Vision Quest is Madonna’s first movie (not counting A Certain Sacrifice), doing a night club singer. She performs Gambler and Crazy For You (Madonna had huge hits with both singles, and the film company decided to rename the movie Crazy for You in Europe and Australia.

The movie is about a high school wrestler (Matthew Modine) and his quest to take on Shute, the undefeated 168 pond wrestling champion. Enter a mysterious young woman (Linda Fiorentino), and suddenly the young wrestler has more than one quest in his mind…


  • 1985
  • Directed by: Harold Becker
  • DRAMA / Romance
  • Madonna as nightclub singer


  • This movie is based on a novel from 1979 written by Terry Davis
  • The film was shot in the fall of 1983 in Spokane, Washington
  • Madonna wrote three songs for the soundtrack, ‘Crazy For You’, ‘Gambler’ and ‘Warning Signs’. The latter remains unreleased
  • The song ‘Lies In Your Eyes’ is NOT Madonna, some people claim that this was the third song for the soundtrack. Even though the singer resembles Madonna’s voice a bit, it is not her and the song was not meant for this movie

Crazy For You