Club Future Nostalgia

British Pop queen Dua Lipa joined forces with American DJ The Blessed Madonna to bring back her iconic masterpieces and give them a remix of incredible sonic textures with her latest remix album Club Future Nostalgia. The album released on Friday, August 28th digitally brings a new resonating wave into the global club scene. Consisting of 17 tracks, the album kicks off with the blissful number Future Nostalgia exuding some retro EDM vibe. ‘Cool’, ‘Good In Bed’, and ‘Pretty Please’ follow basking in her glorious singing dexterity wrapped in the warm embrace of the remixed electro-dance beats.

The remixed album is more liberating and fun than the original Future Nostalgia being more diverse extremely entertaining. The fluid beats of the tracks, especially ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Love Again’, ‘Break My Heart’, and ‘Hallucinate’ sails smoothly with the remarkable artistry of diverse featuring artists like Claire Cochran, Rick Farin, Nick Vernet, Connor Campbell, Robert Beatty, Mason London, and many more. The album includes some iconic numbers such as ‘Levitating’ that features Madonna and Missy Elliott. The exuberant spirit of the album matches the passionate artistic level of both the artist introducing a seamless flow of dynamic rhythmic resonance.

Dua Lipa
Image source- Spotify

The unforgettable collection presented through Club Future Nostalgia presenting genre-splicing remixes such as ‘Love Is Religion’, ‘Don’t Start Now’, ‘Physical’, ‘Kiss and Make Up’, ‘That Kind Of Woman’, ‘Break My Heart’, and the others take it to its glorious peak. With the help of The Blessed MadonnaDua Lipa has successfully blurred the gap between the genres creating a never-ending flow of killer club mixes. The hypnotic visuals of each track slide into the next cruising impeccably with the melodic flow. Follow them on all the major streaming platforms and social media for more.

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