) tried to keep pace with stadium EDM, while Rebel Heart (2015) struggled to get its head around a newly global, musically cosmopolitan pop market, and just randomly glued hip collaborators together. The woman who had once led was following, and sluggishly.

To her credit, she has not done what many in her position would then do: lick their wounds and sell a jazz standards album to Radio 2 listeners. With Madame X, Madonna instead grits her teeth, puts on a glitter-encrusted eyepatch, looks in the mirror with seriously reduced depth perception and says: “Bitch, I’m Madonna.” And by drawing on the Latin influence of not just reggaeton-crazed recent pop but also her new home base of Lisbon, she has, at 60, produced her most natural-feeling, progressive and original record since Confessions.


These shockers are suitable only for schadenfreude lovers or scholars of extreme camp, but another of these wildly messy tracks actually matches its vaulting ambition. God Control was presumably made after an all-nighter on Reddit – a rambling “Wake up sheeple!” screed that confronts gun reform, disenfranchised youth, democracy and the man upstairs. One section has her rap “Each new birthday gives me hope / that’s why I don’t smoke that dope”, and that her only friend is her brain – all with the peppy naivety of Tom Tom Club’s Wordy Rappinghood. And all of it set to hi-NRG disco with cascading strings and Daft Punk vocoders, for over six minutes. It is – only just – brilliant, and will become an equally beloved and despised curio among fans.

All this baroque weirdness knocks the album off its axis, but most of its 64 minutes are actually full of very decent pop songcraft. Future is her go at pop’s next big trend, roots reggae, and while there is a slight, perhaps unconscious but audible white-person Jamaican accent, it is catchy and full-bodied, producer Diplo shamelessly ripping off the brass from Outkast’s SpottieOttieDopaliscious. She returns to Deeper and Deeper-style house on I Don’t Search I Find, its strings and fingerclicks a clear nod to Vogue. Crazy is beautiful and brilliantly catchy, a midtempo soul ballad that you could imagine Ariana Grande singing, but which has clever detailing like an accordion that has surely been influenced by Lisbon’s fado scene. The most emphatically Latin tracks are all strong, particularly Faz Gostoso with Brazilian superstar Anitta, whose frenetic beat is somewhere between baile funk and Angolan kuduro – another Lisbon-influenced rhythm that also flits through the polyrhythmic Come Alive. Bitch I’m Loco, the second track to feature Colombian star Maluma after lead single Medellín, is reggaeton roughage, but will be satisfying enough booming out of a club system. Perhaps there isn’t an absolutely diamond pop chorus on Madame X, but the singles I Rise, Crave, and Medellín all have elegant, sinewy melodies that twine around you rather than jabbing you into submission.

 Madame X is released 14 June

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Graham Norton lines up huge interview with Madonna in another star-studded episode

Hot on the heels of performing for 200 million people during the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest last month, pop legend Madonna is set to join the line-up of an upcoming star-studded episode of The Graham Norton Show.

The BAFTA award-winning show had already promised galactic levels of stardom with its guests for the June 14 show, with cult director Danny Boyle and Lord of the Ringsstar Sir Ian McKellen dropping by for a chat.

And now Madonna has also been confirmed to feature on the episode, where she’ll be discussing her new album Madame X as well as with her upcoming shows at the London Palladium.

DVD cover

Rounding out the guests for the night are actors Lily James and Himesh Patel, who’ll be talking about their new film Yesterday, while singer Sheryl Crow will perform her new single ‘Still the Good Old Days’.

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The Sun reviews Madame X ‘It’s ultra-contemporary, packed with variety and totally unlike anything she has done before’

Madge album review

WITH just ten days to go until her first album in four years, Madame X, anticipation is mounting for Madonna’s return.

I’m no expert when it comes to the Queen Of Pop so I sent Bizarre’s pop supremo Howell Davies to take a first listen of the full record to see if it lives up to the hype . . .

 Madonna's will release her new album in ten days

Madonna’s will release her new album in ten days

SAY what you like about Madonna – she’s never boring.

In an industry which is quickly becoming devoid of personality, she has returned with her most diverse and out-there record ever.

Madame X sees Madge sing in Portuguese on a handful of the tracks including the upbeat Crazy and Bitch, I’m Loca, on which she teams up with Maluma again.

And she’s as cheeky as ever on the tune, which ends with her telling the Reggaeton star: “You can put it inside.”

Dark Ballet features a high-octane reimagining of the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy while she addresses under-fire minority groups in Killers Who Are Partying.

