• The Confessions Tour fairly quickly followed the Re-Invention Tour
  • Madonna brought a few dancers on the road that worked with her before such as: Cloud, Jason and Mirhan
  • Madonna played more dates than ever before
  • She finally brought the show to Japan again, previously The Girlie Show was the last tour to have stopped in Japan
  • Russia and Prague were brand new stops on the itinerary
  • It was also the very first time she performed in Amsterdam (Amsterdam ArenA), in 2004 she played in Arnhem and in 1987 and 1990 she performed in Rotterdam
  • During this tour Madonna received a lot of criticism from religious groups regarding her cross scene in ‘Live To Tell’. These groups failed to get Madonna’s message and were offended, without paying attention to the meaning of the performance
  • In Russia people protested against her arrival, people walked around with Madonna posters and tore these up. She visited Russia anyway, but she did receive extra protection and more security measures were undertaken
  • In Rome there was hysteria when Madonna arrived at her hotel, so much so that she had to enter through a different entrance as her car was being attacked by fans
  • In Europe Madonna extended her speech during the show asking people to show the flags from their countries
  • Madonna’s crew were very busy taking pictures during every show (Guy Oseary later released his photobook with pictures from the show)
  • In Dusseldorf people with standing tickets got to experience the rehearsal. Even though this wasn’t Madonna’s idea, the police had ordered the fans to be let in (due to dangerous situations outside of the stadium)
  • During the show in Hannover she had a bit of hangover, which had a very positive influence on her mood
  • The  August 13-16 shows in London were filmed for the official DVD release and TV broadcast
  • In Holland youth group SGP threatened to sue Madonna if she would perform her cross scene in Amsterdam. She performed it, they sued her, but Madonna was never charged
  • During the shows in Holland various religious groups and cults were walking around protesting against her act and were praying for her handing out flyers
  • In Japan Madonna was spotted with a new short haircut, it turned out to be a wig and she used it only during the Japan shows and in the ‘Jump’ video
  • Madonna received quite a lot of criticism because of the ticket prices going from 100 to 400 euros+

May 21 – Los Angeles USA
May 23 – Los Angeles USA
May 24 – Los Angeles USA
May 27 – Las Vegas USA
May 28 – Las Vegas USA
May 30 – San Jose USA
May 31 – San Jose USA
Jun 03 – Los Angeles USA
Jun 05 – Fresno USA
Jun 06 – Fresno USA
Jun 08 – Phoenix USA
Jun 10 – Phoenix USA
Jun 14 – Chicago USA
Jun 15 – Chicago USA
Jun 18 – Chicago USA
Jun 19 – Chicago USA
Jun 21 – Montreal Canada
Jun 22 – Montreal Canada
Jun 25 – Hartford USA
Jun 26 – Hartford USA
Jun 28 – New York USA
Jun 29 – New York USA
Jul 02 – New York USA
Jul 03 – New York USA
Jul 06 – Boston USA
Jul 09 – Boston USA
Jul 10 – Boston USA
Jul 12 – Philadelphia USA
Jul 13 – Philadelphia USA
Jul 16 – Atlantic City USA
Jul 18 – New York USA
Jul 19 – New York USA
Jul 22 – Miami USA
Jul 23 – Miami USA
Jul 30 – Cardiff Wales
Aug 01 – London England
Aug 03 – London England
Aug 06 – Rome Italy
Aug 09 – London England
Aug 10 – London England
Aug 12 – London England
Aug 13 – London England
Aug 15 – London England
Aug 16 – London England
Aug 20 – Dusseldorf
Aug 22 – Hannover
Aug 24 – Horsens Denmark
Aug 27 – Paris France
Aug 28 – Paris France
Aug 30 – Paris France
Aug 31 – Paris France
Sep 03 – Amsterdam
Sep 04 – Amsterdam
Sep 06 – Prague
Sep 07 – Prague
Sep 11 – Moscow
Sep 16 – Osaka Japan
Sep 17 – Osaka Japan
Sep 20 – Tokyo Japan
Sep 21 – Tokyo Japan

Confessions Tour Europe – by Kimberly van Pinxteren

Confessions Tour Europe – by Hans Schaft

Confessions Tour Europe – by Caroline