Movie Plotline:

“Desperately seeking susan” represents a classified ad placed in the personal column by the rock singer boyfriend of Susan (Madonna). Freewheeling, spirited Susan floats around Manhattan dressed in miniskirts, rhinestone boots, and enough junk jewellery to outfit everyone in Greenwich Village. Across the river in New Jersey Roberta (Arquette) is trapped in a boring suburan life, Roberta is the wife of an inconsiderate clod who sells hot tubs. Here the only escape is reading the curious ads placed in the personal columns of her newspaper. The ad provides the connection and when Roberta decides to discover what life is really like for Susan and her boyfriend the fun begins. Through a series of hilarious mishaps, Roberta actually starts living the life of Susan while Susan discovers the strange life of suburbia. The result is a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable story.

Film Facts:

  • 1985
  • Directed by: Susan Seidelman
  • Madonna as Susan

Movie Exclusives:

  • Desperately Seeking Susan was Madonna’s first major part in a movie
  • Madonna wrote the title track together with Steve Bray, but it was never used, and as of today remains unreleased
  • ‘Into The Groove’ written by Madonna and Steve Bray was used and was a smash hit
  • ‘Into The Groove’ was Madonna’s first ever number 1 hit in Holland
  • The video to ‘Into The Groove’ is a compilation of various scenes from the movie
  • The movie was a huge success and a whole range of merchandise was launched, including a jacket, boots and a calendar
  • The movie has an alternate ending, included on the DVD release
  • Rosanna Arquette won a BAFTA award for her portrayal of Roberta
  • M did her own make up in the movie
  • In 2007 Desperately Seeking Susan was developed into a stage musical in London
  • In 2004 three figures of ‘Susan’ were released onto the market by Vital Toys, now long out of print
  • Mark Blum who played Gary Glass sadly passed due to Coronavirus complications in March 2020