From April 27 through June 5, 2021, CAMERA WORK Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Herb Ritts featuring more than 40 music portraits. Among the exhibited works there are iconic photographs as well as pieces that are on view for the very first time worldwide.

The solo exhibition presents more than 40 music portraits out of the famous body of work by Herb Ritts, who ranks among the most important fashion, portrait, and celebrity photographers in history.

In his career, Herb Ritts worked with the world’s most popular rock and pop stars and created numerous iconic portraits of them. The exhibition shows a selection of these portraits that shaped the history of music, featuring portraits of stars such as David Bowie, Tina Turner, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, and Elton John. With formal seriousness and subtle eroticism, the »master of the lascivious pose« composed black and white pictures of distinctive elegance. Many of his portraits became famous album covers. The show combines famous photographs as well as works that are on view for the very first time.

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