The Ziggo Dome was once again packed! The floor was so crowded it was difficult to walk around, even though the second night wasn’t officially sold out (some seats left) by looking at it, you really couldn’t tell.

Security took a little longer than yesterday to get into the flow of checking people and some were even misinformed when it came which camera’s were allowed and which weren’t. Madonna took a little longer than the first night to start her show and it also took the crowd much longer to get into it.

Madonna spoke about ‘dating’ the Dutch right before True Blue and wanted to tell jokes to make the crowd laugh but unfortunately didn’t know any Dutch jokes.

She skipped the 80’s medley as expected and performed Who’s That Girl followed by Rebel Heart. No surprise song tonight.

By Madonna’s management request Dutch reviews were gathered that afternoon so Madonna could comment on it during her speech, which she did. Most of all addressing the review by De Telegraaf and about the everlasting complaining about her not starting her show on time (and that people needed to catch their trains).

The Unapologetic Bitch was to be a man by Madonna’s request, one was randomly picked from the left side facing the stage near the front. He got his directions all the way through Material Girl and La Vie En Rose.

Amsterdam was a success, on to Paris.

Pictures will follow today asap!