I Don’t Search I Find harks back to the Nineties with an ambient trance beat, which is totally different from God Control and Come Alive, which feature vocals by Tiffin Children’s Choir, from South West London.

This collection could easily have felt like a clash of cultures gone too far, but there’s very little she can’t turn her hand to.

It’s ultra-contemporary, packed with variety and totally unlike anything she has done before.

Just like she did in 1998 with Ray Of Light, this is Madonna’s reinvention.

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The Mirror reviews ‘Madame X’ *****

Madame X is “a secret agent, travelling around the world, changing identities fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places”… but all that can get pretty lonely.

On her new album Madame X, which a select few have been treated to a sneak preview of, Madonna opens up about feeling isolated.

The singer has admitted she felt lonely after moving to Portugal to become a “soccer mum” to her Benfica academy football player son David.

On the track Dark Ballet, which she performed at Eurovision, she sings: “I want to tell you about love and loneliness.”

In another track, Killers Who Are Partying, she says: “Wild as the world. Loneliness is the path to come to you.”

She laments her lack of friends in God Control, singing: “People think I am insane and the only friend is in my brain.”

Madonna previously revealed how much she struggled with being alone while living in Lisbon last year and her 14th studio album was born out of her being “depressed”.

On track Crave, the American alludes to being homesick while living in Europe saying: “I’m tired of being so far away” while on Extreme Occidental, she sings: “I guess I’m lost. I had to pay the cost.

“The thing that hurt me most was that I wasn’t lost.”

Thankfully, while making the much anticipated new album, she collaborated with longtime producer Mirwais as well as pal Diplo. She even made some new friends in the process, including Maluma, who will now help keep her company. Madame X is out on June 14, and Madonna plays 15 shows at the London Palladium next year.

Mirror Rating *****

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Rejoice: Madonna Will Headline Pride Island during WorldPride in NYC

Many have suspected it, and now it’s confirmed: Madonna will appear at Pride Island during WorldPride in New York City this month. The news was announced on the Today Show.

Madge’s journey to Pride has been a long one. Sure it stretches way back to even beyond debuting “Vogue” in 1990, but specific to this year’s Pride at the 50 year anniversary of Stonewall, it goes back to New Year’s Eve. At the Stonewall Inn, to ring in the new year, she sang “Like a Prayer” and gave a speech.

“I stand here proudly at the place where Pride began,” she said from a set of prepared remarks. “Let us not forget the Stonewall riots and those who bravely stood up and said ‘enough.’” But the clues kept coming.

News began to circulate that she was releasing a new album this month and then there was the whole music video incident. In a bit of drag tour drama with Haters Roast, it was revealed that the “Like a Virgin” singer was filming a new video featuring a ton of drag queens. Then she received the GLAAD Advocate for Change award — OK, that was less of a sign that something was coming and more of a recognition of a career well spent — and released “I Rise,” a Stonewall tribute. Let’s face it guys: all roads pointed to Madonna on the big stage during the world’s first WorldPride hosted in America where we expect her to perform a mixture of some of her older hits as well as tracks from the new album, which is her 14th. That album, titled Madame X, will release on June 14.

Pride Island will also feature performances by Grace Jones, Teyana Taylor, and Pabllo Vittar. Grace Jones will headline on Saturday while Madonna will headline on Sunday. Yes kids, this is a place for legends! A reported 6 million tourists will flood New York for Pride alone this year.

Unsurprisingly, tickets for the entire weekend have already sold out and have been since March. Hopefully someone is going to be streaming something!

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Madonna to star in Today at Apple’s new Music Lab

Madonna is to be featured in a new Today at Apple session called Music Lab: Remix. She’s filmed a video about the details of one song which Apple staff will then show you how to reconstruct yourself in GarageBand. 

As the singer/songwriter begins promoting her forthcoming ‘Madame X’ album and tour, Apple has revealed that Madonna is going to appear in Apple Stores —or at least she will on video. The company’s Today at Apple series of workshops is to include a new Music Lab which will take customers through the process of deconstructing the song “Crave” by Madonna and Swae Lee.

Reportedly, Madonna has recorded a video where she talks about the origins of the song and the specifics of how it was produced. 

“In this session, you’ll deconstruct Madonna’s song Crave, find out what inspired her, and create your own version of the song using GarageBand on iPhone,” says Apple’s new Music Lab page. “Devices will be provided.”

There’s no detail over which Apple Stores will feature the sessions as the official page is currently listing it as not being available. However, it’s likely to be offered in every Store and the page has been rolling out across the US, Europe and Australia.

