Renowned filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has created a number of documentaries mirroring Pakistani society and her upcoming documentary on internet sensation Qandeel Baloch is being welcomed by all around the world.

International pop star Madonna shared an Instagram post lauding Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for her upcoming documentary on the slain star titled, Qandeel Baloch: A Very Short Story.

Sharmeen Obaid’s documentary on this Pakistani Olympian is awe-inspiring

“Proud to narrate my friend #SharmeenObaidChinoy’s latest film about Qandeel Baloch, the Pakistani social media star who was murdered by her brother in an “honor killing,” the post said.

Gaurav Gera pays heartfelt tribute to Qandeel Baloch

Madonna expressed her grief over Baloch’s untimely death but was glad to see the positive change her sacrifices brought to society.

“The Pakistan government finally just passed the #antihonorkilling bill, closing the loophole that allows killers to walk free! So good to see positive change happen in the world. Too bad Qandeel and so many others had to die first,” she added.

The Pakistani model, who was murdered by her brother earlier this year in ‘honor killing’ case is remembered for her bravery in an attempt to shatter chauvinism and achieve sexual liberty.

Several international artists have condemned her tragic murder praising Baloch for her strength.

Watch the trailer here.