A reworking of Madonna’s classic “Frozen” by Sickick and Fireboy DML is currently climbing the Billboard charts.

Fireboy DML, Madonna, and Sickick

Stephen King once said, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again,” and while he wasn’t talking about Madonna’s hit singles at the time, his statement applies perfectly now.

The legendary pop singer is back with a new song… well, an old song, but one that she’s made feel new again. Late on Thursday, March 3, Madonna released an updated take on her single “Frozen,” only this time around there are three artists credited on the tune.

The smash is now labeled as a collaboration between the Grammy winner, electronic remixer Sickick and Nigerian singer Fireboy DML. The three came together to rework “Frozen,” with this offering being just the latest in the track’s new life.

According to Madonna herself, in addition to the updated beat and lyrics that have been added to “Frozen,” a new music video is coming soon as well. The superstar shared a snap of her on what looks like a futuristic set with her new duet partner, sexily clad all in black.

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