I already know people are asking when Madonna is going to show up in this incomplete list. Well, here is her majesty with her song “Vogue.” You remember her, right? Otherwise, listen to it again and then continue reading about this beautiful creature that, like no one else, has known very well how to go from one side to the other of the sexual range, or at least pretend that delusional journey, which at 61 years of age she has left untouched.

For many “Vogue” is the perfect hymn to sexual diversity. With Madonna it’s not about your gender, but rather that you assume what identifies you and enjoy the pleasures of life to the utmost. Hymn songs have also been written in our language (Spanish) for the LGBTI community. I’m not sure whether today it’s heard with the same intensity of its beginnings, but “A quién le importa” (Who cares) became, in the voice of Spanish singer Alaska, another of the songs taken as a reference by sexual minorities. At least for part of them.

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