He talks at length about Madonna, with whom he made three albums – her unique musicality, her toughness, how she is a better arranger than him – and about whom illuminating anecdotes tumble out of nowhere. “We were at the Hit Factory [studio in New York] once and I walked in on her on the lav – she hadn’t locked it,” says Orbit. “She’s doing a No 2 and I’m like: ‘Oh God, I’m so sorry.’ She said: ‘William, look, I was brought up in a family of six kids with one loo, so don’t sweat it.’”

The first time they worked together, on Ray of Light, “killed me”, says Orbit. “I was in a crisis with my family, which I put on hold. I remember getting very ill that winter; at the age of 43, I was done in physically.” It took months to complete. Madonna, who was a new mum at the time, cracked the whip. As hard as it was, it was an atmosphere in which he thrived. “I flourish under that,” he says. “She’s a fabulous producer. When it says ‘produced by Madonna and William Orbit’, people don’t always give her the credit for that. But she’s as responsible as me.”

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