They’ve got our “Rebel Heart” beating super fast.

We’ve already seen Madonna and Miley Cyrus scooting boots on Miley’s “Unplugged” special. Now it looks like they might have hooked up again for a song from Madonna’s upcoming album.

In the latest teaser for the project, Madonna posted some lyrics on Tuesday for a song that might be titled “Rebel Heart” and in the post she tagged both Miley and another rumored collaborator, Cyrus-affilated songwriter MoZella. (Those tags appeared to have been removed at press time.)


The caption of the image is “Wash all over me………. #rebelheart.”

Miley seemed to confirm the collabo with her own Instragram post with an @madonna caption and an image of her wearing a vintage Madge t-shirt.


Earlier this month, Madonna teased another song, “Messiah,” and she is reportedly working with Diplo, songwriter Toby Gad, S1, singer Natalia Kills and Cherrytree Records chairman Martin Kierszenbaum on the folk-up to 2012′s MDNA.

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