It might have been due to the dreadful weather, but it was extremely crowded on this edition of the mega record and cd fair in Utrecht. It felt like being back in ‘the good old days’ where every music lover came together and had fun searching through the thousands of records that dealers brought with them.

Yes there was a ton of Madonna stuff around this time (finally) and thank God for a lot less bootlegged vinyl LP’s than previous editions, making this edition all the more worthwhile for the serious collector.

Photographer George DuBose was there and presented his brand new Madonna…RAW book here. We premiered the full artwork just a few days ago and you can buy it directly through Amazon by clicking the banner to your right. The book is fabulous with a TON of early photographs taken of Madonna, including a rare look at the setlist she performed back in 1981 and I can tell you that a lot of song titles do not ring a bell with me. Very interesting stuff, a true must-have in any Madonna collection. George also brought along beautiful enlarged genuine photographs of the ones he took of Madonna, and he is nice enough to sign one for you with purchasing one. Also for sale completely unique t-shirts with one of his Madonna photographs on it. Recommended for any Madonna fan.

Some highlights were the original USA Promo LP for Like a Prayer complete with patchouli scented presskit, Japanese Like a Virgin cassette, Philippine Like a Prayer 12″, lots of original posterbags, movie pressbooks, press photo’s, rare posters and yes an (obviously unofficial) blu-ray including the Rebel Heart promo Tour, but a nice goodie to own.

The fair is open tomorrow too, visit for more info

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