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Recent News

“Borderline” official Suriname 7″ Vinyl

This extremely rare (and totally official) 7″ vinyl of “Borderline” backed with Laura Branigan’s “Self Control” has been added to the “Borderline” discography. This is a genuine and officially released pressing from Suriname. Unfortunately back in the day it was quite common for the owner to write their name on the sleeve and the label,…


MADONNA BEDTIME SAMPLER (Malaysia promo only cassette)

“BEDTIME SAMPLER” promotional cassette as issued by Warner Music Malaysia ranks among the rarest Madonna collectible cassettes to date. Very rarely seen and only recently sold on eBay for a staggering USD999.99! The “BEDTIME SAMPLER” includes the brand new track “Secret” on Side A, but strangely on side B there’s “This Used To Be My…