Madonna played Loren in ‘Up For Grabs’, an art dealer desperately trying to sell a Jackson Pollock painting for a ridiculous amount of money to several possible buyers. Loren finds herself in the most extreme and funny situations just to sell that painting, all because she made a ‘deal’ and her husband doesn’t agree.

Madonna as Loren

  • Year: 2002
  • Where: Wyndhams Theater, London UK
  • When: May 9 – July 13


  • The play was excellent, but received mixed reviews. All of the dates were sold out so the play can rightfully be called a success
  • It debuted on May 13 but received its official premiere on May 23
  • First Madonna had planned to play matinee shows as well but these were canceled as they conflicted with her studio time for the recording of her new album
  • The play ‘Up For Grabs’ was written by David Williamson and debuted on stage before in Australia in 2001
  • Besides Madonna the stars of the play in London were: Tom Irwin, Megan Dodds, Daniel Pino, Sian Thomas, Michael Lerner and Debora Weston
  • Madonna helped compose the soundtrack to the play as well
  • Up For Grabs was an incredible opportunity for many fans to finally see Madonna up close and personal in an intimate setting.