Madonna herself has not officially commented on the collaboration, but her Twitter account has begun including references to @AppleMusic and #applemusic on tweets to do with the “Madama X” album.

Embedded video

The “Madame X” album is due to be launched on June 14 and online speculation amongst Madonna fans is that this will be tied to Apple’s reported breakup of iTunes into separate apps. They note that this news comes a day ahead of WWDC and suggest that she will be present to promote a new Music app. They further suggest that this means Apple’s new apps won’t launch until June 14, but there is no source for the speculation that she will be doing anything beyond the Today at Apple project.

Plus, the same fans claim that Madonna launched the iTunes Store in 2005, when really that was when she agreed to put her catalog on the then two-year-old service.

Apple’s breaking up of iTunes is one of very many announcements expected to be made about macOS 10.15 and iOS 13 at the 2019 WWDC which begins Monday, June 3.

AppleInsider will be reporting live throughout WWDC 2019, starting with the keynote on Monday, June 3. Get every announcement as it happens by downloading the AppleInsider app for iOS, and by making sure to follow us on YouTube, Twitter @appleinsiderFacebook and Instagram.

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Madonna to Appear in Apple Stores Worldwide (on Video)

If there has been one indispensable key factor in Madonna‘s unprecedented longevity in pop music [in addition to her musical talent, stage presence, and good looks], it’s her willingness to constantly evolve with the times. In 2005, she made headline news by releasing her entire catalogue on a two-year-old streaming service called iTunes. This was long before other comparable acts like The Beatles had done so, and it proved to be a shrewd, cutting-edge business move. 


Madge and Apple are teaming up once again, this time for an Apple Today series of workshops. Madonna will appear in Apple stores via videos promoting the tech giant’s various music apps. Madonna’s appearance is to the deconstruction of her new single “Crave” feat. Swae Lee. Fans will be able to remix their own version of the song using the deconstructed elements. 

According to Apple Insider, Madge has recorded a video for Apple stores in which she discusses the origin and production of the track.

Madonna herself has yet to comment publicly on the latest Apple collaboration, but her socials have begun dropping hints, with tags of #Apple and #AppleMusic. 

Embedded video

Madonna is recognized by Guinness World Records as the highest-selling female artist of all time. Her fourteenth studio album Madame X will be released June 14. She’s announced a series of intimate theater tour dates this fall to promote it. 

For more on the latest team-up of Madonna and Apple, head over to Apple Insider and the official Apple Music Lab site. 

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Madonna’s new Today at Apple Music Lab teaches the art of the remix

Apple frequently partners with prolific voices in the creative community to support its retail education initiatives. A new collaboration coming this summer will be Today at Apple’s highest-profile yet. Apple announced today that it has teamed up with Madonna to create a brand new Music Lab that takes musicians behind the scenes of creating a song.On June 14th, Madonna will release her latest album titled Madame X. The iconic musician will also soon introduce Today at Applesession attendees in Apple retail stores across the world to the art of remixing tracks in GarageBand for iOS. Like all co-created sessions, a prerecorded video by the artist sets the tone for the lab before Apple’s Creative Pros take over to dive in to a project. Participants will use Madonna’s song “Crave” from the new album as the foundation for their own remixes after learning about what inspired the music.

GarageBand is one of Apple’s most robust creative tools for iOS, and one that has become a staple in recent Today at Apple sessions. Last year, Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine launched one of the first co-created sessions with Apple that teaches musicians how to build a song. DJ Swizz Beatz added a Beat Making Lab early this year. New Music Walks and a Music Lab for Kids also tie in GarageBand. Remixing tracks on the iPad has been a popular feature, and Apple even offers a support document with the basics. Madonna’s new lab will bring a richer hands-on experience.

Longtime Apple fans may recall Madonna’s first big collaboration with Apple back in 2005, when her entire catalog of albums was finally made available to purchase by the album and by the song on iTunes. During the keynote announcement, Steve Jobs called Madonna using iChat AV to thank her.

If you’re interested in checking out the new lab, you can check for session availability at your local store using this page on the Today at Apple website or in the Apple Store app for iOS. Dates haven’t been posted yet, but should come soon. Photographers may also be interested in a new Photo Lab co-created with Christopher Anderson that is rolling out to every store in June.

If you attend a great Today at Apple session, we’d love to see your photos. Follow 9to5Mac’s retail guide for in-depth coverage of the latest Apple Store news.

