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Madonna: Nudes II (book) by Martin HM Schreiber

Martin HM Schreiber is planning a follow-up to his book Madonna Nudes (1992). This is planned to be released in November 2015 by Daab Media GmbH and contains 80 pages. Martin photographed Madonna in February 1979 and is still making a living off of it today. For those interested, some pre-order links  

More on Bitch I’m Madonna release

Drownedmadonna reports that the video should be released in two weeks time, as well as a Remixes EP. The first remixes are expected next week. If this will be the third single in Holland is currently unknown. It is a question whether there will be a third single at all. We’ll keep you updated

Madonna Threatened With Arrest In Toronto Over ‘Like A Virgin’ Faux Masturbation: 25 Years On, Was This Her Most Controversial Moment?

Long before Miley Cyrus made the headlines with her foam finger, or Rihanna’s provocative stage routines had us all talking, there was only one reigning Queen of Controversy, and that was Madonna. Over her long career, she’s pushed the envelope as far as it will go, mixing sexual and religious imagery in her music videos…