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Q Magazine reviews Madame X 4 stars

Live Nation/Interscope/Maverick

With 2012’s MDNA and 2014’s Rebel Heart, it seemed Madonna was fighting, and often struggling, to stay at the centre of the pop universe. As a super-saturated blast of The Nutcracker crashes into Dark Ballet, Madame X’s second track, however, it feels like there’s been a loosening of grip and a new air of recklessness.

Madame X is Madonna’s fluid new persona – “A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian,” apparently – and there is a hyper-mobile flex to this record, all global pop (partly inspired by a relocation to Lisbon) and space-disco production (courtesy of Diplo and Mirwais). Crave’s delirious swoon, featuring Swae Lee, or the skin-to-skin cha-cha-cha of Medellin keep things at the micro level of human desire but more untethered are the moments where the record zooms out to look at the big picture, as on Dark Ballet’s omnipotent state-of-the-planet address: “they’re so naive, they think we’re not aware of their crimes/We know but we’re just not ready to act.”

This is Madonna on top of the world, looking down on creation, God Complex at cruising altitude. It doesn’t always work. The preposterous Killers Who Are Partying is messianic in an Earth Song style, its mother-of-the-world pomposity (“I’ll be Islam/If Islam is hated” and so on) overstepping the cosmic mark. Yet I Rise, sampling high-school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez, or the rage overload of God Control, keep pace with a world out of joint. On Rebel Heart, she recorded the uptight, authority-reasserting Bitch, I’m Madonna; here, she sings “Bitch, I’m loca”, Madonna and the times, it seems, have fallen into step again. ****

Victoria Segal
Listen To: Dark Ballet, Crave, God Control

Q Magazine

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Madame X (Ltd. Picture Disc) pre-order link

The limited edition rainbow picture disc vinyl edition is now also available to pre-order through, follow link below to pre-order

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Update to Paris Verified Fan Legacy Member Presale #2

After selling out seven Madame X shows in Paris, Madonna has announced three additonal performances for 27, 29 February and 1 March at Le Grand Rex! 

Madonna Icon Lifetime Legacy Members will receive priority access to Madame X tickets, VIP Packages and Travel packages. The Icon Legacy Member presale will begin Wednesday 5 June @ 10:00 CEST, and conclude on Thursday 6 June @ 18:00 CEST. Please review the followding details so you know how to access presales for the Madame X Tour. 


  • If you registered for the first Paris VF presale and purchased tickets (1, 2, 3 or 4), you have used your Icon Legacy Member benefit and will not be eligible to participate in presales for the added shows in Paris.
  • If you registered for the first Paris VF presale and did not purchase tickets, you may use your original code for the new VF Legacy Member presale.
  • If you did not register for The first VF presale, register now and you will be assigned a code for the new VF presales. Please read all the details below so you are prepared for the Icon Legacy Member VF Presale.
  • Eligible fans will register for presale access through the Verified Fan, available now through Saturday, 01 June 2019 @ 23:59 CEST.
  • While it does not guarantee that everyone will get a ticket, Verified Fan levels the playing field, so a fan is only up against another fan — without racing against bots — for the same ticket.
  • Icon Legacy members MUST register for the Verified Fan Presale using the same email address registered to their account. This is how your Legacy member status will be authenticated. Log in to and visit your Profile page to verify your registered email address.
  • On the morning of Wednesday 5 June, the day our Legacy Member presale begins:
    1. Verified Icon Legacy Members will receive an access code via two SMS. The message will include timing details and a link to where you can purchase tickets, and your unique access code. Keep your phone handy — you’ll receive the SMS 2-4 hours before the on sale.
    2. Sign-in to your Ticketmaster Account in advance. Know your Ticketmaster password, or reset your password in advance.
    3. For a faster checkout, make sure you have a valid credit card with updated billing information in your account. Make sure your credit card has sufficient funds to cover your highest possible purchase total.
    4. The unique access code is valid for up to four (4) tickets total, and it can be used across multiple shows. EXAMPLE: 4 tickets to one event only, or 2 tickets for one event and 2 tickets for another event and so on.
    5. Visit the Verified Fan FAQ page for full details on presale access and ticket purchase.
  • If you are confirmed for the Verified Fan Legacy Member presale, but you do not receive the SMS text with your access code, Ticketmaster France will email you your code. If you have questions or need further assistance, visit the Ticketmaster Client Service page.
  • All sales are final. No refunds.
  • The Icon Legacy Member Presale will close on Thursday 6 June @ 18:00 CEST.

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